This is a partial transcription of the 1850 Federal Census for the Town of Lisbon, Waukesha County, Wisconsin. It was enumerated in June 1850.

Information that can be obtained in the 1850 Federal Census:

  • name of each free person in a household
  • age; sex; color (white, black or mulatto)
  • occupation of males over 15
  • value of real estate owned
  • place of birth (state, territory or country)
  • whether person attended school or was married within the year
  • whether the person could read or write if over 20
  • whether deaf-mute, blind, insane, an idiot, a pauper or a convict
  • separate slave schedules contain the same information as the 1860 census

Oconomowoc 1850 Federal Census Name Index

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Pages 366A-370B
Pages 371A-275B
Pages 376A-379B

Surname		Page

Abram		369A
Aldenon		371B
Allen		366A
Allwell		376A
Alverson	371A
Anderson	366B
Anderson	369A
Anderson	378B
Annis		371A
Annis		372B
Anson		377B
Austin		378A
Awl		377A

Badger		368A
Baker		367A
Baker		377A
Baldwin		367A
Baldwin		377B
Baldwin		378A
Barker		367B
Barton		372B
Beaman		371B
Beaman		375A
Birdsall	366A
Blake		373B
Bliss		367A
Brainard	368B
Brainard	374B
Breck		377B
Bronson		368B
Bronson		369B
Brown		366B
Burns		373A

Camen		378A
Campbell	369B
Campbell	370A
Campbell	371A
Campbell	374A
Carl		366A
Carpenter	369B
Carswell	366B
Carter		372A
Case		366A
Cassidy		373B
Cassidy		379B
Chaffee		370A
Chase		371A
Christian	366A
Christopherson	369A
Christy		375A
Churchill	369A
Clemmons	373A
Colby		375A
Colby		375B
Collins		368A
Colman		378A
Conant		368A
Cooper		373B
Cornell		367B
Cossit		370A
Cotton		368B
Cotton		375B
Cottrel		367B
Cottrel		371A
Counsel		378A
Covell		371B
Covell		372A
Cox		377B
Coyle		377B
Coyle		378A
Coyle		378B
Creston		366A

Daily		367A
Dap		371B
Davis		369A
Davis		373A
Deckinson	368B
Delany		377A
Derikind	376B
Dewey		371B
Dewey		373A
Dewey		374B
Dibble		367B
Dibble		369B
Dodge		368A
Donelson	371B
Donohue		369A
Donohue		376A
Dop		373A

Eastman		369B
Edsall		366B
Erridge		368A
Everson		366A
Everson		376A
Ewer		375B
Fay		369A
Fay		376B
Fay		377A
Feehan		369A
Fenloe		373B
Ferret		370A
Ferry		375B
Ferry		379A
Ford		370B
Foyle		366A
Fulmer		374B
Fur		376B

Gallaher	377A
Gassman		368B
Gassman		377B
Gillis		366B
Gitman		376B
Goodell		375A
Goodell		379B
Goodhue		374B
Goodman		367B
Goodman		368A
Goodman		379B
Graves		372B
Griswold	367A

Hackley		370B
Harris		374B
Harris		376A
Harshaw		366B
Hastings	374B
Hastings	375A
Hatch		374A
Hatch		374B
Hatch		376B
Hathaway	367B
Hathaway	368A
Heath		374B
Heathcote	372B
Helgerson	376A
Hendrickson	377B
Hinckley	372A
Holmes		374A
Holmes		374B
Hovey		367B
Humphrey	368B
Humphreys	369A
Hurd		366A
Hurlbart	375A
Hutch		374A

Ibbson		379B
Ireland		376A
Ireland		376B

Jacobson	379A
James		375A
Johnson		366B
Johnson		369A
Johnson		370B
Johnson		376B
Jones		373A
Jones		373B

Kavanagh	368B
Kearney		378B
Keene		372B
Kettle		375B
Kingsley	379A

Lane		372B
Lane		373B
Lasher		366B
Lawson		377B
Leck		369A
Lee		367A
Lee		373A
Lester		368A
Libley		377A
Little		369B
Lockwood	379A

Malone		377A
Mancy		376B
Manly		372B
Marsh		370B
Martin		368B
McCabe		367A
McCabe		368B
McCarthy	375B
McCarty		376A
Mcconnel	366A
McCoy		367B
McCoy		368A
McCurcher	368A
McDole		368B
McDonald	369A
McElroy		379A
McElroy		379B
Mervin		368A
Metcalf		371B
Milham		366B
Milliman	366A
Moore		367B
Morton		379A
Moss		370A
Munger		375A
Myatt		370A
Myer		378B

Nelson		366A
Nelson		379A
Newhall		368A
Newman		373A
Noble		371B
Noble		375B
Noble		376A
Nugent		378B
Nye		372A

OConnor		379B
Ohlson		376A
Olds		371A
Olds		379A
Oleson		367B
Oleson		368B
Oleson		376B
Olivard		370A
Olson		377B
Osborne		369B
Osborne		370A
Osborne		374A

Parmenter	374A
Parsons		369A
Patterson	373B
Patton		366A
Paytfield	373A
Paytfield	373B
Pennoch		373B
Peterson	366A
Peterson	368B
Peterson	376B
Pouse		368B
Powell		366A
Powell		372B
Procius		367A
Pugh		369B
Putnam		367B
Putnam		369B

Quinn		372B

Radcliffe	374A
Reid		366A
Rice		366B
Rice		367A
Rice		378B
Riley		377A
Robinson	375B
Roche		379B
Rockwell	369A
Ross		367A
Rowbotham	377B
Rugg		375A
Russel		369A
Ryan		377A
Ryer		378A

Sage		369B
Salter		375B
Sampson		377A
Sax		367B
Schermerhorn	367A
Schermerhorn	373B
Shannon		378B
Shaver		378B
Sheldon		375B
Small		368A
Smith		368B
Somerville	371A
Sorenson	368A
Sorenson	368B
Sorson		368B
Souther		378A
Sprague		375A
Staman		375A
Stratton	371B
Suttle		368B

Thompson	367B
Thompson	375A
Throne		379B
Toggertson	368B
Tolufson	377B
Torson		368B
Townsend	369B
Travis		370B
Tremaine	374A
Tremaine	375A
Trewin		366A
Trout		379B
Truesdale	373B
Turleson	368A

Vancamp		366B
Vroman		370B
Vroman		371B
Vroman		373A

Wagar		368B
Wagar		369A
Walker		378B
Waller		377B
Waller		379A
Wamir		369A
Warner		372A
Washburn	378B
Washburn	379A
Wathline	369A
Webb		368B
Wedger		367A
West		371B
West		372A
Whillock	367B
White		368B
White		370B
Whitney		372B
Whitney		374A
Whittaker	379B
Widger		379B
Williams	375A
Williams	375B
Wilson		366A
Wilson		368A
Wood		371A
Wood		379A
Woodruff	368A
Woodruff	368B
Woodward	370B
Woodward	374A
Woodward	378B
Wooledge	377A
Worthington	369B
Young		372B
Young		376A