Sunnyside Cemetery
Menomonee Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin


This active cemetery is located on the west side of Highway 74, 1 1/3 miles northeast of the center of Lannon Village, Southeast 1/4 of Section 8, Menomonee Township.


On March 3, 1855, the Menomonee Center Cemetery Association was organized. There were seven recorded burials prior to this date and from their locations it is obvious that the cemetery was platted out at some prior time, although there is no record of a cemetery being in any of the deeds or abstracts for this parcel of land. It is believed to have been established circa 1839. The earliest recorded burial is that of Betsy Waterman, age 32, who died in 1847. She is not buried near the Bancroft lots so it is assumed that she was not related to them.

History of the Property-On October 29, 1846, the SE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 8 in the town of Menomonee was deeded to Joel Bancroft. Sunnyside Cemetery is located in this parcel of land.

Joel Bancroft died in 1848. In December of 1848 this parcel was sold to Abner Rowe who sold it to Daniel and Charity Smith in May of 1851.

On January 3, 1862, one acre comprising the original plat was deeded to the Menomonee Center Cemetery Association by Daniel and Charity Smith. On October 1, 1888 Daniel Smith's son, George and his wife, Elizabeth deeded the First Addition to the cemetery. This is the area from the big maple trees down highway 74, then known as Waukesha road.

In June of 1892, the name of Menomonee Center Cemetery Association was changed to Menomonee Union Sunnyside Cemetery and in June of 1894 changed again to Menomonee Sunnyside Cemetery. Later in 1894 it was re-named again to Sunnyside Cemetery.

In 1898 a narrow strip of land on the south and west sides containing a row of maple trees was sold to the cemetery for $1.00 by George and Elizabeth Smith. In 1922 a 1 1/2 acre strip of land on the north side was purchased from Nicholas and Anna Lauer, and in 1960 a 4.022 acre parcel on the south and west side was purchased from Alvin and Charles Smith.

It was discovered that both the State of Wisconsin and Waukesha County claimed to have no record of the cemetery being organized or incorporated, so on February 24, 1975 the Sunnyside Cemetery Association was re-organized and incorporated in accordance with the regulations of the State of Wisconsin. Old records in our possession indicate that the incorporation of the Menomonee Center Cemetery Association of March 3, 1855 was indeed recorded in Vol. 1, page 37 by Wm. R. Williams, Register of Deeds, Waukesha County on March 28, 1855!

As of April 15, 2000, Sunnyside Cemetery contains 2278 burials with probably a few more early burials in unmarked graves or those where stones were broken off.

Negotiations are presently under way to acquire an additional 9.6 acres behind the cemetery for future expansion.

Dated April 18, 2000 Article submitted to Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society by Lois Clementi (Rec'd June 5, 2002) Copied here with permission from the SLAHS.ORG webmaster


There is a chart of the cemetery, but it is incomplete. The records are held by the Sunnyside Cemetery Association. They are not generally open to the public, for research but the association will answer mail requests.

Contact: Sunnyside Cemetery Association 19166 Main Street Lannon, WI 53046


Originally copied from tombstone and other available cemetery records by Mrs. Edith M. Tallmadge, Curator of Waukesha County Museum and County Historian, assisted by Mrs. Miriam Wood of the Waukesha County Medical Society Auxiliary. 1849 - approx. 1963. Some entries have additional material added from Register of Deeds office, Waukesha, for fuller family information. More recent burials have been entered by Mike Reilly. There is a recent book of transcriptions available at the Waukesha & Milwaukee Libraries, possibly through interlibrary loan.

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Donna M./1939 - _____
Curtis R./1936 - _____
Irene (Mother)/1911-1941
Leo P.1910-1963/father
Vivian L.1909-1997/mother/(b. 07 Nov 1909/d. 02 Apr 1997/SSDI)

William L./b. Feb. 23, 1954/July 21, 2001
Elizabeth M. (ROSE)/Jan. 2, 1966-Mar. 3, 1991

Irmgard R. (WILLGERODT)/b. Oct. 15, 1920/d. Nov. 28, 1998/age 78 years

Clara L./1880-1979/(b. 16 Dec 1880/d. Nov 1979/SSDI)
Edgar W./1869-1954

Arlene J. /no dates
Louis J./Jul. 2, 1929-____/US Army Korea 8 yrs.

Edgar L./1877-1948
E.P. (father)/1848-1915
James S. J.E.D. (prob. son)/?-?
M.A. (mother)/1848-1907
James E./? -?
Lloyd R./1912-1988/(b. 24 Aug 1912/d. 06 Jul 1988/SSDI)
Myrtle//d. Nov. 29, 1883/ae. 5 mo 2 days/dau. of J.E. & H.M.
Eugeane C.Sept. 21, 1846-Oct. 15, 1951/son
H.M.?-?/wife of J.E.
Cyrus S./b. Apr. 12, 1820 in N.Y./d. Jul. 26, 1894
Doris M./1921 - _____
Noble N.A.D./?-?
Nettie L./1878-? (1850?)
Lucy or Lucinda/Jul. 13, 1824-Jul. 7, 1905/wife of Cyrus/daughter
	of Charles G. & Clarissa BALDWIN

Rodger J./Apr. 6, 1933-Oct. 9, 1998
Louise M./Jan. 27, 1933 -  _____

Joseph P./Aug. 10, 1924-June 18, 1990/WT3 U.S. Navy WWII
Marion E./1926 - _____

Ralph M./1904-1973/(b. 11 Nov 1904/d. Oct 1973/SSDI)
Dorothy/1913-1994/(b. 28 Nov 1913/d. 19 Sep 1994/SSDI)

Maria A./Feb. 28, 1908-June 20, 1994

Michelle Ann/Nov. 5, 1992-Mar or Apr. 4, 1993/daughter
	of Suann & Michael

JoAnn/Aug. 9, 1934 - _____
Roland/Jul. 5, 1934-Mar. 27, 1995/Sgt. US Army Korea

Thomas Gregory/Dec. 6-9, 1991

Beulah S./Apr. 1, 1917 -Dec. 28, 1979
Cleo N./Sept. 9, 1915-Apr. 15, 1966

Gordon L./Jul. 16, 1925-Sept. 27, 1989/married Shirley (b. May 5, 1927)/

Carmela/1909-1984/(b. 26 Sep 1909/d. Aug 1984/SSDI)

Harriet (MUZZY)/1828-1877/Wife and daughter of S.S. Muzzy
Myron/Mar. 15, 1868-Mar. 13, 187?/Son
Sylvia/Sept. 27, 1879-724, 188?/Daughter
William/1821 or 1824-185?
JohnAug. 16, 1873-June 12, 187?/Son
Alice/Jul. 6, 1870-Jul. 30, 1883/Daughter
James/b. Aug. 1, 1831 in Hornellsville, NY/d. May 23 (?), 1906 in 
	Waukesha/Pioneer of 1843/son of Richard & Jean
Jean (MCKIBBEN)/d.Dec. 26, 1878/ae. 79 yrs. 10 mo. 18 days/
	wife of Richard
Richard/1799-May 11, 1879/ae. 79 yrs. 10 mo. 8 days/In memory of
Lemyra J/1845 -1929/wife of James/dau. of John & 
	Elizabeth (OLIVER) Dent

Martha/1902-1986/(b. 05 Jul 1902/d. Apr 1986/SSDI)

Richard R./Nov. 13, 1936 - _____
Marilyn J./June 28, 1940-Jul. 20, 1979

Mary C./May 21, 1937-Feb. 8, 1996


Rev. Paul F./1885-1959
Julia F./1885-?

Catherine (BIELAND)/b. Aug. 14, 1829 in Germany/d. Jan. 2, 1903/wife

?/one new grave (in 1963?)/unmarked/belonging to ?

Julia F./1885-1970/(b. 01 Jul 1885/d. Oct 1970/SSDI/issued Iowa)

Chad L./Dec. 17, 1981-Oct. 6, 1983


Lonnie/1923-1990/(b. 03 Mar 1923/d. 25 Apr 1990/SSDI)
Betty/1935 - 

Rose E.Aug. 27, 1908-Oct. 27, 1993/married Elmer on Apr. 25, 1932
Elmer O./b. Feb. 7, 1910 in Watertown/d. Feb. 3rd, 2002/age 92 years

William G. "M. D."/1889-1970/(b. 22 Nov 1889/d. Mar 1970/SSDI)
Louisa S./1891-1969/(b. 18 Aug 1891/d. Apr 1969/SSDI)
Doris (ANDERSON)/1927-1985

b. Nov. 2 1923/d. Jan. 22, 2002/age 78 years

Leona G./b. Mar. 27, 1905/d. Jan. 2, 1999/age 93 years/Wife of Marion
Marion C./Apr. 16, 1907-Feb. 22, 1994

Alberta/Mar. 24, 1926-Mar. 27, 1995

Ella K./1908-1993/(b. 19 Apr 1908/d. 09 Nov 1993/SSDI)

Hans E./1909-1990/(b. 16 Feb 1909/d. 19 Oct 1990/SSDI)
Hedwig/1913-1994/(b. 17 Jun 1913/d. 19 Feb 1994/SSDI)

Donna/1937 - _____
Charles J./b. Apr. 13, 1928/d. July 3, 1999/age 71 year
Anthony "Tony"/1935-1985/(Tony/b. 4 Oct 1935/d. Apr 1985/SSDI)

Lawrence M./1921-1982/Sgt. US Army WWII/(b. 25 Jan 1921/d. 19 Apr 1982/
	SSDI/Long time or retired railroad worker/last res. VA)
Adeline G./1920-1995/Sgt. US Army WWII/(b. 22 Mar 1920/d. 09 Aug 1995/
	SSDI/issued Minnesota)

Dorothy O. (JAHN)/Mar. 1, 1917-Jul. 16, 2002
Melvin W./Mar. 18, 1912-Oct. 31, 1995/CM3 U.S. Navy WWII


Phyllis J./1926-1980/(b. 30 Oct 1926/d. Aug 1980/SSDI)
Robert J./1924-1981/Tec4 US Army WWII/(b. 12 Nov 1924/
	d. 01 Sep 1981/SSDI/last residence VA)

Benjamin Michael/d. June 19, 1991
Gordon C./Nov. 5, 1930-Nov. 29, 1996/US Army Korea/married 
	Arline on Oct. 6, 1954
Arline R./Sept. 3, 1931 - _____ 

Sigurd/1902-1969/(b. 15 Apr 1902/d. May 1969/SSDI/issued Illinois)

William/b. 1907/d. Apr. 8, 2000/age 93 years/Husband of Katherine (KELLER)/
	(b. 10 Jan 1907/d. 08 Apr 2000/SSDI)
Katherine/b. 1917/d. January 8, 2001/Wife of William

Effie A./1905-1973/(b. 10 Feb 1905/d. Mar 1973/SSDI)
Welton A. /b. Oct. 24, 1924/d. Sept. 24, 2002/age 77 years
Allen C./June 13, 1921-Aug. 1, 1997
Nola M./Jan. 3, 1918-Feb. 17, 1986
Alma H./1886-1976/with W. F. Duehring
Phyllis E./1931-1979/(b. 20 Feb 1931/d. Jul 1979/SSDI)
Louis F/1903-1970/(b. 8 Feb 1899/d. Jul 1974/SSDI)


Albert A. J./May 12, 1891-Oct. 6, 1918/151st Depot Brigade 
	Co. 2, Camp Grant, Ill., WWI, U.S./iron marker
Emma B./1890-1980/(b. 05 May 1890/d. Feb 1980/SSDI)
Reinhard/1893-1964/(b. 20 Feb 1893/d. Jan 1964/SSDI)
Williamb. Mar. 23, 1855 in Mecklenburg/d. Aug. 18,  1935/son of Carl 
	Duwel & Elizabeth NELS
Anna (DREWS)Jan. 16, 1861-Apr. 29, 1939/wife/dau. of William Drews
Roger M./May 14, 1942-Nov. 27, 1987
Barbara A.Sept. 4, 1947 - _____/married Roger on May 28, 1965