Wisconsin Civil War Soldiers 1906

The Waukesha Freeman
Oct. 11, 1906

Veterans in Line

Nearly 100 at Re-Union on Tuesday

O.P. Clinton is President

Rousing Camp Fire Held in the Evening. Patriotic Lessons Inculcated.

The fourteenth annual re-union of the union veterans of Waukesa(sic) county was held here Tuesday and there were nearly one hundred present, in spite of the cold and blustering weather which prevailed. The members, some of whom were accompanied by their wives, met at G.A.R. hall, where they signed the rolls, paid their dues, donned the beautiful badges provided for the occassion and visited as only the Old Boys in Blue know how to do as they come together at their annual assemblages.

The business meeting occurred at about 1:30 o'clock and lasted two hours.

John C. Schuett was elected chairman to preside, the president of the society, Col. P.W. McWhorter, having died during the year.

After opening, Mayor M. L. Snyder welcomed the veterans to the city, in an eloquent address, and there was a response by R. L. Gove, chairman of the arrangement committee, who also paid a pleasing tribute to the dewere presented and approved.

Reports of the secretary, Dr. Hugo Philler, the treasurer, August Schley, and the historian, Fred Wardrobe were prtsented (sic) and approved.

After this, Congressman W. H. Stafford was introduced and took occasion to answer the charge sometimes made that he voted in congress against General Arthur McArthur the lieut-general. He explained that he voted to do away with the rank that was first conferred on General Washington and subsequently on Genls. Winfield S. Scott, U.S. Grant, Phillip H. Sheridan, honored military heroes, who had won renown in war and it was his belief that only such should be thus honored. He also paid a tribute, well deserved to the union soldiers. Mr. Stafford's remarks were well received and on the call of Adjt. Gove, he was given three cheers and was decorated with a badge of the society.

The election of officers was then proceeded with the following were chosen for the ensuing year:

President, O.P. Clinton
Secretary, Hugo Philer
Treasurer, August Schley
Vice-Presidents Lauren Barker, Brookfield
Thos. Butler, Delafield
A. J. Pardee, Eagle
Geo. James, Eagle Village
Thos. Aitkin, Genesee
Eli Jenkins, Hartland
John Watson, Lisbon
R. S. Rowe, Menomonee Falls
Esau Beaumont, Merton
H. Christman, Menomonee
Wm. Stickles, Mukwonago
John Schuett, Muskego
H. Loomis, New Berlin
H. Bolson, City of Oconomowoc
O.L. Rosenkrans, Town of Oconomowoc
C. Tinus, Ottawa
J.A. White, Pewaukee
J.A. Grubb, Summit
M.L. Davis, VErnon
Henry Snyder, Waukesha
Ansel Strong, Town of Waukesha
Judge Loren Edwards was elected trustee for three years.

A feature of the meeting was a letter written by B. F. Chase, to the secretary, expressing regret that he could not attend. He is 90 years of age, and was thus well past 40 years of age when serving in the union army. He was a member of C. Co. 19th Wis Inft. A badge was sent to Comrade Chase, with the compliments of the society; one was also sent to Wallace Goff, who could not attend on account of infirmities.

At the close of the business meeting there was a short parade, in which most of the veterans participated. They were led by Wolcott Post Drum Corps of Milwaukee.

The list of deaths for the year from among the members was given by the Historian as follows:

Bovee, M. J.		A. Co. 24th Wis. Inft.	Palmyra
Monroe, J. A.		B. Co. 28th Wis Inft. 	Waukesha
Hollenbeck, Samuel	E. Co. 48th Wis Inft.	Waukesha
Mason, J.W.		F. Co. 28th Wis Inft.	North Lake
McWhorter, P.W.		F. Co. 28th Wis Inft.	Waukesha
Pearson, H.B.		B. Co. 39th Mich Inft.	Pewaukee
Blott, John		B. Co. 39th Wis Inft. 	New Berlin

The following were registered at the meeting:

Green, Jos.	Oconomowoc
Burton, Daniel	Palmyra
Jones, Richard	Palmyra	
Tubbs, C.A.	Palmyra
Cumming, J.G.D.	Palmyra
Lurvey, J.J.	Eagle
Pardee, A.J.	Eagle
Markham, A.P.	Eagle
Jones, J.H.	Eagle
Way, H.		Eagle
Strauss, Fred	Colgate
Turner, Jos.	Menomonee Falls
Rowe, R.S.	Menomonee Falls
Carr, J.A.	North Prairie
Aitken, Thos	North Prairie
Hinkley, E.P.	North Prairie
Weston, A.H.	Genesee
Powell, A.	Genesee
Sadler, John	Genesee
Mallory, L.T.	Genesee
Weston, J.	Sabula, Iowa
Draper, N.B.	Cedar, Kas
Hardling, Jos.	National Home
Hill, David	National Home
Davis, M.L.	Vernon
Barker, L.	Brookfield
Weaver, A.S.	Templeton
Davidson, James	Templeton
Hines, Hiram	Hobart, Okl.
Beaumont, Esau	Merton
Downie, Edw.	Calhoun
Graff, E.A.	Dousman
Tinus, C.	Dousman
Rolfon, Louis	Waterford
Gregg, L.B.	Wauwatosa
White, J.A.	Pewaukee
Hopkins, L.C.	Seattle
Butler, Thos	Delafield
Stark, Aug.	Mukwonago
Scheets, J.D.	New Berlin
Loomis, Ed.	New Berlin
Stickles, Wm.	Mukwonago
Hazelwood, Adam	Milwaukee
McGowan, M.	Milwaukee
Rundle, R.	Milwaukee
Haight, T. W.	Waukesha
Philler, H.	Waukesha
Crossman, C.L.	Waukesha
Hill, A.A.	Waukesha
Smith, N.	Waukesha
Boettgre, H.	Waukesha
Wardrobe, Fred	Waukesha
McGEen, John	Waukesha
Robinson,J.G.	Waukesha
Miller, Peter	Waukesha
Schley, Aug.	Waukesha
Bugbee, V.H.	Waukesha
Gove, R.L.	Waukesha
Jones, Thos	Waukesha
DEvereaux, N.	Waukesha
Edwards, Thos.	Waukesha
Cooper, Wm.	Waukesha
Ludlow, A.S.	Waukesha
Wells, Ed.	Waukesha
Lyons, Lucius	Waukesha
Klock, Geo.	Waukesha
Wychoff, J.	Waukesha
Andree, M.	Waukesha
Draper, Chas.	Waukesha
Becker, Henry	Waukesha
Wolf, Geo.	Waukesha
Lyons, E.W.	Waukesha
Lindner, Geo.	Waukesha
Calkins, W.P.	Waukesha
Strong, Ausel	Waukesha
Snyder, M.L.	Waukesha
Clinton, O.P.	Waukesha
Muckleston, A.A.Waukesha
Steele, C.F.	Waukesha

The camp fire in the evening at the Baptist church proved a pleasing affair, and the musical numbers and addresses were greatly enjoyed. Among the speakers were Hons. W.D. Connor, T.E. Ryan, and Revs. I.L. Cory, C.H. Williamson and W.P. Leek. There was an organ voluntary by Mrs. C.E. Nelson and vocal numbers by Mrs. C.F. Hawley and by a quartette. A number of letters were read from those who had been invited to speak by Mr. Gove. The invocation and benediction were by Rev. A. S. Badger.

The church was tastefully prepared for the occasion.