Below is a list of cemeteries in Waukesha County by township. I have numbered the cemeteries so that it is easier for me to identify each one. Some cemeteries have similar names, be sure you are selecting the right cemetery when looking for your ancestors.

  • Many have burials listed
  • Some obituaries are linked to individual names
  • Only burials known at the time of page creation are listed in each cemetery. If you don't find your ancestor, that does not mean he or she was not buried in the cemetery.

This list is arranged alphabetical. All known names of cemeteries have been added to the list, so a number may appear more than once. There are a few cemeteries that have none written before it, they are listed here, but location information was not available so we did not assign it a number.

The location listed after each cemetery is the township. Here is a listing by Township.

(70)	Bark River, Merton Township
(1)	Benecke Family, Brookfield Township
(40)	Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran, Wales, Genesee Township
(100)	Bethlehem., Muskego
(40)	Bethlehem Ev. Lutheran, Wales
(140) 	Bidwell, Pewaukee Township
(161) 	Big Bend Rural Home (aka Rural Home)
(71) 	Bridge Family, Merton Township
(6) 	Brookfield, Brookfield
(170) 	Brown Family, Waukesha 
(142) 	Busse Cemetery, Pewaukee
(X)	Cemetery X (unknown burial locations)
(120) 	Cistercian Monastery, Summit Township
(90) 	Coats Family, Mukwonago
(67) 	Connell, Menomonee Partial
(171) 	College and East Avenues, Waukesha
(164) 	Covenanter's Cemetery, Vernon
(20) 	Delafield Village, Delafield Partial
(6) 	Dixon, Brookfield
(160) 	Dodge's Corners, Vernon
(101) 	Drought, Muskego
(101) 	Durham Hill, Muskego
(34) 	Eagle Village, Eagle
(6) 	East Pioneer, Brookfield
(6)	East Side, Brookfield
(60) 	Emanuel Community United Methodist, Menomonee Falls
(110) 	Evangelical & Reformed of New Berlin
(30) 	First Eagle, Eagle
(110) 	First German Reformed, New Berlin
(141) 	Forest Hill, Pewaukee
(41) 	Genesee Village, Genesee
(42) 	George Price, North Prairie
(12)	German Evangelical, Brookfield
(53)	German Evangelical, Lisbon
(100) 	German Evangelical, Muskego
(2) 	German Lutheran, Broookfield
(72) 	Grace-Holy Innocents Episcopal, Nashotah
(24) 	Hartland Village, Hartland Partial
(121) 	Henshall Place, Oconomowoc
(24) 	Highland, Hartland Partial
(111) 	Highland Memorial Park Partial
(3) 	Hinze Family, Elm Grove
(112) 	Holy Apostles, New Berlin
(72) 	Holy Innocents Episcopal, Nashotah
(126) 	Immaculate Conception Catholic Seminary, Oconomowoc
(31) 	Jericho Corners, Eagle
(43) 	Jerusalem United Presbyterian, Genesee
(91) 	Johnson Family, Mukwonago
(103) 	Jones - Muckey School, Muskego
(122) 	LaBelle, Oconomowoc
(23) 	Hartland Lutheran, Hartland
(51) 	Lisbon Central Union, Lisbon
(52) 	Lisbon-Merton Union, Lisbon
(101) 	Luther Parker, Muskego
(32) 	Melendy's Prairie, Eagle
(66) 	Menomonee, Menomonee
(66) 	Menomonee Center Cemetery
(66) 	Menomonee Sunnyside Cemetery
(66) 	Menomonee Union Sunnyside Cemetery

(123) 	Monterey Methodist Episcopal, Monterey 
(124) 	Monterey Village, Monterey
(4) 	Mt. Zion Jewish, Brookfield
(103) 	Muckey School Cemetery, Muskego
(104) 	Muskego Center, Muskego
(104) 	Muskego Village, Muskego
(150) 	Nashotah House Episcopalian, Nashotah
(150) 	Nashotah Mission, Nashotah Partial
(67) 	Nelson, Menomonee Partial
(113) 	New Berlin Center, New Berlin
(44) 	North Prairie, North Prairie
(145) 	Northview Park, Pewaukee
(10) 	Notre Dame School Sisters Convent, Elm Grove
(33) 	Oak Grove, Eagle
(5) 	Oak Hill, Brookfield
(92) 	Oak Knoll, Mukwonago
(34) 	Oak Ridge, Eagle
(125) 	Oconomowoc Township (old), Oconomowoc
(129) 	Oconomowoc Township, Oconomowoc
(152) 	Old Burying Ground, Summit
(130) 	Ottawa Town, Ottawa
(120) 	Our Lady of Spring Bank, Summit
(146) 	Our Lady of the Oaks, Pewaukee
(145) 	Pauper's Cemetery, Pewaukee
(141)	Pewaukee, Pewaukee
(142) 	Pilgrim's Rest, Pewaukee
(6) 	Pioneer, Brookfield
(110)	Pioneer Cemetery, New Berlin
(173) 	Prairie Home Municipal, Waukesha
(173) 	Prairieville, Prairieville (now Waukesha City)
(53) 	Redeemer UCC, Lisbon
(126) 	Redemptorist Fathers Catholic Seminary, Oconomowoc
(165) 	Reformed, Vernon
(54) 	Richmond, Lisbon
(55) 	Rose Hill, Lisbon
(161) 	Rural Home Cemetery at Big Bend
(56) 	St. Alban's Episcopalian, Sussex Partial
(72) 	St. Anskar's Episcopal Church , Nashotah
(62) 	St. Anthony, Menomonee Falls
(131) 	St. Brunos Catholic, Ottawa
(127) 	St. Catherine's Catholic, Oconomowoc
(73) 	St. Charles Catholic, Hartland, Merton twp
(74) 	St. Clare's Catholic, North Lake
(7) 	St. Dominic's Catholic, Brookfield (partial)
(55) 	St. James, Lisbon
(63) 	St. James Catholic, Menomonee Falls Partial
(151) 	St. Jerome's Catholic, Summit
(128) 	St. Joan of Arc Catholic, Oconomowoc
(75) 	St. John the Baptist Catholic, Monches Off site link 
(21) 	St. John Chrysostom Episcopalian, Delafield
(76) 	St. John's Lutheran, Stone Bank
(77) 	St. John's UCC, Merton
(172) 	St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum
(64) 	St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Menomonee Falls
(8) 	St. Mary's Catholic, Elm Grove
(143) 	St. Mary's Catholic, Pewaukee
(8) 	St. Mary of the Visitation, Elm Grove
(47) 	St. Paul's Catholic, Genesee Depot
(105) 	St. Paul's Lutheran, Muskego
(65) 	St. Paul's Lutheran, Menomonee Falls
(65) 	St. Paul's UCC, Menomonee Falls
(78) 	St. Peter Episcopal, North Lake Partial
(144) 	St. Peter & Paul Catholic, Pewaukee
(36) 	St. Theresa's (old), Eagle
(35) 	St. Theresa's Oak Knoll, Eagle
(112) 	St. Valerius Catholic, New Berlin
(45) 	Salem Welsh, Genesee
(46) 	Saylesville, Genesee
(110) 	Sittel Cemetery, New Berlin
(140)	South Pewaukee, Pewaukee Township
(79) 	Stone Bank Presbyterian, Stone Bank
(152) 	Summit, Summit
(66)	Sunnyside, Lannon
(115)	Sunnyside, New Berlin
(22) 	Tabernacle Presbyterian, Delafield
(116)	Township Cemetery, New Berlin
(9) 	Trinity Evangelical &  Reformed, Brookfield
(9) 	Trinity Lutheran, Brookfield
(9) 	Trinity United Church of Christ, Brookfield
(67) 	Union, Menomonee Falls Partial
(162) 	Vernon Center, Vernon 
(163) 	Vernon Evangelical Lutheran, Vernon 
(163) 	Vernon Evangelical Norwegian Lutheran, Vernon 
(164) 	Vernon Reformed Presbyterian, Vernon
(165) 	Vernon United Presbyterian, Vernon
(34) 	Village of Eagle
(10) 	Visitation Convent, Elm Grove
(8) 	Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Elm Grove
(123) 	Wegner (Wagner) Cemetery, Monterey
(145) 	Waukesha County Northview Home, Pewaukee
(166) 	Waukesha County Poor House, Vernon
(4) 	Waukesha West, Brookfield
(43) 	Welsh Jerusalem Presbyterian
(22) 	Welsh Tabernacle Presbyterian
(11) 	Wisconsin Memorial Park, Brookfield
(12) 	Zion Cemetery, Elm Grove
(53) 	Zion Evangelical Cemetery, Lisbon