West Granville Cemetery

West Granville Cemetery
6800 block of N. 107th St.
Granville, Milwaukee County


The West Granville Cemetery Association (trustees Hiram Lake, P.W. Dodge, and Jonas F. Barndt) bought one acre of land on Feb. 24, 1853 from Jonas F. and Hanna Barndt.

The earliest known burial is that of a child which took place in 1840, and for an adult, Jane Wolcott, in 1844.

Plot 2 was purchased in 1866 from Jonas F. Barndt and wife, Sophia, adjacent to the original one acre.

Plot 3 was purchased in 1876. It was another one acrew bought from Abner S. Barndt for $125.00. The trustees then were Henry Ernst, John Wollfitt, and Abner S. Barndt.

In 1902, David and Josephine Barndt sold four acres to the cemetery for $1,000. This cemetery was designated as a historic landmark in 1977 along with the West Granville Presbyterian and Salem Lutheran Church.

Select Burials and Interments

Original transcription of old stones by Mimi Bird

Burials still take place in this cemetery.

Key to Lot numbers
-O=Original Plot
-1= Addition Plot 1
-2= Addition Plot 2
-3= Addition Plot 3

[Sec B Front]	Virgil/b. 27 Oct. 1919/d. 20 Oct. 1983/Sargent US Army WWII" 

[Sec B Center]	Malinda/b. 19 February 1848/d. 5 Nov. 1922/Could be in 
			Charles Shup plot
[Sec B Center]	Russell A./b. 1911/d. 1956/In James Sherman Church plot 

ANDREWS: (Lot 40-O)
Deborah C. Cowels-Andrews/1806-1899 (buried with Snyder) 
	(b. Jan 30, 1906/Spencer NY/d. May 2, 1899)
Bertie G./d. Mar __, 1846, aged 13 yr, 11 mo, 27 days/buried 
	with Deborah C. above

[Section C]	Charley/b. 31 Jan. 1875/d. 6 Aug. 1910/NEXT TO:
[Section C]	Pauline/b. 1879/d. 1943/Mother

[Section C]	Irene/b. 1910/d. 1969

[Sec B Front]	Sally/wife of Robert H./d. Sept 18, 1852/aged 36 yr, 7 mo, 17 
			days/(1815-1852)/(Lot 42-O)

[Section C]	Elsa B./b. 1888/d. 1975/OSSW:
[Section C]	Ewald W./b. 1883/d. 1965

[Sec A Center]	George W./b. 1923/d. 1931/Appears to be in Walter A. Hoenecke plot
[Section C]	Marjorie R./b. 1921/d. 1992

[Section C]	Helene/b. 1916/d. No date/OSSW:
[Section C]	Walter/b. 1904/d. 1974/Private US Army WWII

BACKER: (lot 95-O Grave 7, Chris Herzog owner of lot)


BADINGER: (Lot 116-O)
Mr. & Mrs. Adam/purchased this lot, buried Prairie Home 
	Cem. Waukesha

[Section C]	Denzil A./b. 1898/d. 1977/NEXT TO:
[Section C]	Peggy Tillie/b. No Date/d. 15 Oct. 1959

[Section C]	Amalia W./b. 1884/d. 1960/Mother/OSSW:
[Section C] 	Arthur E./b. 1884/d. 1952/Father/NEXT TO:
[Section C] 	Raymond H./b. 29 April 1912/d. 14 Oct. 1931/Son of 
			Mr. & Mrs. A E/NEXT TO:
[Section C] 	E Ida/b. 1866/d. 1943/Mother/OSSW:
[Section C] 	Herman/b. 1859/d. 1935/NEXT TO:	
[Section C] 	Evelyn/b. 1926/d. 1933/NEXT TO:		
[Section C] 	Erwin/b. 1896/d. 1963/OSSW:
[Section C]	Alma/b. 1899/d. 1984
[Section C]	Darleen J./b. 23 April 1943/d. No date/OSSW:
[Section C]	Herman H. Jr./b. 8 Jan. 1936/d. 24 Nov. 1991/NEXT TO:
[Section C]	Lois Irene/b. 23 Jan. 1944/d. 15 Mar. 1951/NEXT TO:		
[Section C]	Loretta E./b. 1912/d. 1965/OSSW:
[Section C]	Harry A./b. 1912/d. 1972/NEXT TO:
[Section C]	Erma O./b. 1902/d. 1976/Mother/Married 14 June 1925/OSSW:
[Section C]	Herman A./b. 1901/d. 1986/Father
[Sec A Back]	Alvin/b. 1917/d. 1965/OSSW:
[Sec A Back]	Esther

(S 2/3 Lot 13-3, Sect B)
[Sec B back]	Caroline/b. 27 May 1845/d. 22 May 1925/Mother/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Henry/b. 28 July 1853/d. 26 June 1934/Father/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Charles/b. 9 Aug. 1882/d. 17 Dec. 1918/Son/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	William/b. 1880/d. 1948/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Esther/b. 1898/d. 19-- (Esther Barenwald-Nitschke/
			1898/d. July 13, 1870)

[Sec A back]	Esther/b. 1916/d. 1966/OSSW:
[Sec A back]	Alvin/Frank/b. 1890/d. 1960
[Sec B back]	Mamie/b. 1894/d. 1972/OSSW:
[Sec B back]	Frank/b. 19 Jan. 1914/d. 19 Jan. 1914/Infant/OSSW:
		Clara & Herman Linstedt
[Sec B back]	Henry/b. 1883/d. 1958
[Sec C front]	Meta/b. 1897/d. 1984/OSSW:
[Sec C front]	Richard/b. 1891/d. 1984

BAILEY: (Lot 1-O)
[Sec B front]	Eben/d. July 26, 1876/aged 78 yrs 8 mo 27 days/NEXT TO:
[Sec B front]	Susan/wife of Eben Bailey/d. Feb. 2, 1870/aged 72 
			yrs 13 days/NEXT TO:
[Sec B front]	Freeman H./d. Feb. 17, 1854/aged 34 yrs 2 mo./Stone Broken
They are buried with dau and her family - The Nicholsons

BANDOW: (Lot 35-2)
[Sec B center]	Maria/d. 7 Nov. 1881/Mother/69 Yrs. 6 Mon. 22 Days/OSSW:
[Sec B center]	Martin/b. 30 June 1808/d. 25 Sept. 1878in Menomonee Falls, 
			Waukesha Co./Father/70 yrs. 2 Mon. 25 Days/NEXT TO:
[Sec B center]	Josephine L./b. 1871/Stone broken/(1874 missing on tombstone 
			only one date left
[Sec B center]	Adeline C./b. 25 Oct. 1864/d. 2 May 1871/(Hard to read)/NEXT TO:
[Sec B center]	Marie (HUBER)/b. 1846/d. 1914/NEXT TO:

BARBER: (no plot/no cem record)
Lina/d. 1845/aged 9 years

BARNDT: (Lot 22-2 & 23-2)
[Sec B back]	Abner/b. 21 Jan. 1826/d. 13 Mar. 1894/Father/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Henry A./b. 1868/d. 18 June 1881/13 Yrs. 2 Mon. 18 Days/
			(Henry Abner)NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Louisa/b. 1860/d. 3 Feb. 1863/2 Yrs. 3 Mon. 16 Days/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Amanda/b. 1854/d. 3 Jan. 1855/8 Mon. 26 Days/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Hannah/b. 1850/d. 28 Sept. 1850/3 Mons. 28 Days/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	John E./b. 1872/d. 28 May 1881/8 Yrs. 10 Mon. 3 Days/
			(John Eli)/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Leanna (LEISTER)/b. 2 May 1828/d. 15 July 1903/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Rachel/b. 3 Oct. 1862/d. 13 May 1886/Sister/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Caroline/b. 7 May 1866/d. 28 June 1901/Sister
[Sec B back]	Ann M./____-1929/daughter
(John Eli Barndt family lived in Menomonee Falls, Waukesha County)

BARNDT: (Lot 112-2)
[Sec B back]	Abner/b. 1892/d. 1985/(Abner D./b. Jun 17, 1892/
			d. May 20, 1985)/OSSW:
[Sec B back]	Clyde/b. 1883/d. 1959/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	David/b. 1859/d. 1936/Father/OSSW:
[Sec B back]	Josephine/b. 1859/d. 1944/Mother/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Baby/No Dates/Our Darling

BARNDT: (Lot 31-2)
[Sec B Center]	Catharine (WAMBOLD)/b. 27 Aug. 1824/d. 6 Feb. 1898/
			Mother/(also found as Caroline)/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	Franklin/b. 27 May 1862/d. 10 Dec. 1876/Son of 
			Wm. & C. Barndt/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	William/b. 14 Aug. 1820/d. 12 Sept. 1892/Father

BARNDT: (Lot 20-O)
[Sec B Front]	Allen S./b. 1836/d. 1899/Grand Army of Republic 
			Marker/(Allen S. (Dr.)/1836-1899/b. Montgomery 
			Co., Penn./came to WI 1858/husband of Bianca Smith/
			father of Libbie, Nettie, Jennie)/OSSW:
[Sec B Front]	Bianca/b. 3 Feb. 1874/d. 18 Feb. 1874/(Bianca D./1874/
			1st wife of Allen S. Barndt)/OSSW:
[Sec B Front]	Bianca/b. 15 May 1843/d. 9 Feb. 1874/Wife of A.S."/OSSW:
[Sec B Front]	John S,/b. 18 June 1863/d. 22 Sept. 1863/OSSW:
[Sec B Front]	Sophia/b. 18 May 1866/d. 22 Aug. 1867/OSSW:
[Sec B Front]	Fleetwood/b. 11 Oct. 1869/d. 23 Jan. 1870/OSSW:
[Sec B Front]	Sarah/b. 1 July 1872/d. 13 Sept. 1872

BARNDT: (N 1/2 Lot 60-O)
[Sec A Front]	Jacob/b. 1813/d. 1850/buried In James G. & Mary C. 
			Boyd  plot with daughter Mrs. James G. Boyd)

BARNDT: (lot 62-O)
[Sec A Front]	Henry/b. 1870/d. 1888/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Jacob A./d. 2 Oct. 1862/(23)33 Yrs. 6 Mon. 29 Days/
			residence Menomonee Falls/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Lucy/d. 17 May 1862/6 Mon. 29 Days/Daughter of 
			Jacob A. & Lydia/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Lydia/b. 1837/d. 1906/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Josiah G./b. 1831/d. 1902/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Ida/b. 17 Sep. 1855/d. 15 Sep. 1864/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Susan/b. 20 Jan. 1835/d. 1 Aug. 1862/NEXT TO:

BARNDT: (lot 62-O)
Josiah G./1831-1902/son of Fred & Mary (Gebhardt) Barndt
Susan/b. Apr 29, 1835/d. Aug 3, 1862/wife of Josiah

BARNDT: (lot 65-O)
[Sec A Front]	Abner S./b. 2 Nov. 1845/d. 4 Oct. 1899/Weep Not 
			That His Toils Are Over.."/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Henry S./b. 28 April 1842/d. 5 Mar. 1868/Brother, 
			Love's broken Links Shall again Reunite..."
			/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Hannah/b. 1 Mar. 1816/d. 23 Oct. 1853/Mother, Sweet 
			is the Memory of Departed Worth/(first wife 
			of Jonas F.)/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Jonas F./b. 1 Mar.1910/d. 31 Aug. 1874/Dates Wrong ??/
			Father/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Sophia/b. 5 Oct. 1812/d. 8 July 1896/Mother, A Little 
			Longer Here Below..."/(second wife of Jonas F.)/

BARNDT: (Lot 59-O)
[Sec A Front]	Frederick/b. 8 Nov. 1800/d. 16 Feb. 1873/Father/Age 72 
			Years, 3 Mon. 8 Days/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Mary (GEBHARDT)/b. 3 Dec. 1805/d. 14 June 1882
[Sec A Front]	Fredie/1860-1863

BARNDT: (N 1/2 Lot 20-2)
[Sec B Center]	Anna M./b. 25 Aug. 1841/d. 9 Jun. 1909/Wife/OSSW:
[Sec B Center]	Henry G./b. 18 July 1838/d. 6 April 1886/Husband	

[Sec B Center]	Baby/No Dates/In C A Barndt Plot/OSSW
[Sec B Center]	Father/b. 1852/d. 1934/In C A Barndt Plot/(Chas. A.)/OSSW:
[Sec B Center]	Mother/b. 1855/d. 1939/In C A Barndt Plot/(Mary E.)/OSSW:
[Sec B Center]	Baby/No Dates/In C A Barndt Plot/OSSW:
[Sec B Center]	Elmer G.(possibly C)/No Dates/In C A Barndt Plot

[Sec A Front]	Johnnie W./b. 1854/d. 1862/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	William H./b. 1850/d. 1905/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Mary (ERNST)/b. 5 April 1821/d. 3 April 1912/Mother/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Jonas/b. 22 April 1816/d. 20 Jun. 1903/Father/Age 87 
			Yrs. 2 Mon. 28 Dys/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Sarah/b. 1843/d. 1848/NEXT TO:

BARNDT: (Lot 24-3, sect. B)
[Sec B back]	Albert/b. 1876/d. 1941/OSSW:
[Sec B back]	Ida/b. 1879/d. 1931/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Donald/b. 1925/d. No Date/NEXT TO:
[Sec B back]	Elmer F./b. 1903/d. 1944

[Section D]	Emma/b. 4 Dec. 1853/d. 9 July 1928/Mother/OSSW:
[Section D]	Fred G./b. 1864/d. 1951/OSSW:
[Section D]	Nelson/b. 4 Nov. 1846/d. 27 Dec. 1917/Father/(son of 
			Abner and Hannah(Lennah) Barndt)/OSSW:
[Section D]	Emma S./b. 1870/d. 1950	
Milton N./no dates
Lucille/b. Mar 30, 1905/d. Jan 25, 1988

[Sec A Back]	Minnie/b. 1895/d. 1979/OSSW:
[Sec A Back]	Walter/b. 1890/d. 1952


[Sec B Center]	Hattie/b. 20 June 1888/d. 19 Nov. 1921/Wife of Frank

[Sec C Front]	Lucille L./b. 30 Mar. 1905/d. 25 Jan. 1988/OSSW:
[Sec C Front]	Milton N./b. 13 Mar. 1907/d. No Date/Next to:
		Nelson & Edna/No further information

[Section C]	Arby L./b. 13 Feb. 1895/d. 2 Nov. 1972/Wisconsin 
			Corp. US Army WW1/OSSW: 
[Section C]	Frances M./b. 11 July 1907/d. No Date/NEXT TO:	
[Section C]	Frank E./b. 1884/d. 1966/OSSW:
[Section C]	Emma A./b. 1890/d. 1977/OSSW:
[Section C]	Florence/b. 1927/d. 1993

[Section C]	Florence/b. 1894/d. 1975/OSSW:
[Section C]	Jesse/b. 1894/d. 1965

[Section C]	Mabel A./b. 1883/d. 1925/Wife

[Sec B Center]	Emma/b. 1849/d. 1926/Next to Irving V.. Family plot/OSSW:
[Sec B Center]	Irving V./b. 1847/d. 1925/Next to Emma, Family plot/OSSW:
[Sec B Center]	Stanke & Boorse

[Sec B Front]	Sabina/d. 3 April 1845/Daughter of W. & L./9 Yrs.

[Sec A Back]	Henry/b. 11 Jan. 1865/d. 22 June 1915/Father

BASEMAN: (lot 66-O grave 2)
[Sec A Front]	Amilie/b. 17 May 1802/d. 23 Dec. 1868/(Emelie/1862-
			1868/hard to read could be 1802-1863
buried with Herzog

[Sec A Back]	Henriette/b. Feb 23, 1817/d. Oct 20, 1881
Bulgrin Kiekhefer and Bast buried together

BATEMAN: (Lot 26-O)
[Sec B Front]	Helen E. (Everts)/1828-1905
(Buried with parents, Chas. P. & Caroline (Chandler) Everts)

BAUERNFEIND: (S. 1/2 Lot 45-2)
[Sec B Center]	Friedericka/b. 6 Feb. 1850/d. 28 Oct. 1931/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	George/b. 10 Feb. 1846/d. 9 Sept. 1898/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	Margareth B./b. 1 Oct. 1824/d. 4 Dec. 1901/Mutter/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	John G./b. 17 Dec. 1820/d. 18 Feb. 1877/Vater/Cause:Suicide

J. George/owner of this plot but no burial
[Sec A Front]	Katherina/b. 9 Feb. 1800/d. 13 Dec. 1863/(Katherine/
			1st wife of George Adam/b. Feb 9, 1800/d. 
			Dec. 13, 1863)/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Katherina J./b. 28 Oct. 1855/d. 13 Mar. 1872/(Katherine)/
[Sec A Front]	Christoph/d. 17 Sept. 1859 (Date Uncertain)/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	James/b. 19 April 1863 d. 11 Mar. 1872 (Date Uncertain)/
[Sec A Front]	Little Eddy/b. No date/d. No date/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Bertha/d. 18 Mar. 1872/(b. 1866)/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Jacob/1863-1872
[Sec A Front]	Christopher/1859-1872
[Sec A Front]	Christine/1855-1885
The above 5 children's parents were Johann N. and Barbara (Rueling) 
			Bauernfeind/buried in J. George Lot)

BAUERNFEIND: (S 1/2 Lot 138-3 Sec. A)
[Sec C]		Alvina/b. 1887/d. 1942/OSSW:
[Sec C]		Henry/b. 1878/d. 1949

Barbara E. (Pirner)/1855-1872/1st wife of Johann Michael
Mara M./1876-1887
Both buried with the Manns

George (owner of lot no burial)
Margaret E./2nd wife of George Adam/1800-1884
Lisette/d. 1860/age 7 yrs.

BAUERNFEIND: (N 1/2 Lot 81-2)
[Sec A Back]	Michael/1848-1927/Father/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Back]	Emilie (Krause)/1853-1913/Mother/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Back]	Louisa/1875-1957
buried with Emilie's parents Johann and Caroline Krause

George Adam/b. Jun 24, 1800/d. Aug 6, 1882

[Sec B Center]	?/b. 8 Oct. 1824/d. 25 April 1888/Stone damaged/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	Johann Georg/b. 10 May 1810/d. 6 Oct. 1875/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	Barbara F. (PIRNER)/b. 21 Feb. 1855/d. 24 Jan. 1872/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	Maria M./b. 25 June 1872/d. 14 April 1887/Hard to read/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	Jacob/b. 19 Oct. 1846/d. 28 Mar. 1914/Father/OSSW: Christina
[Sec B Center]	Christina/b. 4 Jan. 1855 d. 10 April 1929/Mother/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	Otto/b. 24 Sept. 1880/d. 27 Sept. 1880/OSSW:
[Sec B Center]	Eduard/b. 12 June 1883/d. 17 Feb. 1884/Hard to read/NEXT TO: 
[Sec B Center]	Lisette H. (KUENETH)/b. Feb. 1853?/d. 30 Mai. 1870/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	Maria A. Mann

[Sec B Center]	John A./b. 5 Sept. 1862/d. 1 Feb. 1869/Son of J. & M. A./
			6 Yrs. 5 Mon/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	Mary Ann//d. 14 Sept. 1862/age 18/Wife of Jacob/Daughter 
			of J. A. ? & Anna Shup/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	John & Anna Shup
		Hannah/child's grave
[Sec B Center]	Jacob/b. 25 Dec. 1816/d. 18 Mar. 1867/51 Yrs. 23 Days/NEXT TO:
[Sec B Center]	Elizabeth BOWMAN/wife of Jacob/b. May 8, 1806/d Jun 9, 1888
[Sec B Center]	Elmer BOWMAN/1878-1879

BECKER: (Lot 32-1)
[Sec A Center]	Gottlip/d. 9 Feb. 1901/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Center]	Carl/d. 1857/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Center]	Wilhelmine/b. 29 July 1827/d. 19 Oct. 1895/NEXt TO:
[Sec A Center]	Frederick/b. 26 Nov. 1801/d. 1 Mai 1886

[Sec A Front]	Augusta/b. 1858/d. 1920/Mutter, Ruhe Sanft/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Gottlieb/b. 1858/d. 1940/NEXT TO:
[Sec A Front]	Ernst/b. 1885/d. 1932/NEXT TO:

BECKER: (Lot 79-3)
[Sec C]		Annie/b. 1895/d. 1966/OSSW:
[Sec C]		George/b. 1891/d. 1955/NEXT TO:
[Sec C]		Lillie E./b. 1889/d. 1968/NEXT TO:
[Sec C]		Henry/b. 1858/d. 1948/Father/OSSW:
[Sec C]		Bertha/b. 1863/d. 1935/Mother

BEDINGER: (Lot 6-1)
Ida/1861-1870(?)/buried with Spraul

Gottlieb/no dates, died after the 1880 census
buried with dau Emilie Lucht and her family

[Sec A Center]	Wilhelm /b. 29 Mai 1871/d. 1 April 1874/Month of 
			birth could be wrong, hard to read

BEHNKE: (Lot 3-2)
[Sec B Front]	Carl/b. Oct 8, 1811/d. Jan 6, 1877
		Dorothea/b. Mar 24, 1804/d. Nov 30, 1879
			buried with Wilhelmina and Tobias Leister

[Section C]	Doris M./b. 1928/d. 1980/OSSW:
[Section C]	Harold M./b. 1929/d. No Date

[Sec B Front]	Carl/b. 8 Oct. 1811/d. 6 Jan. 1877

[Sec B Center]	Ida/b. 15 Mai 1861/d. 11 June 1879

BENTON: (Lot 95-2)
buried with Phebe Brazelton and her children

[Section C]	Edna/b. 1917/d. No Date/OSSW:
[Section C]	Henry/b. 1913/d. 1991

[Section East]	Edna/b. 25 July 1894/d. 2 Nov. 1990/Beloved Wife of Harry/OSSW:
[Section East]	Harry/b. 23 June 1896/d. 9 Dec. 1961/Wisconsin Private Infantry, WWI

[Section C]	Mary/b. 1880/d. 1958/OSSW:
[Section C]	Mathew/b. 1860/d. 1943/Father/NEXT TO:
[Section C]	Veron E./b. 1907/d. 1963/Mother

[Sec A Back] 	Henry A./b. 25 Dec. 1893/d. 5 Aug. 1973/OSSW: 
[Sec A Back] 	Hilda W./b. 21 May 1899/d. 2 July 1973

		Fred/1779-1867 (d. Nov. 28, 1867/W. Granville Presby. Church records)
[Sec A Front] 	Margaret/1791-1876 (b. Sept 16, 1791/d. Aug 19, 1876/W. Granville 
			Presby. Church records)
Martha/d. July 10, 1870 from church info, no marker now.

BERINGER: (Lot 92-0)
[Sec A Front] 	M. D./1828-1859/Mahlon D./info from cem records, no marker 
		exists/(d. 16 Feb. 1859/Age 31 Years, 3 Mon. 27 Days)

[Section C]	Hazel/b. 1905/d. 1971/OSSW:
[Section C]	Henry/b. 1905/d. 1958/Next to:
[Section C]	Henry/d. 1936 Only one date/OSSW:
[Section C]	Lucy Ann/d. 1930 Only one date

[Section D]	Edgar G./b. 1913/d. No Date/OSSW:
[Section D]	Jennie F./b. 1919/d. 1974/OSSW:
[Section D]	Marjorie F./b. 1920/d. 1982

[Section C]	Caroline/b. 1865/d. 1933/Next to:
[Section C]	Robert/b. 1863/d. 1923

[Section C]	Albertina/b. 22 Nov. 1863/d. 2 Feb. 1942/OSSW:
[Section C]	John/b. 31 May 1853/d. 5 April 1939/Father
[Section C]	Alfred/b. 8 Mar. 1896/d. 17 April 1979/OSSW:  
[Section C]	Anna/b. 2 Dec. 1894/d. 16 Jan. 1978/Next to:
[Section C]	Carol/b. 26 Feb. 1936/d. 25 July 1978/OSSW:
[Section C]	Edward/b. 20 Dec. 1934/d. No Date

[Section A Center Johanna C./b. 4 July 1884/d. 12 April 1903/Ruhe Sanft"
	In Emil H. A. Schultz plot
[Section C]	Enola/b. 1910/d. 1994/OSSW:
[Section C]	Theodore/b. 1906/d. 1985

BOORSE: (Lot 33-O)
[Section B Center] D. G. Boorse Family Plot/
[Section B Center] D.G./b. 30 May 1822/d. 14 Jan. 1902/Father/(Daniel G)Next to:
[Section B Center] Rachel (Rasor)/b. No Date/d. No Date/Mother, Wife of D.G.
			Boorse/stones tilted forward hard to read

BOORSE: (Lot 30-O)
[Section B Center] Alfred/b. 22 July 1854/d. 5 Dec. 1868/Son of H. & M. 
[Section B Center] Henry/b. 29 Sept. 1815/d. 23 Dec. 1887/OSSW:
[Section B Center] Mary (Price)/b. 18 Nov. 1819/d. 22 April 1897/Mother, Wife 
			of H. Boorse"/OSSW:
[Section B Center] Matilda/b. 25 Sept. 1840/d. 3 Jan. 1848/Daughter of 
			H. & M. Boorse
[Section B Center] Brother/b. No Date/d. No Date/Son of D. G. & R. Boorse/
			OSSW:  Stanke & Barndt

[Section C]	Henry C./b. 1870/d. 1927/OSSW:
[Section C]	Maude M./b. 1880/d. 1943

BOOTH: (lot 10-3, Sec B)
[Section B Back] Nina (WASON)/b. 1857/d. 1927/Next to:
[Section B Back] Harry/b. 1853/d. 1920/Next to: Wm. R. Wason

BOOTH: (Lot 8-O)
[Section B Front]  David W./1886-1890/son of Harry and Nina Both, buried in Robt. 
			Wason, Jr. plot

[Section C]	Arnold O./b. 1890/d. 1956/OSSW:
[Section C]	Lillian M./b. 1891/d. 1969/Next to:
[Section C]	William G./b. 1928/d. 1984
[Section C]	Louis A./b. 1889/d. 1956/Next to:
[Section C]	Mary/b. 1865/d. 1953/OSSW:
[Section C]	Otto/b. 1863/d. 1937

[Section A Back]  Bertha/b. 1861/d. 1941/Mother/OSSW:
[Section A Back]  Julius/b. 1860/d. 1931/Father/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Bertha/b. 3 May 1900/d. 1 May 1919


[Section B Center] Elizabeth/b. 18 may 1806/d. 9 June 1888/Wife of Jacob/Next to:
			Jacob Bauman & Elmer Bowmann
[Section B Center] Elmer/b. 15 Dec. 1878/d. 5 Sept. 1879

BOYD: (N 1/2 Lot 60-O)
James C./1841-1926
Mary C./1845-1921/daughter of Salome Barndt (later Horning) 
			and Jacob Barndt
buried with Jacob Barndt and Mathilda Slifer

[Section A Front]  James G./b. 1841/d. 1926/Next to:
[Section A Front]  Mary C./b. 1845/d. 1926/daughter of Salome Barndt (later Horning) 
			and Jacob Barndt/next to: Jacob Barndt and Mathilda S. Slifer

BOYD: (Lot 7-O)
[Section B Front]  John/b. 1809/d. 1895/OSSW:
[Section B Front]  Josias J./b. 1837/d. 1918/OSSW:
[Section B Front]  Mary Jane/b. 1843/d. 165/OSSW:
[Section B Front]  Matilda (Wason)/b. 1815/d. 1900


[Section C]	Barbara/b. 27 Mar. 1905/d. 28 Feb. 1983/Beloved Mother of Joyce Kremslehner

BRAHME: (Lot 24 Original Plot/owned by Conrad Brame)
[Section B Front]  John/d. May 12, 1853/aged 11 yrs/(1842-1853)/next to:
[Section B Front]  Mary/d. 1849/aged 2 years 7 Mon. 11 Days/sister of John/(1847-1849)

[Section A Front]  Little Freddy/b. No Date/d. 1862/Son of A. & H.M.

BRAZELTON: (Lot 95-2/Clayton Brazelton owner of Lot)
[Section A Back] Phebe/wife of William Brazelton/d. Aug 18, 1840/aged 27 yr/buried 
		with Hugh Benton/1815-1843
William R./d. 1850/age 2 yr/Son of Clayton & Anna
[Section A Back] Emily/d. 1 Aug. 1840/aged 2 yr/Daughter of Clayton & AnnaNext to:
Phebe and the 2 children, were originally buried in the Brazelton
family plot, and later moved to this cemetery.

[Section C]	Clara/b. 1884/d. 1973/OSSW:
[Section C]   	Gustave/b. 1879/d. 1954/Next to:
[Section C]   	Wilhelmine /b. 24 Sept. 1844/d. 9 April 1908/Mutter/Next to:
[Section C]   	Friedrich/b. 3 Dec. 1836/d. 9 Feb. 1923/Next to:
[Section C]   	William A./b. 1913/d. 1963
[Section C]   	Elenora J./b. 3 June 1916/d. No Date/OSSW:
[Section C]   	Elmer L./b. 14 Nov. 1916/d. 3 Dec. 1980
[Section C]   	Frank C./b. 1928/d. 1948
[Section B Center]  Florence A./b. 9 Sept. 1912/d. No Date/OSSW:
[Section B Center]  Henry H./b. 10 Aug. 1911/d. 21 Dec. 1973

[Section E]	Reinhold H./b. 27 Aug. 1914/d. 23 April 1982/OSSW:
[Section E]	Viola G./b. 25 Jan. 1915/d. No Date

[Section C]   	George A./b. 1876/d. 1961/Next to:
[Section C]   	Lillian I./b. 1880/d. 1965/Next to:
[Section C]   	Stuart E./b. 1901/d. 1929

[Section A Back] Darcy Lynne/b. 10 Aug. 1967/d. 29 Oct. 1967

BRUEGGEMAN: (lot 78-2)
[Section A Back] Herman/1860-1915
[Section A Back] Augusta/1872-1936
[Section A Back] Louise/b. 4 Nov. 1868/d. 21 Sept. 1890/Next to:
[Section A Back] Gilbert/b. 12 Sept. 1890/d. 28 Sept. 1890/Next to:
[Section A Back] Infant/b. 12 Sept. 1890/d. No Date/Sohn Von H. & L.
[Section A Back] Rose (DOMAN)/b. 23 Mar. 1883/d. 24 Jan. 1906/
			Next to Henriette, Wilhelm, Louise, Amanda & Herman Doman

[Section B Center] Wilhelmina (Begrow)/b. 26 Aug. 1833/d. 7 Jan. 1928/Mother/OSSW:
[Section B Center] Wilhelm/b. May 16, 1824/d. Mar 22, 1907/father
[Section A Center] Baby/b. 16 May 1912 Only one Date/Son of M. & J./
			In William Woolfitt plot
[Section B Center] Bernard/b. 1867/d. 1935/Next to:
[Section B Center] John H./b. 1879/d. 195/OSSW:
[Section B Center] Mary E./b. 1887/d. 1944/OSSW:

[Section C]   	Else/b. 3 Sept. 1887/d. 28 Nov. 1959/Next to:
[Section C]   	William /b. 17 Nov. 1885/d. 24 April 1977

BRUSS: (Lot 159-3, Sect A)
[Section C]   	Carl August/b. 1826/d. 1877/Next to:
[Section C]   	Carl F./b. 1872/d. 1872/Next to:
[Section C]   	Johann/b. 1794/d. 1872/Next to:
[Section C]   	Johanna (Fischer)/b. 4 Feb. 1846/d. 29 June 1924/OSSW:
[Section C]   	Friedrich/b. 12 Oct. 1824/d. 17 Mai 1905/Next to:
[Section C]   	Dorothea (Schroeder)/b. 1798/d. 1883
all originally buried at St. Peter Immanuel, W. mill Rd, 
		Reinterred here June 1977)

BUECHNER: (Lot 24-O)
[Section B Front] Ida/21 Jan. 1857/d. 23 Aug. 1857/buried with Brahme children above
[Section B Front] Amalia/25 Aug. 1858/d. 28 Feb. 1860/buried with Brahme children above

BUECHNER: (Lot 32-O)
[Section B Center] Arthur/1881-1892/Son of George/Stones sunk/Next to:
[Section B Center] John/b. Jun 15, 1821/d. Jun 16, 1897//Father/stone sunk/Next to:
[Section B Center] Mary/b. Aug 2, 1920/d. Apr 5, 1895/Mother/stone sunk/Next to:
[Section B Center] Wilhelmina/b. Nov. 12, 1854/d. Nov. 5, 1893/Mother/
			Wife of George/Next to:
[Section B Center] George Jr./b. Dec. 12, 1852/d. Dec 17, 1893/ 
			Can't read Dates/Father/stones suck

[Section A Back] Otto H.R./b. 16 Mar. 1888/d. 9 April 1888

[Section C] Alma/b. 1885/d. 1945/OSSW:
[Section C] Charles H./b. 1879/d. 1943

BULGRIN: (Lot 83-O)
[Section A Front] Herman F.L./b. Feb. 6, 1837/d. Dec 11, 1880/Ruhe Sanft/Next to
[Section A Front] Alwine C.W./b. Oct. 16, 1844/d. Jul 9, 1892
Christ F./1826-no date/buried with D. Louise Kikhefer and Karl F. Stark
Bulgrin Kiekhefer and Bast buried together
[Section C] Anton/b. 20 Oct. 1870/d. 26 Dec. 1921/Father/Next to:
[Section C] Paulina/b. 25 Sept. 1877/d. 25 July 1961/Mother/Next to:Charles Thiede

[Section C] Jacob/b. 1884/d. 1967/OSSW:
[Section C] Norma (HELD)/b. No Date/d. 1981

BURGARDT: (Lot 54-2)
[Section A Back]  Samuel/b. 1852/d. 1926/Father/Next to: 
[Section A Back]  Ottlie/b. 1861/d. 1936/Next to: Olive McDonell

BURGARDT: (lot 25-O)
[Section B Front]  Catherine A./1815/d. Nov 27, 1857(59)?/In N. Burgardt plot
[Section B Front]  Ottlie/b. 1875/d. 1964/OSSW:
[Section B Front]  Charles A./b. 1874/d. 1949/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Henry Joseph/b. 19 Mar. 1873/d. 19 Mar. 1945/Father/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Anna (ERDMANN)/b. 7 Nov. 1873/d. 9 July 1912/Mother Wife of Henry Burgardt/
			Next to:
[Section B Front]  Friedericke C. (ARNDT)/b. 1 Aug. 1849/d. 11 June 1903/Mother
[Section B Front]  Noah/b. 7 Feb. 1846/d. 15 Sept. 1902/Father/ (owner of lot)next to:
Laurence/b. July 5, 1805/d. Jun 28, 1888
Albertine (Milke)/b. Jan 21/1828/d. Feb 12, 1876

[Section A Front] Matthias/b. 1 Mar. 1812 Baden Germany/d. 26 Jan. 1888 West Granville, Milwaukee/
			Nun Ruhe Sanft-Du Guter Vater/aged 75 yrs 10 mo 25 days
[Section A Front] Mother (Louisa)/b. 7 Sept. 1818 Penn/d. 14 Aug. 1897 Granville, Milwaukee/78 Yr. 11 Mo. 7 dy./
			Nun Ruhe Sanft-Du Gute Mutter/aged 78 yrs 11 mo 7 days
from the W. Granville Cemetery Records
[Section A Front] Jonas/b.1857/d. 9 Mar. 1890 33 Yrs. 2 Mo. 13 Days/Im Himmel Sehen Wir 
			Uns Wieder/Next to:
[Section A Front] Harvey/b. 6 April 1850/d. 23 July 1898/Bruder/Next to:
[Section A Front] Sarah L.M./b. 3 April 1864 d, 26 Feb. 1878/Next to:
[Section A Front] Mary J./b. 18 June 1877 Age 1 Month/Daughter of N. & R. Burgardt

BURGHARDT: (lot 55-O)
[Section A Back]  Sarah (Huber)/d. Mar 12, 1891/age 42 years 8 dys/(b. Mar 7, 1848)/
			Mother Wife of F. Burgardt/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Fred/b. 4 Mar. 1844/d. 27 Sept. 1899/GAR Marker/Father/Next to:
buried next to Hegner and Wagner Families
Sarah/d. 12 Mar. 1891

[Section A Front] Aaron/b. 19 Mar. 1859/d. 12 April 1902/Du Guter Bruder/Next to:
[Section A Front] Mother/Next to:
[Section A Front] Father/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Aaron/b. 24 May 1882/d. 19 Aug. 1882/Infant Son of S. Burgardt/in 
			Fred Burgardt plot
[Section A Back]  Alan/b. 1876/d. 1958/OSSW: William
[Section A Back]  William/b. 1873/d. 1941/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Hattie/b. 1886/d. 1976/OSSW:
[Section A Back]  John/b. 1881/d. 1952Back
[Section A Back]  Burdella/b. 1901/d. 1980/OSSW:
[Section A Back]  Lydia/b. 1905/d. 1989/Next to:
[Section C] Carl/b. 1901/d. 19--/OSSW: 
[Section C] Florence E./b. 1903/d. 1963
[Section E] Dr. Gerald F./b. 1906/d. 1965/OSSW:  
[Section E] Harriet M./b. 1908/d. 1984

[Section C] Jack J./b. 1922/d. 1983/Married 22 June 1942/OSSW:
[Section C] Ruth E. (DOMAN)/b. 1923/d. 1969

[Section C] Charles/b. 1879/d. 1948/Father/OSSW:
[Section C] Minnie/b. 1874/d. 1944/Mother/Next to: Julia (DOORNEK)

[Section A Front] Albertine/b. 21 Jan. 1828/d. 12 Feb. 1876/OSSW:
[Section A Front] Laurence/b. 5 July 1805/d. 28 June 1888/OSSW:
[Section A Front] Catherine/b. 23 Sept. 1817/d. 27 Jan. 1859

[Section E] Eugene/d./b. 30 July 1914/d. No Date/OSSW:
[Section E] Irene V./b. 18 May 1915/d. 21 June 1987

BUROW: (N 17 Ft. Lot 1-3 Section B)
[Section B Back] Friederick/b. 1841/d. 193/OSSW:
[Section B Back] Hannah/b. 1842/d. 1934

[Section B Front] Henry/b. 6 Dec. 1879/d. 12 Nov. 1907/Build on 
			Earth...In Heaven (Can't read)

[Section C] Carl G./b. 1905/d. 1963/Next to:
[Section C] Charles/b. 1868/d. 1955/OSSW:
[Section C] Ida W./b. 1875/d. 1930/Next to:
[Section C] Lillian/b. 1901/d. 1984/Loyal Friend/Next to:
[Section C] May V./b. 1914/d. 1957

[Section A Center]  Albert A./b. 13 July 1882/d. 23 Dec. 1946/Father/OSSW:
[Section A Center]  Rosena W./b. 25 Oct. 1878/d. 18 Sept. 1946/Mother/Next to:
[Section A Center]  Anton/b. 7 May 1870/d. 27 May 1916/Weine Nicht, Denn Mein Werk is 
			Vollbracht/Weine Nicht, Gott Hat Alles Vohl Gemacht
[Section C]  Alvina/b. 1884/d. 1985/Loving Parents/OSSW:
[Section C]  Charles F./b. 1879/d. 1957/Loving Parents/Next to:
[Section C]  Paula L./b. 1908/d. 1958/OSSW:
[Section C]  Raymond H./b. 1905/d. 1986/Next to: Paul J. Sommer
[Section B Center]  Emilie/b. 1872/d. 1964/Next to:
[Section B Center]  Franz/b. 1842/d. 1920/OSSW:
[Section B Center]  Ernestina/b. 1838/d. 1929/Next to:
[Section B Center]  Ida E.E./b. 13 Jan. 1878/d. 17 Feb. 1881/Next to: George Schmidt
			Hard to read
[Section A Back]  Lillie A.H./b. 19 April 1891/d. 19 April 1891/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Othilde/d. 20 Sept. 1868 Only one Date/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Selma A.E./b. 23 Dec. 1889/d. 1 Sept. 1896/Next to: Emil Lucht

[Section East]  Roger Clark/b. 1945/d. 1994

[Section C]  Robert C./b. 25 Dec. 1920/d. 26 Nov. 1969/Wisconsin PM 3, US Coast Guard WWII

[Section B Center]  Elsie/b. 1882/d. 1941/Wife

[Section C]  Clarence/b. 1905/d. 1995/OSSW:
[Section C]  Emma/b. 1877/d. 1960/OSSW:
[Section C]  Martha/b. 1906/d. 1982/OSSW:
[Section C]  Marti/b. 1876/d. 1964/OSSW:
[Section C]  Mary/b. 1908/d. 1975/OSSW:
[Section C]  Raymond/b. 1904/d. 1985

[Section A Front]  Elizabeth/d. 18 July 1862/Daughter of S. & H. Christman/
			Age 18 Yrs./ard to read/OSSW:
[Section A Front]  Hannah (Underkoffer)/d. 11 June 1882/Wife Of Samuel Christman/
			Age 76 Yrs., 5 Days/OSSW:
[Section A Front]  Samuel/d. 1 Sept. 1882 Age 80 Yrs. 3 Mo 19 Dys/OSSW: Amanda Clark
Amanda CHRISTMAN/no dates/daughter of S. H. Christman and wife 
		of S. S. Clark(see CLARK)/died aged 39 years

CHURCH: (Lot 42-2)
[Section B Center] Elizabeth (Kenney)/b. 20 Jan.1850/d. 29 Nov. 1903/Mother/wife of James Sherman/OSSW:
[Section B Center] Myron J./b. 8 Mar. 1876/d. 21 May 1912/OSSW:
[Section B Center] James Sherman/b. 6 Feb. 1851/d. 21 July 1920/Father/OSSW:

CHURCH: (Lot 18-2)
[Section B Center] George/b. 15 Feb. 1810/d. 2 Jan. 1882/OSSW:
[Section B Center] Nancy A. (Pickel)/b. 18 June 1813/d. 28 May 1885/Wife of George/OSSW:
[Section B Center] Mary Francis (Everts)/b. 11 Aug. 1853/d. 2 June 1884/Wife of Henry T./Next to:
[Section B Front]  Henry T./b. 1847/d. 1919/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Nora M./b. 1861/d. 1940

CHURCH: (Lot 23 Grave 7, Original)
Infant/no dates/lot owned by Henry Pickel

CLARK: (Lot 19-O)
[Section B Front] Harriet M.M./d. 13 Dec. 1859/Wife of S.S. Clark/36 Yrs. 5 Mos. 12 Days/Next to:
[Section B Front] Francis S,/d. 20 Oct. 1874/Wife of S.S. Clark/42 Yrs. 8 Mos. 18 Days
[Section B Front] Dr. Solomon S./d. 13 Dec. 1877/55 Yrs. 4 Mon. 22 Days/Masonic Symbol

[Section A Front] Amanda/b. No Date/d. No Date/Daughter of S. & H. Christman/Wife of S.S. Clark/
			Age 60 Yrs. /OSSW: Samuel, Hannah & Amanda Christman
[Section A Back]  James H./b. 1878/d. 1934/Served in France 1st. C.R.T.

[Section C]  Alex/b. 1916/d. 1975/OSSW:
[Section C]  Alex/b. 1871/d. 1952/OSSW:
[Section C]  John/b. 1907/d. 19--/OSSW:
[Section C]  Helen/b. 1881/d. 1977

[Section C]  Erla B./b. 1921/d. 1982/OSSW:
[Section C]  Harvey T./b. 1917/d. No Date
[Section A Front]  Mary/b. 1834/d. 1910/Auntie/Appears to be buried in Ernst plot


[Section A Front]  Byrdie/b. 1872/d. 1923/Next to:
[Section A Front]  Elvira (Avery)/b. 1831/d. 1923/Next to:
[Section A Front]  Henry/b. 1857/d. 1927/Next to:
[Section A Front]  Ida/b. 1867/d. 1946

COATTS: (Lot 34-O)
[Section B Center] Joseph/b. 1863/d. 1954/OSSW:
[Section B Center] Ida M. (Cowell)/b. 1862/d. 1950/Next to:
[Section B Center] Elsie/b. 1893/d. 1942/Next to:
[Section B Center] Estella C./b. 1895/d. 1975
(buried with Ida's parents Joseph & Maria Cowell)

*COATTS: (S 1/2 Lot 131-2)
[Section B Front]  Nancy W. (Wrin or Wunderlich)/1858-1928/she is buried with Danile
			Wrin and John Wunderlich/Lot owned by George Coats 
			purchased Oct. 26, 1926

[Section C]  Joseph F./b. 1903/d. 197/OSSW:
[Section C]  Lucille/b. 1916/d. 1994

[Section B Front]  Minerva/no dates/buried with Everts and Cutler (Minerva was a 
		sister of Emily Cutler and daughter of Chas. P and 
		Caroline Everts. (age 15 on the 1850 Town of 
		Granville census))

[Section C]  Frank L./b. 1904/d. 1975/OSSW:
[Section C]  Mary M./b. 1915/d. 1991

[Section C Front]  Grace/b. 1893/d. 1973/OSSW:
[Section C Front]  Leonard/b. 1892/d. 1986

COWELL: (Lot 34-O)
[Section B Center]  Joseph/b. 7 Oct. 1813/d. 25 July 1905/OSSW:
[Section B Center]  Charles T./b. 2 Feb. 1851/d. 2 Sept. 1851/OSSW:
[Section B Center]  John A./b. 25 Jan. 1856/d. 20 Nov. 1867/OSSW:
[Section B Center]  Maria/b. 21 July 1818/d. 14 Jan. 1892

[Section B Front]  Deborah/b. 1805/d. 1899/Mother/In John & Experience Snyder family plot

[Section A Front]  Elizabeth/b. 3 Mar. 1801/d. 5 Nov. 1894/OSSW:  Jessie & Hannah (SCHOLL)
			& Sophia (HORNING)

[Section B Back]  Charles R./b. 1851/d. 1906/Next to:
[Section B back]  Emma L./b. 1852/d. 1912

CUTLER: (Lot 27-O)
[Section B Front] Emily (Everts)/b. 1845/d. 1931/In Charles Everts plot
		(buried with parents Chas. P. and 
		Caroline (Chandler) Everts

[Section C]  Arthur/b. 1897/d. 195/OSSW:
[Section C]  Clara/b. 1897/d. 1976

[Section B Center]  John C./b. 1891/d. 1946/OSSW:
[Section B Center]  Lillian L./b. 1896/d. 19--/in Edward Southern plot
[Section A Back]  Julius/b. 1877/d. 1930

DARLING: (lot 44-2, plot owned by Nelson Darling)
[Section B Center]  Harriet U./d. 8 Dec. 1851 Only one date/Daughter of M. & F.C.
			 Darling/Next toL
[Section B Center]  Mary Harriet/d. 19 April 1855 Only one date/Daughter of M. & 
			F.C. Darling/1 Yr. 2 Mon. 4 Days

DELCOUR: (lot 29-2_
[Section B Center]  Edna S./b. 1890/d. 1984/OSSW:
[Section B Center]  Homer E./b. 1889/d. 1964

DEWERT: (Lot 108-2)
[Section A Front]  Friedrich/b. 1813/d. 29 Dec. 1872/hard to read/Next to:
[Section A Front]  Marie/b. 1 April 1811/d. 18 Mar. 1897
Hannah/b. 18__-1926

DEWERTH: (Lot 21-1)
[Section A Center]  Arthur/b. 23 Nov. 1880/d. 1881/Next to:
[Section A Center]  Next two stones illlegible
[Section A Center]  Rose/b. 5 Feb. 1871/d. 3 Feb. 1898/Next to:
[Section A Center]  Charles (Charlie)/d. 1865 could be 1868? Hard to read/Next to:
[Section A Center]  Oscar/b. 9 Aug. 1882/d. 1 Sept. 1882/Next to: Johns Family
John/1833-1910Henry C./1873-1889
Elizabeth/1847-1882/next to:

DEWERTH: (N 4/9 Lot 52-2)
[Section A Back]  Clara F./b. 1852/d. 1940/Mother/Next to:
[Section A Back]  William F./b. 1875/d. 1880/Son/Next to: 
[Section A Back]  Frederick A./b. 1881/d. 1882/Son/Next to: 
[Section A Back]  Henry G./b. 1873/d. 1889/Son

[Section A Front] Elizabeth /d. 10 Aug. 1882/Wife of J./Age 38 Yrs. 6 Days/OSSW:
[Section A Front] John /d. 1910 67 Yrs. 10 Mon. 13 Days/OSSW:
[Section A Center] Wilhelmine/b. 9 Mar. 1854/d. 26 April 1914/Wife of J./Next to:
[Section A Front] Rose/b. 1879/d. 1959/Next to:
[Section A Front] William F./b. 1879/d. 1934/Next to:
[Section A Front] Mutter/NO DATES/Gattin/(Previous Note) "could be Elizabeth)
[Section A Front] Vater/NO DATES/(Previous Note "could be John/GAR Marker
[Section C]  Elizabeth B./b. 1906/d. 1988/OSSW:
[Section C]  Henry A./b. 1905/d. 1979

DEWERTH: (S 5/9 Lot 53-2)
[Section A Back]  Frances/b. 1875/d. 1958/Mother/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Walter/b. 1878/d. 1937/Father/Next to: Mildred (HARTNELL)
buried with Mildred Hartnell

DEXHEIMER: (Lot 26-3 Sec. A)
[Section C Front] Elmer V./b. 13 Sept. 1915/d. 5 July 1919/Next to:
[Section C Front] Louise/b. 24 Dec. 1884/d. 29 Jan. 1975/Next to:
[Section C Front] Jacob/b. 17 July 1884/d. 28 Dec. 1942/Next to:
[Section C Front] Jacob/b. 10 Nov. 1846/d. 25 April 1914/Next to:
[Section C Front] Gertrude/b. 7 July 1850/d. 3 Nov. 1920

Aberet(sic)/son of A.S. and B.T. Dier/d. 1856 aged 1 mo 25 days

[Section A Back] Ellen/b. 1 Dec. 1886/d. 7 Aug. 1912/Beloved Wife of Joseph/
			In Fred Burgardt plot

[Section C]  Ida C./b. 1895/d. 1972/OSSW:
[Section C]  Irma/b. 1898/d. 1926/OSSW:
[Section C]  Joseph J./b. 1897/d. 1975
[Section C]  Melvin A./b. 5 Feb. 1921/d. 16 Jan. 1979/PFC US Army WWII

[Section B Back]  Henry /b. 1848/d. 1917/Next to:
[Section B Back]  Rosa/b. 1883/d. 1962/Daughter/Next to:
[Section B Back]  Rosetta/b. 1853/d. 1931
[Section E]  Henry R./b. 1898/d. 1978/Next to:
[Section E]  Leona/b. 1903/d. 1966/Next to:
[Section E]  Scott Eugene/b. 1961/d. 1968/Son of David & Beverly
[Section E]  Howard F./b. 1886/d. 1955/Next to Wilson family, Alnetta Yanke & Alma Stark

[Section A Back]  Clarence C./b. 1898/d. 1953
[Section A Back]  Harriet/b. 1871/d. 1952/Mother

[Section B Center]  Henriette/b. 22 Sept. 1796/d. 25 Jan. 1882/Grandmother/
			In Christ Pfeil family plot/Grandmother

[Section B Back]  Alice R.M./b. 1876/d. 1950/Mother/OSSW:
[Section B Back]  Horace H.D./b. 1858/d. 1923/Father

DODGE: (Lot 50-O)
[Section A Front]  P.W.(Philander W.)/b. 21 Mar. 1814/d. 6 July 1886/OSSW:
[Section A Front]  Thirza (Wilson)/his wife/b. 29 April 1817/d. 23 Feb. 1896/His Wife (P.W.)
[Section A Front]  Henry W./d. 14 July 1843 2 Yrs. 5 Mon. 11 Days/Child of P.W. & Thirza/OSSW:
[Section A Front]  Truman E./d. 25 Dec. 1845 6 Yrs. 8 Mon. 21 Days/Child of P.W. & Thirza Dodge/Next to:

[Section C]  Alma/b. 1884/d. 1954/OSSW:
[Section C]  Gustav/b. 1875/d. 1964

DOMAN: (Lot 61-2)
[Section A Back]  Amanda/b. 1886/d. 1956/OSSW:
[Section A Back]  Herman/b. 1880/d. 197/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Henriette/b. 22 Dec. 1845/d. 5 Jan. 1929/Ruhe Sanft/(b. German/daughter
		of Chris Teg, lived Cain Rd.)/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Louise/b. 28 Mai. 1885/d. 2 April 1898/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Wilhelm/b. 20 Dec. 1834/d. 3 Mai. 1906/Next to Rose (BRUEGGERMAN)

[Section C]  Amanda/b. 1882/d. 1940/OSSW:
[Section C]  Emil/b. 1876/d. 1963/Next to:
[Section C]  Raymond/b. 12 Dec. 1911/d. 24 April 1922/Son of Emil & Amanda/Next to:
[Section C]  Elsie V./b. 1912/d. No Date/OSSW:
[Section C]  Walter A./b. 1907/d. 1992/next to:
[Section C]  Howard/b. 1933/d. 1939/Son

[Section C]  Emma/b. 1881/d. 1948/OSSW:
[Section C]  Henry/b. 1877/d. 1953

[Section C]  Julia (BURGHART)/b. 1895/d. 1975/Next to Charles & Minnie Burghart

[Section D]  Jacob/b. 1837/d. 1925

DRAEGER: (Lot 2-2)
[Section B Front]  Mutter/(JULIA GUST.)/b. 3 July 1836/d. 11 April 1908/b. Germany,/
			d. Milwaukee; "Ruhe Sanft/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Vater/August/b. 30 Mai 1826/d. 6 April 1908/b. Germany,/d. Milwaukee Co./
			"Ruhe Sanft/(name from footstone)/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Lewis/b. 15 Jan. 1872/d. 19 Aug. 1897/Ruhe Sanft/Next to:
[Section B Front]  William/b. 1 Aug. 1873/d. 8 Jan. 1878/Ruhe Sanft

DRAEGER: (Lot 1-2)
[Section B Front]  Henry/b. 1865/d. 1953/OSSW:
[Section B Front]  Louisa/b. 1869/d. 1955

[Section D]  Edna/b. 1901/d. 1974/OSSW:
[Section D]  Theodore/b. 1863/d. 1941/Father/OSSW:
[Section D]  Louisa/b. 1870/d. 1960/Mother/Next to:
[Section D]  Louis/b. 1898/d. 1985/Next to:
[Section D]  Shirley Mae/b. 1927/d. 1928/Next to:
[Section D]  Louis

[Section B Front]  Olga/b. 20 Feb. 1896/d. 11 Aug. 1896/Ruhe Sanft

[Section B Center]  Hattie S./b. Jan 25, 1867/d. Feb 15, 1898/daughter of J.S. 
		& C.S. Keeler/wife of William Droegkamp/OSSW:  Anna Sophia, Joshua S. & Catherine S. Keeler

[Section A Center]  Henry Jr./b. 9 Sept. 1912/d. 31 Jan. 1922/Son of H.J. & Rose

[Section C]  Albert W./b. 1889/d. 1970/OSSW:
[Section C]  Clara/b. 1885/d. 1975/
[Section C]  Mary E./b. 1921/d. No Date/OSSW:
[Section C]  Kermit A./b. 1921/d. 1982/Next to:
[Section C]  Donna/b. 1951/d. 1953

[Section A Back]  Alma/b. 13 Mai 1896/d. 12 Mar. 1897/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Arthur W./b. 25 Feb. 1885/d. 26 June 1941/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Margaret/b. 1917/d. 1921/Ruhe Sanft/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Anna/b. 5 May 1883/d. 26 May 1937/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Dorothy/b. 15 Dec. 1852/d. 30 Aug. 1920/Mother/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Frederick/b. 17 June 1846/d. 11 Feb. 1913/Father
[Section C]  Anna/b. 1882/d. 1957/OSSW:
[Section C]  Robert/b. 1877/d. 1950/Next to:
[Section C]  Erwin A./b. 1908/d. 1979/OSSW:
[Section C]  Norma J./b. 1914/d. 1992

[Section C]  Fred/b. 1891/d. 1988/OSSW: 
[Section C]  Norma/b. 1895/d. 1993

[Section C]  Henry P./b. 1894/d. 1973/OSSW:
[Section C]  Martha E./b. 1898/d. 1958/Next to:
[Section C]  Loretta/b. 1901/d. 1967

DUTCHER: (Lot 11-3, sect. A)
[Section C Front]  Elisabeth/b. 1840/d. 1879/In Margaret & James Watts Plot/
			buried with Nancy Faulkner and Watts

[Section B Center]  Sylvia (SNYDER)/b. 30 Dec. 1821/d. 26 May 1848/Next to: Annis Ostrander

[Section C]  Josephine/b. 1891/d. 1988/Mother/OSSW:
[Section C]  Phillip/b. 1890/d. 1954/Father

[Section B Back]  Amelia/b. 1849/d. 192/OSSW:
[Section B Back]  Jacob/b. 1838/d. 1922

[Section B Back]  Anna/b. 17 Dec. 1869/d. 22 July 1955/Next to:
[Section B Back]  Michael/b. 26 Sept. 1859/d. 1 Jan. 1913/Ruhe Sanft/in 
			Frederick Schmidt plot

[Section B Back]  Herman/b. 1863/d. 1929/Father/Next to:
[Section B Back]  Minnie/b. 1865/d. 1939/Mother

[Section C]  Alfred /b. 18 Aug. 1917/d. 23 Jan. 1991/Private First Class, 
		US Army WWII/Next to:
[Section C]  John A./b. 1906/d. 1985

[Section A Front]  Caroline (UNRUH?)/b. 27 April 1833/d. 3 Oct. 1865/Hard to read/
			Maiden name uncertain

[Section A Back]  Scotty Joe/b. 20 Oct. 1969/d. 5 April 1970/We All Shine On

[Section C]  Chester G./b. 28 Jan. 1910/d. 6 Oct. 1951/Wisconsin Private, 
		795 Amphib. Tank Battalion WWII

Loella C./wife of M.C. Emfield)/d. Mar 14, 1862/aged 81 yrs.

[Section B Back]  Anna/b. 1881/d. 1943/OSSW:
[Section B Back]  Otto/b. 1879/d. 1955/Next to:
[Section B Back]  Erwin/b. 8 Dec. 1904/d. 8 Sep. 1906/Ruhe in Frieden/Next to:
[Section B Back]  Helen/b. 18 April 1914/d. No Date/Beloved Parents/OSSW:
[Section B Back]  Harvey/b. 29 Mar. 1907/d. 20 Oct. 1980/Beloved Parents

[Section B Back]  Chester /b. 1915/d. 1915/Infant Son of H. & N./Next to:
[Section B Back]  Nettie J./b. 1890/d. 1963/OSSW:
[Section B Back]  Henry H./b. 1883/d. 1973

[Section A Back]  Clara/b. 20 Mai 1887/d. 5 June 1887/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Hermann/b. 7 Oct. 1877/d. 28 Feb. 1887/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Emilie (RATHUN)/b. 10 April 1846/d. 7 Mae 1892/Mutter, 
			Ruhe Sanft/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Ferdinand/b. 27 Mai 1843 d, 2 Jan. 1906/Vater/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Emil/b. 5 June 1876/d. 13 April 1945/Next to:
[Section A Back]  Julia F./b. 1888/d. 1961

[Section B Back]  Frederick/b. 11 June 1885/d. 23 Mar. 1927/Father/Next to:
[Section B Back]  Henry/b. 11 Mar. 1916/d. 15 Feb. 1917/Next to:
[Section B Back]  Lizzie/b. 28 May 1884/d. 30 June 1916/Mother

[Section A Front]  George Martin/b. 1851/d. 1921

[Section A Front]  Henry/b. 9 Oct. 1825/d. 28 Dec. 1891/Father/Next to:
[Section A Front]  Magdalena/b. 3 Dec. 1826/d. 27 April 1904/Mother/Next to:
[Section A Front]  Katherine E./b. 16 Feb. 1855/d. 28 Oct. 1862/Child of H. & L./Next to:
[Section A Front]  Myra S./b. 24 Aug. 1851/d. 21 Oct. 1862/Daughter of H. & L./Next to:
[Section A Front]  Nellie M./b. 11 Dec. 1858/d. 27 Sept. 1862/Daughter of H. & L./
			Next to: George Martin

Mary CLINE/1834-1910/Auntie/daughter of Isaac and Catharine 
		(Barndt) Cline (all born Penn, b. Apr 13, 1833/
		d. May 2, 1910)


EVERTS: (Lot 12-3 Sec. B)
[Section B Back]  Adelaide/b. 1872/d. 1946/OSSW:
[Section B Back]  Edward M./b. 1874/d. 196/OSSW:
[Section B Back]  Jennie/b. 1867/d. 1902

EVERTS: (Lot 16-O)
[Section B Front]  Charles C./b. 27 May 1819/d. 3 Feb. 1906/Father/OSSW:
[Section B Front]  L.C.(Laura C. Cowles)/b. 1824/d. 1910/Mother/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Charlotte E./b. 1851/d. 1927/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Charles H./b. 1846/d. 1850/OSSW:
[Section B Front]  Truman/d. 29 Dec. 1855 65 Years/Grandpa/next to:
[Section B Front]  Hiram C./b. 1862/d. 1863
[Section B Front]  Sarah R./b. 1854/d. 1941

EVERTS: (Lot 6-2)
[Section B Front]  Frankie C./b. 1877/d. 1881/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Orlow A./b. 1847/d. 1921/Next to:

EVERTS: (Lot 26-O)
[Section B Front]  Caroline (CHANDLER)/b. 3 Oct. 1805/d. 17 May 1877/OSSW:
[Section B Front]  Charles Phillips/b. 11 Feb. 1799/d. 4 Dec. 1871/A Mans Good Name is 
			His Best Monument/brother of Truman/OSSW:
[Section B Front]  Charles Chandler/b. 26 July 1832/d. 8 Sept. 1860/OSSW: 
[Section B Front]  Walter Scott/b. 28 May 1827/d. 11 Aug. 1854/Next to:

EVERTS: (Lot 27-O)
[Section B Front]  Hiram H./b. 1838/d. 1908/Next to:
[Section B Front]  George W./b. 1840/d. 1916/Father/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Mary A.(Miller)/b. 1844/d. 1934/Mother/Next to:

EVERTS: (Lot 5-3 Section A)
[Section C]  Alice/b. 1893/d. 1984/Next to:
[Section C]  George W./b. 1864/d. 1938/Next to:
[Section C]  Elizabeth (Wason)/b. 1864/d. 1936/Next to:
[Section C]  Alvin O./b. 1890/d. 1920/Triangle with 32 on it/next to:
[Section C]  Helen E./b. 1909/d. 1938

[Section A Back]  Ira W./b. 1895/d. 1896/No Surname on stone, Everts on Footstone/next to:
[Section A Back]  Maude/b. 1892/d. 1895/No Surname on stone, Everts on Footstone/

[Section C]  William H./b. 1881/d. 1941/Dad


[Section A Back]  Henry C./b. 1917/d. 1992/OSSW:
[Section A Back]  Margaret/b. 1917/d. No Date

[Section C Front]  Richard Leo/b. 26 July 1927/d. 28 Dec. 1992/GMSN US Navy Korea

FAULKNER: Thomas Lot 2-O
[Section B Front]  Father/b. 11 Dec. 1811/d. 24 June 1895/No name given on stone/
			(burial records show Thomas)Next to:
[Section B Front]  Mary Ann/b. 11 Mar. 1818/d. 28 Oct. 1906/Mother

[Section C]  Nancy/b. 1761/d. 1849/earliest date found in cemetery


[Section B Front]  Jacob/b. 15 July 1819/d. 2 Feb. 1887/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Caroline/b. 29 Feb. 1830/d. 17 Oct. 1868/Wife of Jacob/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Calvin G./b. 11 Aug. 1862/d. 29 Aug. 1863/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Lydia R./b. 17 Nov. 1875/d. 22 Aug. 1896/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Ernstina T./b. 9 Oct. 1868/d. 17 Dec. 1869/Next to:
[Section B Front]  Fred E./b. 1 Jan. 1856/d. 6 Jan. 1856/next to:
[Section B Front]  Henry F./b. 9 Sept. 1850/d. 13 Aug. 1851/next to:
[Section B Front]  John J./b. 6 Feb. 1859/d. 6 April 1859/Next to:
[Section B Front]  William A./b. 11 June 1847/d. 19 July 1950

FELSING: (S 1/2 Lot 118-2)
[Section B Center]  Emma/b. 11 Sept. 1849/d. 18 May 1917/His Wife (Frederick C.)/OSSW:
[Section B Center]  Frederick C./b. 19 Dec. 1852/d. 27 Oct. 1924

[Section C]  Alda/b. 1912/d. 1982/OSSW:
[Section C]  Bruce/b. 1944/d. 1973/OSSW:
[Section C]  Phillip/b. 1914/d. 1988

[Section A Front]  Alice I./b. 1877/d. 1964/OSSW:
[Section A Front]  John H./b. 1870/d. 1952/Next to:
[Section A Front]  Ellen A./b. 1837/d. 1926/Next to:
[Section A Front]  Hiram/d. 1882 52 Yrs./Next to:
[Section A Front]  Minnie/d. 20 Nov. 1879 13 Years 6 Days/Our Only Daughter

base of stone only

[Section B Back]  Anne E./b. 22 Mar. 1846/d. 1 July 1929/Mother/Next to:
[Section B Back]  John H./b. 10 Nov. 1839/d. 15 April 1911/Father/Next to:
[Section B Back]  Clarence/b. 11 June 1883/d. 5 Nov. 1913/Next to:
[Section B Back]  Mary/b. 1803/d. 1892/Mother

FREDERICH: (Lot 10-2)
buried with John H and Josephine Hubenthal

FREY: (Lot 92-2)
Mary (Sylvester)/1858-1911
Ida Frey Keller/___-1930
Emma Frey/1889-1970

See Also FRY

FRIEDERICH: (N 1/2 Lot 45-2)

Conrad/b. Aug 1, 1815/d. May 4, 1882
Maria/b. Nov 14, 1819/d. Aug 25, 1895

Friedericka/b. Nov 1, 1835/d. Feb 4, 1857

Wilhelmina/b. Jun 2, 1822/d. Mar ___, 1899

FRY: (S 1/2 Lot 20-2)
Cynthia E./b. Sept 19, 1823/d. Sept 4, 1887
George W./b. Nov 14, 1818/d. Nov 9, 1894

FRY: (S 1/1 Lot 117-2)
Samuel W./1850-1909

FUNK: (lot 65-2)
Infant son of Louis Mittelstedt of Menomonee Falls/buried Apr 21, 1915

GAUGER: (lot 8-2)
Wilhelmine/b. Oct. 11, 1851/d. Mar 25, 1933

GEIS: (Lot 43-2)
Conrad/b. Mar 25, 1829/d. Oct. 23, 1914
Katharina/b. Aug 25, 1830/d. Jan 9, 1908
Johann H./1808-1877
Johann H. PLANTZ
(Conrad Geis/b. 1914/d. 1929/from cemetery records)

GEPHART: (lot 56-O)
Andres/d. July 26, 1852/aged 60 (cem records 1797-1856)
Johanna/d. Oct. 7, 1856 aged 51 (cem records 1796-1858)

GILBERT: (Lot 91-2)
Johann/born Duenhein, Hesse-Darmstadt/July 25, 1815/died Oct. 23, 1896
Gertrud (Pfeil)/born Gensingen/Hesse-Darmstadt/Mar 30, 1820/d. Nov. 6, 1895

GOETSCH: (Lot 94-O/Henry Chas. John owner of plot)
Johann/1799/d. Aug 25, 1878
Louise/his wife/old stone hard to read/W. Granville Presbyt. 
		church states 1812-1881)
buried with Christian and Wilhelmine Schultz

GRAF: (Lot 23-3, sect A)

GRAFF: (N 1/2 Lot 11-3, Sect ?


Elizabeth/b. Mar 3, 1801 Sunnytown Montgomery Co. Penn/d. Nov. 5, 1894/
		mother of Sophia, ossw:
Jessy Scholl, ossw:
Sophia (Groll) Horning

GREEN: (Lot 32-2)
Katherine/b. Jun 11, 1832/d. Apr 22, 1899

Gustav/b. Mar 23, 1834/d. Apr 6, 1883 (cem records state Gustav's records as 1833-1854)



HACKBARTH: (Lot 17-2)
Charles F./1878-1878
Albert A./1870-1871
Louisa (Burrow)/b. Sept 15, 1845/d. Jan 20, 1880/Mutter
C. (Carl Fried)/b. Jun 9, 1837/d. Jun 13, 1893/Father
Ernest F./1872-1933 (unmarried)
Auguste L./1875-1962 (unmarried)

HARTNELL: (S 5/9 Lot 53-2)
buried with Walter and Frances DeWerth

Johanna/b. Apr 10, 1815/d. Jan 25, 1885/widow of Julius Hegner
Mathilde/b. Apr 4, 1851/d. Aug 31, 1890
buried with Wagner and Burghardt

HELM: (Lot 72-2)
buried with Yanke

HEMSING: (Lot 25-1)
George GRAFF/GROFF/b. Apr 10, 1819/d. Sept 25, 1901 (cem records 1900)
Mary (Pfeil) GRAFF/b. Mar. 20, 1822/d. Feb 19, 1901
John GRAFF/1853-1891

HEMSING: (Lot 24-1)
William/b. Dec 10, 1816/d. Mar 25, 1902
Sophia (Fulman)/b. Jun 27, 1920/d. Apr 26, 1892
Clara Elisabeth/b. 1869/d. Mar 1, 1869
buried with George and Mary Groff(Graff) and Milton and Ella Scholl)

Anna Maria (Schumacher)/b. Nov. 10, 1839/d. Aug 21, 1887
buried with Schumachers and Schweickharts

HERZOG: (Lot 66-O)
Emelie Baseman is buried with them

HERZOG: (Lot 9-2)
Christov/no dates
Christina/no dates (owner of lot)

HERZOG: (Lot 12-2)
Fredrich/b. July 7, 1843/d. Mar 23, 1832
Helen Wildt is buried with him

Johann Heinrich/b. Jan 1807/d. Jan 15, 1862

Heinrich/b. Sept 15, 1818/d. Feb 3, 1870

Christian/1911-189_/hard to read

HORN: (Lot 37-2)
Stephen/died Mar. 15, 1880/aged 92 years 19 days(b. 1788), ossw:
Esther/died May 31, 1874 aged 84 years 3 mo 26 days (b. 1790), ossw:
William/died Jul 15, 1863/aged 40 yr 9 mo 20 days, ossw:
Esther A./daughter of J.A. and R. C. Horn/d. May 26, 1870 (born 1869), ossw:
Rachel C./b. Apr. 1, 1836/d. May 9, 1912, ossw:
John A./died Mar 26, 1899/aged 74 yrs (born 1925), ossw:

HORNING: (Lot 61-O)
Stephen/b. Jan 27, 1827/d. Feb. 18, 1900, ossw:
Rachel (Barndt)/died Oct. 13, 1851/aged 18 yr 29 days (b. 1833), ossw:
Salome/widow of Jacob BARNDT; second wife of Stephen/d. Mar 25, 1873/
		aged 44 yrs 9mo, 17 days (born 1829)
Wives of Stephen-all on one monument

HORNING: (lot 64-O)
Sophia (Groll)/1827/d. Dec 2, 1909/third wife of Stephen Horning
buried with Scholl and Elizabeth Groll

HORNING: (Lot 74-O)
illegible name/Mother/died 1892? or 1898?
buried with Nathan and Elizabeth (Wambold) Horning and Charles Horning

HORNING: (N 1/2 Lot 37-O)
Charles/b. Jun 3, 1824/d. Nov. 17, 1900
Elizabeth (Wambold)/b. Dec 21, 1828/d. May 18, 1914
Nathan/d. Sept 28, 1873/aged 76 yrs 9 mo 2 days (b. 1797)
Cahterine/died 1892 (b. 1792??)

Elizabeth/b. 180?/d. Jan 16, 1892

HOWARD: (Lot 9-O, owned by Dewitt Pickel)
Mary Jane/1840-1895/daughter of Jackson and Edith (Brazelton) Howard
buried with Pickel family

HUBENTHAL: (lot 25-2)
Mary/b. May 25, 1843/d. Feb 19, 1906
Mortimore/b. Nov 7, 1841/d. Apr 3, 1909
George W./1869-1910
Ulricka (Fraedrick)/b. Mar 14, 1867/d. Mar 23, 1892
William F./b. Dec 10, 1866/d. Aug 1, 1910

HUBENTHAL: (Lot 10-2)
John H./1831-1879
Philip and Mary Frederich are buried with them

HUBENTHAL: (S 1/2 Lot 19-2)
George W./1850-1930
Mary D./1855-1921
William W./1895-1895/reinterred here from Germantown (Oct 22, 1922)
Susanna/1882/d. Nov. 11, 1883/reinterred here from Germantown (Oct 22, 1922)

John G./b. Mar 16, 1810/d. Feb 2, 1873/residence Germantown, Washington Co.
Susanna H./b. Oct 21, 1809/d. Mar 3, 1904/residence Germantown, Washington Co.
Clementine/b. Apr. 27, 1844/d. Mar. 30, 1892
Wilhelm/d. Mar 13, 1874/residence Menomonee Falls, Waukesha Co.
John H./1831-1879
Albert A./1870-1871

Maria (Bandow)/1846-1914
buried with Maria's parents

HUBER: (lot 43-O)
Catherine E./d. Feb 5, 1871/aged 20 yrs 7 mo 13 days/wife of John Huber
Rachel B./d. Dec 14, 1902/aged 89 years (1817-1902)
William/d. 1865/aged 59 years (1807-1865)
Sabina B./1836-1845

JAHN: (S 1/3 of N 1/2 Lot 67-2)
Johanna (Johann?).1817-1890

JANKE: (N 1/2 Lot 49-2, owner of lot John Janke)
Johann A.G.(C?)/b. Aug 17, 1920/d. July 7, 1891

Frederich/d. 1852/aged 3 years/son of Jos. and Margaret
Susanna/b. 1778/d. 1864
Johanna(?)/d. 1862/aged 4 years
buried with Bergstresser

JONES: (Lot 4-2)
David/b. July 8, 1819/d. Mar 12, 1890
Elizabeth/b. Apr. 2, 1828/d. Feb. 25, 1878

JUNGBLUTH: (Lot 22-1)
Heinrich/d. 1869
Katherine/d. Nov 10, 1872
appear to be buried with Thomas

Christiana/b. Oct 8, 1801/d. Aug 9, 1878

buried with Mortimore and Marie Hubenthal family

F. G./b. July 15, 1869/d. Oct. 8, 1899

KEELER: (lot 13-O)
Joshua S./b. Sept 19, 1828/d. May 27, 1912 (cem record says b. 1829)
Catherine S./d. Aug 12, 1899/aged 55 years/daughter of J.S. and S. 
		Barndt/wife of J. S. Keeler (cem records say 1834-1889)
Anna Sophia/d. 1862/aged 6 mo/daughter of J.S. and C.S. Keeler
Hattie/b. Jan 25, 1867/d. Feb 15, 1898/daughter of J.S. and C. S. 
		Keeler/wife of William Droegkamp
Keeler and Droegkamp names are on one monument

KEELER: (lot 52-O)
Mahlon/b. Mar 29, 1816/d. May 28, 1868 (cem record d. 1866)
Barbara C./b. Sept 28, 1822/d. May 14, 1892
Drusilla/d. 1852/aged 6 yrs/daughter of Mahlon and Barbara
Mahlon Bur_gster(?)/1854-1865 (cem record 1859)
All buried together

KEELER: (Lot 15-0)
Eve/d. Mar 16, 1861/aged 45 years 6 days/wife of Amos Keeler/
		buried in Elizabeth Bauman/Bowman lot)

KEELER: (Lot 106-O)
Esther/d. Mar 21, 1862/aged 42 yrs/wife of Peter Keeler/grave 1
Allen/d. 1852 aged 1 mo/son of Peter Keeler/grave 2
Amos/Co. A. 51st Wis Inf/no dates/grave 7

KESSEL: (Lot 98-O)
Adam/b. May 19, 1841/d. Oct 28, 1862
Lot originally owned by Peter Kessel, later sold to L. Church.

D. Louise/cracked adult gravestone unreadable
Cem records say 1823-1878

KLINE: (Lot 59-O)
Daniel/Co. K Wis Inf (Civil War)/no dates
buried with Frederick and Mary (Gebhardt) Barndt

See also CLINE

Viola Klinger/b. 27 Mar 1901/d. 1 May 2002/101 yrs old.

KLUMB: (Lot 17-1)
Allen (infant)/____-1920

KNABEL: (lot 45-O)
buried with Charles A., Catherine and Abraham Leister

KNACKSTEDT: (Lot 16-1)
buried with Stark and Ott

KNEPEL: (lot 17-3 Sec A)
Augusta/1848-1935/son of Fred and Fredericke)

KOEHLER: (N 1/2 Lot 69-2)
Valentine/b. Aug 2, 1867/d. Aug 3, 1940
Louisa Anna/b. Sept 1, 1869/d. Dec 11, 1921

KRAUSE: (S 1/2 Lot 81-2)
Johan/b. Jan 27, 1817/d. July 18, 1891
Caroline/b. Mar 16, 1820/d. Nov. 24, 1891
buried with Emilie (Krause) and Michael Bauernfeind

KREMPIN: (Lot 17-1)
Dorothea (Schwulst)/b. May 8, 1815/d. Sept 2, 1886/geb Schwulst
Johann/b. Apr 4, 1810/d. Apr 16, 1892
Klumb infants also buried in this plot

KREMPIN: (Lot 18-1)

Oscar/1879-1944/residence Whitefish Bay
buried next to Dewerth

Johann/b. Sept 18, 1811/d. July 24, 1893
Henrietta/b. May 27, 1816/d. Feb 16, 1912

Albert/b. Feb 19, 1833/d. Oct. 3, 1904
Ernestine/b. Dec. 15, 1837/d. Jul 17, 1822

KRULL: (Lot 15-3, Sect B)
buried with Heinrich Moller

KUENETH: (Lot 56-2)
Heinrich/b. Jan 16, 1815/d. Jan 24, 1903
Johanna (Roesler)/b. Jun 24, 1835/d. Feb 13, 1912


LARKIN: (LOt 5-1)
Friedericka (Frinks)/b. Jan 1, 1835/d. Mar 4, 1871/wife of Jonas I.

LEISTER: (Lot 111-2)
Aaron/b. Aug 23, 1849/d. Jan 17, 1921
Catherine/b. Jan 9, 1853/d. Apr 26, 1931

LEISTER: (Lot 3-2)
Tobias/b. Apr 28, 1835/d. Mar 27, 1924
Wilhelmine(Behnke)/b. Mar 28, 1840/d. Jan 12, 1920
buried with Wilhelmine's parents Carl and Dorothea Behnke

LEISTER: (lot 46-O)
Noah/b. Feb. 10, 1823/d. Nov 11, 1875/residence Menomonee Falls
Sarah E. (Nehs)/b. Oct. 31, 1828/d. Jan 24, 1914
Mary Jane/1848-1858

LEISTER: (Lot 45-O)
Carolus Augustus (Charles)/b. 1805/d. Oct 29, 1872

LEISTER: (Lot 4-1)
Silas H./1842/d. Nov 21, 1812/Civil War Vet
Mary A./1843-1927
Abraham/b. Dec 9, 1778/d. July 30, 1845
(wife of Abraham Catherine (Wambold) Leister/b. Jun 17, 1784/d. 
		Dec 24, 1825 in Montgomery Penn/not buried here)

LEWIS: (Lot 28-O)
William H./b. Sept 25, 1836/d. Jan 18, 1872/brother
Sophia L./b. Nov. 23, 1810/d. Aug 2, 1889
Francis/b. Sept 24, 1842/d. Dec 6, 1927
Henriette/b. Jul 9, 1843/d. Apr 10, 1909
Jesse/child's grave/no dates
Jesse/died Nov 9, 1875 aged 64 years/ (b. 1811)

John H./1840-1917/G.A.R.
Mary A./1846-1931
Charles Ira/1884-1952

LUCHT: (Lot 40-1)
Ludwig/b. May 27, 1831/d. Oct 21, 1900
Emilie Beduhn/b. Oct. 24, 1839/d. Nov 9, 1909
Robert/infant no dates (could be Robert Heinrich)
Heinrich/infant no dates
Baby Adolph/infant no dates
Robert/infant no dates

LUCHT: (Lot 5-2)

LUMB: (Lot 28-2)

Marie A. (Bauernfeind)/1887-1915
buried in Bauernfeind lot

Johann George/b. May 10, 1810/d. Oct. 6, 1875
Anna K./b. Oct. 8, 1824/d. Apr 25, 1888


MCCARTY: (Lot 23-O, Grave 1 owned by Henry Pickel)
(see McGarity below)

MCGARITY: (See McCarty above)
Levi M./died May 11, 1850 aged 24 years

MILLER: (lot 23-O, buried in grave 2, owned by Henry Pickel)
Luella G./1854-1862/daughter of M. and C.F.M. Miller

MITCHELL: (Lot 5-1)
Albert/b. Jan 1, 1838/d Dec 13, 1897
buried next to Keeler

MOELLER: (A 1/2 Lot 35-3, section A)
Friedericka/1841-1925 (Friedericka removed to St. Peter's Cem 
		Mill Rd.  reburied there May 29, 1930/buried 
		with Bertha Utech)

MOLLER: (Lot 15-3, Section B)
buried with Krulls

Chauncey/b. Feb 16, 1814/d. Jun 25, 1889
Alvira (Bailey)/b. Aug 19, 1824/d. Aug 29, 1908/daughter of Eben and Susanna Bailey)
Nelson/died Mar 30, 1896/aged 57 yrs 8 mo 11 days (church records 1838-1895)
Jane Wolcutt is buried with them

Carl/b. Jan 10, 1825/d. Jan 11, 1880
Henrietta/b. Sept 15, 1823/d. Mar 15, 1915

NEHS: (S 1/2 Lot 150-3, section A)

NEILSON: (Lot 46-3, Sec B) (originally interred in East Granville Cemetery)
Mary/1860-1861/daughter of Cornelius and Margaret Neilson
Clara (Thomas)/1856-1906/wife of Dr. Walter H. Neilson
Walter H. (Dr.)/1857-1922 (prominent Milwaukee Physician)
Bessie/1880-1962/wife of Dr. Walter H.
See also East Granville Cemetery

John B./d. Jan 6, 1870/aged 38 yrs 9 mo 5 days (m.Apr 29, 1858 Waukesha County)
Lydia P. (Bailey)/b. Jan 7, 1834/d. Mar 29, 1912/wife of John B.
Cora L./1859-1918
Mary E./1865-1898

NORTON: (Lot 36-2)
William W./d. Jan 17, 1905/aged 71 yrs 18 days(b. 1834)
Amelia/d. Apr 16, 1889/aged 49 yrs 6 mo 9 days (b. 1843)

Annis (Snyder)/b. Sept 16, 1831/d. Oct 15, 1904/wife of William J. Ostrander
buried with Eastman and Snyder

Adelaide (Stark)/1870/d. Oct 1944
Henry/1870/d. Feb. 1950

Elizabeth/died 1881/Mutter/no age given

PFEIL: (lot 18-3, Section A)
Dillman/1848/d. Jan 9, 1913
Anna Marie/1853/d. Feb 2, 1931

PFEIL: (S 1/2 Lot 14-2)

PFIEL: (Lot 26-2)
buried with Agnes' mother, Henriette Dix

Clara K.E./b. May 8, 1872/d. Aug 16, 1893
Gustave S./1862-June 1838
Emma/1874-Dec 1945

PICKEL: (Lot 9-O)
Dewitt M./1834-1905 G.A.R.
Betsey M./1837-1909
Eugene W./child/d. 1860 son of D.M. and M.B. Pickel
Mary Jane Howard is buried with them

PICKETT: (Lot 31-O, lot owner Dr. Seth G. Pickett)
Mary B./d. Feb 17, 1847/aged 30 yr 8mo 18 days/wife of H.S. Pickett
baby Mary/d. 1847 aged 1 yr
Mary (Wambold)/d. Feb. 11, 1859/aged 35 yrs/wife of H.S. Pickett
Henry B./1846-1847

PILGRIM: (Lot 9-3, Sect. B)
Horace/1868-19__/no date

George/b. Aug 24, 1820/d. Jun 13, 1905/residence Menomonee 
		Falls on 1850 Census
Sarah/b. June 30, 1818/d. Aug 2, 1894
Pauline/b. 1861/d. Mar 8, 1842
David M./b. Sept 19, 1862/d. Apr 26, 1931

Johann H./b. Sept 12, 1808/d. Oct 28, 1877
buried with Katharina and Conrad Geis



Charles/b. Jan 30, 1818/d. Sept 26, 1887

PRIETZ: (Lot 7-1)
Friedericke/b. Jan 12, 1818/d. Feb 22, 1890
Johann Ludwig/b. Aug 12, 1812/zee Rienitz, Belwrietzen/d. Sept 6, 1871
William J./1848-1898
John L./b. July 4, 1850/Germany/d. Sept 1, 1925

RAASCH: (Lot 21-3 Sec. B)
Friederich GRUENWALD/1820-1899

Friederike/b. May 13, 1906/d. Jan 24, 1875
Emilie (Ramthun) ERDMANN/b. Apr. 10, 1846/d. May 7, 1892
Ferdinand ERDMANN/b. May 27, 1843/d. Jan 2, 1906

Luise/b. Mar 17, 1817/d. Aug 11, 1882

Mathias/b. Feb 7, 1790/d. May 5, 1871
Philip G./Mar 22, 1822/d. Sept 12, 1865/Civil War

RIDGEWAY: (Lot 54-O)
Alonzo U./1845-1928/Co. A. 28th Regt. Wis Vol
Mary A./His Wife/1846-1928
Uriah/no dates
Mary S./no dates
_____/no dates/son of M.S. and A.U. Ridgeway

ROEBEL: (S. 1/2 Lot 84-3, Sect. A)

ROEBEL: (Lot 1-1)
Gottlieb/b. Sept 30, 1797/d. Jul 1, 1885

ROEBEL: (lot 101-O)
Julius/b. Dec 29, 1825/d. Jan 28, 1912
Anna/b. Sept 6, 1820/d. Jun 1, 1905

Susanna/b. Dec 27, 1794/d. Oct. 16, 1870
Georg/b. Aug 1, 1795/d. July 15, 1880

SCHLAFER: (lot 29-3, Section A)
Simon Peter/1850-Sept 1941/residence Menomonee Falls
Sarah A./1856-Oct 1924

SCHLAFER: (Lot 49-O)
Fannie E./1841-1874/second wife of Christian Schlaefer
Emilie E./1845-1871/first wife of Christian Schlaefer
Carrie C./1855-1938/third wife of Christian Schlaefer
Christian K./1843-1936
Elton F./1871-1879/son of C.K. & C.C.
John C./b.d.1880/son of C.K. & C.C.

SCHLEE: (N 1/2 Lot 46-2)
Ida E.E./1878-1881
buried with Sophia Zuhling

SCHMIDT: (Lot 75-3, sect 3)
Fred C./1871/d. Dec. 1948
Augusta/1871/d. Jun 1954
Fred A./b. Mar 12, 1899/d. Jun 23, 1927
Willmer J. Jr/b. July 29, 1930/d. June 26, 1932

Oswald/b. Aug 13, 1855/d. May 4, 1916
Caroline/b. Jan 2, 1861/d. Oct. 30, 1930

Heinrich/b. Nov 11, 1823/d. Feb 2, 1902
Hel_h/b. Feb. 1, 1830/no death date

SCHOLL: (lot 64-O)
James/b. Oct. 11, 1810 in Sunnytown, Montgomery Co. 
		Penn/d. May 27, 1886
Hanna (Delaker)/b. Sept 4, 1816 Douglass Township, 
		Montgomery Co., Penn/d. Apr 23, 1896, ossw:
Groll and Horning women

SCHOLL: (Lot 24-1)
buried with William and Sophia Hemsing

SCHOLL: (Lot 69-O)
Abraham/b. Apr 22, 1815/d. Feb 12, 1888
Mary (Gilbert)/b. Nov 7, 1817/d. Apr 9, 1901

SCHULTZ: (Lot 94-O)
buried with John and Louise Goetch

SCHULZ: (lot 57-2)
Friedrich/b. Mar 8, 1848/d. Nov 2, 1913
Bertha/b. Sept 5, 1854/d. Dec. 25, 1920

buried with Anna Marie (Schumacher) Hepp

SCHWARTZ: (Lot 209-3. Sec A)
Hermina (Ninamaun)/1846-1922
Friedericka/no dates on stone/(d. Aug 5, 1884 aged 75 yrs)/
		reinterred from St. Peter Church Cemetery June 1977
Johann F./1803-1883/reinterred from St. Peter Church Cemetery June 1977
Albert/1868-1899/reinterred from St. Peter Church Cemetery June 1977
Meta/1870-1874/reinterred from St. Peter Church Cemetery June 1977

buried with Anna Marie (Schumacher) Hepp

John/b. Aug 23, 1806/d. Feb 13, 1879
Anna (Freed)/b. Dec 5, 1809/d. July 3, 1872


James/no dates/Civil War Vet

Tobias/b. July 31, 1811/d. Nov 14, 1892
Mary A./b. Sept 3, 1819/d. Apr 12, 1900
Mary A./b. Jun 24, 1857/d. Apr 9, 1901

Samuel/Co. B 94 Ohio Inf/no dates
buried near Carrie Whittaker and Albert Mitchell

SILKE: (Lot 52-O)
buried with Mahlon Keeler family

Henriette (Draeger)/b. Dec 18, 1834/d. Aug 31, 1906

Mary Ann/d. May 28, 1856/aged 23 yrs/wife of Frederick Sipfler

SLIFER: (N 1/2 Lot 60-O)
Matilda S./1850-1921/cem record says SCHLAFER/lived Newton Mass/
		daugther of Jacob and Salome Barndt/is buried with 
		father and mother and sister, Mary C. Boyd

Nancy Greenwood (nee Faulkner)/1839-1922

SNIDER: (sic) (Lot 36-O)
Louisa M./1847-1847/child of Abbey E. and John Snider/Snyder
Truman J./1849-185_/child of Abbey E. and John Snider/Snyder

SNYDER: (lot 40-O)
Elizabeth (Cowles)/1829-1915/Mother
Edwin A./1834-1917/Father
Her mother, Deborah Cowles-Andrews is buried with them

Lewis C./b. Mar 12, 1813/d. Jun 27, 1886
Nancy/b. Jan 9, 1818/Scotland/d. July 31, 1908/widow at time of death
George A./1849-1850
Simon E./1851-1854
Mary E./1865-1866

Ladorna J. (Church)/b. Feb 5, 1857/d. Jul 27, 1897

SNYDER: (lot 29-2)
William H./1857-1938
buried with Delcours

Margareth/b. Mar 10, 1800/d. Sept 19, 1881
buried with Christina and Jacob Bauernfeind

Anton/b. Jan 14, 1830/d. May 20, 1892
Caroline (Huber)/b. Aug 17, 1837/d. Sept 16, 1903

Clara Borse/wife of H. Stanke/no dates
baby no dates
buried with Boorse

STARK: (Lot 16-1)
Magdalena/1845/d. Apr. 23, 1877
John/b. Apr 29, 1846/d. Nov. 20, 1939
Louise/1852/d. Sept 16, 1922
Sarah/b. Sept 25, 1874/d. Sept 25, 1858/daughter
buried with Katharina Knackstedt and Ott

STARK: (LOt 83-O)
Karl F./1808-1880
buried with Bulgrins

Andrew/b. May 14, 1817/d. Nov 24, 1870
Elizabeth (Faulkner)/b. Apr 1, 1841/d. Sept 8, 1874
Ella/Sept 19, 1864/one date
Mary/d. 1868/aged 1 yr.

STEFFEN: (N 17 ft Lot 2-3, Sec. B.)
August/b. Sept 13, 1856/d. Jan 1, 1846
Wilhelmina F./b. FEb 10, 1832/d. Feb 12, 1915/Mutter
Herman/b. Dec 30, 1865/d. Dec 23, 1852
buried with Wilhelmine (Steffen) Wegner

Jacob/b. Jun 25, 1840/d. Sept 18, 1894
Johann/b. Mar 22, 1867/d. Jan 17, 1881

STORM: (lot 39-2)
Jacob/b. Dec 29, 1817(1811?)/d. Dec. 4, 1891
Dorothea/1820/d. Mar 27, 1895/aged 75 yrs.

August/b. Dec 25, 1846/d. Apr 5, 1932
Emilie/b. Aug. 13, 1848/d. Jun 15, 1825
Arthur/b. Jun 28, 1875/d. Sept 22, 1880

STORM: (Lot 33-3, Sect A)
Henry F./1871/d. Nov 8, 1853
Emma (Burrow)/1873/d. Dec 5, 1959

STRAUB: (Lot 24-3, Sec A)

Catherine A./b. Aug 30, 1832/Penn./d. Dec 21, 1909/aged 77/
		daughter of John and Anna (Freed) Shupe

Christoph/b. Oct 8, 1876/d. July 20, 1887
Ernestina (Unlaub)/died Feb 9, 1854 aged 47 years

Henry/b. Jan 17, 1841/d. Jun 2, 1823
Friedricka (Hegner)/b. Mar 19, 1843/d. Jan 23, 1908
buried with Hegner and Burghardt families

Johann/b. Apr 13, 1809/d. Feb 29, 1863

WAMBOLD: (Lot 71-O)
Samuel/b. Mar 8, 1799/d. July 12, 1849
Elizabeth (Krause)/d. Apr 11, 1857/aged 56 years 1 mo 25 days

Mathilda (Fertig)/1828-1857
Theodore F./1855-1943

WAMBOLD: (Lot 21-2)
Francis K./1835-1907
Lucy Ann/1839-1899

WASON: (lot 7-O)
Elizabeth (Gillesper)/b. 1788 Belfast Ireland/d. 1858
William R./1844-1919

WASON: (Lot 8-O)
Robert Jr./1817-1887
Pauline (Thoss)/1824-1906
buried with the Thoss Family

Nancy FAULKNER/1781-1849

WATTS: (lot 11-3, sect. A)
Isabella (Johnson)/1854-1878

Wilhelmina (Steffen)/b. July 20, 1859/d. Mar 9, 1929
buried with parents August and Wilhelmine Steffen

WHITAKER: (Lot 80-2)
James/b. Oct 24, 1825/d. Feb 18, 1891
Jane (Brazelton)/b. Apr 19, 1832/d. 1922
Elizabeth A./1855-1863

Franz/b. Sept 16, 1836/d. Oct 17, 1885

WILDT: (Lot 12-2)
Helen/b. Mar 23, 1850/d. Nov 18, 1931
Buried with Fred Herzog

WOLCOTT: (Lot 22-O)
Jane/d. Feb 28, 1844/aged 49 yr 8 mo 23 days (1875-1844)
buried with Morehouse

Josiah/b. May 2, 1813/d. Mar 28, 1894
Margaret (Shupe)/b. Apr 4, 1813/d. May 21, 1873
Samuel S./b. Oct 10, 1840/d. Mar 13, 1903/Co. A. 51st Wis Inf
Esther Jane (Ridgeway)/b. May 10, 1843/d. Mar 3, 1917
residence Menomonee Falls, Waukesha Co.
WOOLFITT: (lot 26-1)
John/b. Mar 14, 1821/d. Mar 11, 1897
Mary Jane (Knapp)/wife of John Woolfitt/b. Sept 12, 1826/d. Aug 30, 1887
Ellen E./died 1869 aged 19 years 7 mo 14 days (could be age 14)
George M./died age 16 no dates
Henry B./died 1870 aged 5 years

Elizabeth/1825-1914/residence Menomonee Falls
Mary/Mar 19, 1857/d. Nov 25, 1915/residence Menomonee Falls
Libbie/1863-1876/residence Menomonee Falls

WRIN: (Lot 17-O, Lot owner Michael Wunderlich)
Libbie/1863-1876/residence Menomonee Falls
Lary(sic)/1857-1915/residence Menomonee Falls
Elizabeth (Wunderlich)/1825-1914/wife of John Wunderlich, m. 1848 in Milw.)

WRIN: (S 1/2 Lot 131-2)
Daniel Wrin/1849-1927, next to:
John Wunderlich/1846-1926
buried together with Nancy W. Coatts.  John Wrin Married Elizabeth M. 
		Wunderlich on Aug 30, 1848 in Milw


YANKE: (lot 72-2)
buried with Helm

August/b. Jun 24, 1826/d. Apr 30, 1883
Sophia/b. Sept 18, 1826/d. July 6, 1897

ZUHLING: (N 1/2 Lot 46-2)
Sophia/b. Mar 12, 1808/d. Jun 12, 1880
buried with Schlee

Matilda A.
Edward F./1881-1974