1876 Town of Oak Creek



These were some of the families living in the township of Oak Creek in 1876 Source; 1876 Historical Atlas

Name, Occupation, birthplace and year they settled in Milwaukee County are listed.
The information in parenthesis is additional information taken from the 1880 Census.

ARNOLD: Casper mason and fruit raiser Germany, 1847
BETHEL: Adin D., carpenter, Jefferson Co., N.Y., 1844
BERTHE: John, farmer, Milwaukee Co., WI. 1842
BEDNER: Edward, farmer, Germany, 1851
DETTMAR: G., farmer, Germany, 1846
DURBIN: Henry, farmer and stock raiser, England, 1843
DAY: S. W., basket manufacturer, Massachusetts, 1865
DOERR: Henry, farmer, Germany, 1851
DOWIE: T. B., farmer, England, 1863;.Edward Dittmar, farmer, Germany, 1846
DIBLEY: E., carpenter and joiner, England, 1835
DIBLEY: J. W., farmer, England, 1835
FINK: Lewis, farmer, Germany, 1852
FEEST: Joseph, farmer, Germany, 1852
FOWLE: Horace, farmer and brick maker, Milwaukee Co., Wis., 1837
FREY: Jacob, farmer, Germany, 1852
FRIESCHMANN: C., farmer, Germany, 1851.
FRANKE: C.A., farmer, Germany, 1850
GUINTHER: W., farmer, Germany, 1850
GRIESE: C., farmer, Germany, 1845
GOEIZER: Jacob, farmer, Milwaukee Co., Wis., 1842
GEORGE: L., butcher, Denmark, 1866
HAYMAN: Joel, farmer and stock raiser, England, 1836
HUBBARD: J. H., merchant and postmaster, New York, 1875
HONADEL: Geo., farmer, Germany, 1840
HEYMANN: P., blacksmith, Germany, 1856
HOLM: John, farmer, Germany 1857
HUNT: Mrs. Mary, farming, Ireland, 1866
HUNT: William, school teacher Milwaukee Co., WI., 1852
JOEG: Peter, farmer, Germany, 1852
JOIRRES: Thomas, farmer and. saloon Germany, 1846
KALBOW: William, farmer, Germany, 1851
KOHLER: Andrus, farmer and nurseryman Germany, 1852
LEARNED: J.  H., farmer and stock dealer, Worcester Co., Mass., 1840
LEARNED: S.H., farmer and carpenter, Oswego Co., N.Y., 1842
LAMBERTON: G. H., farmer, New York, 1853
MCCREEDY: J., farmer, New York, 1836
MCCREEDY: G. W., farmer, New York, 1841
MCCREEDY: Geo., farmer, Milwaukee Co., WI., 1839
MAAS: W., farmer, Germany, 1862. Paul Noe, farmer, Germany, 1842
O'HERRIN: Thomas, farmer, Illinois, 1838
O'SANG: H., farmer, Germany, 1854
RAWSON: Luther, farmer and stock raiser, Franklin Co., Mass, 1836
RAWSON: Thomas, farmer and stock raiser, Franklin Co., Mass, 1836
ROETHE: Henry, contractor and builder, Germany, 1849
ROETHE: Charles, farmer, Germany, 1851
REINERT: N., farmer, Germany, 1847
STEARMS: L.P., machinist Hampshire Co., Mass., 1843
SEYMER: Anton, farmer, Germany, 1849
SEYMER: G.. farmer, Germany, 1849
SEYMER: Henry, farmer, Prussia, 1848. Michael Seymer, farmer, Germany, 1849
SCHMIDT: Adam, farmer, Germany. 1850
STUDER: Henry, farmer, dry goods and groceries, Germany, 1874
SAUER: W., farmer, Milwaukee Co., Wis., 1854
SCHEIDING: C., farmer, Germany, 1852
VERFUERTH: Henry, farmer, Germany, 1854
VENZELOW: G., farmer, Germany, 1863
WELLS: Thomas, farmer, England, 1858
WHITE: Richard, farmer, Ireland, 1840-1 Benj Wohlust,. farmer, Germany, 1851
WILLIAMS: W. M. Jr., farmer, Milwaukee Co., Wis., 1846
WYRE: William, farmer, England, 1855
ZIMMER: Henry, farmer, Germany, 1844