Waukesha Village

Excerpts were taken from pages of History of Waukesha County by Western Historical Company, Chicago 1880

In manufacturing importance, Waukesha has not grown to any appreciable extent since the erection of the woolen factory. She has been rapidly growing as a summer resort, however; more guests this year than ever before, and has more facilities for their accommodation.

The population has also grown, as each succeeding census since the village was incorporated shows. For the decade ending June 30, 1880, the increase has been equal to that of former periods, notwithstanding the panic which laid an iron hand on all industries during a large portion of that time. The population is 2,980, an increase of 347 since the census of 1870, The number of dwellings is 635, which is but a small increase since 1870, though more than a million dollars have been expended in building. Since 1870, the Fountain House, the largest hotel in Wisconsin, has been twice built, the largest portion of the Mansion House erected, and various other buildings, aggregating a greater cost than number, have appeared in the village.

On the whole, therefore, the growth of Waukesha Village has been more in wealth and value than in the number of its residents.