Hartland Lutheran Cemetery
Delafield Township, Waukesha County, Wisconsin


Hartland Lutheran Cemetery is east and west of the old Hartland Lutheran Church at 400 West Capital Drive, Hartland. There is also a section known as the first addition behind the church. It is on the north side of Capital Drive going west, next to Highland Cemetery, Section 3, Delafield Township. The cemetery is next to and behind the Lake Country Congregational Church.

The surrounding adjacent cemeteries are St. Charles and Hartland Village. The dividing lines between the Cemeteries are not always apparent.

Latitude: 43.104N Longitude: 88.352W


This cemetery is an active cemetery established in May 1867. The original congregation of German and Danish settlers was organized as St. Martin's Church of Hartland. The first services of the church were held on January 12, 1868. In 1873 the Danish and Germans became separate congregations, but shared the same church until 1910. The Danish Church became the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the German Church became the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. In 1910, the Zion Church sold its interest in the church to the Danish church and then built another church across the road. The Danes built a larger church on the same site. In 1935, the Danish Church changed the name to Our Savior's Lutheran Church. A new church was built north of Hartland Village in 1970. On May 28, 1923, the Hartland Lutheran Cemetery Association was incorporated by the two churches. This association operates the cemetery now known as Hartland Lutheran Cemetery.


There are cemetery records 1869-date. The earlier dates are from the tombstones and some graves are not known. There is a chart of the oldest part of the cemetery and has taken names and information from the tombstones for those burials before the incorporation of the association in 1923. The plat of the new upper section of the cemetery, referred to as the first addition, is recorded at the Waukesha County Courthouse. The plat only shows the layout of the cemetery, not the names of the people buried there. Records are available for public research. The Association will answer mail requests at no charge.
Hartland Cemetery Association
220 West Capital Drive
Hartland, WI 53029

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
415 West Capitol Drive, Hartland, has records of funerals, circa 1900-date.
Some records are in German.
Our Savior Lutheran Church
W299 N5595 Grace Drive, Hartland, has church records 1867-date, some of the
early records are in Danish and German.

Waukesha County Museum has information on the church and cemeteries.

Tombstone Inscriptions

The inscriptions below are taken directly from the tombstones or from obituaries. It is a partial listing. OSSW = On the same stone with
SSDI - Social Security Death Index

tombstone-3-icon ALLEN: [BB381] Jennie C. Allen/b. 1864/d. 1951/lot owned by Jennie Allen [BB382] Arthur B. Allen/b. 1865/d. 1921/lot owned by Arthur Allen [BB383] Harvey W. Allen/b. 1895/d. Feb. 6, 1980/lot owned by Harvey Allen/WWI Veteran [Lower 1001]Lewis Allen/b. 1881/d. 1933/lot owned by Edward Allen [Lower 1002]Edna Allen/b. 1888/d. 1914/lot owned by Edward Allen [Lower 1003]Nellie Allen/b. 1863/d. November 9, 1952/lot owned by Edward Allen [Lower 1004]Edward Allen/b. 1860/d. 1947/lot owned by Edward Allen (obit in the Oct. 8, 1947 Waukesha Daily Freeman) [Lower 185] [P] Wallace W. Allen/b. July 23, 1844/d. Sept 27, 1867/Civil War Veteran [Lower 193] Alfred Allen/b: Dec 6, 1848/d. Aug 27, 1850 [Lower 194] Mother Allen/b. 1824/d. 1892 [Lower 792] Georgia Allen/d. Jan. 12, 1861/lot owned by William C. Clausen AUDLEY: See BAILEY AILEY: [Lower 223] [P] Katherine Beech (Audley) Bailey/b. Oct. 25, 1825/ d. Jan. 23, 1902 BAKKEN: [Lower 1362] Hansine Bakken/b. 1870/d. 1924/lot owned by T.A. Bakken [Lower 1363] Minnie c. Bakken/b. 1879/d. 1962/lot owned by T.A. Bakken [Lower 1364] [P] Theodore H. Bakken/b. 1900/d. November 22, 1919/age 19/lot owned by T.A. Bakken [Lower 1365] Thore A. Bakken/b. 1861/d. 1950/lot owned by T.A. Bakken BECK: [P] Edward N. Beck/b. Jutland Denmark Mar. 15, 1885/ Died Hartland, Wis Oct. 15, 1956 CHRISTIANSEN: Christian Christensen H.B./b. Oct. 19, 1840/d. June 5, 1908/lot owned by John A. Rice [AA311] Daniel E. Christiansen/b. Sept. 12, 1929/d. July 7,1971/lot owned by Edward and Stella Pritzlaff [AA901] Anna Christensen /b. 1876/d. 1957/lot owned by Anna Christensen [AA902] Louis Christensen/b. 1876/d. Mar 23, 1947/lot owned by Louis Christensen [BB43] Louie Christensen/b. Oct. 25, 1861/d. June 25, 1940/lot owned by Louie Christensen [BB44] Lena Christensen/b. Sept 22, 1869/d. Jan 16, 1942/lot owned by Lena Christensen [Lower 1241] Fredricka M. Christensen/b. 1844/d. 1909/lot owned by Elizabeth & Martine Christensen [Lower 1242] J.B. Christensen/b. 1835/d. 1909/lot owned by Elizabeth & Martine Christensen [Lower 1272] George W. Christensen/b. 1842/d. 1919/lot owned by Elizabeth & Martine Christensen [Lower 1401] Ann Maria Christensen/b. July 31, 1848/d. Nov. 20, 1929/lot owner John A. Rice [Lower 1403] George Christensen/b. Feb 6, 1872/d. Mar 1, 1906/lot owned by John A. Rice. [Lower 1411] Lola M/ Christensen/b. 1881/d. no date/lot owned by Mrs. A. M. Christensen [Lower 1412] John W. Christensen/b. 1854/d. 1945/lot owned by Mrs. A.M. Christensen [Lower 432] Christian Christiansen/b. 1863/d. 1894 [Lower 433] [P] Martena Christensen/b. 1843/d. 1906 [Lower 434] [P] Rasmus Christensen/b. 1838/d. 1918 CHRISTIANSEN-FLANN: [AA312] Violet A. Christensen-Flann/b. Apr. 29, 1932/d. Aug. 23, 1997/lot owned by Edward and Stella Pritzlaff CLAUSEN: [P] Christian Clausen/1833-1908 CULVER: [P] Diadama W. Culver/wife of J. Culver/d. Mar 3, 1851 FINCH: [P] Sarah M. Finch/wife of E.O. Finch/b. August 22, 1829 d. May 20, 1877 FISH: [P] Catherine Fish/wife of WM. Fish/died May? 1882 [P] Allis Fish/daughter of W. & G. Fish/d. April 16, 1860 FULLER: [P] Caroline a. Fuller/daughter of Levi H. and Ansien Fuller/ d. July 23, 1863 GRABOWSKA: [P] Amanda M. Grabowska/1883-1947/OSSW: [P] Rudolph A. Grabowska/1864-1949/OSSW: [P] infant Ethel/rest buried HANSEN: [P] Asmus Hansen/b. Dec. 8, 1838/died Dec 23, 1869/OSSW: [P] Mary Hansen/b. Mar. 31, 1842/d. Sept 22, 1850 HENDERSON: [P] George W. Henderson/1821-1917 JOHNSON: [P] Charlie A. Johnson/1870-1953/OSSW: [P] Bertha Johnson/1869-1946 [P] Anna Marie Johnson/1872-1891 [P] Sarah Johnson/1804-1875/OSSW: [P] Harriett Johnson/1802-1854/OSSW: [P] John Johnson/1810-1877 KERR: [P] James Kerr/d. Feb. 4, 1866/aged 16 yrs 10 months 21 days [P] John A. Kerr/Oct. 4, 1850/d. Nov 2, 1921 KLIEST: [P] Joh F. Kleist/Gest 1888 KUMMROW: [P] Anna A.?. Kummrow/d. 12 Feb 1867 MASON: [P] S.F. Mason/died Dec. ?, 1854 MCEWEN: [P] Jane McEwen/died Sept (shadow on stone) [P] John McEwen/died July 16, 1879 MILLS: [P] Adaline M. Mills/1851-1915 MYERS: [P] Mahale Myers/wife of W. Myers/d. Feb. 5, 1874 [P] Francis E. Myers/son of W & M. Myers/d. Oct. 7, 1853 NIELSEN: [P] Christene Nielsen/b. 8 Feb 1864/died 29 June 1881 OTIS: [P] F.B. Otis/d. Sept 22, 1851 PETERSEN: [P] Kirstine Peterson/b. 11 Apr 1824/d. 17 Feb 1886 PHELPS: [P] Eunice N. Phelps/wife of Dr. Ebenezer Phelps/d. Nov. 26, 1862 RASMUSSEN: [P] Peter Rasmussen/1831-1906/OSSW: [P] Marie Rasmussen/1828-1870/OSSW: [P] Gundel M. Rasmussen/1844-1892 SACHS: [P] Carl W. Sachs/b. East Prussia June 5, 1866/died Hartland Wis date cut off SALSICH: [P] Hamilton E. Salsich/1852-1934 SCHWARTZ: Florence Schwartz/d. Oct. 10, 1949/age 64 SIMONOS: [P] Mary Simonos (could be Simonds)/date illegible see photo SNYDER: [P] Margaret Snyder/died Nov. 30, 187? TENNEY: [P] Samuel A. Tenney/1825-1911/OSSW: [P] Lydia F. Tenney/1824-October 14, 1890 TRETTIN: [P] Ewald Trettin/April (rest illegible)/OSSW: [P] Wilhelmine Trettin/DEc 18, 1818/Nov 20, 1910 VAN BUREN: [BB32] Allen VanBuren/b. Aug 22, 1918/d. Jan 25, 2007 VATER: [P] Heinrich Hochmuth Vater/1846-1924 WARREN: [P] Dewey Kellogg Warren, M.D./Died Boston Mass Oct 11, 1866 [P] Orson Warren/Nov rest hard to read [P] Marcia Warren/daughter of S & ? Warren/d. July 3, 18?5 [P] Myron H. Warren/1840-1924/OSSW: [P] Emma (Crozier) Warren/wife of Myron H./1852-1920 WEEGE: [P] John Weege/1853-1934/OSSW: [P] Ulricke Weege/1862-1902/wife of John WEEKS: [P] W? Weeks/d. Sept 26, 1862 WERRITT: [P] Mary S. Werritt/wife of John Werritt/died Feb. 25, 1893 WILDE: [FC212] Allen A. Wilde/reserved/owned by Allen and Sharon Wilde [FC214] Allen D. Wilde/b. 1906/d. Aug. 24, 1996/owned by Allen D. and Dolores E. Wilde WILSON: [P] Alonzo Wilson/d. Aug 4, 1861 WINKELMAN: Frank Winkelman/d. Nov. 15, 1952/age 61