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Unknown Burials

Cemetery X
Waukesha County Wisconsin Genealogy

If you know where any of these folks are buried, please let us know and we will place them into the correct cemetery. Some of them are labeled with a cemetery name, but I do not know which one that is exactly so I left it here.


See also the list of people that died here and are buried elsewhere.

August/d. July 1902/cause suicide

Carrie J. Anderson/d. March 17, 1883

Abner/d. March 13, 1894/cause apoplexy/age 68

Henry Danforth/b: April 10, 1833 Wilton, Saratoga county, New York/
	d: St. Croix Falls, January 23, 1882/buried Waukesha

Charles/b. 3 Feb 1872 Pewaukee/d. 18 Jan 1919 Eau Claire, WI/son of Smith Lurvey 
	Bartlett and Grace Munn/Hartland Village Cemetery

Child/d. Aug 1893/child of Frank Bartlett

Charles J Bente/d. Aug 1909/Cause Suicide

Alvin/d. Dec 8, 1891/cause: diptheria
There is an Alvin with no dates in Prairie Home #173

Henry Bornheimer/d. Feb 16, 1866

Henry/d. Nov 22, 1900

Dr. F.W./d. Nov. 16, 1886 Iowa/Unknown burial 

Elizabeth/d: 27 Mar 1899/v: 02 pg: 0227 reel: 135

Dexter/b. Tolland county, Conn., in May, 1828/
	d. abt Oct. 31 1884/cause hunting accident

Matilda Butler/d. July 7, 1890/age 92

Theodore Francis/d. 16 Jan 1929/bur. 18 Jan 1929/age 7mo./
	cause - convulsions/residence - Oconomowoc/burial - 
	Delafield town cemetery/
	source: Holy Innocents Burial Records

Bridget Carlin
Jane Hobson Carlin Cobb

John T. Clarey/d. August 1896/may be buried in Cemetery 7 (St. Dominics Brookfield)

Jas./d. Oct. 18, 1897/Member of Lincoln Lodge Free Masons, Menomonee Falls
Mosley/May 1991
	Oshkosh Daily Northwestern May 27, 1881

	At 8 o'clock Thursday morning Mosley CLARK, one of the oldest settlers 
	in Waukesha county, died of heart disease. He was the first settler in 
	Pewaukee valley; built the first mill and dam at the outlet of Pewaukee 
	lake, and also the first dwelling and school house. He was 71 years of age.

Mr. S./d. Oct. 2, 1892

Edward M./d. Feb 26, 1892/cause consumption (possibly in St. Joseph Waukesha)

Augusta Sophia/d. 9 Jun 1922/bur. 12 Jun 1922/age 68/cause - 
	stroke/residence - Waukesha/burial - Delafield town 
	source: Holy Innocents Burial Records


George T. Cottrell/d. July 1872

Ed. Cramer/German/d. July 10, 1880

Emery Geo/age 11mo/d. 19 Jun 1896/bur. 21 Jun 1896/Sussex/catarrh/
	Presb. Cem. at 16/St. Alban's Burial records

John/d. Dec 30 1869

Henry/d. Sept. 18, 1897/Member of Hartland Lodge Free Masons

James/d. August 1896

H. Delamatter/d. Jan 10, 1882

Mrs. John/d. June 14, 1890/age 74

William/d. March 1891/there is a Walter E. Dewing in 173/
	buried March 1891

Mrs. Harriett/bur. 10 Aug 1887/age 83/cause - old age/
	burial- Oconomowoc cemetery, (LaBelle)/source: Holy Innocents
	Burial Records

Oren B. Dickenson/d. April 17, 1895

Laurel/d. March 1892/cause: asphyxiation

Mrs. Thomas Edwards/d. Sept. 24, 1893

Minnie Elliott/d. Oct. 1905 Sussex/wife of Michigan Elliott

Mrs. Lawrence Eitlemeir/d. Dec. 24, 1892

Henry/d. Nov. 11, 1897/Member of Oconomowoc Lodge Free Masons

Vincent Ertlemeyer/d. Feb 8, 1898/age 82

Edward/d. December 1890

Joseph Falter Jr./d. Dec. 11, 1899/44 years old/fall

Joseph Bennett/d.1940

George Fellows/d. January 31, 1888

Leonard Fielder/d. Apr 27, 1935/lived Village of Hartland/owned land in North Dakota/
	attorney for property was in Williston, North Dakota/source probate records
Mrs. Adam Frantz/d. March 1894/age 38

Fred/d. April 20, 1889

Mrs Eliza Granson/d. March 1894/age 115 years

Robert A./d. Mar 2000

Mrs. Augusta Grube/d. April 29, 1895/age 73
[Menomonee Falls]-Mrs. Augusta Grupe, of Germantown, aged 73, died April 29, 
after a short illness of pneumonia.
Waukesha Freeman, The | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Thursday, May 09, 1895 | Page 5

Thomas(?)/bur. 9 Oct 1887/age 73/of Stone Bank/cause - 
	old age/burial - (unreadable)/source: Holy Innocents
	Burial Records

Edward/d. Aug 5, 1883

Justice C.S./July 13, 1888/age 75 cause apoplexy

Samuel Hemmings/d. July 29, 1897/Pewaukee

John/d. Feb. 1894 (there is a 
	Henry in Prairie Home/buried Feb 1894)

Morgan L. Holmes/d. August 1899/
	There is a Morgan L. in Prairie Home buried Jan 1899

Elroy/d: 26 Mar 1892

Mrs Ann/age 78/d. 4 Jun 1890/bur. 6 Jun 1890/Lisbon/old age/
	West Lisbon near --?- - ?/St. Alban's Burial records

Jacob/d. September 1867 Galveston

Walter Irving/d. August 1896/heart disease

Nels/bur. 18 Jan(?) 1893/age 73/cause - diabetes/
	burial - Chapel and cemetery (unknown location)/
	source: Holy Innocents Burial Records

Mrs. Minnie/bur. - 1894/(no age given)/cause - 
	consumption/burial - Chapel and cemetery (unknown location)/
	source: Holy Innocents Burial Records

Gertrude/d. (no date)/bur. Mar 1911/age 4/no cause/residence -  
	Madison/burial - Pine Lake cemetery/
	source: Holy Innocents Burial Records

Eliza/noage: given/Hartland/d: 16 Mar 1913/cause: old age: and paralysis/
	bur: Parish Cem. Delafield/Grace Episcopal Church burial records

Mrs. Thomas Jones (Mary)/b. Jun 16, 1829/d. Feb 26, 1907 (Dousman cemetery)
W. F./d. Feb. 11, 1897/Member of Pewaukee Lodge Free Masons

Elizabeth Kerr/d. April 28, 1897/age 75/buried Hartland
	Exact cemetery unknown

Wm./d. Nov. 19, 1888

J.S. Kinder/d. 1897

Daniel Kline/d. Oct. 6, 1915/Civil War Veteran

Paulina Kranisch/d. Apr 1895

Herbert Conrad(?)/bur. 8 Jul 1888/age 18mo./cause - 
	c----- of n---/burial - (unreadable)/source: Holy Innocents
	Burial Records

Mrs. Li-ette/bur. 23 Apr 1891/age 71/cause - pneumonia/
	burial - Oconomowoc cemetery/source: Holy Innocents
	Burial Records

William J. Krueger/d. Feb. 1949

Abraham E./d. Feb. 16, 1897/Member of Lincoln Lodge Free Masons
	Menomonee Falls

Capt. Geo. Lawrence/b. Oct. 31, 1812 Martha's Vineyard, 
	Dukes County, Mass/d. July 10, 1883

Andrew Mills/b. Dec. 5, 1835/d. Dec 15, 1847 Waukesha/
	son of Erastus Loveland and Lucy Bradley
source: Genealogy of the Loveland Family in the 
United States of America from 1635 Vol. III
By John Bigelow Loveland, George Loveland, 1895

Henry/d. April 14, 1891/age 70

Mrs./d. June 1890

Jerry McCarthy/d. July 1890/age 61

Anna/date unknown/Hartland (unknown which one)

Margaret Elizabeth/age (---)/d. (---)/bur. 8 May 1889/can’t 
	read anything else/St. Alban's Burial records

Mrs. Robert Meikle/d. March 19, 1883

Dr. Louis Meyer/d. 1925

Child of Mr. and Mrs. Mietzenheimer/d. July 15, 1890
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Mietzenheimer, Park Avenue, died on Tuesday. 
Funeral services to-day. Source: Daily Freeman | Waukesha, Wis, July 17, 1890 | Page 1 

Henry/age 3wks/d. 4 Jun 1880/bur. 5 Jun 1880/no location/
	(no cause)/2nd dist church yd/St. Alban's Burial records

Child/d. Feb. 1892

Children/d. Feb. 1892

Mrs. John J./d. Oct. 17, 1898/age 60

Mrs. Norman Nichols/d. April 1893

Lena O'Brien/d. Oct. 6, 1933 city of Waukesha/money from estate given to 
	Presbyterian church of Waukesha/source Probate records
O.F. OHRMUND/d. March 1894 (there is a Frank Orhman in Prairie Home)

Richard/d. Dec. 1923/age 74

Mrs. (McGovern) Ormsby/d. Jan 13, 1899

Mrs. A.J. Panberg/d. Dec 1945/buried Hartland Cemetery (not sure which one)

Charles Edward/age: 69/Hartland/d: 12 Dec 1918/cause: Influenza-
	pneumonia/bur:  Parish Cem. Delafield/Grace Episcopal Church
	burial records

Philip/age 41/d. (no dates)/Palmyra(?) Wi./consumption/graveyard 
	---?--Spain(?)/St. Alban's Burial records

Mary (Blott) Peck/d. May 4, 1895/age 85 yrs/wife of A.C. Peck/
	daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Blott

no other name listed/d: date would be between May 1910 and
	May-12 cause: cancer/bur:  Oconomowoc/Grace Episcopal
	Burial Records  

Isabel May Phillip/d. Oct. 25, 1888/granddaughter of Robert Phillip

George Pickelmann/d. March 4, 1894

Anna Pluckhahn/d. October 1905 Milwaukee/age 32

Louis Poelks/d. Sept. 4, 1899/Civil War Veteran

Robert/age 80/d. 9 Nov 1890/bur. 11 Nov 1890/Lisbon/old age & 
	hemorrage/Sixteen bur. gr./St. Alban's Burial records

Harry Ratloff/d. Nov. 13, 1898/age 35

Mrs. Jacob Ray/d. August 1896

Mrs. James Ray/d. Oct. 17, 1898/age 61

Mr. T. Reynolds/d. August 1850 Milwaukee/cause: cholera

Ann (Carlin)/d. 1901

Harmon Harwood/bur. 30 May 1890/age 6mo./cause - 
	pneumonia/burial - Delafield(?)/source: Holy Innocents
	Burial Records

Harry Rosecrans/d. Feb 1894

Christopher/age 81/d. 28 Aug 1898/bur. 30 Aug 1898/Dover Racine Co/
	old age/Rochester cem/St. Alban's Burial records

son of Patrick Russell/d. July 11, 1880/age 5
A little five year old son of Patrick Russell, was drowned in the river above 
the dam, last Sunday, while in bathing.  The body was recovered within a short 
time after drowning.  Source: Waukesha Freeman, The | Waukesha, Wisconsin | 
Thursday, July 15, 1880 | Page 1

Mr. Russell/d. Jan. 1883
Mr. John Russell received notification by telegram Saturday of the death of his father, which occurred on that day in Iowa, where he was on a visit to one of his children. Mr. Russell was a resident of Sussex, Waukesha County. The Milwaukee Sentinel. (Milwaukee, WI) January 09, 1883; pg. 6; col B RUST: Harvey Rust/b. 1857 Elkhorn/d. June 27, 1898 SACKETT: Miss Anna Sackett/d. Oct. 29, 1898/age 55 SANDVOLD: Luke/d. June 5, 1996/Age 7 yrs/buried St. Paul's cemetery/placed here because it is unknown which St. Paul's Cemetery. SARGEANT: Mrs. Otis Sargeant/d. January 1894 SCHADRON: Peter/d. 1886-87 SCHAEFER: John J./d. May 30th, 1898/aged 63 years, 15 months and 14 days/ Co. C., 35th Wisconsin Volunteers SCHAEFER: Michael/d. July 18, 1862/Helena Arkansas/36th Wis Vol. SCHLICHER: Jacob Schlicher/d. May 18, 1947/age 77 SCHMIDT: Walter/d. Dec 1945 or Jan 1946/former Waukesha Resident/died at home in Milw. Burial place unknown. SCHOLTZ: Mrs. (?).(Lutheran)/age 30/d. 11 Oct 1880/bur. 13 Oct 1880/ Plank Road/(no cause)/Lutheran Churchyard towards Waukesha SCHRINNER: Louise Schrinner/d. April 1895 SCHWAAB: --lmer Johnson/bur. 31 Mar 1888/age 3 weeks/cause - p------/ burial - N------/source: Holy Innocents Burial Records SCHWAAB: Mrs. Mary Ann Johnson/d. 25 Dec 1906/bur. 28 Dec 1906/ age 41/cause - pneumonia/residence - Nashotah/ burial Holy Innocents SHOCK: Child/d. Dec. 23, 1892 SKIBOSH: Martin L. Skibosh (Marty)/b.August 11, 1915/d. Dec 18, 1987/owner of Marty's Pizza/husband of Angeline Angeline Skibosh (Angie)/b. March 18, 1923/d. Feb. 26, 1994 SLEEP: John Sleep/Jan 1883 (there is a John with no dates in Prairie Home #173 SMITH: Isaac/b. Dec. 25, 1822 Oxfordshire England/d. Nov. 22, 1900/ age of 77 years, 10 months and 27 days SMITH: Isaac Smith/d. Sept-Oct. 1889 SMITH: Margaret May Smith/d. 18 July 1938/residence Waukesha SOBROFSKI: Clarence SOBROFSKI/d. Feb. 1948/interred: Waukesha Cemetery SOMERS: Peter/d. October 1889 SPERRY: Julia/d. June 7, 1892 SPRINGER: Rev. E./d. Aug. 1850/cause: Cholera STAUB: Rose/d. June 15, 1897/daughter of Frederick Staub STOCKINGER: Mrs. Fannie (BRUNNBAUER) STOCKINGER/d. April 1960/interred Waukesha Cemetery STOCKMAN: Mrs. George/d. May 5,1893 STRAUSS: Raymond Strauss/d. May 1895/age 1 yr old/child of Fred Strauss STREET: George/d. Jan 1895 STRUVE: John/d. June 24, 1896 STUART: David Stuart/d. July 24, 1890/age 73 SUMNER(?): Stephen/d. 26 Mar 1907/bur. 29 Mar 1907/age 69/cause - apoplexy & pneumonia/residence - Nashotah/burial - Delafield church yard/source: Holy Innocents Burial Records SWANTON: Irving(?) John/age 10wks/d. 11 Aug 1889 (dod)/Germantown/cholera/ (can’t read)/St. Alban's Burial records THOMLINSON: infant/d. Aug 1896 TICHENOR: V.H./d. January 19, 1892/there is a Vernon in Cemetery 173 Prairie Home TORKELSON: Edmund/bur. 27 Apr 1891/(no age given)/cause - stomach cancer/burial - Chapel and cemetery. (unknown location)/ source: Holy Innocents Burial Records TOWNSEND: Duane/bur. 13 Mar 1888/age 39/of Eagle/cause - typhoid ---/ burial - Oconomowoc(?)/source: Holy Innocents Burial Records TURNER: Robert Henry/d. 1932 TYLER: Sarah L. Tyler/d. July 1890 UNKNOWN: German VAN: Livie(?)/age: 50/Hartland/only date listed 8 Feb 1904/cause: nervous prostration/bur: Marshall Wi./Grace Episcopal Burial Records VAN BRUNT: George W. Van Brunt/b. St. Lawrence County, New York, in July, 1830/d. April 27, 1883 VAN NESSON: Ludwig/age 47/d. 4 Jun 1890/bur. 6 Jun 1890/Lisbon/typhoid fever/ Sixteen burial ground/St. Alban's Burial records VAN RENSSALAER: H.D. Van Renssalaer/d. Aug 22, 1893/age 45/cause: heart disease VINCENT: H. Vincent/d. December 15 Year unknown VOLKMAN: Fred/d. Apr. 30, 1945 WACHENDORF: Gustie Wachendorf/d. Jan 11, 1966/as of Dec 21, 1964 she was in a Waukesha Co. Infirma5ry/ her house was sold Dec. 1, 1965/burial place unknown/source Waukesha Probate records Henry Wachendorf/d July 10, 1916/husband of Augusta M. Wachendorf/source Probate records for Henry Wachendorf George Wachendorf/d. Mar 13, 1916/son of Henry/source Probate records for Henry Wachendorf Katie Wachendorf/grandaughter of Henry Wachendorf died at age 2/source Probate records for Henry Wachendorf Mother of Henry Wachendorf buried in Genesee Cemetery/source Probate records for Henry Wachendorf WATERMAN: Mrs. Harvey Waterman/d. May 1893 WATHERHEAD(?): Mrs. Fannie(?) Armstrong/d. 7 Nov 1906/bur. 9 Nov 1906/ age 91/cause- old age/residence - Nashotah/ burial - Delafield/ source: Holy Innocents Burial Records WEBER: Jennie (BURGESON) Weber/d. Jan. 19, 1921 WELCH: Mrs. Mary Welch/d. Jan 14, 1899 WELLS: Harvey/age: 72/Milwaukee/d: 21 Aug 1905/cause: valvular disease of heart/bur: Parish graveyard Delafield/Grace Episcopal Church burial records WHITING: John Whiting/d. May 1888/there is a John in Prairie Home Cemetery/ d. May 1898 perhaps a typo of either entry. WIGGINTON: Dr. R.M. Wigginton/d. Oct. 17, 1898 WILLIAMS: E. Robert/b. Genesee/d. New York Dec 1906/son of Robert H./ a brother of the Rev. Dr. D. WILLIAMS WILLIAMS: Henry Williams/d. June 24, 1896/cause Consumption WILSON: Mrs. George Wilson/d. Aug. 1896 WILSON: Isabella (Currie) Wilson/b. Aug. 25, 1839/d. June 1919/ daughter of Dr. John Currie/wife of Marshall Wilson WING: Mary/d. 15 Aug 1933/bur. 18 Aug 1933/age 80/cause - apoplexy/residence - Oconomowoc/burial - Delafield/ source: Holy Innocents Burial Records WOLLERMAN: Louise M. (Mueller) Wollermann/b. 16 Dec 1899/d. 24 Aug 2002/102 years WRIGHT: Nettie J. (Garfield) Wright/d. September 1944/interred Waukesha Cemetery WYNNE(?): William/d. 8 Nov 1916/bur. 10 Nov 1916/age 76/cause - heart trouble/residence - Nashotah/burial - Delafield/ source: Holy Innocents Burial Records YOUNG: Montravill/d. Mar. 2, 1897/Member of Waukesha Lodge Free Masons ?????? From St. Alban's Burial records *mystery names…… the paper is faded right here and I can’t read several entries. 2 names appear to be a Mother and infant son who died within a couple months of each other. They were from Sussex: mother buried 12 Jan 1889. Maiden name may have been Doty. Entry reads Mary Abby(?) (Doty) surname is about 10 letters: starts with “M” or “W”: maybe WINTERMUTE OR WINTERMATE: last 2 letters are “le”. Age 25. Son… Horace Doty/age illegible/d. ----?… /bur. 27 Mar 1889/2 &1/2 months. Looks like they were buried in same church yard… just can’t read it. Not St. Alban’s. ___---- ? Hill -----?/St. Alban's Burial records ---SEN(ink smear): Otto/d. 2 Jan 1936/bur. 5 Jan 1936/age 54/no cause/ residence - Nashotah/burial - LaBelle cemetery (Oconomowoc?)/ source: Holy Innocents Burial Records -------(unreadable): Jens/d. 21 Apr 1936/bur. 25 Apr 1936/age 69/no cause/ residence - Nashotah/burial - Woodlawn cemetery, Pewaukee/ source: Holy Innocents Burial Records

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