East Granville Cemetery

This cemetery was located on the northwest corner of 43rd St. and Good Hope Rd. Graves were moved in 1968 so that Good Hope Road could be widened. Those buried there were reinterred at various cemeteries around Milwaukee.


Daniel R. and Electra Small donated the land "for the purpose of a cemetery and no other" on Dec. 30, 1858. The land was 1369 sq. ft. insize.

Although a Methodist Church was next to it, this cemetery was a community burial ground.

One of the original plots of the cemetery was designated "strangers"

Nov. 1, 1845-14 Families purchased plots.
This was prior to the cemetery's incorporation.
A plot was given to the Smalls.
The Families were:
Thomas McKay
William Woodward
S.C. Enos (3 plots)
Fred Bunning
Fred. Luscher
Henry Tischaeffer (2 plots)
Ernest Zautke
J. R. Thomas
John Shiber
Wendelin Juger

In Oct. 1848
Henry Bunning bought a plot
Fred Zautke bought a plot.

In 1849
Ferdinand Otting bought a plot
Jacob Knoblauch bought one of S. C. Enos' plots
Benj. Newland bought a plot

In 1854
Gottfried Zeis bought a plot

In 1857 the following people bought plots:

Ernest Salomon
Amos Thomas
Henry Toegertr
John Hintz
Gottlieb Pipkorn
Fred Hassel
John Walslaeger
Chas. Krueger
Wm. Weyer
???? Woehlert
Chas Woolett

Between 1854 and 1864
Henry Hassel bought W. Inger's plot
Charles Shrader
C. Neilson
Fred Siebenhunner
Wm. Resler
John Henke

In the mid 1920's Tripoli country club purchased the Daniel Small farmland, north of the cemetery. With this land they purchased the church land and East Granville School land. By that time, both the church and school had been abandoned and were falling down.

In 1969, Good Hope Rd was widened and the cemetery was destroyed to make way for the road. At that time there were approximately 54 burial plots and approximately 90 individual graves. The majority of the remains were re-interred in Wisconsin Memorial Park, Section C, Block 12. There is a bronze plaque designating the removal and reburial. Other remains were removed to other cemeteries which included: West Granville and Calvary Cemetery.

See also articles that appeared in the Milwaukee newspapers regarding the cemetery's demise.

The following is a list of reinterments at Wisconsin Memorial Park. ENOS: Sylvia M./1843-1847 FORD: Philip W./d. 1870 HINTZ: Louise/b. Apr. 17, 1808/d. Dec. 8, 1845 Johann/b. Apr. 7, 1841/d. Oct. 1, 1872 Johann F./b. Oct. 13, 1802/d. Sept. 4, 1873 August F./b. Aug. 20, 1838/d. Sept. 24, 1868 Wilhelm/1871-1872 HINTZ: See STARK KINZER: Phillip/1814-1875 Katharine/1802-1890 LOOMER: David/d. 1875 LUSCHER: Fredrick/b. Feb. 14, 1802/d. Mar. 18, 1891 Salama/b. Aug. 23, 1814/d. Feb 13, 1893 William J./1843-1924 Fred J./1837-1871 John F./1837-1908 Mary E./1848-1912 Ernest/1851-1853 MCKAY: Joseph F./d. 1855 Margaret/1792-1876 James/d. 1855 William C./d. 1854 Thomas/1798-1874 MCKEY: John/1830-1865 MUELLER: Selma/d. 1892 OEFELEIN (OEFLEIN): Leonhard/1847-1865 Samuel J./1812-1891 Barbara/1819-1916 OLDS: Elizabeth/b. 1800 ROSSOW: Milton/b. & d. 1909 SCHEIBE: Maria/b. Aug. 8, 1804/d. Dec. 3, 1884 Gottfried/1794-1863 SCHMELING: Amelia/1860-1911 Wilhelm/1856-1909 SIEBENHUNNER: Friedrich/1828-1867 SPUHL: August/b. Dec. 4, 1848/d. May 24, 1899 STARK: Wilhelmina (Hintz)/1816-1901 Frederick/1819-1906 STARK: See ZAUTKE THOMAS: Joseph R./d. 1872 Sarah/d. 1880 Ellen T./d. 1901 UNKNOWN: There are several unknown remains that were removed to Wisconsin Memorial Park UNKNOWN NAMES 10 plaques WOODWARD: William/1789-1860 Mary/1834-1843 ZAUTCK: Fred J./1865-1916 George E./1866-1914 ZAUTCKE: Frank/1863-1864 Oscar/d. 1879 Henry/d. 1884 ZAUTKE: Lena/1875-1885 Anna M./1801-1875 Friedericho/1800-1854 Johanna (Stark)/1846-1826 Ida/1872-1885 Frederick/1834-1901 ZWIEFEL: Louisa/1845-1871 REBURIED ELSEWHERE: BOEHLKE: reburied Graceland Cemetery Anna Catherine/ NEILSON: reburied West Granville Cemetery Mary Bessie B./b. 1880/d. 1962 Walter H. (prominent physician, died in 1922) Elizabeth Margaret/b. 1861/d. 18?5 (daughter of Walter & Amilie Neilson) Clara (Thomas) /1856-1906/wife of Dr. W. H. Neilson (Of the above one is First wife of Walter H. Neilson Daughter of Walter H. and infant sister of Walter H.) PIPKORN: plot in Gottlieb's name SHALLOCK: August