Hadfield Family History

Joseph A. HADFIELD (1816 - 1900)

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First Generation

1. Joseph A. HADFIELD.

On 20 Dec 1844 when Joseph A. was 28, he first married Sarah HARRISON, daughter of Abraham Eugene HARRISON & Jane, in Waukesha, WI.

They had the following children:
2 i. John Garner (1845-1873)
3 ii. George Abner (1847-1919)
4 iii. Abraham Harrison "Abe" (Abram) (1849-1924)
5 iv. Sarah J. (1851-1929)
6 v. Isaac R. (1853-1905)
7 vi. Albert Waller (1856-1894)
8 vii. Oscar Wesley Latin (1858-1929)
9 viii. Edwin H. (1859-1905)
10 ix. Charles Herman (1863-1922)
11 x. Laura Belle (1867-1923)

In 1842 when Joseph A. was 25, he second married Harriet Jackson, in England.

They had one child:
12 i. Joseph Jackson (1844-1904)

Second Generation

2. John Garner HADFIELD Dr.

On 2 Mar 1869 when John Garner was 23, he first married Jane F. PORTER, in United Meth. Church, Waukesha.

John Garner second married Jennie FOSTER.

3. George Abner HADFIELD.

On 23 May 1872 when George Abner was 25, he married Esther Mary COOK, daughter of Thomas D. COOK & Lucinda SILVERNALE.

They had the following children:
i. Harry Cook (1878-1945)
ii. Ray Harrison (1879-1945)
iii. (baby girl) (-<1900)

4. Abraham Harrison "Abe" (Abram) HADFIELD.

On 14 Oct 1868 when Abraham Harrison "Abe" (Abram) was 19, he first married Annie E. COOK, daughter of Thomas Dennis COOK & Lucinda SILVERNAIL, in United Meth. Church, Waukesha.

They had the following children:
i. Charles (1870-)
ii. Amy Belle (1872-1942)
iii. Esther Lucinda (1875-)
iv. Helen Alice (1882-)
v. Ruth Avery (1890-)

Abraham Harrison "Abe" (Abram) second married Harriet Landon.

5. Sarah J. HADFIELD.

On 16 Dec 1874 when Sarah J. was 23, she married Elvin AITKEN, son of John AITKEN, in United Meth. Church, Waukesha.

They had the following children:
i. Harry Elvin (1877-)
ii. Jessie Hadfield (1879-)
iii. Roy (1881-)
iv. Mable Laura (1885-)
v. Gladys Helen (1894-)

6. Isaac R. HADFIELD.

Isaac R. married Martha A. COLLINS, daughter of Catherine.

They had one child:
i. Florence C. (1893-)

7. Albert Waller HADFIELD.

On 14 Jan 1878 when Albert Waller was 21, he married Susan Durney OUDERKIRK, daughter of Howard N. OUDERKIRK, in Battle Creek MI.

They had the following children:
i. Howard J. "Howie" (1880-1884)
ii. Albert E. (1882-1893)
iii. Allan Waller (1886-1950)
iv. Norman C. (1894-1966)
v. Belle (-1917)
vi. Susie

8. Oscar Wesley Latin HADFIELD.

On 31 Dec 1877 when Oscar Wesley Latin was 19, he married Louisa LUKE, in United Meth. Church, Waukesha.

They had the following children:
i. Charles Roy (1880-1920)
ii. Albert (Bert) (1882-)
iii. Pearl L. (1883-)
iv. Irene or Inez (1892-)

9. Edwin H. HADFIELD.

On 24 Apr 1883 when Edwin H. was 23, he married Emma A., in Waukesha.

They had the following children:
i. Hazel May (1884-)
ii. Irene (1889-)
iii. Leola Belle (1891-)
iv. Ralph E. (1892-)

10. Charles Herman HADFIELD.

On 21 Jun 1890 when Charles Herman was 27, he first married Julia PARSONS.

On 2 Jun 1903 when Charles Herman was 39, he second married Margaretha Elizabeth MARTIN, daughter of Christian MARTIN & Justina.

They had the following children:
i. John George (1904-1974)
ii. Joseph Martin (1906-1982)
iii. Magdeline Belle "Madge or Dolly" (1908-1967)
iv. Walter Herman (1911-1981)
v. Marguerite Elizabeth (1913-2005)

11. Laura Belle HADFIELD.

On 12 May 1890 when Laura Belle was 23, she married Albert J. HODGSON Dr., in United Meth. Church, Waukesha.

They had the following children:
i. Harold (1891-)
ii. Vivian (1894-)

12. Joseph Jackson HADFIELD.

On 16 Apr 1872 when Joseph Jackson was 27, he first married Eliza Jane FOSTER.

They had one child:
i. Joseph (-1894)

On 16 Nov 1885 when Joseph Jackson was 41, he second married Mary H. Davis.

They had one child:
i. Ethel (1887-1958)


Emma A.	spouse of 9
Elvin	spouse of 5
Gladys Helen	child of 5
Harry Elvin	child of 5
Jessie Hadfield	child of 5
Mable Laura	child of 5
Roy	child of 5
Martha A.	spouse of 6
Annie E.	spouse of 4
Esther Mary	spouse of 3
Mary H.	spouse of 12
Eliza Jane	spouse of 12
Jennie	spouse of 2
Abraham Harrison "Abe" (Abram)	4
Albert (Bert)	child of 8
Albert E.	child of 7
Albert Waller	7
Allan Waller Sr.	child of 7
Amy Belle	child of 4
(baby girl)	child of 3
Belle	child of 7
Charles	child of 4
Charles Herman	10
Charles Roy	child of 8
Edwin H.	9
Esther Lucinda	child of 4
Ethel	child of 12
Florence C.	child of 6
George Abner	3
Harry Cook	child of 3
Hazel May	child of 9
Helen Alice	child of 4
Howard J. "Howie"	child of 7
Irene	child of 9
Irene or Inez	child of 8
Isaac R.	6
John Garner Dr.	2
John George	child of 10
Joseph Jr.	child of 12
Joseph A.	1
Joseph Jackson	12
Joseph Martin	child of 10
Laura Belle	11
Leola Belle	child of 9
Magdeline Belle "Madge or Dolly"	child of 10
Marguerite Elizabeth	child of 10
Norman C.	child of 7
Oscar Wesley Latin	8
Pearl L.	child of 8
Ralph E.	child of 9
Ray Harrison	child of 3
Ruth Avery	child of 4
Sarah J.	5
Susie	child of 7
Walter Herman	child of 10
Sarah	spouse of 1
Albert J. Dr.	spouse of 11
Harold	child of 11
Vivian	child of 11
Harriet	spouse of 1
Harriet	spouse of 4
Louisa	spouse of 8
Margaretha Elizabeth	spouse of 10
Susan Durney	spouse of 7
Julia	spouse of 10