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The Waukesha Freeman
November 17 1898
W.C.T.U. Notes

The annual Fifth district convention of the W.C.T.U. held at Wauwatosa last week, was a success both in a business and social way. We were especially honored in having with us Miss Brehm, state lecturer, and also Mrs. Lawson of Baraboo, state corresponding secretary, which added greatly to the interest of the convention. Other prominent workers in the cause were present. The following officers were elected: Mrs. Holton, president; Mrs. Hawley, Wanwatosa, recording secretary: Mrs. McGregor, corresponding secretary: Mrs. Brimmer treasurer. Quite a number of departments of work were adopted and superintendents appointed. The following resolutions were adopted by the convention:

We, members of the Fifth district W.C.T.U. in convention assembled, wish to express our loyalty to all good works and words and especially do we want to strengthen the hands of our sisters. Therefore, resolved.

1. That we make an unusual effort this coming year in behalf of the W.C.T.U. home at Eau Claire.

2. Resolved. That we regard the retirement of the Temple trust bonds as a sacred obligation, and that we do what we can to finish the work that our promoted leader pledged in the 39th year of her life to accomplish.

3. Resolved. That we believe in perfect equality between man and woman in all respects, in authority, in responsibility and in parity of life.

4. Resolved. That we denounce the practice of using the plumage of dead birds for adornment and discourage their use.

5. That we deplore the inaction of President McKinley in regard to the canteen law.

6. Resolved. That we endorse the Keely League, whose aim and object is to cure inebriety and kindred diseases, and count it one of the divisions in God's army for the eradication of an evil that Gladstone said was worse than war, famine or pestilence.

7. Resolved. That boards of education throughout the state ought often to be reminded of their duty in regard to teaching the effects of stimulants and narcotics in all schools sustained by public money.

The Waukesha Freeman
November 16, 1899

The W.C.T.U. will hold a parlor meeting with Mrs. McGregor, Bethseda Avenue, Tuesday, Nov. 21, at 3 p.m. A good program will be given and refreshments served. A cordial invitation is extended to all interested in the work of temperance.

The Waukesha Freeman
Waukesha, Wisconsin, April 11, 1901

W.C.T.U. Convention

County Union Holds Successful Session in This City

The thirteenth annual convention of the Waukesha County Woman's Christian Temperance Union held in this city last week, was a very pleasant and successful affair. There was a good attendance locally and a number of representatives of the Oconomowoe, Mukwonago and Big Bend unions were present. The visitors were Mrs. M.M. Frazier, Mrs. Lillian Adams, Mrs. Tymeson of Mukwonago; Mrs. Lilian Stickney and Miss Isadore Munger of Big Bend: and Mrs. Dresden and daughter of Oconomowoc. Meetings were held in I.O.G. T hall. The first session Thursday morning included a greeting song by Miss Alice Churchill, consecration service led by Miss Munger, the address of welcome by Mrs. S. A. Rankin of this city, the address of the president, Mrs. R. H. Hunkins, a memorial hour conby Mrs. E. M. Cobb of Milwaukee, appointment of committees, reports, and various items of business.

The evening meeting opened with song service conducted by F.W. Chambers, followed by a collection speech by Master Walter Chambers. The main event of the evening was the address by Mrs. Delle C. H. Cox, national lecturer and organizer of the W.C.T.U., who gave a very fine address. She spoke at the M.E. church the following evening.

Friday morning the devotional service was led by Mrs. Susan Delamater. Mrs. H.M. Holton of Milwaukee presented a paper on the "Opportunities and Obligations of the Twentieth Century." Election of officers resulted as follows:

President: Mrs. R. H. Hunkins, Waukesha: corresponding secretary, Mrs. P.R. Blair, Waukesha: recording secretary, Mrs. Lillian R. Stickney, Dodges Corners; treasurer, Mrs. Lillian Adams, Mukwonago: superintendent of literature, Mrs. D.R. Prindle, Waukesha; superintendent of scientific temperance, Mrs. J.K. McGregor, Waukesha; superintendent of lumber camp work, Miss Isadore Munger, Dodges Corners: superintendent of franchise, Mrs. Alma C. Hollster, Dodges Corners; superintendent of Loyal Temperance Legion, work, Mrs. S.A. Rankin; superintendent of jail and almshouse work, Mrs. M. Crossman, Waukesha; superintendent for Eau Clair home, Mrs. J.K. McGregor, Waukesha; superintendent of the Anti-cigar league, Mrs. John Green, Oconomowoe; superintendent of flower mission work, Mrs. Anna Fryatt, Waukesha.

The convention closed Friday afternoon with a Bible reading by Mrs. M.M. Frazier, unfinished business and a social hour. The next convention will be held in April 1902 in Oconomonwoc.

The local convention committees were made up as follows:

Entertainment, Mrs. J.H. Newell, Mrs. J.K. McGregor, Mrs. Julia Brothers, Mrs. Elizabeth Churchill.

Arrangements, Mrs. S.A. Rankin, Mrs. Martha Crossman.

The next meeting of the local union will be held at the home of Mrs. Churchill, Arcadian Avenue, April 16. Tea will be served.