>Salem Evangelical Church Membership Roster 1933

The 80th Year 1933
80th Anniversary Celebration
of the
Salem Evangelical Church

South and Barstow, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Oct. 8 to 15, 1933
Rev. Carl L. Duft Pastor

This Eightieth Anniversary Book of the Salem Evangelical Church
We Hereby Dedicate to Harry F. Busse

Harry F. Busse
July 2, 1890-Nov. 1, 1918
faithful member of our beloved church, for many years our Sunday School 
Superintendent; member of the Board of Stewards; a devoted Christian of 
whom we are all proud; and one who gave his life in the service of his 

Table of Contents:
Pastor's Letter5
Board of Bishops, Statistics6
Churches and Pastors, Milwaukee-Madison Dist7
Anniversary Program9
Official Board and Quarterly Conference11
The Ministry of Music13
Church Calendar-Order of Worship15
Our Church School19-21
Mid-week Service23
Woman's Missionary Society25-27
Men's Club29
Boy Scouts31
Young People's Department (E.L.C.E.)33-35
Young Woman's Sercie Club37-39
A Growing Church41
Activities of the Church43
Evangelical Missionary Enterprises45
Denominational Homes and Hospitals47
Membership Directory49-79
Sunday School Roll63-75
What This Church Has to Offer77
The Evangelical Church Believes and Teaches79-81
Requirements for Admittance to the Church83
Evangelical Schools85
Why Go To Church87
Salem Evangelical Church, Waukesha89-91
Salem Evangelical Church, Waukesha, Historical Record93-95
Salem Evangelcal Church, Ministers97
The Evangelical Church99-101
History of Waukesha103-105
How to Go To Church107-113
AdvertisersThroughout the book
Dear Members and Friends: A little more than four hundred years ago it was very dangerous publicly to confess Jesus Christ in many sections of Europe. In the city of Basel, Switzerland, a man by the name of Martin became convinced that Jesus was the only Redeemer for mankind. So one day he wrote out this confession: "O most merciful Christ, I know that I can only be saved by the merit of thy blood. Holy Jesus, I acknowledge they sufferings for me. I love Thee, Jesus, I love Thee." Then Martin of Basel went to work and removed a stone from the wall of his house and hid that writing in there, and placed the stone back in its place. Nobody ever sw him do that; nobody knew that he had done anything of the kind. A hundred years later, when workmen were repairing that house, they found that old writing and read it with great curiousity. But at approximately the same time that Martin of Basel was hiding his profession of faith, another Martin, Martin Luther was standing before kings and potentates, saying: "My Lord Jesus Christ has confessed me before men, and was willing to die for me. I will not shrink from confessing Him before kings, even though they take my life." As far as service for Jesus Christ was concerned the influence of Martin of Basel amounted to nothing-he hid it under a bushel, but the public profession of Martin Luther set going the Protestant Reformation and that influence has since changed the history of mankind. Jacob Albright followed in the footsteps of Martin Luther in founding the Evangelical Church. If he had hid his convictions we would not, as people, be permitted to celebrate the eightieth anniversary of this church. The church has stood for eighty years on the corner of South and Barstow streets, proclaiming to the people of Waukesha that Jesus Christ is Saviour and King. You have done a great work; you have won great friendships and your memories have been enlarged and enriched through serice in this Church. Words are inadequate to express our sincere appreciation of your kindness, your faithful co-operation, your esteem and regard beyond our worth, in your support of this institution. May grace, mercy, peace and blessings manifold attend your ways even now and forever more. Cordially yours, Carl L. Duft, Pastor