Free Will Baptist Church

From Record Book No. 1
Dated July 11, 1840 - May 31, 1862
Waukesha County Wisconsin Genealogy


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1. This Church shall be known by the name of the First Free Baptist Church in New Berlin

2. We agree to take the Holy Scriptures for our Rule of faith and practice.

3. We solomnly covenant and agree to watch over each other in love, striving to keep the unity of the Spirit in the Bonds of Peace, to confess our faults one to another, and pray one for another.

4. We agree to exert an influence for the Constant maintenance of the publick (sic) and social worship of God; and we will, also, contribute of our substance, proportionately to our ability and circumstances, for the support of a faithful ministry among us and all the necessary expenses the Church.

(Parts 5 to 8 missing)

9. On receiving members into the Church previous to their receiving the hand of fellowship, this covenant shall be read to them and their assent to its principles obtained. Any members violating it shall be considered subjects of labour by the Church.

(Above pasted on inside cover of Record Book 1)


Met at Elder Cheney's agreeable to appointment and adjourned to Nathan P. Kendall's for the purpose of finding out the minds of the people with regard to forming a Church, at which time six came forward, and they were united in Church fellowship by Elder Rufus Cheney, called the Freewill Baptist Church of New Berlin.

The following are the names of the six origional members:
Elder Rufus Cheney,
Ruth Cheney,
Aretas Whitcomb,
Lydia Whitcomb,
Daniel Gilbert,
Caty Gilbert.

Voted that Daniel Gilbert be Church Clerk.

Voted that we hold our monthly meetings on the first Saturday of every month, in the afternoon.


We, the members of the first Freewill Baptist Church in New Berlin, do covenant and agree to give ourselves up to God and to each other; by the will of God to watch over and pray for each other and strive to build each other up in our most holy faith and to take the scriptures of truth for our will of faith and practice to keep up the worship of God and in ordinances of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We hold to communion with all Sints (sic) in Gospel order and good standing.

Names of members of FREE WILL BAPTIST CHURCH Prospect. 1840-{41,42}

(note:The first letter of some names were cut off on the copy, this will be acknowledged by a dash-)

L          rec'd by letter  
DL         dismissed by letter
D          died
[-]x [Ex]  excluded
(R  or RL  there is no explanation for the letter(s) - possibly 
received/received letter)

AUGIR: 		Rev. O.D.	RL	DL					
AUGIR: 		Lucy		RL	DL					
BABCOCK: 	J.T.		Left						
BERRY: 		Oliver		Gone						
BERRY: 		E.		RL	D					
BERRY: 		Caroline	RL	DL					
BLOTT: 		Mrs. Sarah	D						
BLOTT: 		John		D						
BLOTT: 		William		D						
BLOTT: 		Clara		D						
BORNHEIMER: 	Jacob		__	__					
BOYD: 		James		DL						
BOYD: 		Jane		DL						
BUMP: 		Ann		D						
BUMP: 		Laura Ann	Ex						
CHENEY: 	Rufus		D						
CHENEY: 	Ruth		Died	{w-Rufus}					
CHENEY: 	Annliza		DL	{w-John}					
CHENEY: 	John		L	D	{-1842}				
CHENEY: 	Salome (Jane)	L	D					
CHENEY: 	Mary Ann	L	{w-Henry}					
CHENEY: 	Henry B.	L	DL					
CHENEY: 	Teresse		DL						
CHENEY: 	Martha		DL						
CHENEY: 	[-]arcus	Died						
CHENEY: 	David		DL						
CHENEY: 	Frances		Gone						
CHENEY: 	Susan		DL						
CHURCH: 	Isabel		L	D					
CHURCH: 	Daniel		L	D					
CHURCH: 	Archibald	Ex						
CHURCH: 	Quincy M.	Ex						
CHURCH: 	David M.	Ex						
CHURCH: 	Roseltha Peck	RL	DL					
CHURCH: 	Frank		DL						
CHURCH: 	Daniel E.	Ex						
CHURCH: 	Roscoe E.	DL						
CLAFLIN: 	Eliza		Ex						
CLARK: 		Jennie		RL	DL					
DARLING: 	Orilla		DL						
DEXTER: 	Samuel		L	Gone					
DODGE: 		Dike H.		DL						
DODGE: 		Eben V.		DL						
DODGE: 		Gertrude	DL						
DOWD: 		Alanson		DL						
DRAPER: 	Mary		DL						
DRAPER: 	Naomi		D						
DUNN: 		Esther		DL						
EASTMAN: 	Phebe		L	DL					
EASTMAN: 	Wealtha		L	DL					
EASTMAN: 	[-]athan W.	L	D					
EASTMAN: 	Roxy		R	DL					
EASTMAN: 	Joseph		RL	DL					
EASTMAN: 	Rufus C.	DL						
EASTMAN,JR: 	[-]athan	L	Ex					
FALKNER: 	Thomas		D						
FARNHAM: 	Betsey		Ex						
FARNHAM: 	Bela		Ex						
FARNHAM: 	Lewis		DL						
FARNHAM: 	Ashley		DL						
FARNHAM: 	Amelia		DL						
FARNHAM: 	Wesley F.	DL						
FARR: 		Charles	Gone	D					
FARR: 		Laura	R	LD*	[*probable transposition- should
					probably read 
FAULKNER: 	Rufus E.	DL						
FAULKNER: 	Viola A.	D						
FAULKNER: 	Clara L.	D						
FELCH: 		Benjamin	L	DL					
FELCH: 		Jerutia S.	L	DL					
FLEMING: 	John		Ex						
FLEMING: 	Jenny		DL						
FOSTER: 	Mary		D						
GILBERT: 	Daniel		Ex						
GILBERT: 	Caty		D						
GILBERT: 	Adaline		Ex						
GILBERT: 	Juliette M.	RL						
GILBERT: 	Melinda E.	RL	D					
GOODHUS: 	Nathaniel	L	DL					
GRANT: 		Benona		RL	Ex					
GRANT: 		Billings	Ex						
GRANT: 		Walter		Ex						
GRANT: 		Eliza		DL						
GRANT: 		Delinda		D						
GRANT: 		William		D						
GREEN: 		Chauncy		Ex						
GREEN: 		Calferna	Ex						
GREEN: 		Caroline	DL						
GREEN: 		George		DL						
GREEN: 		Sarah E.	DL						
GREEN: 		Eben B.		DL						
HAIYEK: 	Corneliua	RL	DL	[sp?male/female?]				
HALE: 		Hiram		D						
HALE: 		Juliette	D						
HALE: 		Ella		DL						
HALE: 		Winnifred E.	DL						
HALE: 		Floy C.		DL						
HARRIS: 	Alexander	D						
HARRIS: 	Sarah		D						
HAYDEN: 	Charlotte	Ex						
HAYDEN: 	Warren		Ex						
HEWES: 		J.P.		RL	DL					
HEWES: 		Rosa		RL	DL					
HEWES: 		Mamie		RL	DL					
HILL: 		Rachel		R	DL					
HILL: 		Alexander	RL	DL					
HODGE: 		Elmina J.	RL	DL	[female?]				
HODGE: 		Oliver P.	RL	DL	[male?]				
HOLCOMB: 	[-]lmon		DL						
HORN: 		John		Ex						
HORN: 		Charles		Ex						
HOUCK: 		Rebecca		Ex						
HUNKINS: 	Eld. B.		RL	DL					
HUNTER: 	Ann		Died						
JONES: 		Mary		R	DL					
JONES: 		[-]lmon		RL	DL					
KEEVILL: 	E. J.		RL	DL					
KEEVILL: 	_____		R	DL					
KENDALL: 	Clarissa	DL						
KENNAN: 	R. R.		RL						
KENNAN: 	Mrs. R. 	R.	DL						
KILLIP: 	Betty		DL	D					
KILLIP: 	William E.	D						
KILLIP: 	Jennie		__	__					
KILLIP: 	Jenny		D						
KILLIP: 	Lizzie		Ex						
KILLIP: 	Florence	Ex						
KILLIPS: 	William		Died						
KILLIPS: 	James		Died						
KILLIPS: 	Elizabeth	D						
KILLIPS: 	Jane		D						
LINDSAY: 	Syrus		Ex						
LINDSAY: 	Matilda		DL						
LINDSEY: 	Caroline	Gone						
LINDSEY: 	Nelson		DL						
LINDSEY: 	Annette 	DL						
LOOMIS: 	Margaret	L						
LOYD: 		Martha		L	DL					
LOYD: 		Silas		L	Ex				
MACKENTIRE: 	Hugh		Ex						
MANCHESTER: 	Isaac		D						
MANCHESTER: 	Jane		D						
MANCHESTER,JR: 	Isaac		DL						
MARTIN: 	Alfred		DL						
MARTIN: 	Gertrude	DL						
MAYARD: 	______		DL						
MAYNARD: 	Harriet		R	DL					
MAYNARD: 	[-]rout		R	DL					
MCKELVEY: 	Margaret	R	LD					
MCKELVIE: 	Archibald	D						
MEVIS: 		Thomas		RL	Withdrawn	Ex				
MEVIS: 		Delinda		Ex						
MEVIS: 		Caroline	R	Ex					
MILLER: 	Sarah		Ex						
MILTON: 	William		Left						
MONROE: 	Virgil		Ex						
MONROE: 	Alonzo		DL						
MONROE:		Lydia		R	DL					
MORES: 		Alva		L	DL					
MOSHER: 	Eliza		R	LD*	
MOSIER: 	Jane		Ex						
MOSIER: 	Thomas		Ex	{-18_4}					
MOSIER: 	Margaret	Died						
MOSIER: 	Ann E.		DL						
MOSS: 		Robert		RL	D					
MOULTON: 	Rev. F.	B.	RL	DL					
MOULTON: 	Mary E.		RL	DL					
MOULTON: 	Anna		RL	DL					
MUNGER: 	Celia		L	DL					
MUNGER: 	Gaius		L	DL					
MUNGER: 	Isadore		RL	DL
MUNGER: 	Lucy 		DL					
MUNGER: 	Cornelia	DL						
MURPHY: 	Harriet J.	D						
PARKER: 	______		Ex						
PECK: 		Charles F.	Ex						
PECK): 		Annette(Lindsey)__[crossed	out?]			
PERRY: 		Olive		RL	DL					
PETT: 		Rev M. G.	RL	DL					
PLUMB: 		Rev. H.N.	RL	DL					
POTTER: 	Gorton K.	D						
RANDALL: 	Lucy		L	D					
RANDALL: 	[-]laudies	L	DL					
RANDALL: 	David		DL						
RANDALL: 	[-]ycias	Left						
RANDALL: 	Margaret	R	DL					
RANDALL: 	Samuel		R	DL					
RAYNOLD: 	Laura		DL						
RAYNOLD: 	Silas		DL						
RAYNOT: 	Harriet		DL	{Raynold}				
SCAGEL: 	Martha		RL						
SEARLE: 	Harriet E.	DL						
SEARLE: 	Belle		__						
SEARLE,: 	Wm.		Jr	__					
SHIELDS: 	John		DL						
SHIELDS: 	Lydia		RL	DL					
STEWART: 	Alexander	Ex						
STEWART: 	Angeline	Ex						
SUPERNO: 	John		Ex						
SUPERNO: 	Mary		D						
THAYER: 	Henry		Ex						
TIESENHUSEN: 	Joseph		Ex						
VANDERWALKER: 	______		D						
VOSBURGH: 	_______		D						
WALBRIDGE: 	Myron		Ex						
WARREN: 	[-]. B.		L
WEIR: 		Nancy M.	DL						
WHITAKER: 	Charles E.	DL						
WHITAKER: 	Sarah E.	RL	DL					
WHITAKER: 	Nettie		RL	DL					
WHITCOMB: 	Aretas		DL						
WHITCOMB: 	Lydia		DL						
WHITCOMB: 	Eliza		DL						
WHITE: 		John		Ex						
WILCOX: 	[-]lmar G.	DL						
WILCOX: 	Elene		Ex						
WILLIAMS: 	Edward L.	DL						
WOOD: 		Jerutia		L	Died					
WOOD: 		Isaac		L	Ex					
WOOD: 		Angeline	Ex						
WOOD: 		Helene M.	DL						
WOOD: 		Orpha		Ex						
YOUNG: 		Sophia	D						
No last name    Jane	DL