1933 Advertisers -Salem Evangelical Church

The following is a list of advertisements transcribed from: The 80th Year - 1933 - 80th Anniversary Celebration of the Salem Evangelical Church

South and Barstow, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Oct. 8 to 15, 1933

I did not transcribe the entire advertisement. Some of the ads had more details, about the business, slogans and phone numbers. If you wish more information on any of these businesses, email me and I will let you know if there was more information listed.

Adami, Alvin, Hi-Grade Motor Car Repairs, 804 Beechwood Ave.
Adashek & Parks, fruits, vegetables, groceries, 394 W. Main St.
Allen B. Wrisley C., Chicago Ill.
Anderson Fuel C., 311 Center St.
Andrews, Arthur A., Plumbing, 266 Broadway
Avalon Drug Shop, Avalon Hotel Bldg.
Avalon Flower Shop, no other information
Avalon Hotel, Harry R. Kuntz, manager, Waukesha
Baird, Austin J. Attorney at law, 251 W. Broadway
Baker, Ralph Proprietor See Farmer's Exchange Grocery
Beck's Mill, Feed Grinding, Highway 164 1 1/2 Miles North of City
Bell View Dye Works, Dry Cleaning and Pressing, 390 West Main Street
Benjamin & Thomann Real Estate and Insurance, 732 Grand Ave.
Berdoll-Kearney, Inc., Printers, 1501 N. 13th Street
Bertram & Wilson, Tires and Accessories, 637 W. St. Paul Ave.
Biggs, See Erling Larsen Funeral Home
Birthrong Sheet Metal C., 374 W. Main St.
Biwer's Shoe Store, no other information
Bliese, Fred W., See Waukesha Floral C.
Bluhm, Otto H., Plumbing, no address
Bob's Quality Pastry Shop, 330 W. Broadway Brecher, Fred, General Blacksmithing, 149 Barstow St.
Brehm, Joseph T., Insurance, Waukesha National Bank Bldg. Rooms 23-24
Brenner, see Salen and Brenner
Broadway Shoe Hospital, 123 W. Broadway
Burr Oak Dairy
Butchart's Park Flower Store, Greenhouse 439 Carpenter Place & Park Flower Shop Park Theater Bldg.
Carroll College, Waukesha
Christensen Oil C., Waukesha
Christoph, Ed. Proprietor Waukesha Auto C.
Christoph, J.B. & Sons, Radio Department, 327 W. Main Street
Collins & Collins, Lawyers, 735 N. Grand Ave.
Coombs, see Holt and Coombs
Corrao, Thomas, Shoe Repairing, 236 W. Broadway
D'Meaux Beauty Salon, 327 South St.
Daily, C.A. & Son, no other information
Davies Bros., Automobiles & Accessories, 307 Grand Ave.
Davis-Greene Corp, no other information
Dayton Tires, 380 W. Main St.
Diekfuss, Walter C. Chiropractor, 840 Genesee St.
Dietzel, Clarence H.R. Manager Carl H. Sawyer Agency
Dr. David Roberts Veterinary C., Grand Avenue
East Side Barber Shop, 509 Lincoln Ave.
East Side Laundry C., 507 E. Broadway
East Side Market, 504 Lincoln Ave.
Economy Fruit Market, no other information
Elger's Market, Quality Meats, 207 Grand Ave.
Erling Larsen Ray Biggs C., Funeral Home, Waukesha
Estberg & Sons, Jewelers, Since 1858, no further information
Evans, See Kimpel & Evans
Family Damp Wash Laundry, 215 Grand Ave.
Fardy-Drummond Hardware C., 259 W. Broadway
Farmer's Exchange Grocery, 106 W. St. Paul Ave.
Felix Schultze Florist, no other information
Ferry & Weibye, Barber Shop, 819 Clinton St.
Fox's Guernsey Dairy, Golden Guernsey Milk
Frank B. Hoag Grain C., 205 W. St. Paul Ave.
Freehoff, W.A. Agency, insurance, 211 South Street
Friedman's Clothes Shop, Men's Clothing and Furnishings, 322 W. Main, 333 W. Broadway
Friz, Perry L. & Son, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance, 265 Broadway
Fulrath, W.W. Chiropractor, First State Bank Building
Gamble Office Supply, 316 South St.
Gaspar, Arthur D. Funeral Director
Gilham Central Service Station, 344 W. Broadway
Gittner Coal & Supply C., Waukesha
Goff's Restaurant, no other information
Greech, Jos. N., Solicitor Insurance, W.A. Freehoff Agency
Green, W.S. See W.S. Green Engineering C.
Greene, See Davis-Greene Corp.
Griesell, John, Insurance, 614 Beechwood Ave.
Gritton, Lawrence owner Waukesha Furniture Doctor
Halloway's Garage, 501 S. Grand Ave.
Hammond Publishing C., 125 E. Wells Street
Harder Motor Company, Ford Sales Service, 811 Barstow Street
Hardy-Ryan Abstract C., Waukesha
Harris Shoe Store, Lincoln Avenue
Harry's Service Station, Corner Broadway and Barney
Harry Ziemer C., Sausage Manufacturers, Milwaukee
Haynes, A.G. Plumbing, 137 W. Broadway
Hein-Werner C. (no other information)
Helen's Beauty Shop, 817 Clinton Street
Hemlock & Hemlock, Abstracs of Title, 805 Grand Avenue, corner South Street
Herbrand, See I.G. Herbrand Market
Herrl, Caroline, no other information
Hins, See Polfus-Hins Motor Company
Hoag, See Frank B. Hoag Grain C.
Hoeveler Drug C., Waukesha
Hoffman, John & Sons C., Coffee, Milwaukee
Holt and Coombs, Lawyers, First State Bank Bldg.
Honeyager, Ed., Solicitor Insurance, W.A. Freehoff Agency
Hopf, Ralph Electrical Contractor, 225 Harrison Avenue
Howard, Dr. Allen M., Dentist Corner Clinton and South Streets
Hughes, E.F. Agent Sinclair Refining C.
I.G. Herbrand Market, Quality Meats, 207 Madison St.
Imperial Meat Market, 310 South St.
J.L. Davies & Sons, Flour, salt, poultry feeders, John Deere, Waukesha
Jacobsen and Malone, Attorneys at Law, 314 South Street
Jacobson, J.A. Attorney Jacobsen and Malone
Jarvis, Drs. David and Clarence, Dentists, Room 206 Ovitt Block 735 Grand Ave.
Johnson Monument C., Memorials
Johnson, Dr. Melvin E. (no other information)
Jones, See N.L. & E.B. Jones Company
Jones, Thomas E., Insurance, Clark Bldg. 324 W. Main St.
Kearney, see Berdoll-Kearney, Inc.
Kiehl, F.E., Jeweler, 234 West Broadway
Kimpel & Evans, Attorneys at Law, 262 W. Broadway
Knapke's Badger Paint Store, 369 W. Main
Kremer Sign Shop, 313 W. St. Paul Ave.
Kuntz, see Avalon Hotel
Laing, Jay & Sons, Quality Clothiers, Waukesha
Lamp, Irene, proprietor Helen's Beauty Shop
Larsen, Mrs. Erling Harpist, Lady Attendant Erling Larsen Funeral Home
Larsen, See Erling Larsen Funeral Home
Larson's, Men's Clothing 333 W. Main St.
Lyle, Walter T., Funeral Home no other information
Maag, Dr. W.J., Dentist
Maglio, John Wholesale fruits, Milwaukee
Malone, D.B., Attorney Jacobsen and Malone
Malone, see Jacobsen and Malone
Manitowoc Church Furniture C., Manufacturers of Pews, Altars, Pulpits, Waukesha
Martin see Savage & Martin
Martin, John L., Agent New York Life Insurance Company, 257 W. Broadway
McCoy Dept. Store, Waukesha
McFarlane Dental Group, 233 South Street
McFarlane, Dr. E.E., See McFarlane Dental Group
McFarlane, Dr. W.A. see McFarlane Dental Group
McFarlane, Dr. Wm. K. See McFarlane Dental Group
Meier's Ice Cream, no other information
Merten Bros. Printers, Waukesha
Miller, Alex, Proprietor Waukesha Auto Wrecking & Replacement Parts C.
Money Corporation, 235 South St.
Moor [Mud] Baths, John Weber, Jr. Mgr., Up on the hill, Waukesha
Muehl Bros. Grocers, 421 Hartwell Ave.
N.L. & E.B. Jones Company, Packers Sales Agent, Waukesha
Newell, Clarence R., Shoes and Men's Wear, 812 Grand Avenue
Palmer Products, Inc. Waukesha
Palmetier & Abell Lumber C., no address listed
Parks, see Adashek & Parks Grocery
Patey, James, Plastering and Stucco, 319 Greenfield Avenue
Peoples, Manufactured Ice, Quality Fuels, 121 Madison St.
Pfeiler Pharmacy, Corner Hartwell and Lincoln Avenues
Pietsman, G.J., Public Address Systems, 421 East Avenue
Pokrandt, Walter, Blacksmith, 126 East St. Paul Ave.
Polfus-Hins Motor Company, Dodge Bros. Trucks, 456 W. Main St.
Purity Bakery, 319 South St.
Quality Aluminum Casting C., Waukesha
Randle, J.K. & Son, Furniture, Rugs, linoleum, Baby carriages, window shades, 247 South St.
Randle, J.K. and Son, Funeral Service, 247 South St.
Ray's Certified Service Station, West Main and Martin Sts.
Rees Lumber & Fuel C., 324 N. East Ave.
Reisner, Don W., see Avalon Flower shop
Ridge Motor Parts, 143 W. Broadway
Roberts, Dr. David See Dr. David Roberts Veterinary C.
Rudolph's Food Market, Inc., Corner W. Main and Clinton
Ryan, See Hardy Ryan
Salen and Brenner, Attorneys, no other information
Salter's Electric Shop, 813 Clinton Street
Savage & Martin, Your Stationer
Sawyer, Carl H. Agency, Surety, Insurance, Real Estate, 310 Broadway
Scherer, Gilbert L., Good foods, 800 Grand Avenue
Schiewitz, D., Greenhouse, 1054 Baxter
Schley's Dairy, 700 East Broadway
Schley, Norman F., Public Accountant, National Exchange Bank Bldg.
Schley, Ray W. Proprietor See Schley's Dairy
Schuetze, Chas. F. President and Manager Manitowoc Church Furniture C.
Schultze, See Felix Schultze Florist
Sears, Roebuck & C., 280 W. Main St.
Shady Rest One-Stop Service, Car washing and repair, Highway 18, West Limits.
Sias, F.E. and Son, Proprietor Shady Rest One-Stop Service
Sinclair Refining C., Furnace or Fuel Oil, Waukesha
Spring City Laundry & Cleaning C., 379 W. Main St.
Standard Oil Company (of Indiana), Waukesha
Star Cleaners and Dyers, Office 847 Gaspar, Plant 808 Meadow St.
Stillman, Edwin B. Attorney at Law, 257 W. Broadway
Stuempfig Paint C., 320 South St.
Sullivan Bros. Clothes Shop, no other information
Sunlite Dessert C., Makers of Sunlite Jell (looks like a jello type product), no other information
Supreme Bottling C., Hi-grade soft drinks of all kinds, Waukesha
Tardif, C., General Trucking, 317 Newhall Ave.
Tarnish Barber Shop, 143 Street
Teut, Leonard E. Proprietor, See Imperial Meat Market
The Aeroshade Company, Ventilating Shades, Waukesha
The Cash Way Store, (probably a clothing store) 215 Broadway and 258 South St.
The Enterprise Department Store, Waukesha
The Eunice Shop, Marcels, Waving, Facials, Manicures, 807 Clinton St.
The Freeman Printing Company, Waukesha
The James Store, Draperies and Floor Coverings, Ladies wearing apparel, 129 West Broadway
The Style Shop, Foremost Styles (probably clothing), 802 Grand Avenue
The Waukesha Bakery, no other information
Thomann See Benjamin & Thomann
Thomas the Printer, Broadway at the Five Points
Trakel's Drug Store, 329 South Street
United Coffee Shop, Waukesha
United Fuel & Supply C., 121 Barstow St.
Valley View Oil C., Wisconsin Ave. at the bridge
Vohs, F.A., Fresh Sausage and Meats, 740 Grand Ave.
W.S. Green Engineering C., General Machin Work, 321 West St. Paul Ave.
Wadhams Oil C., no further information
Walrabenstein, Erv., Real Estate Insurance, 211 South St.
Warren S. O'Brien Commercial Studios, Photography, 353 Broadway
Waukesha Auto Sales C., Chevrolet Cars and Trucks, 237 South St.
Waukesha Auto Wrecking & Replacement Parts C., Hartwell Ave. Near Soo Line Tracks
Waukesha Auto. C., 138 South Street
Waukesha Buick C., 714 Clinton Ave.
Waukesha Cement Tile C., Waukesha
Waukesha County Tribune
Waukesha Dairy C., 220 North Street
Waukesha Floral C., Grand Ave. & South St.
Waukesha Furniture Doctor, 229 Harrison Ave.
Waukesha National Bank, Waukesha
Waukesha Palace Laundry C., Inc. 238 W. Main St.
Waukesha Savings Building and Loan Association, 311 W. Main St.
Waukesha Spa-Mud Baths 327 E. Broadway
Weber Funeral Home Ambulance Service, 726 East Ave.
Weibye, See Ferry & Weibye
Wern Farms, Certified Milk
Werner, See Hein-Werner
Wilbur Lumber C., Fuel, Ice, Building material, no address listed
Williams, Rodney, Advanced Refrigeration, 816 East Ave.
Wilson, see Bertram & Wilson
Wisconsin Gas & Electric C.
Zick, Ed., Solicitor Insurance, W.A. Freehoff Agency
Ziemer, See Harry Ziemer C.
Zimmerman, D.K., Realtor, Waukesha
Zoler's Old Fashion Sweet Shop, 803 N. Grand Ave.