This page contains a list of doctors listed in Polk's Medical and Surgical Directory


Calhoun (now Brookfield), population 100
ULRICH, Wm. 		No report received

Delafield, population 200
SPERRY, S.B.		Medical College of Indiana
			Indianapolis, Indiana, 1881

Eagle, population 300
BANNISTER, C.B.		No report received
SHARP, J.H.		No report received
TOWNSEND, DeWayne	Kentucky School of Medicine
			Louisville, Kentucky, 1876

Menomonie (sic) Falls, population 400
BRANDT, Allen S.	Rush Medical College
			Chicago, Ill, 1861

Merton, population 225
RICE, John A.		Western Reserve University
			Med Dept, Cleveland, Ohio, 1861

Monches, population 120
CAMPBELL, B.L.		No report received
KEATING, John		No report received

Mukwanago, population 300
CAIRNCROSS, James W.	Bellevue Hospital Medical College
			New York City, NY, 1875
POWERS, F.D.		No report received

North Prairie, population 220
KNEBS, Louis		No report received

Oconomowoc, population 3,000
ELDERKIN, H.R.		Univ. of Louisville
			Medical Department
			Louisville, Kentucky, 1858
HADLEY, Dudley A.	Chicago Med College
			Med Dept of Northwestern Univ.
			Chicago, Ill, 1881
JONES, W.A.		No report received
MALONE, E.W.		No report received
MILLER, D. McL.		Coll of Physicians &  Surgeons in the
			City of New York
			Med Dept of Columbia College
			New York City, NY 1856
VOJE, H.J.		No report received

Ottawa, population 120
HARRIS, C.C.		No report received

Pewaukee, population 800
HEWITT, Milo R.		Bellevue Hospital Medical College
			New York City, NY, 1869
HUNTINGTON, M.L.	Univ of Michigan
			Homoeopathic Medical College
			Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1883

Prospect, population 200
INGERSOLL, J.L.P.	No report received

Waukesha, population 5,000
BACON, Joshua E.	Harvard Univ., 1873
			office Grand Ave.
BULLARD, Ernest L.	Rush Medical College
			Chicago, Ill, 1883
			U.S. Examining Surg. 10 to 12
CALDWELL, Margaret	Chicago Woman's Med. Coll., 1876
			Physician to Bethesda Spring
CARBERRY, John M.	Chicago Med. Coll, 1884
			office:Commercial Blvd.
FELLOWS, George		Hahnemann Medical College &  Hosp.
			Chicago, Ill, 1885
MOORE, Volney L.	Hahnemann Medical College &  Hosp.
			Chicago, Ill, 1859 (Surgeon)
PHILLER, Hugo		Greifswald Univ.
			Prussia, 1861
WARNER, Albert M.	Vermont Medical College
			Woodstock, Vermont, 1842