North Lake History

Excerpts were taken from pages of an old 1880's publication on the history of Waukesha County.

The land here was first bought by Henry Shears, when it went into market, it being school land. During 1850 and 1851, he built a saw-mill, and in 1853 erected the present grist-mill. the grist-mill was refitted and enlarged in 1875, and four runs of stone were put in. It has a splendid water power.

The North Lake Brewery, by Rasmus Frederickson, was started in 1867, but has been enlarged since ten different times. It has a capacity of 500 barrels per annum.

The post office was established about 1859, with Thomas Bignalls as Postmaster. Henry Shears succeeded him. Rasmus Frederickson, the present Postmaster, took the office eight years ago.

The work of raising money to build St. Peter's Episcopal Church at North Lake was begun by Mrs. Henry shears in 1867, and received subscriptions to the amount of $1,150.