Known Methodist Churches

Brookfield Methodist Episcopal (defunct)
  Denomination: Methodist Episcopal
  Established: 1840
  Former Names: East Brookfield Methodist Church
  	In 1868 a group split off from the church to form a Bible 
	Christian Society, which later became Brookfield United Methodist
  Location: Pilgrim Road, Brookfield

Brookfield First United Methodist Church (in operation) Denomination: United Methodist Established: 1868 Former Names: Bible Christian Church (1884 transferred assets to Methodists) Brookfield United Methodist Address: 2400 N. Brookfield Road, Brookfield 53045
Butler United Methodist (in operation) Denomination: United Methodist Established: 1912 as the Pilgrim Methodist Church Present name was chosen about 1936 Address: 126 W. Stark, Butler 53007
Eagle United Methodist Denomination: United Methodist Established: 1871 Other names: church has been linked at various times with congregations in Palmyra and North Prairie Location: Main Street, Eagle 53119
Eagleville Methodist Established: irregular services in Jericho, Eagle and Eagleville as early as 1836-37 established as a preaching point, but not actual church Disbanded: 1860 when Eagle Village became the population center due to the railroad Location: Town of Eagle
Emmanuel Community United Methodist Denomination: the denomination later joined with the United Brethren Church; joined the United Methodist Church in 1963. Established: 1846 Other names: Emmanuel Evangelical Congregation Cemetery: located on Highway 74, about 1 1.2 miles SW of Menomonee Falls Address: N84 W16707 Menomonee Avenue, Menomonee Falls, 53051
First Free Methodist (defunct) Established: 12 September 1896 Disbanded: by 1909 when Grace Ev. Lutheran rented the church Location: Corner of Beechwood and Woodward, Waukesha
First Methodist Episcopal (defunct) Established: 1859 (two Methodist groups united) Disbanded: "shortlived" Location: New Berlin area
First United Methodist Church Established: 1839 as Prairieville Methodist Former Names; Prairieville Methodist Church changed to Waukesha Methodist Episcopal in 1846 Address: 121 Wisconsin Avenue, Waukesha 53186 Phone: (262) 542-4256
First Wesleyan Methodist (defunct) Established: 25 August 1851 Disbanded: unknown Location: Pewaukee township
German Methodist Episcopal Established: 1860 Merged with the United Methodist Church of Oconomowoc about 1930 Other names: Lake Street Church Location: Monterey and Oconomowoc
Gethsemene United Methodist of Pewaukee Established: 1839 (circuit church) Former Names: Pewaukee Methodist Episcopal until 1923 Address: 642 E. Main Pewaukee 53072 Phone: (262) 691-3240
Good Shepherd United Methodist Address: 209 Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc Phone: (262) 567-2144
Iglesia Metodista Unida Address: 915 Magnolia Drive, Waukesha 53151 Phone: (262) 542-1233
Lannon Welsh Calvinistic Methodist (defunct) Established: early 1890s never had a resident minister Dissolved: unknown Location: Lannon Menomonee Township
Menomonee Methodist Episcopal (defunct) Established: 1839 (circuit church) Disbanded: circa 1935 Former Names: West Granville in 1870 Location: Menomonee Falls Cemetery: located on Highway 175
Merton Methodist Episcopal (defunct) Established: prior to 1880 belonged to the Pewaukee charge until 1902 when it was taken on by Sussex. Disbanded: 1929 Location: Merton township
Monterey Methodist Episcopal (defunct) Established: prior to 1864 Dissolved: by 1913 Location: Monterey (Town of Oconomowoc) Cemetery: on Highway CW, 1 1/2 mile west of Monterey
North Lisbon Bible Christian Society (defunct) Established: unknown Dissolved: unknown Location: Lisbon township
North Prairie Community United Methodist (in operation) Established: 1865 Former Names: Episcopal was dropped from Methodist Church naems in 1939 Address: 107 N. Main St., North Prairie 53153
Norwegian Methodist Episcopal (defunct) Established: Prior to 1875 formed by dissenters from the Lutheran Church. Disbanded: nothing is known of the congregationa fter 1891 Location: Oconomowoc City
Ottawa Methodist Episcopal (defunct) Established: prior to 1860 Other Names: Sandy Island Church May have originated as a Bible Christian Society in Ottawa Dissolved: 1932 Location: near Highways ZC and 106, Ottawa township; near Sandy Island School
Salem United Methodist Church (in operation) Established: 1853 Former Names: German Evangelical Church (original name) Location: Hwys. 59/164 (Les Paul Pkwy) at Broadway/Cleveland Address: W226 S2440 Highway A, Waukesha 53186 Phone: (262) 547-5231 See Salem Evangelical Church Website
Siloam United Methodist (in operation) Established: circa 1850 as Bible Christian Society of Eagle Cemetery: located next to the church Location: Highways 106 and Z, Palmyra 53156 originally built on the Waukesha side of the highway. in 1870 the present church was built diagonally across the road in Jefferson County.
Salem Welsh Calvinistic Methodist (defunct) Established: 1851 after dissention among members of the Jersalem church. Dissolved: 1878 due to proximity to other Welsh churches Location: Highway 83, Genesee township Cemetery: intersection of Highways 83 and G across from Jerusalem Cemetery
Summit Methodist (defunct) Established: 1840 (circuit preaching point) Disbanded: unknown Location: Summit township
Sussex United Methodist (in operation) Established: circa 1841 Other names: Union Church (1855 Methodists and Congregationalists) Bible Christian Society Methodist Episcopal Church of Sussex-Lisbon Address: N63 W23523 Main St., Sussex 53089 Phone: (262) 246-3748
United Methodist Church of Oconomowoc (in operation) Established: 1837 Other names: English Methodist Episcopal German Methodist Church merged with this one circa 1930 Address: 28 S. Church St., Oconomowoc 53066
Vernon Methodist (defunct) Established: unknown Disbanded: circa 1960 Location: near Highways ES and XX, Vernon
Waukesha Primitive Methodist (defunct) Established: unknown donation party was being held at the church circa December 1861 Disbanded: unknown Location: Waukesha Township
Zoar Welsh Calvinistic Methodist (defuct) Established: 1845 Dissolved: circa 1893 Location: Delafield township
Zion's Church of the Evangelical Association in the U.S. (defunct) Established: April of 1851 Disbanded: circa 1922 Location: Elm Grove north side of Watertown Plank between Highland and Pilgrim Road Cemetery: Highland Drive (Highway YY)
Zion Evangelical (defunct) Established: in the 1800s Disbanded: circa 1922 Location: Vernon township north side of National Avenue between Center and Evergreen (purchased in 1885)