North Prairie Cemetery
Genesee Township


The southwest corner of the cemetery is bordered by four townships, Genesee, Ottawa, Eagle and Mukwonago. It is located on the north side of Highway 59, about 1/2 mile west of the Village of North Prairie, Section 31, Genesee Township.


North Prairie Cemetery is an active cemetery established circa 1838. The date of the earliest burial was 1838. The North Prairie Cemetery Association was incorporated September 30, 1862. The association consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and board of directors, which holds an annual meeting in September.


There are cemetery records available 1899-date. A fire destroyed the earlier records. An up-to-date card file is maintained that lists name, birth and death years from the tombstones and lot number and location of the graves. Record books 1899-date, show the cemetery lots sold and the people buried in the lots. There is a map of the cemetery. The records are available to the public by appointment only. Mail request will be answered at no charge. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request. Contact:
North Prairie Cemetery Association
S65 W32962 Sunrise Lane
Mukwonago, WI 53149


Lot #Grave #Last NameFirst NameBirth DateDeath DateLot Owner & Notes
11SchnitzlerRaymondOct. 21, 1911Jul. 6, 1994Raymond Schnitzler
13KreutzLydia IdaNov. 20, 1901Feb. 16, 1992Ada Adascheck
14AdascheckAdaMay 16, 1896Nov. 19, 1995Ada Adascheck
15PettReinhold18951976Reinhold Pett
16PettMargaretMay 5, 1895Feb. 7, 1995Reinhold Pett
23PettWalter D.Feb. 23, 1921Sept. 11, 2001Walter D. & Margaret Pett
24PettMargaret C.Jul. 30, 1927Sept. 12, 2002Walter D. & Margaret Pett
25PettRobin19471992Walter D. & Margaret Pett
26PettWayne1947-Walter D. & Margaret Pett
31CartwrightDonnaSept. 4, 1936Oct. 18, 2003Dick & Donna Cartwright
36OwenJames G.Aug. 30, 1927Oct. 15, 1994-
43PettDonnaMay 9, 1955Mar. 18, 2004-
44PettWarrenMay 12, 1954Mar. 18, 2004-
46PettIrene19251989Norman Pett
46PettInfant (buried with Irene)19501950Norman Pett
51McKenzieClark19071963Clark McKenzie
52McKenzieMildred1911Aug. 29,1999Clark McKenzie
54MorrisArley M.19331967Arley M. Morris
54MorrisIvan (cremated)Feb. 10, 1909Oct. 8, 1999Arley M. Morris
56RuppEvan W.Mar. 12, 1928Mar. 1, 1997Evan & Trudy Rupp
61ReddickLynn C.19501992Charles Reddick
62ReddickCharles19492000Charles Reddick
71McKenzieJohn W.18801959John McKenzie
72McKenzieMary18841972John McKenzie
73OberholtzerWilliam-1960Evelyn Oberholtzer
74ColeRalph H.May 3, 1886Sept. 21, 1962Ralph Cole
75ColeAlice V.Aug. 20, 1884-Ralph Cole
154OberholtzerRobert-1993Robert Oberholtzer
161AndringaCornelius (Casey)19041971Cornelius Andringa
162AndringaBessie19052000Cornelius Andringa
163OberholtzerEvelyn ( Peg)19101979-
164PricePenny19541992Evelyn Oberholtzer
175SchopfLucille B.19161985Lester Schopf
176SchopfLester E.19121982Lester Schopf
181ColeyRussel D.19011971Russel D. Coley
182ColeyMabel P.-1978Russel D. Coley
184ColeyMargaret (Midge)Jul. 19, 1926Nov. 19, 1991Russel M. Coley
184ColeyRussel M.(cremated)Jun. 26, 1925Sept. 27, 2001Russel M. Coley
cremated buried w/ wife
185SteinRobert C.Sept. 4, 1929Dec. 9, 2003Bonnie Stein
191MuellerEdward J.Sept. 13, 1913Dec. 12, 2004Edward J. Mueller
193KirschkeErwin19061974Erwin J. Kirschke
194KirschkeLouise19081985Erwin J. Kirschke
195PiperGordon R.19121974Gordon R. Piper
196PiperPearl I.19161995Gordon R. Piper
203KienastBetty C.Jun. 13, 1922Jul. 21,1983Lester Kienast
204KienastLester L.Aug. 29, 1920Jan. 8, 1979Lester Kienast
205SmartKenneth E.19271971Kenneth E. Smart
211LowryGalen G.Jun. 30, 1891Feb. 28, 1968Galen G. Lowry
212LowryLeona (Werning)May 2, 1884Mar. 1, 1975Galen G. Lowry
213DuescherOrdvin G.19131967Ordvin G. Duescher
214DuescherNelda F.Oct. 24, 1914Feb. 25, 1996Ordvin G. Duescher
215SmartIrving18921967Irving Smart
216SmartEdna18961989Irving Smart
221MueckeGustaveJun. 4, 1881Sept. 27, 1953Gustave Muecke
222MueckeDiane O.Jul. 2, 1892Oct. 7, 1977Gustave Muecke
224AaronsMilla O.18921955Harry Aarons
225AaronsHarry M.18891967Harry Aarons
234TuckerOliver R.Jun 9. 1902Apr. 21, 1969Edwin W. Tucker
235TuckerEdwin W.18801949Edwin W. Tucker
236TuckerMae ( Stephens )18781949Edwin W. Tucker
241HeintzJohn L.May 14, 1908Apr. 5, 1994John L. Heintz
242HeintzDorothy M.Oct. 31, 1908Jul. 23, 2003John L. Heintz
245HeintzCarrie B.Aug. 8, 1880Feb. 1, 1955Leonard F. Heintz
246HeintzLeonard F. Apr. 9, 1883Apr. 1, 1965Leonard F. Heintz
261BaumgartnerJames J.Apr. 14, 1960Sept. 8, 1984William Mueller
262MuellerWilliam W.Dec. 1, 1915Nov. 12, 2002William Mueller
263MuellerVerona A.1922-William Mueller
264MuellerMeta F.Mar. 4, 1907Feb. 20, 1995Meta Mueller
265MuellerHerman18801964Herman Mueller
266MuellerEmma18791966Herman Mueller
271RolfeElaine M.Jun. 6, 1934Feb. 10, 1998Wilbur C. Rolfe
272RolfeMyrtle E.Mar. 24, 1910Nov. 12, 1996Wilbur C. Rolfe
273RolfeWilbur C.19041970Wilbur C. Rolfe
274MickelGeorge H.19451974George H. Mickel
275MickelHarvey G.19121991George H. Mickel
276MickelIda MayJan. 14, 1918Dec. 26, 2005George H. Mickel
281OlsonDoyle R.Apr. 7, 1918Feb. 15, 2004Romain & Diane Mueller
282OlsonDelores E.Nov. 24, 1926Jun. 23, 2002Romain & Diane Mueller
283MuellerRomain E.Feb. 15, 1945May 6, 2004Romain & Diane Mueller
301SingsimeBernice L.19221980Robert C. Singsime
302SingsimeRobert C.19191983Robert C. Singsime
376SchenkLorraine E.Apr. 4, 1920Jun. 15, 1988Richard Schenk
381EnglishAndrewMar. 11, 1986Oct. 27, 1986Joel English
385SchemenauerPaul M.--Jennifer Friedrich
386FriedrichJennifer--Jennifer Friedrich
395LazzaroLeonard --Christine Lazzaro
396LazzaroChristine--Christine Lazzaro
405LazzaroBrian--Tracy Parker
406ParkerTracy--Tracy Parker
411HillHenry A.19161968Henry A. Hill
412HillKathryn A.May 22, 1917Apr. 16, 1995Henry A. Hill
413KienastDawnJun. 7, 1970Sept. 23, 1976Al Kienast
421HurstHarry R.Apr. 26, 1885Jul. 26, 1968Harry Hurst
422HurstLuella W.Aug. 15, 1888Sept. 20, 1985Harry Hurst
425WilkeRobert A.Apr. 15, 1912Jan. 12, 1992Robert Wilke
441VanderburgMabel F.Jul. 14, 1899Jan. 27, 1953Harry P. Vanderburg
442RansonHarold A.Aug. 9, 1912Dec. 3, 2003Harold Ranson
443RansonDorothy E. (West)19081973Harold Ranson
445CrusanOrville19061956Orville Crusan
446CrusanVelma E.Sept. 23, 1913Oct. 25, 2006Orville Crusan
451HarnackAugust C.18711943August C. Harnack
452HarnackAnnie B.18911971August C. Harnack
461SchnitzlerErvinOct. 23, 1907Apr. 5, 1954Ervin Schnitzler
462Schnitzler Dolores-1965Ervin Schnitzler
no stones
463Schnitzler Doana19361960Ervin Schnitzler
no stones
464SchnitzlerTerry-May 1996Ervin Schnitzler
471JamesVernon18991984Vernon James
472JamesIrma19011964Vernon James
476VanderburgOtto H.Sept. 7, 1921Aug. 13, 1974Otto H. Vanderburg
484WinzenreidHarold B.Jun. 14, 1910Jul. 18, 1997Harold Winzenreid
601MootsWilliamNov. 24, 1929Jul. 16, 2005Marge Moots
611Nowak, Jr.Richard J.Oct. 11, 1942Apr. 25, 1997Barbara Nowak
615FettigJames Apr. 20, 1932Jul. 2, 1990Ruth Fettig
616FettigRuth H.Oct. 4, 1932-Ruth Fettig
621MooreEdward J.18861974Edward Moore
622MooreJames Dec. 26, 1888Dec. 15, 1977Edward Moore
623MooreColleen Vivian-Jun. 14, 1995Edward Moore
625FergusonWilliam D.19001961William Ferguson
626FergusonIrma E.Apr. 24, 1904Aug. 12, 1996William Ferguson
632KlattAlfred M.19101989Alfred M. Klatt
633KlattMary C.19101962Alfred M. Klatt
634WohllebenBryanDec. 28, 1966Sept. 14, 1995-
641HoneyagerKenneth L.19071989Kenneth Honeyager
642HoneyagerAlmac (Mueller)Sept. 29, 1911Jul. 24, 1998Kenneth Honeyager
651WohllebenRichard18641945Richard Wohlleben
652WohllebenMary18731948Richard Wohlleben
653WohllebenClara J.18961982Richard Wohlleben
654HoytJesse A.18801945Jesse A. Hoyt
655HoytAlice C.18771945Jesse A. Hoyt
661EdwardsBenjamin R.18771958Benjamin Edwards
662EdwardsAugusta W.18731947Benjamin Edwards
663WaltAuthur18861969Benjamin Edwards
664JamesEarl1896-Benjamin Edwards
666JamesEthel (Kerley)19041952Benjamin Edwards
675ChristensonEsther S.Sept. 2, 1908Aug. 15, 2005William Christenson
676ChristensonWilliamMar. 3, 1895Jul. 21, 1956William Christenson
681WilliamsWm. HarleyJan. 24, 1891Nov. 17, 1965Wm. Harley Williams
682WilliamsElizabethDec. 28, 1889Oct. 12, 1982Wm. Harley Williams
683PodrugGeorge 19261980George D. Podrug
685StubbsMatailda18871968Harvey Stubbs
686StubbsHarvey W.18871945Harvey Stubbs
691WredeCharles H.18781951Charles H. Wrede
692WredeClara K.18811975Charles H. Wrede
693WredeViola R.19121986Charles H. Wrede
694WredeLila A.19171991Charles H. Wrede
695WredeRoger-Mar. 9, 2004Roger & Dorothy Wrede
696WredeDorothy Nov. 20, 1917Oct. 31, 1999Roger & Dorothy Wrede
701HopkinsIvor L.19021953Ivor Hopkins
702HopkinsJune J.19071970Ivor Hopkins
703HopkinsWayne I.19401964Ivor Hopkins
706PaulLyall J.Jan. 16, 1922Jan. 7, 1954Lyall J. Paul
712HoyerDarcyApr. 27, 1953May 5, 1958Rex Hoyer
713HoyerRex G.Sept. 9, 1919Nov. 24, 1988Rex Hoyer
714HoyerPhyllis J.Feb. 9, 1923Nov. 3, 1991Rex Hoyer
721KnoelkeEvelyn L.May 25, 1928Jul. 25, 1997Kenneth Knoelke
722KnoelkeKenneth F.Feb. 2, 1925Dec. 16, 2003Kenneth Knoelke
733HemansonJeremy Lee--Hermanson
811GabrielArnold C.18841958Arnold C. Gabriel
812GabrielMary 18841960Arnold C. Gabriel
stone says Gabrielson
822McIntoshCharles J.18861964Charles McIntosh
824KelmsArthur E.Mar. 3, 1917Aug. 6, 1983Arthur E. Kelms
825KelmsMargaret M.May 28, 1919Sept. 21, 2001Arthur E. Kelms
831HarveyElizabeth (Cooper)Jun. 14, 1888Oct. 30, 1975Arlington C. Harvey
822McIntoshPauline18881955Charles McIntosh
832HarveyArlington CoryellFeb. 2, 1873Nov. 16, 1943Arlington C. Harvey
833SachsHelen (Harvey)Jan. 1, 1915Oct. 17, 1964Arlington C. Harvey
834SachsLeonard E.Nov. 17, 1911Apr. 22, 1988Arlington C. Harvey
841HoffmanClarence A.19081992Clarence Hoffman
845DabelPauline C.May 5, 1904Sept. 9, 2001Edward Dabel
846DabelEdward A.Mar. 17, 1900Oct. 23, 1993Edward Dabel
851LampienArthur W.Dec. 7, 1889Jun. 5, 1966Otto Lampien
852LampienAnna S.Feb. 28, 1892Feb. 9, 1977Otto Lampien
854SchroederHelen M.Jun. 16, 1897May 1, 1994Walter E. Schroeder
855SchroederHarold W.19361952Walter E. Schroeder
856SchroederWalter E.18931978Walter E. Schroeder
861KippGeorge C.18811957George Kipp
862KippBertha L.18851982George Kipp
866BrustDarlene O.19501950Henry Brust
873SievertDiane Nov. 2, 1935Dec. 21, 1997Cecil W. Mosher
874MosherBonita L.19311947Cecil W. Mosher
875MosherAlice I.Sept. 9, 1913Jul. 6, 1994Cecil W. Mosher
876MosherCecil W.19131971Cecil W. Mosher
881RobertsJohn E.19031949John J. Roberts
882RobertsMary J.Apr. 11, 1874Mar. 14, 1958John J. Roberts
883RobertsJohn J.Feb. 2, 1874Jul. 15, 1969John J. Roberts
885KrauseOttilie18781951Robert Krause
886KrauseRobert 18781947Robert Krause
892WildingSusan M.Jul. 24, 1966Feb. 14, 2006Michael Wilding
921NitzElizabeth A. (Winter)19201984Donald A. Nitz
922NitzDonald A.Jan. 9, 1928Oct. 4, 1996Donald A. Nitz
941FejnasChester J.Sept. 23, 1915Jun. 25, 1966Chester J. Fejnas
942FejnasLaverne A.Feb. 7, 1919Mar. 4, 2001Chester J. Fejnas
951TurnerWilbert E.Feb.24, 1902Dec. 30, 1980Wilbert E. Turner
952TurnerDorothy A. (Dabel)Nov. 29, 1903May 16, 1990Wilbert E. Turner
953LeistenAlhard F.Nov. 5, 1905Apr. 2, 1999Alhard F. Leisten
954LeistenElizabeth C. (Dabel)Jun. 22, 1912Jan. 23, 1997Alhard F. Leisten
955LampienEdward May 25, 1907Jun. 1, 1991Edward Lampien
956LampienHelen M. (Dabel)Oct. 21, 1907Oct. 14, 2000Edward Lampien
964AdascheckIda C.Dec. 3, 1908Nov. 7, 1994John Dable
965DabelJohn H.Jun. 24, 1898Sept. 18, 1987John Dable
966DabelGertrudeMay 25, 1905May 30, 1984John Dable
871SievertShawn David-Jun. 13, 1978Cecil W. Mosher
893LylesMichelle Lynn-Jun. 12, 1989Henry Blazek
893LylesMichael DanielSept. 6, 1958Jul. 30, 1992Henry Blazek
small round stone says baby lyles