Real Estate Transfers

Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, (Milwaukee, WI) Tuesday, June 27, 1854; col B
Mr. Daein sold his homestead (10 acres) near the village of Waukesha, last week, for $2600,
and Mr. S. Barney sold his farm, two miles from the village, (360 acres) for $10,800.

Real Estate Sales for the week ending Saturday, Feb. 10 (not sure what year): J.B. Rowell to C.K. Schalfer

Lots on part of southwest quarter, Sect. 3
Town of Menomonee, $2150

John Gray to R.N. Jeffreys,

Lots on southwest quarter, Section 3
Town of Menomonee, $2150

Lydia C. Costell to Wm. A. Sterns

18 1/2 acres on southwest quarter, Section 1
Town of Pewaukee, $975

T.D. Cook and others to Waukesha Mineral Rock Spring

Lot 8 Bock G
Cutler & amp; Dakins Addition, Waukesha, $1500

H.F. Wharton to E.S. Hodgson

part of northwest quarter, one acre, Section 26
Town of Pewaukee, %50