Calvary Cemetery


This cemetery is located at 5503 W. Blue Mound Road Milwaukee.


Calvary Cemetery was dedicated as the first Catholic burying ground in Milwaukee, 1857.

From History of Milwaukee, 1881 In the early history of Milwaukee there was a plat of ground in the First Ward, near the lake, which was fenced in and used as a burial place for citizens, regardless of their religious views. It became afterwards a Catholic burial ground, and in 1844, Bishop (now Archbishop) Henni purchased what is known as the "Old Cemetery," situated on Grand avenue. The first interments were the remains of many taken from the First Ward cemetery. The "Old Cemetery" consisted of ten acres, and contains the dust of several pioneer Catholic clergymen. Rev. Father Huebner, a Jesuit priest, who came here from Switzerland to found a college, died within a few weeks of his arrival, and here his remains were laid to rest. Rev. Father Beauprey, the first pastor of St. Gall', and who was instrumental in the erection of the cathedral bearing that name, is buried there.

This ground becoming two small, and also being in the city limits, what is now known as the Calvary Cemetery was purchased by the Right Rev. John. M. Henni, Bishop of Milwaukee, and consecrated by him, November 2, 1857. This cemetery is located three and a half miles from Milwaukee, in the Town of Wauwatosa. It consists of fifty-five acres of land, laid out and nicely improved. The first interments were the remains of persons removed from the old cemetery. Among the prominent men buried here may be mentioned George Furlong, father of John Furlong, who, it is said, was the second white man who died in Milwaukee; Solomon Juneau, Peter Bradley; also Thomas Eviston, Chief Engineer of the Fire Department, and Captain Barry, victims of the "Lady Elgin" disaster; P.J. Englehardt, H. Hilmantel, A.H. Johnston, Andrew McCormick, C.D. Nash, H. Stoltz, J. Hathaway, and M.J. Zander, the first Catholic undertaker. The total cost of the improvements of the Calvary Cemetery, exclusive of the original costs of the grounds, from 1857 to 1880, was $16,000. The total number buried in the cemetery, from 1857 to 1880, was 10,307.

The congregations using Calvary Cemetery are (in 1881): St. John's Cathedral, St. Gall's, St. Patrick's, Church of the Holy Name, Church of the Immaculate Conception (Bay View), St. Mary's, St. Joseph's, St. John V. Nepomuk, St. Hedwig, St. Francis, Trinity Church, St. Anthony and Stanislaus. Most Rev. J. M. Henni, D. D. Archbishop, is the owner; Rev. L. Batz, V.G., curator. The pastors of the congregations using the cemetery are the Trustees. Fred. Zander, undertaker, 495 East Water and 482 Eleventh, is the Secretary of the Calvary Cemetery.

The cemetery grounds now cover 65 acres; about 70,000 buried in graves; 300 crypts and niches added in 2001.

Tombstone Photosgraphs

Photos of some of the tombstones (marked with a [P]) are located at WIGenWeb website page 1 and Page 2.

Cemetery Maps

The burials for this cemetery are included on the Milwaukee Archdiocese Website.
On the Archdiocese websiste there is a Calvary Ground Spaces Plot Map
Calvary Self-Guided Tour Booklet
Calvary Self-Guided Tour Map

Obituaries and Death Notices

Obituaries and death notices were sent in by researchers or collected from area newspapers. They are linked to the given name when available. Contributors if available are lcoated on the contributors page.

Select Burials and Interments

[Blk 18 Row 3]		Albert F. Abel/interred: Jul 28, 1928/age 50 [P] 
[Blk 10 Row 45s]	Anna M. Abel/interred: May 27, 1880/Age: 1/Peacock Funeral Home
[Blk 18 Row 3]		Catherine B Abel/interred: Oct. 26, 1937Age: 86/P Wels Funeral Home
[Blk 10 Row 144w]	Fred Abel/interred: Oct. 8, 1938/Age: 78/Schmidt Funeral Home
[Blk 23 Row 31 Lot 17]	George Abel/interred: Oct. 26, 1955/Age: 69
[Blk 2 Row 36 Lot 3]	Mary Abel/interred: Aug. 3, 1886/Age: 1/Judson Funeral Home
[Blk 10 Row 144W]	Mary Abel/interred: April 5, 1922/Age: 21/Scheurell Funeral Home
[Blk 10 Row 144W]	Mary Abel/interred: Feb 18, 1950/Age: 88/Schmidt Funeral Home
[Blk 10 Row 144W]	William F. Abel/interred: July 7, 1964/Age: 74

[Block 3 Row 279] 	Peter/d. May 22, 1978/[bur. May 24, 1878/natural causes/
				Source: Index to Milw. County Coroners Records 1873-1890/
				Calvary Cem Records: res: 742 Jefferson St.]

[P] Aebki, Maria

[P] Affeldt, Irene C.

[P] Albrecht, Josephina

[Blk 4 Sec E Row 75n] 	Adelaide M Amberg/interred: Sept. 12, 1946/
				Age 62/Funeral Home Feerick
[Blk 4 Sec 4 Row 75n] 	Anna M. Amberg/interred: Jan. 12, 1877/
				Age 2 
[Blk 4 Sec E Row 75n]	Frankie Amberg/interred: Apr. 15, 1884/
				Age 5/Zander Funeral Home
[Blk 4 Sec E Row 75n]	John C. Amberg/interred: Sept. 1, 1917/
				Age 73/Peacock Funeral Home
[Blk 4 Sec E Row 75s]	Marie A. Amberg/interred: Feb 21, 1947/
				Age 69/Feerick Funeral Home
[Blk 4 Sec E Row 75s] 	Catherine Amberg/interred: Sept. 15, 1904/
				Age 57/Funeral Home Brett Jt
[Blk 11 Sec D Row 184]	Margrette Amberg/interred: Oct. 18, 1979/
				Age 88/Feerick Funeral Home
[Blk 11 Sec D Row 184] 	Cecilia E. Amberg/interred: May 29, 1969/
				Age 87/Funeral Home Feerick
[Blk 1 Row 30 Lot 17] 	Ferdinand Amberg/interred: Sept 1, 1869/
				Age 0
			Francis A. Amberg/interred: Sept. 5, 1876/
AMENT:				Age 1
[P] Ament, Alma

[P] Anderson, Julius

[P] Andres, Alphons J. and Elisabeth

[P] Andrzehewska, Michalina

[P] Apple, unclear

[P] Auer, Louis


[P] Bach, Aloysius A.
[P] Bach, Joseph


[P] Ballmann, Clara
[P] Ballmann, Joseph and Franziska

[P] Balsewicz, Anton

[P] Bauer, Theresa

[P] Baumann, Alois

[P] Becenhardt, Heinrich

[P] Beck, Elizabeth Cudahy
[P] Beck, Margaretha

[P] Beer, Laureta M.

[P] Befl, Katie

[P] Belobrajdic, Matt.


[P] Bench, Jan

[P] Beranitsch, Anna Rupnick

[P] Bernauer, Angela M.
[P] Bernauer, Conrad
[P] Bernauer, George F.
[P] Bernauer, Wilhelm

[P] Bernhard, Carolina A.

[P] Berrios, P. and Rosa Julia

[Blk 4 Sec C Row 172s]	Sophia (Wolber) Bertler/d. April 23 1903/
				age 73 yrs 2 mon 9 days/interred: April 28, 1903/Weiand Funeral Home
[Blk 4 Sec C Row 172S]	Ferdinand Bertler/interred: Mar 22, 1897/Age: 24
[Blk 4 Sec C Row 172S]	Joseph Bertler/d. Apr. 29, 1899/interred: May 2, 1899/Age: 74

[P] Bestel, Theresia

Freddie Betzhold/1886-1887/(b. Dec. 11, 1886 Milw/d. May 11,
	1887/son of William Betzold and Elizabeth Fleischmann)

[P] Beynes, Chas and Harriet

Frank/d. Oct. 1, 1890/factory acc. Source: Index to Milw. County
	Coroners Records 1873-1890 cause: hemorrhage – 	brain (the archdiocese
	website for cemeteries lists his burial and spells his surname as "Birkneder.")
	Sent in by researcher.  See Contributors Page.

[Blk 2 Row 36 Lot 35]	John Birner/d. May 23/24, 1878/convulsions/infant-child/
												Source: Index to Milw. County Coroners Records 1873-1890

[P] Bisesi, Maria

[P] Blacky, Vaclav

[P] Blei, unclear

[P] Blendinger, John

[P] Blersch, Nicholas

[P] Bludau, Mathias and Margret

Charles/1868-1924/(b. Apr. 1868/d. Dec. 1924/husband of Gertrude
	(SCHWALBACH)/son of John Boehlein and Elizabeth
Gertrude/1868-1938/(Gertrude (SCHWALBACH)/b. Dec. 1868 Wisc./
	d. Oct. 18, 1938/wife of Charles Boehlein)
John/1834-1878/(b. Bavaria/d. July 22, 1878/husband of
	Elizabeth REICHERT)/OSSW:
Elizabeth/1844-1927/(Elizabeth (REICHERT)/b. Aug. 22, 1843
	Milw/d. Jan 19, 1927/wife of John Bohlein/daughter of
	Peter Reichert and Maria Theresia Eva Dapper)


Rosa/Geb 7 Marz 1854/gest 16 ???1871/(b. Mar 7, 1854 Milw./
	d. Aug 16, 1871/daughter of Mathias Boehm and Catharina
Mutter/Katharina Boehm/GEb. 14 Nov. 1811/gest 9 Juni 1891/
	(Katharina (SPINKA)/b. Nov. 14, 1811 Bohemia/d. June 7,
	1891/wife of Mathias Boehm/daughter of Anton and
	Catharina Spinka)
Vater/Mathias Boehm/Geb. 10 Feb 1816/Gest 18 Dec 1881/(husband
	of Catharina (SPINKA)/son of Franz Bohm)
Vater/Thomas Boehm/Geb. 29 Dez 1838/Gest 19 Juni 1913/(b.
	Dec 29 1838 Austria/d. June 19, 1913/husband of  Victoria
	(AUER)/son of Mathias Boehm and Catharina Spinka
Father/Thomas J. Boehm/Aug 13, 1863/Nov. 8, 1848/(Thomas Jefferson/
	b. Milw/husband of Elizabeth M. (FREY)/son of Thomas Boehm
	and Victoria Auer)
Mother/Elizabeth M. Boehm/Aug. 6, 1865/Nov. 10, 1939/(Elizabeth M.
	FREY/b. Wisc./wife of Thomas Jefferson Boehm)
Irma C. Boehm/Nov. 2, 1890/May 18, 1982/(b. Milw./d. Shorewood, Wi/
	daughter of Thomas Jefferson Boehm and Elizabeth M. Frey)

[P] Boehm, Charles J.

[P] Boehm, Victoria Auer


[P] Boehner, John


Barbara Boll/1871-1931/(Barbara (FLEISCHMANN)/b. Oct. 5, 1871 Milw./
	d. June 6, 1931/wife of Albert G. Boll/ daughter of John
	Fleischmann and Margaret Reichert)

[P] Bong, Christiana
[P] Bong, Joseph J.

[P] Bores, Anna
[P] Bores, Veronica


Robert I. Boyle/ Nov. 28, 1966/(b. July 30, 1899 Milw/d. Nov. 27,
	1966/son of William Boyle and Mary Grady)
Mary Boyle Gibson/Oct. 12, 1956/(Mary (BOYLE) Gibson/b. Wisc./
	d. Oct. 12, 1956/wife of Ralph Gibson/daughter of William
	Boyle and Mary Grady)
Ralph Gibson/Oct. 12, 1956/(b. Nov. 23, 1884 Greenfield/husband
	of Mary BOYLE)
Harriet A. Boyle/Jan. 8, 1857/(Harriet Anne/b. Sept. 24, 1895 Milw/
	daughter of William Boyle and Mary Grady)
Edward W. Boyle/Aug. 25, 1944/(b. 1886 Wis/son of William Boyle
	and Mary Grady)
William Boyle/Nov. 5, 1932/(b. June 17, 1845 Cedarburg/husband
	of Mary (GRADY)/son of Patrick Boyle and Margaret Lynch)
Mother/Mary Boyle/1861-1915/(Mary (GRADY)/b. Wisc./d. Apr. 1, 1915/
	wife of William Boyle)
Laura C. Boyle/Aug. 11, 1968/(Loretta C. Boyle/b. Wisc./daughter of
	William Boyle and Mary Grady)


[P] Bozdech, Anna

[P] Bradley, Alice

Louisa Braun/1869-1940/(Louisa Amalia (FLEISCHMANN)/b. Oct. 18, 1869
	Milw/d. Feb. 7, 1940/wife of George F. Braun/daughter of John
	Fleischmann and Margaret Reichert)

[Blk 1 Row 79 Lot 2 1/2]  Mary Broichgans/interred: Jan. 15, 1920'
				Age 63/Brett Funeral Home
			Stephan Broichgans/d. 30 December 1906/husband
				of Maria
[P] Brock, Joseph

[P] Brown, Nellie and Loveland

[P] Bruce, James and Ellen

[P] Bruchheuser, Maria

Joseph/b. 30 Mar 1855 Engelsburg, Bavaria, Germany/d. 6 Nov 1920/
Elizabeth (ENGEL)/b. 2 Apr 1858 Wisconsin/d. 6 Jun 1924

[P] Brunhofer, Barbara

[P] Brunner, Max

[P] Bucek, Anton

[P] Buche, Peter

Teressa "Teresia" Budzisz/b. Feb 22, 1868/d. Sep 25, 1904/source:
	World Family Tree; Volume 8, Pedigree 2251


[P] Burckhardt, Mary

Husband/Thomas Burke/Died May 27, 1945/Age 72/(Thomas Christopher/b.
	Jan. 1, 1873 Milw./d. May 27, 1945/husband of Katherine (MALLOY)/
	son of John Burke and Bridget (FAHEY))
Wife/Catherine Burke/died July 13, 1932/(Katherine (MALLOY)/b. 1873 WV/
	d. July 13, 1932/wife of Thomas Christopher
John Burke/1824-1899/(b. Ireland/d. Feb. 17, 1899/husband of Bridget
	(FAHEY)/son of Richard and Margaret Burke
Mother/B. Burke/Died Dec. 16, 1907/age ?? years/(Bridget (FAHEY)/b.
	Nov. 16, 1836 Ireland/d. Dec 16, 1907/wife of John Burke/
	daughter of Lawrence Fahey)
Richard Burke/1856-1909/(b. Ripon, WI/d. May 24, 1909/husband of Julia
	(McDONOUGH)/son of John Burke and Bridget Fahey)
Lawrence Burke/June 11, 1865/April 26, 1898/(b. Milwaukee/husband of
	Catherine (MEYER)/son of John Burke and Bridget Fahey)
Catherine Burke/1870-1958/(Catherine (MEYER)/wife of Lawrence

[P] Burke, Joseph and Minnie


[P] Buscaglia, Cruciano

[P] Caldo, Mary E. and family

[Blk 7 Row 385s]  [Michael/bur: May 21, 1915/age 67/Funeral Home: Brett Jt.]

[P] Carney, Jeannette

[Blk 6 Row 276s]  [Thomas/bur: May 21, 1915/age 71/Funeral Home: Peacock]


[Blk 5 Row 446w]      Archibald (cem records Archie)/d. Dec 27, 1892/
			bur: Dec. 29, 1892/age 1/son of Henry & Louisa/
			res: 400 Harmon St./vol. 104 pg. 416
[Blk 2 Row 13 Lot 39] Eliza/d. Mar 6, 1884/infant/Funeral Home Zerbel/
			vol. 28 pg. 389
[Blk 14 Sec. 4 Row 50 Lot 21] George W. (cem records George E.)/d. July 13, 1905/
			bur: July 15, 1905/infant/son of George C. & Nellie (Bailey)/
			res: 558 Market St./Funeral Home: Truesdell/.vol. 235 pg. 388
[Blk 14 Row 147s]     Gloria P./d. Apr 23, 1913/bur: Apr. 25, 1913/daughter of Charles
			C./res: 566 Jefferson St./Funeral Home: Peacock/vol. 337 pg. 222
[Blk 3 Row 21 Lot 13] Joseph/b. 1865/d. May 30, 1882/age: 17/occ. porter/cause: Typhoid/
			Funeral Home: Peacock/vol. 19 pg. 335
[Blk 5 Row 446n]      Robert H./d. Jan 7, 1905/bur: Jan 10, 1905/son of Henry C. &
			Louise (Lendner)/infant/res: 400 Herman St/Funeral Home:
			Borgwald & ?/vol. 230 pg. 187

[P] Cascio, Rosanie

[P] Casda, James


[P] Caszynska, Franciszka

[P] Caszynski, Marcin

[P] Chaush, Lura

[P] Chojnacka, Anna

[P] Chudy, Joseph and Amelia

[P] Cichosz, Albert

[P] Cichosz, Albertina

[P] Cienelt, Emilie

[P] Cirei, Frank

[P] Coceissel, Joseph

[Blk 11 Row 30]      [George A./d:  Sept. 10, 1947/Bur:  Sept. 13, 1947/
			Age 72/res: 831 North 16 St/Funeral Home:  Brett]

[Blk 1 Row 39 Lot 11] James/b. Irish, born 1830/d. Oct 27, 1885/Age 46/killed by
			Chi & NW RR Co./Funeral Home Wendler/vol. 37 pg. 59
[Blk 3 Row 99]   Michael/b. America/d. Feb 27, 1879/Age 30/occ. Railroad man/cause:
			accidental death/res: 736 Hinman St./Funeral home: Peacock/
			vol. 14 pg. 443
[Blk 4 Row 358]  Anna/b. Ireland/d. Nov 10, 1889/bur: Nov. 12, 1889/Age 62/child of
			Henry Castillo & Catharine (Healey)/wife of John Collins/res:
			257 Oregon St./vol. 70 pg. 439
[Blk 5 Row 300e] Mary/b. Oct. 24, 1821/d. May 13, 1886/age: 64 yrs.(cemetery records says
			age 65)/daughter of James & Margaret Rafferty/Ireland/wife of John
			Collins/res: 313 Clybourn St./Funeral Home: Dullea/vol. 41 pg. 427
[Blk 6 Row 192s] Ellen/d. June 22, 1874/b. Ireland/age 29 (28 according to cem records)/wife
			of Michael/cause: died in childbirth/res: 211 Pearson St./vol. 1 pg. 711
[Blk 6 Row 192s] John/d. Oct 4, 1883/Age 2.5/cause: Scarlet fever/res: 167 Milwaukee St./
			Funeral Home: Peacock/vol. 30 pg. 192
[Blk 6 Row 277s] Mary/b. Ireland/d. Apr 5, 1872/age 80/res: 557 3 Ave/vol. 1 pg. 201
[Blk 6 Row 68s]  Ann/d. Dec 1, 1879/Age 2 months/daughter of James Collins/res: 358 Scott
			St./Funeral Home: Peacock/vol. 9 pg. 219
[Blk 10]         Joseph/b. Apr. 12, 1890/d. June 20, 1890/res: St. Vincents/vol. 76 pg. 263
[Blk 10]         Sophia/d. Mar 27, 1882/Infant/res: St. Vincents/Funeral Home: Zander/
			vol. 19 pg. 299

[P] Connell, Mary S.

[P] Connell, William D.

[P] Connick, unclear


[P] Cooney, William and Bridget

[P] Corak, Daniel

[P] Coughlin, Handra

[P] Coughlin, John E.

[P] Coughlin, Thomas

[P] Cramer, C.

[P] Cristmann, Emma Mieritz

[P] Crivello, Samuel


Nana/Mary Cronin/1828-1906/(Mary (SMITH)/b. Ireland/d. Feb. 23, 1906/
	wife of Thomas Cronin


[P] Crosspietsch, Ella Matt

[P] Cudahy, Patrick


[P] Czapiewski, August

[P] Czarkowski, Franaszek

[P] Czarkowski, Frances

[P] Czarnecki, Anton

[P] Czerwinska, Maria

[Blk 8 Row 32]		Anthony Dahlman/d. Dec 13, 1998/buried Dec 16, 1898/
			age 63/Last Address: 599 Marshall St
[Blk 6 Row 337]	John Dahlman/pioneer merchant/Jan 30, 1887/
			Source: Milwaukee Necrology; Published by The Evening Wisconsin 
			Company; copyright 1914/Buried: Jan. 30, 1887/Age: 57/515 Milwaukee St./
			Funeral Home: Peacock
[Blk 6]		John Henry Dahlman/b.October 10, 1771 Reeken, Prussia/d.  May 23, 1876/105 yrs old

[P] Daly, James

[P] Danielski, Frank J.

[P] Danore, Aug.


[P] Deethardt, Anna

[P] Defrane, Josephine

[P] DeGreen, Gertrude

[P] DeJong, Anton

[P] DeJong, Mary

[P] Delaney, Frank J.


[P] Deree, William Socrates

[P] Deuter, Fred

[P] Dever, John H.

[P] Dever, William J. Jr.

[P] Devitt, Joseph Patrick

William C. Devlin/QM SGT 2 ILL INF/SP AM WAR/June 5, 1872/(June 24,
	1948/husband of Agnes F. (PIMPL))
Agnes Pimpl Devlin/Oct. 21. 1888-July 4, 1973/(b. Milw/wife of William C.
	Devlin/daughter of Ferdinand Pimpl and Louisa Boehm)

[P] Dickhut, Katharina


[P] Dierbeck, George

[P] Dierbeck, Magdalena

[P] Dierbeck, Martha

[P] Dillon, Elizabeth

[P] Dittl, Joseph and Louise

[P] Dittmer, Anna

[P] Dlapa, Maria

[P] Dobrogowski, Maryanny

[P] Doerfler, Wenzel

[P] Doering, Albertina



[P] Dospel, Elizabeth

[P] Dospel, Ernestine

[P] Drewek, Mary

[P] Du Ray, Joseph and Emma

[P] Duma, August

[P] Duma, Paulina

[P] Duma, W.

[P] Dunbar, Nellie

[P] Dunbar, Thomas

[P] Dunn, Hattie

[P] Dunphy, Mary Angela

[P] Dzwinel, Walter

[P] Eidelloth, John and family

[P] Eidelloth, John G. and family

[P] Eill, Elizabeth C.

Rose V.U. Einem/nee Boehm/Sept 12, 1872/May 18, 1980/(Rosa Victoria
	Ueberall (BOEHM).b. Milw./wife of Albert Einem/daughter of
	Thomas Boehm and Victoria Auer)
Albert Einem/Mar 29, 1872/Aug 10, 1946/(husband of Rosa Victoria)


[P] Erd, Frances

[P] Erhart, Conrad

[P] Exner, Lulu


[P] Fahl, Clotilda

[P] Feeney, Annie M.

Elizabeth Felder/1870-1946/(Elizabeth (BOEHLEIN)/b. May 1870 Wisc/d.
	Aug 16, 1946/wife of Herman H. Felder/daughter of John
	Boehlein and Elizabeth Reichert)

[P] Feldmaus, Henry

[P] Fischer, Bertha

Anna Fleischmann/1864-1933/(b. Apr. 25, 1864 Germantown Wis/d.
	May 24, 1933/ daughter of John Fleischmann and Margaret
Michael Fleischmann/1867-1869/(b. Apr. 28, 1867 Milw/d. Apr. 11,
	1869/ son of John Fleischmann and Margaret Reichert
Margaretha Fleischmann/1841-1923/(Margaret (REICHERT)/b. Oct. 17,
	1841  Nieder-Saulheim, Hesse-Darmstadt Germany/d. July 4,
	1923/wife of John Fleischmann/ daughter of Peter Reichert
	and Maria Theresia Eva Dapper)
John Fleischmann/1836-1885/(b. Oct. 1, 1836 Oberlind, Bavaria/d.
	Aug. 17, 1885/husband of Margaret (REICHERT))


[P] Flicek, Jakob

[P] Flicek, Mary

[P] Fliesen, Ellen Nora Worrell

[P] Flis, Jozef

[P] Fohey, William

[P] Folger, Maria

Ernest H. Forester/Husband of Celia/Born in Redditch, England/
	Sept. 17, 1880/Aug. 14, 1959/(husband of Celia B. (BOEHM))
Celia B. Forester/Aug. 8, 1892/Mar 6, 1985/Celia (BOEHM)/b. Milw/
	wife of Ernest H./daughter of Thomas Jefferson Boehm and
	Elizabeth M. Frey)

[P] Forester, Sadie

[P] Fox, Herbert

[P] Franzen, Dorine

[P] Franzen, John N. and family

[P] Freiburger, Anna


[P] Freymark, Anton

[P] Frigge, William and Alois

[P] Fritschi, Adolf


[P] Fronhaefer, George

[P] Fronhaefer, Peter

[P] Frymark, A.

[P] Fuchs, Susan


[P] Gatscha, Barbara

[P] Gatscha, Frances

[P] Gatscha, John

[P] Geckler, Anna



[P] Genett, Frank

[P] Gerlach, Joseph

[P] Gestner, Constantina


[P] Giedenbach, Michael

[P] Gleason, William


[P] Goeb, Marzellus

[P] Gokey, Henry W.

[P] Goodwin, Caroline Schuler


[P] Grafwallner, Joseph

Theresia/b. July 27, 1838/d. Mar 10, 1913/wife of Charles

[Blk 21 Row 53s]	Ann (Wenzlick) Grings/interred: Sept. 17, 1921/
				Age 75/Funeral Home Zwaska
[Blk 21 Row 53s]	John Grings/interred: Nov 1, 1908/age 60/
				funeral Home Feerick
[Blk 2 Row 61 Lot 15]	Johann Grings/interred: Aug. 5, 1867/Age 0
[Blk 2 Row 9 Lot 3]	Joseph Grings/interred: June 9, 1886/Age 0/Funeral Home Weiand
[Blk 15 Row 32 Lot 7]	Mary C. Grings/interred: Sept 21, 1895/age 92

[P] Gulden, Johann

[P] Gurtenwald, Michael and Margaret

[P] Guzinski, Pauline

[Blk 14, Sec 4, Row 41, Lot 18] Frank/b. 16 Oct 1904/d. 16 Oct 1904/
				 son of Frank & Mary Haas
[Blk 14, Sec 4, Row 49, Lot 26] John/b. 24 Mar 1906/d. 24 Mar 1906/
				 son of Frank & Mary Haas

[P] Haberer, A.

[P] Haberer, George

[P] Hackl, Geo.

[P] Haefele, A.

[P] Hajek, Frank M. and Barbara

[P] Hamich, Helene

[P] Hannig, Rose and Elizabeth

[P] Hansen, Cornelius

Mother/Gertrude Harden/1886-1953/(Gertrude (NOLAN)/d. Jan. 12m 1953/
	wife of Thomas J. Harden/daughter of John Nolan and Mary
	Elizabeth LYNCH)
Father/Thomas J. Harden/1885-1950/(d. June 22, 1950/husband of
	Gertrude Nolan

[P] Hart, Kunnigunda



[P] Healy, Ellin

[P] Healy, Nellie

[P] Hendley, Gertrude K.

[P] Hendrix, Anton

[P] Henk, Marie

[P] Henninger, John

[P] Herkowski, Franciszek


[P] Herr, Johann


[P] Hickey, Jane

[P] Hladik, Mary

[P] Hock, Anna

[P] Hock, John and Maria

[P] Hock, Martin and Marie

Maude Witten Hoeger/Nov. 4, 1884/Aug. 20, 1919/(Maude (WITTEN)/b. Milw/
	wife of Adam Hoeger/daughter of Frederick Ludwig Witten and
	Katherine Jane Cronin)

[P] Hoehl, baby

[P] Hoelzl, Louis W.

[P] Hofer, Margaretha

[P] Hoffmann, Alfons F.

[P] Horlivy, Anna

[P] Host, Oscar A.


[P] Hren, Blas and Franciska

[P] Huber, Franz

[P] Huber, Leonard S.

[P] Huenerbein, Peter

[P] Huerth, Katherine

[P] Hupfer, Simon

[P] Hurley, Catherine

[P] Hyde, Delia A.

[P] Iffenbacher, Agnes

[P] Infalt, Margarette

Louise Ische/Nov. 22, 1904/June 19, 1982/(Louise C. (SCHOTTLER)/
	wife of Gordon Ische/daughter of Martin G. Schottler and
	Louise Ott)

[P] Jankowski, Leo

[P] Jarosz, Hattie G.

[P] Jelic, Ivka

[P] Jerkovich, Maria

[P] Jeske, Anna

[P] Jeske, Joseph

[P] Jobst, F.

[Blk 6 Row 339]  [Francis/bur.  Jul. 21, 1962/Age 64/
			res: 7136 N 44 St/Funeral Home:  Heiden]

[P] John, Anna Kumhera

[P] Jonas, Catherine

[blk 11 lot 50 section B]	John Jordan/Died Nov. 14, 1896/
	Aged 78? years/(b. Cork, Ireland/husband of Sarah (GALLAGHER))/
Sarah Ann White/unreadable on photo

[P] Justman, Marie

[P] Kachlmeier, Alois

[P] Kaiser, Jacob

[P] Kamowska, Anna

[P] Karabensch, Steffan

[P] Kargl, Anton

[P] Kasseckert, Karl

[P] Kassel, Margaretha

[P] Kastner, John

[P] Katalinich, Lucia


[P] Kazda, John

[P] Keiffer, Barbara E.

[P] Kelekovich, Marija

[P] Kellen, Antonina

[Blk 11 Sec D Row 166s]	Clara E. Kempf/interred: June 20, 1969/Age 82/Funeral Home Zwaska
[Blk 11 Sec D Row 166s]	Conrad Kempf/interred: Jul 9, 1913/Age 62/Funeral Home Becker
[Blk 11 Sec D Row 166s]	Mary B. Kempf/interred: Jan. 13, 1934/Age 79/Funeral Home Schaff
[Blk 11 Sec D Row 166s]	Robert J Kempf/interred: July 22, 1978/Age 62/Funeral Home Schaff
[Blk 2 Row 28 Row 25]	Eliza M Kempf/interred: Sept. 16, 1873/Age 0
[Blk 2 Row 34 Row 48]	Williebald J Kempf/interred: Jan. 20, 1884/Age 0/Funeral Home Weiand
[Blk 2 Row 45 Row 25]	S Jos Kempf/interred: Jun 8, 1874/Age 0
[Blk 2 Row 50 Row 22]	Stephen Kempf/interred: Jan 20, 1917/Age 2/Funeral Home Koelsch
[Blk 23 Row 10 Row 16]	John Kempf/interred: Jul 12, 1954/Age 75/Funeral Home Schaff
[Blk 23 Row 36 Row 17]	Anna Kempf/interred: Oct. 20, 1961/Age 85/Funeral Home Schaff

[P] Keogh, Frank Jr.

[P] Keogh, Mary ONeil

[P] Kerz, Martin and family

[P] Kiedrowski, Adam


[P] Kippa and Chinsky family,

[P] Kirch, Paul

[P] Kirchhan, Catherine

[P] Kirchhoff, Emilie Flora

[P] Kiss, Michael

[P] Klaus, unclear

[P] Klein, Anna

[P] Klein, William

[P] Kleinowski, John

[P] Klinkosch, Mary Anna Pokrzywin

[P] Kloety, F. Xavier

[P] Klubertanz, Lucy

[P] Kluck, Johann

[P] Kobetz, Karl

[P] Kocinska, Elzbieta


[P] Koeppl, Karolina

[P] Kolinski, Adam and Magdalena

[P] Kolinski, Alex

[P] Kopetz, Karl

[P] Kopmeier, Norman J.

[P] Koubeck, Anna

[P] Koubeck, Anton

[P] Kozminska, Franciska

[P] Kozminski, Joseph

[P] Kozminski, Wojciech

[P] Krafczyk, Balbina

[P] Krafczyk, Jos.

[P] Krafczyk, Joseph

[P] Krajinski, Jan

[P] Kral, Terezie

[P] Kralik, Leo

[P] Kramer, Valentin

[P] Kressbach, unclear

[P] Kreutzer, Andreas M.

[P] Kreutzer, Magdalena

[P] Krobath, mother and Frank

[P] Kroll, Maria

[P] Kroll, unclear

[P] Kropidlowski, Icnac

[P] Krzywda, Agatha

[P] Krzywda, Kajetan

[P] Kuczkowski, Jozef

[P] Kuczmarski, Mary

[P] Kujik, Veronika

[P] Kumhera, Agnes E.


[P] Kupkowski, Jan

[P] Kuptz, Franciszka

[P] Kurkiewicz, Jan

[P] Laass, infant

[P] Lacava, Giulio M.

[P] Lachenschmidt, Frank

[P] Lachenschmidt, Joseph

[P] Lafaun, Hanna

[P] Lander, Margaret

[P] Landowska, Anna

[P] Landowski, Antoni

In Memory of/Thomas M. Larkin/husband of Annie Rohan/died Jan 11,
	1881/aged unreadable/(b. July 25, 1864 Milw/d. Jan. 11.
	1881/husband of Annie (ROHAN)

[P] Latko, Matthew

[P] Lawler, John A.

Charles/b. 08 Apr 1848 NY/d. 13 Apr 1920 Milwaukee Wisc/
	son of Peter & Margaretha (Weisbert) Ledogar
Mary (Gellner)/b. 08 Dec 1851, Engelsburg WI/d. 08 Jul 1937, Milwaukee WI/
	daughter of Heinrich & Dorothy (Gellner)/wife of Charles Ledogar, [EL]


[P] Leuckart, Kathryn

[P] Leuckart, Rudy Sr.

[P] Levings, Grace M.

[P] Lewandowski, Joseph

Anna Linger/1873-1925/(Anna (OTT)/b. Aug. 19, 1873 Milw/d.
	July 3, 1925/wife of Joseph M. Linger/ daughter of
	George Ott and Catherine Boehm)
Dr. Joseph Linger/1871-1941/(Joseph M./b. Nov. 10, 1871
	Oconomowoc/d. Oct. 5, 1941 Sturgeon Bay, Wis/husband of
	Anna (OTT))

[P] Lingner, Martin

[P] Link, Conrad

[P] Lipska, Justyna

[P] Lipski, Antoni

[P] Lipski, Franciszek

[P] Lipski, Frank

[P] Lipusch, Albert and Anna

[P] Loerke, Lillian

[P] Loessner, Emil

[P] Longway, Philimeen

[P] Lorbiecki, John

[P] Lorenz, Charles A.

[P] Loss, Augustina

[P] Loss, Michael

[P] Lukas, Joseph

[P] Lukso, Stefan

[Blk 1 Row 5 Lot 8]   John/b. Dec. 29, 1803 England/d. Feb. 3, 1886/age 82/husband of
			the late Harriet Woodhouse/John & Sarah Green/res: Little
			Sister/Funeral Home: Dullea/vol. 39 pg. 181
[Blk 1 Row 85 Lot 1]  Michael/b. Ireland/d. Mar. 19, 1892/age 95/son of Dominick &
			Bridget/husband of Ellen/res. 1222 St. Paul/vol. 96 pg. 456
[Blk 1 Row 86 Lot 1]  Ellen/b. Ireland/d. Mar. 22, 1892/bur: Mar 24, 1892/age 75 (cem
			records 78)/wife of Michael/1222 St. Paul/vol. 97 pg. 72
[Blk 2 Row 16 Lot 9]  George (cem records Geo.)/d. May 5, 1888/age 1/son of John &
			Catherine/res: 627 Hill St./Funeral Home: Dullea/
			vol. 57 pg. 469
[Blk 2 Row 43 Lot 44] Anna Ursula/b. Cork Ireland/d. Aug. 16, 1882/age 3/daughter of
			Charles & Cornelia/cause: croup/Funeral Home: Foley/
			vol. 20 pg. 312
[Blk 2 Row 52 Lot 54] Florence/d. Jan. 9, 1886/13 days/daughter of Catherine & Jno?/
			res: 313 Clybourn/Funeral Home: Thomas./vol. 38 pg. 457
[Blk 3 Row 33 Lot 11] Timothy (cem records Tim)/b. Cork Ireland/d. Aug. 1, 1882/age 82/
			son of Jeremiah & Annie Sullivan/occ: sailor/husband of Esther
			Healey/res: Little Sisters/Funeral Home: Zander/vol. 20 pg. 201
[Blk 3 Row 58 Lot 5]  James/b. Ireland 1820/d. July 20, 1880/bur: July 24, 1860/age 60/
			occ: Stonemason/cause: rodent ulcer (cancer)/res: County Hospital/
			vol. 11 pg. 20
[Blk 3 Row 7 Lot 18]  Thomas/b. Dec. 29, 1816 Ireland/d. May 3, 1887/age 70/husband of
			Clara Ryan//Daniel & Jane O’Hearn/res: Little Sisters/Funeral
			Home: Zander/vol. 49 pg. 217
[Blk 6 Row 234s]      Daniel/d. June 8, 1887/age 6/son of Daniel & Mary/cause:
			accidental drowning in Milwaukee River/res: 203 Menomonie St./
			Funeral Home: Dullea/vol. 49 pg. 321
[Blk 6 Row 234s]      Johanna Georgia/b Jun 15, 1884 Milw./d. Jan. 19, 1901/bur: Jan
			22, 1901/age 16/daughter of Daniel & Mary Sullivan/res. 187
			Detroit/cause: TB/Funeral Home: Brett/vol. 187 pg. 115
[Blk 6 Row: 302s]     Elizabeth (cem records: Eliza)/b. 1810 Ireland/d. Dec. 15, 1895/
			bur: Dec. 17, 1898/age. 85/res: Little Sisters (family res:
			2000 Wells)/daughter of Jeremiah & Johanna Lyons/wife of
			Bartholome/vol. 135 pg. 143
[Blk 7 Row 229]       Eliza (cem records: Elizabeth)/b. 1820 Ireland/d. July 3, 1900/
			bur: July 5, 1900/age. 80/daughter of Harry O’Neil & Elizabeth
			Highland/wife of Patrick Lynch/res. 105 11th Street/Funeral Home:
			Oboyle/vol. 181 pg. 111
[Blk 7 Row 229]       Eliza (cem records: Elizabeth)/born NY/d. Sept. 24, 1903/age 57/
			daughter of P. Lynch & Eliza O’Neil/res. 105 11th St./cause: TB/
			Funeral Home: Peacock/vol. 215 pg. 207
[Blk 7 Row 229]       James J./b. 1850 NY/d. Nov. 14, 1904/bur: Nov. 17, 1904/occ: cigar
			manufacturer/son of Patrick & Eliza O’Neil/res. 105 11th St./cause:
			nephritis/Funeral Home: Peacock/vol. 228 pg. 286
[Blk 7 Row 229]       Patrick/d. Nov. 21, 1895/bur: Nov. 23, 1895/age 77/occ: tailor/husband
			of Eliza/cause: cerebral contusion/res. 105 11th St./vol. 134 pg. 349
[Blk 7 Row 229]       Sophia/d. Mar. 14, 1905/bur: Mar. 17, 1905/age 43/daughter of Patrick
			& Eliza O’Neil/Place of death:Milwaukee Asylum/res: 105 11th St./
			cause: chronic melancholia/Funeral Home: Peacock/vol. 232 pg. 420
[Blk 7 Row 229]       Tilly (cem records Matilda)/d. July 25, 1888/age 29 (cem records age
			27)/daughter of Patrick & Eliza/occ: teacher/cause: Consumption/res:
			105 11th St./Funeral Home: Dullea/vol. 60 pg. 16
[Blk 7 Row 286]       Peter/b. Ireland/d. Jan. 2, 1894/bur. Jan 5, 1894/age 83/husband of
			Theresa/res. 279 Pleasant St./vol. 115 pg. 436
[Blk 9 Row 58n]       Edward/b. 1842 Ireland/d. Sept. 11, 1883/age 41/cause: rheumatism/
			res: 264 Milwaukee/Funeral Home: Dullea/
			vol. 30 pg. 229 also vol. 25 pg. 369
[Blk 9 Row 58n]       Michael J./d. Dec. 4, 1888/age 12/son of Edward & Bridget/res: 264
			Milwaukee St./Funeral Home: Dullea/vol. 63 pg. 139
[Blk 10]              John/d. Mar. 17, 1890/bur. Mar. 20, 1890/22 days/parents not listed/
			res: St. Vincent/vol. 74 pg. 197
[Blk 11 Row 122n]     Daniel/b. Jun 15, 1847 Ireland/d. Nov. 17, 1900/bur. Nov. 19, 1900/
			age 53/son of Jerry & Mary Sullivan/res. 187.5 Detroit St./Funeral
			Home: Goodwin/vol. 185 pg. 232
[Blk 11 Row 55]       Christian O./d. Mar. 20, 1893/bur: Mar. 21, 1893/8 months/son of
			Peter & Mary/cause: Bronchitis/res. 261 Ellen St./vol. 107 pg. 77
[Blk 11 Row 55]       John/b. Feb. 24, 1891 Milw./d. Oct. 26, 1905/bur. Oct. 28, 1905/
			age 14/son of Peter R. (NY) & Mary Miad (Milw)/cause: heart disease/
			place of death: Emergency Hosp./Funeral Home: Peacock/vol. 239 pg. 139
[Blk 11 Row 9]        John/d. Aug. 4, 1888/age 32/occ: machinist/drowned in Lake Michigan/
			son of Thomas & Sucy?/res: 198 Broadway/Funeral Home: Peacock/
			vol. 60 pg. 188
[Blk 11 Row 9] 	      Charles H. (Chas.)/d. June 1, 1889/bur: Jun 3, 1889/age 26/
			son of Michael & Lucy/cause TB/res: 157 Broadway/vol. 67 pg. 400
[Blk 12 Row 23n]      John/b. Apr. 14, 1855 Cedarburg/d. Dec. 20, 1901/occ: liquor
			merchant/son of Matthew & Bridget/husband of Catherine/cause:
			acute mania, Milwaukee Asylum for the Insane/Funeral Home Oboyle/
			vol. 197 pg. 408
[Blk 12]              Sister Loretta/St. Rose Orphan Asylum/b. Apr. 27, 1844 Ireland/
			d. June 23, 1896/bur: Jun 25, 1896/age 52/Cause: TB/
			daughter of Edward and Ellen/vol. 140 pg. 97
[Blk 13 Row 36]       Bridget/b. Feb. 15, 1830 Ireland/d. Dec. 9, 1902/bur. Dec. 12,
			1902/age 72/daughter of Matthew Cummings & Bridget McGran/wife
			of Matthew/res:95 11th St./Funeral Home: Oboyle/vol. 206 pg. 431
[Blk 13 Row 36]       Howard/b. Oct. 17, 1894 Milwaukee/d. Nov. 22, 1902/bur: Nov. 23, 1902/
			age 8/son of Matthew J. & Marie Gleason/res: 2215 Wells/cause: TB/
			Funeral Home: Oboyle/vol. 206 pg. 173
[Blk 14 Row 83n]      Mabel Agnes/b. Feb. 14, 1887 Milw./d. Dec. 24, 1896/bur: Dec. 25, 1996/
			age 9/daughter of John C. & Margaret/cause: diptheria./res:416
			Sherman St./vol. 145 pg. 138
[Blk 15 Row 22 Lot 17]Sarah/b. 1818 Ireland/d. Apr. 4, 1898/bur: Apr. 6, 1898/age 80/
			daughter of John & Nora Flemming/wife of Andrew/res. 2000 Wells/
			vol. 158 pg. 211
[Blk 15 Row 5 Lot 34] Walter T./b. July 3, 1881 Chicago/d. Nov. 30, 1901/bur: Dec. 3, 1901/
			age 20/occ: Collector/son of Walter E. & Elizabeth Doyle/cause:
			suicide by shooting/res: 721 Cass St./Funeral Home: Peacock/
			vol. 196 pg. 86
[Blk 15 Sec. 2 Row 41 Lot 8] Philip/b. Ireland/d. Nov. 27, 1905/bur: Nov. 29, 1905/age 53
			(cem records age 57)/son of Hugo & ? Plunket/Alms House/Funeral
			Home: County/cause: TB/vol. 241 pg. 122
[Blk 16 Row 159n]     James J./b. Sept. 29, 1882 Chicago/d. Sept. 11, 1907/bur: Sept.
			14, 1907/age 24 (cem records 25)/occ: salesman/son of Walter F. (Il.)
			& Elizabeth Doyle (England)/res: 721 Cass St./Funeral Home: Peacock/
			vol. 263 pg. 312
[Blk 22 Row 33 Lot 37]John/b. Aug. 15, 1867 Ireland/d. Nov. 7, 1907/bur. Nov. 11, 1907/
			age 40/son of Patrick & ?/ informant J.W. Coon/Last Address: Con.
			Hospital/Funeral Home: Bark/vol. 266 pg. 236
Father/John C. Lynch/Died June 23, 1934/age 77 years/(John Carrol
	Lynch/b. Jackson, Wis/d. June 23, 1934/husband of Margaret
	Ann Burke/son of Patrick Lynch and Rose Marie (CARROLL))
Mother/Margaret Lynch/Died Dec 27, 1921/(Margaret Ann (BURKE)/b.
	Oct. 13, 1862 Milw/d. Dec 27, 1921/wife of John Carroll/
	daughter of John Burke and Bridget Fahey)
Helen J. Lynch/Died Sept. 8, 1941/age 46 years/(Helen J. (HAYES)/
	b. 1897 Wisconsin/wife of Joseph Lynch
Rose Lynch/Died Apr. 25, 1955/age 56 years/(daughter of John Carroll
	and Margaret Ann)
Bessie Lynch/Died Dec. 29, 1981/Age 81 years/(Elizabeth/b. June 9,
	1900/daughter of John Carroll and Margaret Ann)
Tessie Lynch/1873-1949/(b. Wisconsin/d. May 28, 1949/daughter of
	Matthew Arthur Lynch and Bridget CUMMINGS)
Jerome N. Lynch/1866-1964/(b. Jan 2, 1866 Wisconsin/d. Feb. 22, 1964/
	husband of Mollie S. ?/son of Matthew Arthur Lynch and
	Bridget CUMMINGS)
Mollie S. Lynch/1875-1967/(b. Wisconsin/d. Mar 29, 1967/wife of
	Jerome Nicholas
Father/Died Mar. 20, 1913/Aged 91 years/(Matthew Arthur Lynch/b. 1822
	County Meath, Ireland/d. Mar 20, 1913/husband of Bridget
	(CUMMINGS)/son of Patrick Lynch and Catherine (DONNELLY))
Mother/Died Dec. 9, 1902/Aged 72 years/(Bridget (CUMMINGS) Lynch/b.
	Feb. 15, 1830 Ireland/d. Dec. 9, 1902/wife of Matthew Arthur
Howard/Died Nov. 231, 1902/Aged 7 yr's/(Howard Joseph/b. Oct. 17, 1894
	Milw/d. Nov. 22, 1902/son of Matthew James Lyncy and Mary
	Ellen (GLEASON))
Father/Matthew J. Lynch/Died July 15, 1919/(Matthew James/b. 1862
	Cedarburg/husband of Mary Ellen (GLEASON)/son of Matthew
	Arthur Lynch and Bridget Cummings)
Mother/Mary E. Lynch/Died Oct. 8,1858/(Mary Ellen (GLEASON)/b. 1871
	Wisc./wife of Matthew James
Nora Lynch/1879-1959/(Nora (SHIELDS)/b.Canada/d. Jan 11, 1959/wife of
	William F. Lynch)
Wm. F. Lynch/1868-1949/(William F./b. Cedarburg/d. May 31, 1949/husband
	of Nora (SHIELDS)/son of Matthew Arthur Lynch and Bridget Cummings)
Helen Lynch/1898-1919/(b. July 11, 1898 Milw./d. May 29, 1919/daughter
	of William F. & Nora Shields)
Father/Edward H.Lynch/1853-1933/(b. Wisc./d. Aug. 10, 1933/husband of
	Elizabeth (RICE)/son of Matthew Arthur Lynch and Bridget Cummings)
Mother/Elizabeth Lynch/1858-1929/(Elizabeth (RICE)/b. Wisc./d. June 24,
	1929/wife of Edward H.)
Edward J. Lynch/Feb. 6, 1963/Veteran World War II/(b. Apr. 17, 1900
	Milw/d. Feb. 6, 1963/son of Matthew James Lynch and Mary
	Ellen Gleason)
Frances E. Lynch/1888-1977/(Francis Edward Lynch/b July 28, 1888
	Milw/d. Jan 12, 1977/husband of Catherine P. (WISEMAN)/
	son of John Lynch and Catherine A. Howe)
John Lynch/1855-1901/Father/(b. Apr. 14, 1855 Cedarburg, Wis/d.
	Dec. 20, 1901/husband of Catherine H. (HOWE)/son of Matthew
	Arthur Lynch and Bridget Cummings)
Catherine H. Lynch/1858-1930/Mother/(b. Catherine H. (HOWE)/b.
	Mendota, MN/d. Aug. 8, 1930/wife of John Lynch)
Eva M. Lynch/1890-1906/(b. June 23, 1890 Milw/d. July 26, 1906/
	daughter of John Lynch and Catherine A. Howe)
Katherine W. Lynch/1892-1974/(Katherine (WISEMAN)/b. Ill./d.
	Feb 19, 1974/wife of Francis Edward Lynch)
Alice E. Lynch/Died mar 28, 1991/daughter of Matthew & Mary/
	(b. Nov. 26, 1903 Milw/d. Mar 28, 1991 Wauwatosa/ daughter
	of Matthew James Lynch and Mary Ellen Gleason)


[P] Mac Gregor, Charles C. and Agnes

[P] Mach, Margaret

[P] Macleod, Mary

[P] Madden, Andrew and family

[P] Madden, Edw.

[P] Magin, Celia

[P] Maier, Peter

[P] Majewski, Walter and Susan H.


[P] Malone, William and Peg

[P] Mannenbach, Anna K.

[P] Mannenback, Anna K.

[P] Manning, Helen

[P] Manowski, Harry C. and family

[P] Manschot, Anna C.

[P] Markey, Roberte

[Blk 13 Row 49] [Elizabeth/d: Aug. 10, 1976/bur: Aug. 13, 1976/
			Age 83/res: 12151 Godsell Ave/Funeral Home:  Schmidt]

[Blk 11 Row 80] [George/bur:  Dec. 7, 1921/Age 85/
			res: 588 3 St./Funeral Home:  Wendler]

[P] Masiak, Frances

[P] Matalazio, Scarlata

Frances Mayer/May 11, 1897-Aug 8, 1973.(Frances (SCHILLER)/b.
	Wisc/wife of Cornelius J. Mayer)
Cornelius J Mayer/Wisconsin Y3 USNRF World War I/May 26, 1897/
	Aug 29, 1954/(b. Milw/husband of Frances (SCHILLER)/
	son of August Mayer and Anna RUNTE)
Mother/Anna/1874-1944/(Anna (RUNTE)/b. Mar 1874 Wisc./d. Feb 4,
	1944/wife of August Mayer/daughter of Cornelius Casper
	Runte and Appolonia Oberbrunner)
Father/August/1868-1952/(b. June 1, 1868 Germany/d. July 19, 1952/
	husband of Anna (RUNTE))


[P] McAuliffe, Cornelius S.

[P] McCarthy, Dennis

[Blk 6 Row 339]  [Charles M./bur: Aug. 26, 1936/Age 59/
			res: Good Hope Rd/Funeral Home:  Heiden-

[P] McCusker, James and Catherine

[P] McDermott, Owen and Elizabeth


Father/Hazen J. McCoy/1879-1919/(d. May 13, 1919/husband of
	Gertrude (NOLAN))

[P] McGarry, Thomas

[P] McGeoch, Catherine

[P] McGeoch, Robert C.

[P] McGeogh, Chas Fredrick

[P] McGlone, Catherine

[P] McGovern, Phillip

[P] McGrath, Lenna M.

Wife/Marie E. McKee/Mar 14, 1992/(Marie Elizabeth (LYNCH)/b.
	July 3, 1896 Milw/wife of Raymond J. McKee/daughter of
	Matthew James Lynch and Mary Ellen Gleason)
Husband/Raymond J. McKee/Jan. 15, 1979/(b. 1893/d. Wauwatosa/
	husband of Marie Elizabeth Lynch)

[P] McKee, Bridget

[P] McKee, John W.

[P] McKillip, William

[P] McManus, Jas.

[P] McManus, Margie

[P] McNamara, Ollie

[P] McNutty, Frank

[P] Mee, Patrick and Julia

Wife/Marie E. Meehan/1889-1940/(Marie (NOLAN)/b. Milw./d.
	Oct. 2, 1940/wife of Ralph G. Meehan/daughter of
	John Nolan and Mary Elizabeth Lynch)

[P] Mees, Amelia Schmitz

[P] Meka, Augusta

[P] Melaughlin, James

[P] Meng, Fred and family

[P] Menne, Jacob and Josephine

[P] Merkel, Catharine

[P] Merkelbach, Caspar

[P] Merkelbach, Maria G.

[Blk 20 Row 40s] Anna Mary/b. Feb. 9, 1872/d. Jan. 3, 1906/bur: Jan 6, 1906/wife of
			Anton Merz/daughter of Joseph Belster and ? Geller/age 33/
			res: 774 Scott St./Funeral Home: Bielefeld
[Blk 20 Row 40s] Anna/b. Jun 2, 1899/d. Feb. 26, 1900/bur: Feb. 28, 1900/infant/
			daughter of Anton Merz and Anna Belster/res: 1252 Chambers/
			Funeral Home Weiand
[Blk 20 Row 40s] Anton J./b. Nov. 21, 1869/d. Jun 13, 1920/bur: Jun 16, 1920/age 51/
			husband of Anna Belster/son of John Merz and Caroline Henley/
			res: 754 Scott St./Funeral Home: Siezer
[Blk 20 Row 40s] Carl/b. Jun 29, 1895/d. Sept. 6, 1941/bur: Sept. 10, 1941/age 46/
			son of Anton Merz and Anna Belster/res: 1624 W. Scott St./
			Funeral Home: Borgwardt
[Blk 20 Row 40s] Caroline/b. Nov. 28, 1905/d. May 2, 1917/bur: May 5, 1917/age 12/
			daughter of Anton Merz and Anna Belster/res: 563 S. Pierce St./
			Funeral Home: Seizer
[Blk 20 Row 40s] Christina/b. Nov. 2, 1901/d. Jan 25, 1903/bur: Jan 27, 1903/age 1/
			daughter of Anton Merz and Anna Belster/res: 774 Scott St./
			Funeral Home: Bielefeld
[Blk 20 Row 40s] Louis/b. May 30, 1893/d. Aug. 8, 1893/bur: Aug. 10, 1975/infant/
			son of Anton Merz and Anna Belster/res. 1254 Chambers St./
[Blk 14 Row 11s] Elizabeth/b. Aug. 10, 1880/d. Mar 17, 1911/bur: May 21, 1911/age 31/
			wife of John Merz/daughter of Peter Schneider and Anna Demermath/
			res: 397 26 Ave./Funeral Home Seizer
[Elizabeth/d. May 18, 1975/wife of Joseph Merz]

[P] Meyer, Cresentia


[P] Michaels, Emmy

[P] Michalek, Joseph F.

[P] Michea, Anna

[P] Michiels, Ida

[P] Mihm, Mary A.

[P] Miklich, Victor

[P] Mikolajczak, Maryanna

[P] Miller, Elizabeth

Helena (RUEMING)/b: 6 Mar 1868/d. 8 Sep 1943/daughter of
	John Henry & Gertrude Rueming

[P] Mitchell, Mary

[P] Mittendorf, Alice M.

[P] Moehn, Anna

[P] Moehring, Henry and Theresa

[P] Monday, Joseph

[P] Monshausen, Nicolaus

[P] Montemezzo, Anton

[P] Morelic, Nick

[P] Moritz, Millie

[P] Morser, Mary

[P] Moser, Ignatz

[P] Muckerheide, Elisabeth Wangard

[P] Muehlbauer, Josephine

[P] Mueller, Johann

[P] Mulgrew, Ellen

[P] Mullaney, Miriam P.

[P] Mulvanny, John G.

[P] Murawsky, Victor

Mother/Irene T./Nov. 21, 1896/June 20, 1971/(Irene T. (MAYER)/
	b. Wisconsin/daughter of August Mayer and Anna RUNTE)/OSSW:
Father/William W./Aug 28, 1897/July 9, 1971/(husband of Irene
	T. (MAYER))
Dennis D./May 27, 1930/Apr. 21, 2002/(on of William W. Murphy
	and Irene T. Mayer)/OSSW:
Alex J. Mayer/Apr. 1906/Jan 1908/(Alex Joseph/b Milw./d.
	Jan 27, 1908/son of August Mayer and Anna Runte)/OSSW:
Olive Marie Mayer/Sept 1914/Apr. 1915/(b. Milwaukee/d.
	Apr. 27, 1915/daughter of August Mayer and Anna Runte)
Mary (Glock)/d. Jul 18, 1955/submitted by researcher

[P] Murphy, Cornelius W. and family

[P] Murphy, Mary E. Crowley


John Patrick/Jan. 1, 1936/Sept. 10, 1994/OSSW:
Maureen Patricia/Sept 16, 1937-_____/(Patricia (MURPHY)/
	wife of John Patrick

[P] Myszewski, Theodore and Valerie

[P] Nelson, Zonsa and Burlowski family

[P] Nettles, James Franklin

[P] Nicoud, Janet Wilson

[P] Niezorawski, Hattie

[P] Nikolaus, Barbara

[P] Noe, Erwin and Agnes

Mamma/Lizzie Nolan/Died July 27, 1893/Aged 34 years/(Mary
	Elizabeth (LYNCH)/b. Wis./d. July 27, 1893/wife of
	John Nolan/daughter of Matthew Arthur Lynch and
	Bridget Cummings)


[P] Obenauf, John and family


[P] Oberle, George J.


[P] O'Driscoll, Catherine

[P] O'Driscoll, James

[blk 10 row 107N]	Adelhaide Mary Offenbacher (Otten)/June 1, 1930/
				(b. Apr. 16, 1857 Milw./d. June 01, 1930/
				wife of George

[P] Offenbacher, Elizabeth

[P] Offenbacher, Jacob

[P] O'Hearn, J.M.

[P] O'Keef, Margaret

[P] Okruszinska, Antonina

[P] O'Neill, James and Bridget

[P] Oparka, Anna

[P] Oparka, Baltazi

[Blk 15 Sec 2 Row 44 Lot 10]	Agatha Oppermann/interred: May 25, 1906/Age 52/Funeral Home Weiand
[Blk 21 Row 45se]		Anna Oppermann/interred: Mar 21, 1939/Age 78/Funeral Home Becker
[Blk 1 Sec Row 9 Lot 3]		Anna B Oppermann/interred: Feb. 17, 1887/Age 63/Funeral Home Weiand
[Blk 2 Row 15 Lot 4]		John Oppermann/interred: Nov. 22, 1886/Age 0/Funeral Home Schimian
[Blk 1 Row 3 Lot 8]		Peter Oppermann/interred: Jan 10, 1886/Age 69/Funeral Home Weiand


Florence O'Reilly/Nov. 8, 1894/May 5, 1939/(b. Milw/daughter of
	John Carroll Lynch and Margaret Ann BURKE/wife of Daniel
	Patrick O'Reilly)

[P] Orlikowska, Marianna Krzoska

[P] Orlikowski, Marcin and family

[P] Orzechowski, Jan

[P] Ostrowski, John

Our Mother/Katharina Ott/Nov. 1, 1840/Dec. 3, 1918/(b. Katharina
	(BOEHM)/b. Austria/wife of George Ott/daughter of Mathias
	Boehm and Catharina Spinka)
Sohn/William J./12. April 1869/28 Mai 1912/Ruhe Sanft/(son of
	George Ott and Katharina Boehm)
Our Father/George Ott/Aged 52 years 11 mo's 20 d'ys/(b. June 16,
	1838 Neukirch, Bavaria/d. June 6, 1891/husband of
	Katharina (BOEHM))
Brother/Alois Ott/Apr. 5, 1879/Dec 26, 1927/R.I.P./(b. Milwaukee/
	son of George Ott and Katharina Boehm)


[P] Owsianny, Margaret

[P] Paccagnella, Palma

[P] Paccagnella, Salvatore

[P] Paczesny, Jan


Louise Pimpl/June 21, 1847/Jan. 14, 1923/(Louise BOEHM/wife of
	Ferdinand Pimpl/daughter of Mathias Boehm and Catharina
Ferdinand Pimpl/Aug. 14, 1844/June 19, 1913/(b. Austria)

[P] Papka, Catherine

[P] Paquet, Katherine

[P] Paul, Catherine

[P] Pavicevic, Anna

[P] Pavlovich, Louis

[P] Pazour, Emil

[P] Pazour, Mary

[P] Pennefather, John E. and family

[P] Peplinski, Michal and Maryanna

[P] Peplinski, S.P. Jan

[P] Pertle, Doris

[P] Pestka, Pawel

[P] Pfannerstill, Anton S.

[P] Pfannerstill, Elizabeth Lugert

[P] Phelan, John

[P] Phelan, Michael R.

[P] Phelan, Thomas

[P] Piecha, Lawrence

[P] Pieroni, Slacomo

[P] Pierzchalski, Peter J.


[P] Pintar, Matthew

[P] Plewensky, Anthony and Ethel

[P] Plewensky, Maria Jaeger

[P] Plinska, Elzbieta

[P] Podlesnik, Frank

[P] Poenichem, Catherine M. Butler

[P] Poetsch, Anna

[P] Poetzel, Michael and Magdalena

[P] Pokrzywinski, Jan P. and Anna

[P] Polacek, Michal

[P] Polarek, Norbert

[P] Polaszka, Michal

[P] Polczynskich, Jozef and Agnies

[P] Polenz, Dittmar and Mary

[P] Polenz, Walter

[P] Popp, Joseph

[P] Popp, unclear

[P] Posello, John

[P] Prebilich, Helen

[P] Pree, Elizabeth

[P] Pron, Mary and infant son

[P] Pugar, Jacob and Theresa

[P] Quickert, Amalia

[P] Quickert, Jacob

[P] Quinlan, Mary

[P] Quinn, Mary Ann

[P] Raasch, Charles

[P] Raasch, Mary

[P] Radmer, Julia Schrenk

[P] Radmer, Theresa

[P] Rae, Anna McCann


[P] Raith, Franziska Altmann


[P] Rappl, Barbara

[P] Rappl, J.

[P] Rappl, John

[P] Rebernak, Peter

[south one-half Lot 479, Block 5]  John N. Regan/d. October 14th, 1888/Hospital Steward in
					C. D, 40th Regt. Wis Vol. Infantry

Bernice Reichert/1914-1923/(b. Milwaukee)
Gertrude Reichert/1905-1924/(b. June 20, 1905 Milw./d. May 1924/
	daughter of Frank & Josephine)
Frank Reichert/1874-1947/(Frank J./b. Dec 1874/d. Mar 15, 1947/
	son of Andreas Reichert & Amelia Sutter/husband of Josephine
Josephine Reichert/1877-1946/(Josephine (HERR)/d. July 1, 1946/wife
	of Frank J.
Clara Reichert/Geb. 15, Nov. 1888/Gest. 10, Mai 1905/(b. Nov. 16,
	1888 Illinois/d. May 10, 1905/daughter of Charles Reichert
	and Josephine (RAKUTZ))
Mutter/Amelia/1839-1899/(Amelia (SUTTER)/b. Feb. 6, 1839 Baden,
	Germany/d. Apr. 19, 1899/wife of Andreas Reichert)
Vater/Andreas Reichert/Geb. 19 Dec. 1839/Gest. 27, Juli 1907/
	(b. Dec 19, 1839 Nieder-Saulheim, Hesse-Darmstadt
	Germany/d. July 27, 1907/husband of Amelia Sutter)
Vater/Karl Reichert/Geb. 20 April 1864/Gest 27 Mai 1903/
	(Charles/b. Apr. 20, 1964 Milw./d. May 27, 1903/
	son of Andreas Reichert and Amelia Sutter/husband
	of Josephine (RUKUTZ))
Father/Chas Reichert/1850-1924/(b. June 24, 1849 Richfield,
	WI/d. June 7, 1924/husband of Mary (BOEHM)/son of
	Peter Reichert and Eva (DAPPER))
Mother/Mary Reichert/1851-1926/(Mary (BOEHM)/b. 1850 Bohemia/
	d. Jan. 16, 1926/wife of Charles Reichert/daughter of
	Mathias Boehm and Catharina Spinka)
Brother/Charles Reichert/1886-1928/(b. Apr. 11, 1886 Milw./
	d. Mar 11, 1928/son of Charles Reichert and Mary BOEHM)
Peter Reichert/Died 1879/(b. May 23, 1810 Nieder-Saulheim,
	Hesse-Darmstadt Germany/d. Mar 18, 1879/husband of
	Maria Theresia Eva (DAPPER)/son of Ludwig Reichert
	and Barbara Diehl)


[P] Reilly, Fred J.

[P] Reilly, Maria L.

[P] Reith, Joseph and Margaret

[P] Reither, Phillip

[P] Relja, Mato

[P] Remlinger, Emilie

[P] Remm, Adam

[P] Remm, Christina

[P] Renz, Theresia

[P] Reschke, John and Amelia

[P] Restle, Geo.

[P] Reszczynskich, Maryanny


[P] Riedl, Marguerite

[P] Riordan, George F. and Kathryn

[P] Risch, Charles and Amalia

[P] Riva, Charles H.

[P] Riva, Louis and Ella

[P] Rivera, Leona Barry

[P] Rivers, Fred

[P] Rodig, Magdalena

[P] Roehnsch, Adaline

In Memory of/James Rohan/Died July 8, 1880/aged 67 years/
	inscription/(b. 1813 County Clare Ireland/husband
	of Bridget (CONSIDINE))/OSSW:
Bridget T. Rohan/died Dec. 3, 1871/aged 16 years 9 months/
	(b. Mar 5, 1857 Milw/daughter of James Rohan and
	Bridget Considine)/OSSW:
Ellen F. O'Connell/Died June 4, 1879/aged 29 years/(Ellen
	(ROHAN)/b. May 14, 1850 Milw/wife of James O'Connell/
	daughter of James Rohan and Bridget Considine)
Bridget Rohan/Died Oct. 23, 1915/Aged 93 years/(Bridget
	(CONSIDINE)/b. Nov. 1822 County Clare, Ireland/
	wife of James Rohan)


[P] Rondeau, Edward

[P] Rondeau, Peter and Elmina

[P] Ronge, John

[P] Ronge, John C.

[P] Ronge, Marie

[P] Root, Card M.

Sarah A./1864-1939/(Sarah Anne (ROHAN)/b. June 11, 1864
	Milw/d. Mar 8, 1939/wife of William F. Rosenbaum/
	daughter of James Rohan and Bridget Considine)
Wm. Rosenbaum/1857-1925/(William F./b. Fond du Lac, Wis/
	d. Apr 24, 1925 Wauwatosa/husband of Sarah Anne Rohan)

[P] Rosiedowski, Peter

[P] Rossiter, Catherine

[P] Rotter, Frank

[P] Rozek, Ludwika and Franciszek

[P] Rubner, Anna

[P] Rubner, Carl


[P] Rueth, William and Josephine

[P] Ruf, Rose

Father Cornelius/1833-1895/(Cornelius Casper/b. Feb. 28, 1833
	Sieperting, Germany/d. Dec 17, 1895/husband of Appolonia
	(OBERBRUNNER)/son of Johannes Moritz Runte and Maria
	Margaret (PADBERG))/OSSW:
Mother Appolonia/1844-1906/(Appolonia (OBERBRUNNER)/b. Jan 14,
	1844/d. Feb 19, 1906/wife of Cornelius)
Mother/Gertrude Runte/1831-1908/(Maria Gertrude (SCHMIDT)/
	b.Apr. 12, 1830 Osterwald, Germany/d. Sept 20, 1908/
	wife of Johannes Mortiz Runte)
Father/Maurice Runte/1804-1892/(Johannes Moritz Runte/
	b. July 10, 1804 Sieperting, Germany/d. Feb. 7, 1892/
	husband of Maria Gertrude (SCHMIDT)/son of Heinrich
	Bernhard Runte and Anna Margareta (KAYSER))
Father/Ferdinand Runte/1862-1939/(b. Apr. 9, 1862 Eslohe,
	Germany/d. Jan 9, 1939/husband of Frances (HERMANN)/
	son of Johannes Moritz Runte and Maria Gertrude Schmidt)
Mother/Frances Runte/1874-1949/(Frances (HERMANN)/b. Apr. 16,
	1874 Wisc./d. May 22, 1949/wife of Ferdinand Runte)
Roman J J Runte/Wisconsin/Cpt Army Air Forces/World War II/
	March 26, 1906/Jan 8, 1871/(b. Milw/husband of Marion
	R. (KUNZE)/son of Ferdinand Runte and Frances Hermann
Son/Anthony Runte/1904-1923/(Anthony Henry Runte/b. May 4, 1904
	Milwaukee/d. June 13, 1923 Town of Lake/son of Ferdinand
	Runte and Frances Hermann)


[P] Rupnik, Frank

[P] Ryan, John H. and Bridge M.

[P] Ryck, Paulina

[P] Rymarz, Mary

[P] Rzepinski, Henry K. and Jozefi

[P] Rzepinski, Mary R.

[P] Rzepinski, unclear

[P] Sadkovich, George

[P] Sagerer, Michael

[Blk 14 Row 86s]	John Salb/interred: Oct. 22, 1901/Age 42/Funeral Home Alstadt
[Blk 14 Row 86s]	John Salb/interred: May 26, 1914/Age 37/Funeral Home Becker
[Blk 15 Sec 2 Row 6 Lot 4] Julia Salb/interred: Jun 11, 1903/Age 41/Funeral Home Brett
[Blk 4 Sec E Row 76s]	Karl Salb/interred: Nov 17, 1896/Age 67
[Blk 4 Sec E Row 76s]	Magdalena Salb/interred: Oct. 7, 1888/Age 48/Funeral Home Wendler

[Blk 5 Sec C Row 161e]	Maria Salback/interred: Mar 18, 1872/Age 1/Funeral Home 

[P] Salk, Marie E.

[P] Salk, Paulette L.

[P] Salter, Donavan S.

[P] Sameslefski, Thomas

[P] Sanders, Joseph

[P] Sandner, Frank

[P] Sandner, John

[P] Sarno, Josephine

[P] Sbragia, Iole

[P] Scannell, Patrick H. and Julia

[P] Schacherl, John

[P] Schaning, Edward and Olga

[P] Schaning, George and Anna

[P] Scherer, E. Philomena

[P] Scherer, Georg

[P] Scherer, Peter and Josephine

[Blk 20 Row 1]   Gertrude (Kieffer)/b. 4 Jan 1880/d. 24 June 1910/bur: Jun 27, 1910/
			wife of Louis G./age 30 years/res: 451 40 St./Funeral Home: Feerick


[P] Schilling, Ellen M.

[P] Schindler, John

[P] Schirmer, Genoveta

[P] Schloegel, Henry and Jennie

[P] Schmautz, Anton

[P] Schmautz, Maria

[P] Schmid, Joseph

[P] Schmid, Marie

[P] Schmidt, Katie

[P] Schmidt, Mary A.


[P] Schmitz, Margaretha

[P] Schneider, Elisabeth


Louisa/1877-1969/(Louisa (OTT)/b. Apr. 29, 1877 Milw/d.
	Nov. 9, 1969/wife of Martin G. Schottler/daughter of
	George Ott and Katherina Boehm)/OSSW:
Martin/1874-1952/(b. Apr. 10, 1874 Wis./d. Mar. 20, 1952/
	husband of Louisa (OTT)
Adam Runte/1834-1921/(b. Sept 30, 1834 Sieperting,
	Germany/d. Aug 11, 1921/husband of Maria (BUECHEL)/
	son of Johannes Moritz Runte and Mari Margarete Padberg)


[P] Schramek, John and Anna

[P] Schreindl, Joseph

[P] Schreindl, Katherina

[P] Schubert, Willie

[P] Schuh, Elizabeth

[P] Schuh, Philip


[P] Schwarz, J.

[P] Scislowski, Anna

[P] Scott, Wm.

[P] Seebauer, Alois

[P] Seiberlich, Leopold

[P] Sem, Martin

[P] Semletina, unclear

[P] Semrad, F.J.

[P] Seng, Anna M.

[P] Seng, Dr. Wilfrid L. D.D.S.

[P] Senger, John

[P] Sery, Anthony

[P] Sery, Helen

[P] Sesolak, Paul and Mary


Family Stone/NEXT TO:
John Shannon/1840-1923/(John Shannon(Shanahan)/b. Nov 18, 1840
	Barnane-Ely, Tiperary Ireland/d. Jan. 10, 1923/Husband
	of Mary (ROHAN))
Mother/Mary Shannon/1847-1899/(Mary (ROHAN)/b. Sept 20, 1847 VT./
	d. Apr 28, 1899/wife of John Shannon/daughter of James
	Rohan and Bridget Considine)
Daughter/Mary E. Shannon/1868-1956/(b. Mar 13, 1868 Milw/d.
	Nov. 9, 1956/daughter of John Shannon and Mary Rohan)

[P] Shannon, John

[P] Sheehan, Pearl Cecila


[P] Shekore, John C.

[P] Shenners, Frank

[P] Sherwenka, Joseph and Elizabeth

[P] Shust, Eva

[P] Sieben, George and Marie

[P] Siehr, Maria

[P] Skiba, Helen and family

[P] Smasal, Anna


[P] Snell, Kitie

[P] Sobieska, Anna

[P] Sochurek, Louis

[P] Sorce, John and Joan

[P] Soukup, Karolina

[P] Spaml, Josef

[P] Spangenberg, Charles and Anna

Husband/Frank A. Spencer/1889-1923/(b. Oct. 19, 1889 Milw/d.
	Aug. 4, 1923/husband of Anna M. (FRITSCH)/son of
	William H. Spencer and Margert (DOOLEY))
Mother/Margaret Spencer/Born July 17, 1854/Died Feb 17, 1907/
	(Margaret (DOOLEY)/b. Ireland/wife of William H. Spencer)


[P] Stadler, Franz X.

Edward P./12919-1988/(d. May 6, 1988)/OSSW:
Georgette F./1921-____/(Georgette F. (WITTIN))

[P] Starck, William and Margaretha

[P] Starszak, Noraine

[P] Starszak, Stanley

[P] Steckel, Agnes Conroy

[P] Stehle, Anna

[P] Steinmetz, Anna

[P] Steinmetz, Mathias

[P] Steirn, John

[P] Sternemann, Emma

[P] Sternemann, Katie

[P] Steuer, John and Anna

[P] Steuer, Juliana

[P] Stewart, Adele Abel

[P] Stoffel, Joseph F. and Martha

[P] Straub, Lizzie

[P] Strosta, Elizabeth

[P] Strosta, Frank

[P] Stuesse, Fridolin

[P] Sturm, Frank

[P] Sturm, Mayme

John P. Styberg/1961-1995/(John Peter/b. Nov. 21, 1961/d.
	Sept. 24, 1995 Chicago, IL/daughter of Ralph Gibson
	and Mary Boyle)

-----/d. June 29, 1911/address at death: 164 Chicago St.
Agnes/d. Apr. 25, 1904/age: 38y/address at death: 340 Jackson St.
Agnes/d. Jan. 7, 1901/age: 1y-6m/address at death: St. Vincent
Alice/d. Apr. 22, 1922/age: .5 hour/address at death: 327 Riverside Pl.
Alice/d. Oct. 24, 1882/age: 25y/address at death: 151 Huron St.
Ann/d. Jun. 4, 1876/age: 42y/address at death: 82 Erie St.
Ann/d. Sep. 23, 1876/age: 5m/address at death: 168 Erie St.
Anna/d. Aug. 16, 1908/age: 35y/address at death: 2019 State St.
Anna/d. Feb. 8, 1917/age: 62y-10m-14d/address at death: 252 26 St.
Bernardine/d. Apr. 25, 1907/age: 41y/address at death: 523 Scott St.
Bridget/d. Mar. 26, 1906/age: 48y-9m/address at death: 399 Oakland
Bridget/d. Mar. 9, 1882/age: 33y-4m/address at death: 166 Erie St.
Bryan Jenning/d. Mar. 10, 1897/age: 3m/address at death: 638 Jackson St.
C.H./d. Feb. 15, 1886/age: Stillborn   187 Jefferson St.
Carroll/d. May 26, 1900/age: 12y-7m-20d/address at death: 372 Albion St.
Catherine E./d. Sep. 12, 1883/age: 27y/address at death: 916 Fowler St.
Catherine G./d. Dec. 9, 1894/age: 1y-5m/address at death: 626 Clybourn St.
Catherine J./d. Jul. 22, 1879/age: 6m/address at death: 238 Jefferson St.
Catherine/d. Aug. 27, 1904/age: 65y/address at death: 607 9 St.
Catherine/d. Feb. 22, 1923/age: 72y/address at death: 742 Astor St.
Catherine/d. Feb. 27, 1897/age: 28y/address at death: 184 11 St.
Catherine/d. Mar. 28, 1885/age: 76y/address at death: St. Mary's Hospital
Catherine/d. Mar. 8, 1885/age: 35y/address at death: 535 3 Ave.
Catherine/d. Oct. 19, 1906/age: 93y/address at death: 376 Greenwich St.
Catherine/d. Sep. 12, 1918/age: 92y/address at death: 10 35 St.
Catherine/d. Aug. 29, 1874/age: 7m/address at death: Jefferson St.
Catherine/d. Nov. 15, 1880/age: 89y/address at death: N. Cramer St.
Ch. of Ann/d. Jan. 24, 1916/address at death: 683 Clinton St.
Ch. of C./d. Sep. 24, 1909/address at death: St. Mary's Hospital
Ch. of D./d. Sep. 28, 1907/address at death: Maternity Hospital
Ch. of Martin/d. Dec. 4, 1906/address at death: West Allis
Ch. of Mary/d. Feb. 9, 1916/address at death: St. Vincent
Ch. of Michael/d. Jul. 29, 1902/age: .5 hour /address at death: 190 Erie St.
Ch. of William/d. May 3, 1913/age:  1 hour/address at death: 164 Chicago St.
Charles/d. Oct. 9, 1876/age: 7m/address at death: 817 Hill St.
Child of J./May 25, 1880/age: Stillborn/address at death: 876 Racine St.
Child/d. Oct. 28, 1897/address at death: 344 11 St
Child/d. Sep. 29, 1893/address at death: 240 Brady St.
Christopher D./d. Nov. 27, 1901/age: 51y/address at death: 879 Galena St.
Clide W./d. Sep. 27, 1912/age: 3y/address at death: Clemont Ave.
Cornelius H./d. Apr. 1, 1914/age: 65y/address at death: 715 Franklin St.
Cornelius/d. Feb. 28, 1918/age: 46y/address at death: Baltimore
Cornelius/d. Aug. 30, 1873/age: 1y/address at death: 162 Erie St.
D./d. Aug. 8, 1892/address at death: 655 Mineral St.
Daniel (Child)/d. Feb. 22, 1896 /address at death: 344 11 St.
Daniel F/d. Dec. 5, 1879/age: 2y-4m/address at death: 258 Jefferson St.
Daniel J./d. May 24, 1896/age: 37y/address at death: 621 Cherry St.
Daniel J./d. Nov. 10, 1891/age: 1y-7m/address at death: 638 Jackson St.
Daniel/d. Apr. 6, 1878/age: 28y/address at death: 433 Prospect Ave.
Daniel/d. Dec. 2, 1907/age: 50y/address at death: 479 Milwaukee St.
Daniel/d. Feb. 13, 1894/age: 56y/address at death: 238 Jefferson St.
Daniel/d. Jan. 23, 1924/age: 85y-10m-4d/address at death: 880 Warren Ave.
Daniel/d. Jul. 31, 1878/age: 3m/address at death: 430 Prospect Ave.
Daniel/d. Mar. 11, 1920/age: 51y-5m-24d/address at death: 2618 Cold Spring Ave.
Daniel/d. Mar. 8, 1866
Daniel/d. May 10, 1899/age: 23y/address at death: Chicago
Daniel/d. May 9, 1911/age:  45y/address at death: 195 Jackson St.
Daniel/d. Nov. 13, 1903/age: 67y /address at death: 247 Superior St.
Daniel/d. Nov. 28, 1873/age: 2y/address at death: Jefferson St.
Daniel/d. Nov. 29, 1885/age: 48y/address at death: Mendota
Daniel/d. Oct. 12, 1908/age: 18y/address at death: 376 Greenbush St.
Daniel/d. Sep. 31, 1888/age: 90y/address at death: Little Srs
David J./d. Jul. 18, 1909/age: 2y-7m-14d/address at death: 635 33 St.
Dennie/d. Apr. 21, 1900/age: 75y/address at death: Town of Wauwatosa
Dennis H./d. Jul. 17, 1924/age: 42y-9m-2d/address at death: Insane Hospital
Dennis/d. Aug. 21, 1917/age: 82y-7m-24d/address at death: 1103 Sycamore St.
Dennis/d. Jan. 14, 1880/age: 26y/address at death: 258 Jefferson St.
Dennis/d. Jan. 25, 1906/age: 81y/address at death: 174 13 St.
Dennis/d. Jul. 20, 1866
Earl Joseph/d. Jan. 13, 1902/age: 1y-10m-6d/address at death: 405 Oakland
Edward/d. Jan. 1, 1898/age: 29y/address at death: 203 Jefferson St.
Edward/d. Mar. 29, 1886/age: 1y-1m/address at death: 221 Grove St.
Edward/d. Nov. 16, 1908/age: 37y/address at death: 340 Jackson St.
Eliza/d. Jul. 13, 1891/age: 39y/address at death: Chicago
Eliza/d. Jul. 14, 1896/age: 2m/address at death: St. Vincent
Eliza/d. Oct. 26, 1872/age: 2y-2m/address at death: 162 Erie St.
Elizabeth/d. Dec. 16, 1917/age: 81y/address at death: 233 Knapp St.
Elizabeth/d. Jul. 7, 1919/age: 22y-5m-23d/address at death: 181 12 St.
Elizabeth/d. May 1, 1908/age:  17y/address at death: 520 Jackson St.
Ellen E./d. Jan. 11, 1910/age: 35y-9m-4d/address at death: 1303 Scott St.
Ellen/d. Apr. 18, 1890/age: 50y/address at death: 171 Michigan Ave.
Ellen/d. Apr. 24, 1891/age: 1m-30d/address at death: 50 Erie St.
Ellen/d. Apr. 9, 1887/age: 75y/address at death: 340 Jefferson St.
Ellen/d. Aug. 21, 1923/age: 83m-1m-3d/address at death: 3205 Sycamore St.
Ellen/d. Feb. 4, 1924/age: 82y-11m-13d/address at death: 182 Mason St.
Ellen/d. Jan. 17, 1874/age: 6y/address at death: 829 Hill St.
Ellen/d. Jun. 14, 1888/age: 75y/address at death: 214 Jefferson St.
Eugene/d. Aug. 9, 1919/age: 27y/address at death: 233 Mason St.
Eugene/d. Dec. 27, 1915/age: 45y/address at death: County Hospital
Evelyn Mary/d. Mar. 29, 1906/age: 5d/address at death: Lakeside Hospital
Florence/d. Aug. 13, 1885/age: 22y/address at death: 168 Erie St.
Florence/d. Mar. 18, 1903/age: 4y-11m  /address at death: 50 7 St.
Florence/d. Oct. 12, 1887/age: 44y/address at death: Muskegon
Frances/d. May 4, 1905/age:  22y/address at death: Wauwatosa
Francis A./d. Dec. 2, 1884/age: 11m/address at death: 221 Grove St.
Francis M./d. Jun. 29, 1883/age: 8m/address at death: 337 Jackson St.
Francis/d. Feb. 10, 1904/age: 2m/address at death: 812 Hinman St.
Francis/d. Mar. 23, 1888/age: 9y-4m/address at death: 220 Warren Ave.
Francis/d. Sep. 20, 1868
Frank/d. Jan. 28, 1895/age: 7m/address at death: 439 Virginia St.
G.J./d. Dec. 27, 1888/age: 31y/address at death: 638 Jackson St.
G.P./d. Oct. 13, 1870/age: 10m-13d/address at death: 343 Oregon St.
George Edw./d. May 25, 1885/age: 2y-7d/address at death: 826 Hill St.
George/d. Dec. 23, 1898/age: 3m/address at death: 406.5 Virginia St.
George/d. Mar. 5, 1884/age: 1y-3m/address at death: 228 Jefferson
Gertrude/d. May 11, 1900/age: 18y-4m-22d/address at death: St. Mary's Hospital
Gladys/d. Oct. 18, 1898/age: 1y-8m/address at death: 406.5 Virginia St.
Helen/d. Jan. 14, 1902/age: 7m /address at death: 1030 Wells St.
Honora/d. Nov. 15, 1893/age: 76y /address at death: 50 Erie St.
Hugh/d. Mar. 10, 1898/age: 75y/address at death: 916 St. Paul Ave.
J. (Child of Cornelius H.)/d. May 30, 1895/age: Stillborn /address at death: 715 Franklin
J./d. May 23, 1880/age: Stillborn/address at death: 70 Chicago St.
J.F./d. Jun. 24, 1890/age: 11m/address at death: 406.5 Virginia St.
James J./d. Aug. 28, 1882/age: 14d/address at death: 876 Sobieski St.
James/d. Apr. 12, 1897/age: 64y/address at death: 340 Jackson St.
James/d. Feb. 19, 1887/age: 36y/address at death: 367 Brady St.
James/d. Feb. 23, 1887/age: 1y-3m/address at death: 367 Brady St.
James/d. Jul. 1, 1900/age: 3y-10m-16d /address at death: 372 Albion St.
James/d. Mar. 3, 1888/age: 3y-6m/address at death: 166 Albion St.
James/d. Mar. 5, 1859
James/d. Nov. 18, 1899/age: 33y/address at death: Chicago
James/d. Oct. 13, 1889/age: 15y/address at death: 306 Fowler St.
Jane/d. Oct. 22, 1870/age: 22y/address at death: Chicago
Jerry/d. Jan. 1, 1881/age: 2y-6m/address at death:  Juneau Ave.
Jerry/d. Sep. 8, 1860
Joanna/d. Feb. 1, 1904/age: 38y/address at death: 240 Jefferson St.
Johanna/d. Dec. 30, 1891/age: 79y/address at death: 103 Clermont St.
Johanna/d. Jul. 8, 1904/age: 8 hours/address at death: 144 Chicago St.
Johanna/d. Jun. 12, 1906/age: 58y/address at death: 240 Jefferson St.
Johanna/d. Jun. 30, 1913/age: 73y/address at death: 250 Jefferson St.
Johanna/d. Oct. 6, 1913/age: 71y/address at death: 3219 St. Paul Ave.
John (Child)/d. Aug. 26, 1874/age: Stillborn/address at death: 277 Van Buren St.
John A./d. Nov. 29, 1902  23y-10m-6d/address at death: 874 Scott
John D./d. Apr. 15, 1866
John J./d. Dec. 6, 1871/age: 4m/address at death: 343 Oregon St.
John J./d. Mar. 28, 1883/age: 1y-1m/address at death: Bay View
John M./d. Jun. 6, 1871/age: 5y-8m-3d/address at death: 343 Oregon St.
John W./d. Jul. 29, 1876/age: 21y/address at death: 132 Detroit St.
John/d. Apr. 3, 1899/age: 68y-1m-10d /address at death: National Home
John/d. Aug. 23, 1906/age: 49y-1m-26d/address at death: 812 Herman St.
John/d. Dec. 12, 1902/age: 52y/address at death: 723 Sycamore St.
John/d. Dec. 28, 1895/age: 26y/address at death: 898 Cotton Pl.
John/d. Dec. 5, 1857
John/d. Dec. 7, 1900/age: 82y /address at death: Soldiers Home
John/d. Feb. 16, 1892/age: 75y/address at death: 103 Clermont St.
John/d. Feb. 19, 1876/age: Stillborn/address at death: 34 Jefferson St.
John/d. Feb. 19, 1916  84y/address at death: 3207 Sycamore St.
John/d. Feb. 27, 1885/age: 4m/address at death: 137 Warren Ave.
John/d. Feb. 9, 1886/age: 1 hour/address at death: 303 Beach St.
John/d. Jan. 22, 1890/age: 21y-7m/address at death: 641 Farwell Ave.
John/d. Jan. 24, 1906/age: 1y-8m/address at death: St. Vincent
John/d. Jan. 24, 1913/address at death: Chicago
John/d. Jul. 13, 1877/age: 1h/address at death: 90 Chicago St.
John/d. Jul. 15, 1871/age: 1 hour/address at death: 155 Huron St.
John/d. Jul. 28, 1917/age: 74y-8m-10d/address at death: 271 17 St.
John/d. Jul. 9, 1875/age: 5y-4m/address at death: 145 Michigan St
John/d. Jun. 1, 1891/age: 2m-10d/address at death: 145 Buffalo St.
John/d. Mar. 24, 1880/age: 45y/address at death: 161 Michigan St.
John/d. Mar. 31, 1888/age: Stillborn/address at death: 178 5 St.
John/d. Nov. 20, 1877/age: 4y/address at death: 338 Jefferson St.
John/d. Nov. 23, 1904/age: 62y/address at death: 701 Marshall St.
John/d. Oct. 14, 1912/age: 20y/address at death: Insane Asylum
John/d. Oct. 31, 1866
John/d. Sep. 4, 1894/age: 46y/address at death: St. Mary's Hospital
Johnson/d. Apr. 10, 1890/age: 70y/address at death: 241 Bishop Ave.
Joseph J./d. Jan. 6, 1910/age: 25y/address at death: 17 and St. Paul
Julia A./d. Feb. 6, 1881/age: 17y/address at death: 817 Hill St.
Julia Ann/d. Apr. 17, 1906/age: 66y/address at death: 174 13 St.
Julia L./d. Mar. 16, 1903/age: 39y  /address at death: 916 St. Paul Ave.
Julia/d. May 8, 1891/age:  42y/address at death: St. Mary's Hospital
Julia/d. Nov. 23, 1873/age: 3y/address at death: Jefferson St.
Julie/d. Aug. 28, 1864
Katie/d. Aug. 30, 1879/age: 20y/address at death: 341 Jefferson St.
Lawrence/d. Feb. 10, 1904/age: 17y/address at death: 144 Buffalo St.
Lawrence/d. Jun. 11, 1880/age: 77y/address at death: 284 Milwaukee St.
Leonard/d. Apr. 18, 1884/age: 1m/address at death: St. Vincent
Loretta Mary/d. May 16, 1897/age: 8m-22d/address at death: 536 Greenbush St.
M. Francis/d. Apr. 4, 1904/age: 16y-6m-3d/address at death: 73 28 St.
Maggie/d. Apr. 21, 1884/age: 1m-15d/address at death: 521 Scott St.
Maggie/d. Feb. 27, 1883/age: 9y/address at death: 562 7 Ave.
Maggie/d. Jan. 10, 1883/age: 17y/address at death: Newhall House
Margaret B./d. Jan. 16, 1903/age: 17y/address at death: 700 Clinton St.
Margaret J./d, Sep. 20, 1876/age: 1y-8m/address at death: 168 Erie St.
Margaret/d. Dec. 5, 1890/age: 1y-5m/address at death: 567 5 Ave.
Margaret/d. Feb. 7, 1891/age: 84y/address at death: 216 Jefferson St.
Margaret/d. Jul. 2, 1924/age: 79y-11m-22d/address at death: 2001 Grand Ave.
Margaret/d. Mar. 13, 1917/age: 57y/address at death: 215 15 St.
Margaret/d. Mar. 23, 1885/age: 23d/address at death: St. Vincent
Margaret/d. Mar. 24, 1874/age: 48y/address at death: 274 Jackson St.
Margaret/d. May 11, 1914/age: 2y-3m-1d/address at death: 426 4 Ave.
Margaret/d. Nov. 1, 1924/age: 63y-5m-11d/address at death: 268 Pearson St.
Margaret/d. Nov. 27, 1917/age: 67y-3m-7d/address at death: 138 Farwell Ave.
Margaret/d. Oct. 23, 1865
Margaret/d. Sep. 15, 1906/age: 69y/address at death: 340 Jackson St.
Margareth/d. Jun. 19, 1904/age: 21y/address at death: 1103 Sycamore St.
Maria (Grace)/d. Oct. 1, 1924/age: 72y/address at death: 715 Franklin Pl.
Martin/d. Apr. 7, 1889/age: 2d/address at death: 178 5 St.
Mary A./d. Jun. 20, 1893/age: 18y-8m-7d/address at death: 630 Wells St.
Mary Alice (McCormick)/d. Jun. 4, 1923/age: 48y-4m-14d/address at death: 123 Farwell Ave.
Mary Cooney/d. Mar. 21, 1921/age: 73y-11m-26d/address at death: 289.5 Oakland Ave.
Mary E./d. Nov. 23, 1889/age: 12y/address at death: 523 Scott St.
Mary Ellen (McCarthy/d. Sep. 27, 1924/age: 68y/address at death: 202 Huron St.
Mary Ellen/d. Aug. 12, 1871/age: 1d/address at death: 225 Jefferson
Mary G./d. Nov. 18, 1876/address at death: 861 Astor St.
Mary Jane/d. Nov. 24, 1893/address at death: 269 16 St.
Mary Jane/d. Aug. 12, 1871/age: 1d/address at death: 225 Jefferson
Mary M./d. Jan. 7, 1905/age: 15y/address at death: 203 Jackson St.
Mary M./d. Oct. 4, 1895/age: 2d  /address at death: 1295 34 St.
Mary O./d. Jun. 2, 1884/age: 74y/address at death: 77 4 St.
Mary/d. Aug. 28, 1907/age: 30y/address at death: 205 Jefferson St.
Mary/d. Feb. 15, 1908/age: 63y/address at death: 523 Scott St.
Mary/d. Jan. 30, 1872/age: 4m/address at death: Jefferson & Michigan
Mary/d. Jun. 17, 1881/age: 70y/address at death: 185 Detroit St.
Mary/d. Jun. 24, 1885/age: 84y/address at death: 197 Huron St.
Mary/d. Jun. 30, 1870/age: 3y-6m/address at death: 167 Buffalo St.
Mary/d. Jun. 4, 1893/age: 3y-2m/address at death: 50 Erie St.
Mary/d. Mar. 5, 1900/age: 4m/address at death: 2914 Clybourn St.
Mary/d. Mar. 9, 1899/age: 29y/address at death: 341 5 Ave.
Mary/d. May 27, 1903/age: 75y /address at death: Fond du Lac
Mary/d. Nov. 19, 1887/age: 71y/address at death: 167 Detroit St.
Mary/d. Nov. 19, 1907/age: 76y/address at death: 340 Jackson St.
Mary/d. Oct. 15, 1866
Mathew/d. Jun. 26, 1903/age: 11y-9m/address at death: 874 Scott St.
Matthew/d. Mar. 5, 1921/age: 75y/address at death: 874 Scott St
[Michael William]
Michael F./d. Aug. 21, 1882/age: 6m/address at death: 307 7 St.
Michael/d. Jun. 18, 1881/age: 75y/address at death: Little Srs. Home
Michael/d. Oct. 7, 1901/age: 29y/address at death: 726 Jackson St.
Michael/d. Sep. 27, 1903/age: 39y /address at death: 184 11 St.
Mortimer/d. Jul. 24, 1915/age: 70y/address at death: 202 Huron St.
Nellie/d. Dec. 11, 1890/age: 18y-9m/address at death: 223 Jackson St.
Nellie/d. Jan. 19, 1917 /age: 26y-1m-4d/address at death: 230 Biddle St.
Patrick Jos./d. Jan. 26, 1881/age: 4y-5m/address at death:  338 Jefferson St.
Patrick W/d. Apr. 10, 1916/67y/address at death:211 Oneida St.
Patrick/d. Apr. 17, 1901/age: 37y/address at death: 1103 Sycamore St.
Patrick/d. Apr. 7, 1909/age: 59y/address at death: 428 Van Buren St.
Patrick/d. Aug. 12, 1907/age: 75y/address at death: 240 Jefferson St.
Patrick/d. Dec. 15, 1902/age: 73y /address at death: 813 Sycamore St.
Patrick/d. Feb. 17, 1912/age: 72y/address at death: 519 Milwaukee St.
Patrick/d. Feb. 6, 1911/age: 61y/address at death: Trinity Hospital
Patrick/d. Jun. 26, 1872/age: 10y/address at death: 50 Jackson St.
Patrick/d. Jun. 3, 1889/age: 36y/address at death: 50 Jackson St.
Patrick/d. Jun. 5, 1915/age: 80y/address at death: 820 Sycamore St.
Patrick/d. Jun. 7, 1897/age: 4m/address at death: St. Vincent
Patrick/d. Jun. 8, 1876/age: 1d/address at death: 116 Erie St.
Patrick/d. Mar. 20, 1903/age: 80y/address at death: 286 Jefferson St.
Patrick/d. Mar. 7, 1895/age: 16d/address at death: St. Vincent
Patrick/d. May 14, 1897/age: 79y/address at death: 245 Superior St.
Patrick/d. May 28, 1874/age: 6m/address at death: 228 Jefferson St.
Patrick/d. Sep. 30, 1907/age: 11d/address at death: Milwaukee Hospital
Paul/d. Feb. 19, 1896/age: 6m-13d /address at death: 101 8 St.
Raymond H./d. Jan. 25, 1896/age: 1y-5m-28d   536 Greenbush
Richard/d. Aug. 22, 1870/age: 6y/address at death: 149 Michigan St.
Robert Joseph/d. Apr. 11, 1904/age: 3y-8m/address at death: 203 Jackson St.
Robert/d. Aug. 19, 1881/age: 29y/address at death: 444 Pierce St.
Rose/d. Feb. 1, 1879/age: 7d/address at death: 73 Chicago St.
Rose/d. Mar. 7, 1904/age: 49y/address at death: 144 Buffalo St.
S. of George/d. Mar. 29, 1909/age: .5 hour/address at death: 763 29 St.
Sarah/d. Dec. 3, 1906/age: 70y/address at death: 236 17 St.
Sarah/d. Oct. 1, 1896/age: 56y-9m-25d/address at death: 1103 Sycamore St.
Simon/d. Jun. 4, 1891/age: 70y-4m/address at death: 176 Detroit St.
Stan/d. May 20, 1901/age: child /address at death: 165 Detroit St.
T./d. May 4, 1894/age:  57y/address at death: 209 Erie St.
Theresa A./d. Oct. 14, 1922/age: 59y-3m-22d/address at death: 623 Prospect Ave.
Theresa M./d. Sep. 30, 1873/age: 7m/address at death: 173 Detroit St.
Theresa/d. Nov. 6, 1917/age: 40y-10m-4d/address at death: 117 17 St.
Thomas B./d. Jul. 12, 1896/age: 24y/address at death: 452 Park St.
Thomas F./d. Nov. 3, 1917/age: 18y-3m/address at death: 339.5 15 St.
Thomas F./d. Oct. 15, 1912/age: 32y/address at death: 774 34 St.
Thomas G/d. Aug. 1, 1878/age: 14y-8m/address at death: Hanover St.
Thomas W./d. Jul. 4, 1899/age: 2m-24d  /address at death: 536 Greenbush St.
Thomas/d. Jun. 22, 1875/age: 1m-7d/address at death: 236 Jefferson St.
Thomas/d. Nov. 18, 1899/age: 48y-3m-18d/address at death: 189 Huron St.
Tim/d. Jun. 6, 1882/age: 2y/address at death: 269 Jackson St.
Tim/d. Oct. 10, 1866
Timothy H./d. Aug. 2, 1888/age: 2m-15d/address at death: 50 Erie St.
Timothy/d. Dec. 26, 1888/age: 90y/address at death: 638 Jackson St.
Timothy/d. Jan. 28, 1892/age: 24y/address at death: 258 14 St.
Timothy/d. Jan. 3, 1893/age: 49y/address at death: 164 Erie St.
Timothy/d. Jun. 11, 1910/age: 50y/address at death: 233 Knapp St.
Timothy/d. May 3, 1911/age:  68y-11m-26d/address at death: 523 Scott St.
Viola L./d. Jul. 18, 1903/age: 6m/address at death: St. Vincent
William L./d. Aug. 16, 1906/age: 36y/address at death: Belvidere Flats #8
William/d. Aug. 24, 1870/age: 9m/address at death: 344 Jefferson St.
William/d. Dec. 14, 1904/age: 63y/address at death: 2000 Wells St.
William/d. Feb. 4, 1882/age: 6m-2d/address at death:  St. Vincent
William/d. Mar. 14, 1908/age: 28y/address at death: 205 Jefferson St.
William/d. Mar. 31, 1897/age: 1y-8d/address at death: 184 11 St.
William/d. Oct. 15, 1880/age: 1m-14d/address at death: St. Vincent
Wm. Thom./d. Feb. 23, 1920/age: 21y-6m-3d/address at death: 376 Greenwich St.

[P] Sullivan, Dena


[P] Sweitzer, Elizabeth

[P] Szablewski, Stanislaw

[P] Szafranski, John and family

[P] Szopinski, Nicolai

[P] Szymanski, John and Victoria

[P] Szymanski, Konrad

[P] Tabary, Ludwig

[P] Taterczynski, Tomasz

[P] Taugher, Patrick

[P] Techmaier, Brigitta

[P] Techmaier, Katharina

[P] Tenkhoff, Wilhelm

Sabina (RUEMING)/b. 9 Sep 1878/d. 17 Aug 1964/daughter of
	John Henry & Gertrude Rueming

[P] Tesheneck, Andrew Sr.

[P] Tesheneck, Catherine

[P] Tetzlaff, William E.

[P] Theis, Peter L.

[P] Thiermann, Max L.

Joseph Vernon Thompson/d. Mar 1912

[South one-half of Lot 27, Block 3]  Thomas Tighe/b. in Ireland/d. November 21st, 1885/
					aged 44 years/Private in C. A, 24th Wis. Vol.
					Infantry Civil War

[P] Tomasovich, Matt.

[P] Toohey, Michael H.

[P] Torzala, Leo

[P] Toschik, Katharina

[P] Totski, John

Helen/d. Nov 23, 1950/wife of Francis J./submitted by research

[P] Trzebiatowski, Anna

[P] Turdik, John and Julia

[P] Turynsky, Ella

[P] Ueberfluss, Lucas

[P] Unger, Anna Maria

Mary Jane Urmanski/Jan. 2, 1942/(Mary Jane (GIBSON)/b. 1914
	Wisc/d. Whitefish Bay/wife of Chester P. Urmanski/
	daughter of Ralph Gibson and Mary Boyle)

[P] Vamschier, Johann

[P] Van Cura, Joseph

[P] Van Cura, Mary

[P] Vanderlinden, George

[P] Vanhest, Johanna

[P] Vaughan, Mary Jane

[P] Verfurth, William

[P] Voit, Joseph and family

[P] Voit, Johanna

[P] Voit, Mary

[P] Vollendorf, Sophia

[P] Vonhalls, Straka

[P] Vonhalls, Wolburga

[P] Vrbinjak, Anton

[P] Vukelic, Peter

[P] Wanser, Everett J. and Rose J.

[P] Warba, Michael

[P] Weinderlich, Sophia


[P] Weissleder, George and family

[P] Wenzel, William


[P] Westenberg, Peter

[P] Wettendorff, Clara

[P] Weyker, John

[P] Weyker, Susanna

[P] Whaling, Margaret


[P] Wichmann, Paulina

[Blk 10 Row 21]		Magdalena Wick/interred: Jul 14, 1882/Age 0/Funeral Home Weiand
[Blk 10 Row 21]		Mathias John Wick/interred: Oct. 4, 1900/Age 59/Funeral Home Franzen
[Blk 10 Row 21]		Paul J Wick/interred: Jul 22, 1938/Age 49/Funeral Home Becker
[Blk 10 Row 21]		Pauline Wick/interred: Nov 4, 1936/Age 81/Funeral Home Franzen
[Blk 10]		Mary M Wick/interred: Jan 28, 1898/Age 1
[Blk 11 Sec D Row 174n]	Anna S. Wick/interred: Nov 8, 1973/Age 94/Funeral Home Feerick
[Blk 11 Sec D Row 174n]	Christ Wick/interred: Jul 3, 1906/Age 76/
				Funeral Home Franzen/(Christian)
[Blk 11 Sec D Row 174n]	John Wm Wick/interred: Apr 12, 1949/Age 68/Funeral Home Feerick
[Blk 11 Sec D Row 174n]	Margeret Wick/interred: Jan 3, 1927/Age 78/
				Funeral Home Becker/nee Oppermann
[Blk 12 Row 34s]	Frank Joseph Wick/interred: Feb 8, 1915/Age 0/Funeral Home Cassel
[Blk 12 Row 34s]	Henry M Wick/interred: Mar 2, 1917/Age 0
[Blk 12 Row 34s]	Isabella Wick/interred: Feb 19, 1907/Age 0/Funeral Home Cassel
[Blk 12 Row 34s]	Peter M Wick/interred: Feb 17, 1940/Age 67/Funeral Home Becker
[Blk 12 Sec Row 34s] 	Barbara Wick/interred: Dec 20, 1943/Age 63/Funeral Home Becker
[Blk 4 Sec B Row 376]	Bernard Wick/interred: Sept 1, 1921/Age 1/Funeral Home Mrs Hoffmann

[P] Widman, Henry and Mary

[P] Wiedl, Maria

[P] Wingender, Anna

[P] Winninghoff, Joseph and Bridge

[P] Winter, Peter

John Wiesner/d. 16 Apr. 1907/age 78



Emma Wittin/1880-1966/(b. Milw/d. July 1, 1966/daughter of
	Frederick Wittin and Catherine Jane (CRONAN))
Mother/Katherine Wittin/Born Oct. 17, 1856/Died May 9, 1904/
	at rest/(Katherine Jane (CRONIN)/b. Hartford, Wis/
	wife of Frederick Ludwig Wittin/daughter of Thomas
	Cronin and Mary SMITH)
Father/Frank L. Wittin/1848-1925/(Frederick Ludwig Wittin/
	b. Apr. 20, 1848 Schonberg, Germany/d. July 14, 1925/
	husband of Katherine Jane CRONIN/son of Friedrich
	Wittin and Georgine Elizabeth Henriette (KOENIG))


[P] Wojciechowski, John


[P] Wolf, Anna
[P] Wolf, John

[P] Wolska, Paulina

[P] Wolski, Jozef

[P] Wolszan, Augusty

[P] Woodrow, Frank J.

[P] Worner, Marie

[P] Worzala, John and family

[P] Zajaczkowski, Wiktoria
[P] Zajzczkowski, Michael

[P] Zak, Frank

[P] Zakrzewska, Helen

[P] Zakrzewski, Alex
[P] Zakrzewski, Evelyn

[P] Zaleski, Adam

[Mrs. Fred]

[P] Zawacki, William

[P] Zawadzki, Agatha

[P] Zeidler, Alexander
[P] Zeidler, Amelia
[P] Zeidler, Johannah

[P] Zeller, Kaspar

[P] Zeman, Blasius

George/b. 26 Jul 1866/d. 20 Nov 1903 Milw
Joseph/b. 27 Feb 1852/d. 24 Jan 1882
Joseph/b. 3 Mar 1829/d. 19 Sep 1901

[Block 11 Row 3]	Elizabeth Mary (MESMER) Zinns/b. 1820/Alsace/d. 27 Feb 1882
[Block 11 Row 3]	John/d. 22 Nov 1885

[P] Zimprich, John

[P] Zinda, Wojciech

[P] Zingsheim, Mathias

[P] Zirkel, Michael and Magdalen

[P] Zoeller, Honobert and Anna
[P] Zoeller, Wilhelmine

[P] Zubek, Ivan

[P] Zukowski, Helen

[P] Zwick, Benjamin

[P] Zynda, Katarzyna