Schools, Colleges and Universities

As additional information on area schools is found, it will be added to the site.

Historical Schools


Bailey School		Menomonee Falls
Bark River School	Hartland
Battle Creek School	Oconomowoc West
Brandy Brook School	Hartland
Center Oak School	Merton
Duplainville School	Waukesha
Fairview North Elementary School	Waukesha
Hiawatha School	Menomonee Falls
Highland View School	Hartland
Hillside School	Waukesha
Lake Five School	Merton
Lincoln Public School	Oconomowoc West
Nelson School	Sussex
North Lisbon School	Sussex
Plainview School	Merton
Richmond School	Hartland
Summit Valley School	Oconomowoc West
Sunnyside School	Sussex
Sunnyslope School	Waukesha
Torhorst School	Hartland
Union Public School	Waukesha

Lannon School History

Colleges and Universities

Carroll College Students, Faculty, Alumni 1912
Wisconsin Industrial School for Boys Also referred to as House of Reform, Waukesha School for Boys