GAR Wolcott Post

Civil War Military History

Comrades in the Wolcott Post 1892
Those that have mustered out (deaths) and former members.

History and Roster
E.B. Wolcott Post, No. 1
Department of Wisconsin, Grand Army of the Republic

On January 14th, 1880, there was organized in the City of Milwaukee, in Boynton's Hall (the old First Presbyterian Church), E. B. Wolcott Post No. 1, Department of Wisconsin, G.A.R.

It was named for one of Wisconsin's most honored citizens, E.B. Wolcott, a gentelman who had always taken great interest in the soldiers of the late war, and to whom much is due for the location, at Milwaukee, of the National Soldier's Home for Disabled Veterans. He was born at Benton, Yates Co., N.Y., on October 18th, 1804. He took his diploma in medicine and received a degree from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Western New York, in 1833; was appointed an army surgeon January 1st, 1836. He resigned and established himself in regular practice in Milwaukee in 1839, and accepted many positions of trust, always during his whole duty. He was Surgeon General of Wisconsin during the war of the rebellion. He was a distinguished physician, a true friend and a good citizen. He died at Milwaukee, January 5th, 1889, universally mourned.

The Post was mustered by the then Department Commander Griff. J. Thomas, assisted by comrades from Robert Chivas and Veteran Posts.

The charter members are:
W.L. Pavey
A.B. F. Way
S.F. Hammond
Frank W. Harwood
Florian J. Ries
W.E. Coates
J.P. Rundle
O.L. Rosenkrans
Henry A. Valentin
Henry G. Rogers
Henry C. Koch
C.P. Huntington
Edward Ferguson
I.M. Bean
Garth W. James
Charles H. Boynton

The number 1 was given by the Department Commander, the original Post No. 1, at Madison, being at the time dormant.

Nearly all the charter members had been connected with Posts in Milwaukee which had previously surrendered their charters. The interest manifested at the organization of the new Post gave promise however, that it was not intended to follow the course of its predecessors.

The old Knights of Pythias' Hall on Wisconsin Street was the Post's first regular quarters. The Post held its first meeting in the hall over No. 1 Grand Ave on December 20th, 1992. the organization continued to grow, and soon these quarters became too small for the large and increasing membership, and early in 1886, the Post removed to quarters in the Light Horse Squadron Armory building, where it remained nearly five years. On October 10th, 1890, the Post left the quarters in the armory, and preceded by its drum corps, marched to the handsome Post rooms in the Academy of Music building, where it is located at this time, and which are models of neatness and tasteful adornment.

Our membership represents service in organizations from twenty-one states, four of which are southern-West Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, and Missouri.

The 24th Regiment Wisconsin Vol. Inf'ty has the largest representation, there being thirty-nine of its members in the Post. Two hundred and fifty of the total membership are natives of the United States, and eighty-two are of foreign birth.

Some members are still suffering from open wounds received in battle, and are constantly under the surgeon's care on account thereof.

There were very few battles fought on land or sea, during the late war that cannot be described by participants now members of Wolcott Post.

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...6th Michigan Heavy Artillery, and served until August 20th, 1865.

The next youngest member-Bernard McNaney, was born March 2d, 1850, enlisted as private February 5th, 1863, and carried a musket until his discharge, Aug. 6th, 1865.

The oldest member in the past is comrade M.P. Hanson, born at Buxton, Maine, June 11th, 1812, entered the service as Assistant Surgeon of the 2nd Wis Vol. Cavalry, Sept. 10th, 1861, served until Dec. 20th, 1895, and mustered out as Surgeon.

The next oldest member is Harrison C. Hobart, who was born in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, Jan. 31st 1815, enlisted April 23rd, 1861, and after promotions in the 21st Wis Vol Inf'ty was mustered out July 22nd, 1865, as Colonel and Brevet Brigadier General.

The different branches of service represented are:
Volunteer Infantry, two-hundred and fifty eight
Volunteer Calvary, twenty-four
Volunteer Artillery, Thirty-six
Fremont Guards, One
U.S. Regular Cavalry, two
U.S. Regular Infantry, six
U.S. Colored Troops, Two
U.S. Regular Artillery, one
U.S. Sharp Shooters, One
Navy, over ten
Veteran Reserve Corps, four

The largest number of wounds received by any one member of Wolcott Post is seven. They were received by Henry G. Rogers; one each at Perryville and Stone River, and five at Chicamauga.

Quite a number received two or more wounds, and had the distribution been more equal, it is safe to say that ther were wounds enough received by members of this Post to record one would to each of over half its members.

The full number of arms and legs is not left to all the members of the Post. Many were left on the battle field.

Many of the members were prisoners of war. Comrade Hobart was one of those confined in Libby prison, and tunneled his way under the prison walls and escaped to Union lines.

Comrade W.A. Collins was made a prisoner of war, and confined in Libby, Danville, Charlotte, Macon, Savannah, Charleston and Colombia prisons. He escaped from the latter, was recaptured with the aid of blood hounds and returned to prison. He then made a second escape and succeeded in reaching the Union lines.

Comrade Schemmerhorn participated in forty-four battles, commencing with Big Bethel, Va., June 20th, 1861. He was wounded twice.

There are quite a number in the Post who enlisted the very day the President's first call for troops was published, April 15th 1861. There are othrs who were in the regular army at the time. Some continued to serve for a long time after the war.

The Post has steadily gained in membership, there being a net gain every year since its organization. The smallest gain, three, was in 1881; the largest gain, eighty-five, in 1889.

The largest number of deaths in any one year, five, was in 1890.

For five years during the Post's existence death made no demands on it.

Nearly every regiment or batterly leaving the state, is represented amongst its membership.

The total number of regiments and batteries represented in the Post, three hundred and forty-five, also many ships of the navy.

Th average age of the members of E.B. Wolcott Post is a little less than fifty-one and one-half years each, while the average time each served in the army or navy during the war against rebellion is two years two months and eleven days.

The record wounded in battle and prisoners of war is incomplete as many of the comrades failed to report this portion of their person history.

The following states are represented by regiments or batteries:

California, two
Connecticut, four
Colorado, one
Florida, one
Illinois, twenty-three
Indiana, four
Iowa, one
Kentucky, three
Maine, one
Massachusetts, six
Minnesota, One
Michigan, six
Missouri, Two
New Jersey, One
New York, thirty-five
Ohio, Eleven
Pennsylvania, Eight
Rhode Island, three
Vermont, five
West Virginia, one
Wisconsin, fifty-eight

A classification of nationalities by state and countries, gives the following result:


Connecticut	7
Georgia		1
Illinois	8
Indiana		1
Iowa		1
Maryland	1
Maine		7
Massachusettes	17
Missouri	1
Michigan	5
New Hampshire	5
New Jersey	5
New York	92
Ohio		27
Pennsylvania	15
Rhode Island	4
Vermont		9
Wisconsin	43

Total, American birth, 250


Belgium		1
Canada		10
Denmark		1
England		12
Germany		33
Holland		2
Ireland		9
Mexico		1
Norway		3
Poland		1
Scotland	5
Sweden		2
Wales		2
Total Foreign Birth 82

Total Membership  332
American birth 75 1/3 per cent
Foreign birth 24 2/3 per cent

Officers for 1880
Edward Ferguson	Commander
C.P. Huntington	S.V. Commander
F.J. Ries	J.V. Commander
J. Lytton Flynn	Surgeon
W.E. Coates	Chaplain
J.P. Rundle	Quartermaster
W.L. Pavey	Officer of the Day
A.B.F. Way	Officer of the Guard
F.W. Harwood	Adjutant

H.A. Valentin
W.C. Swain
Henry Fink

Officers for 1881
Byron H. Kilbourn	Commander
J.H. Fertig		S.V. Commander
A.C. Ray		J.V. Commander
J. Lytton Flynn		Surgeon
W.E. Coates		Chaplain
J.P. Rundle		Quartermaster
A.B.F. Way		Officer of the Day
Harry A. Valentin	Officer of the Guard
F.W. Harwood		Adjutant

W.C. Swain
Henry Fink
H.A. Valentin

Officers for 1882
J.A. Waltrous	Commander
J.H. Fertig	S.V. Commander
A.B.F. Way	J.V. Commander
M.P. Hanson	Surgeon
J.G. White	Chaplain
W.E. Coates	Quartermaster
J.P. Rundle	Officer of the Day
W.J. Denny	Officer of the Guard
Alex. C. Ray	Adjutant

Henry Fink
H.A. Valentin
O.L. Rosenkrans

Officers for 1883:
E.A. Calkins	Commander
C.H. Ross	S.V. Commander
S.B. Boynton	J.V. Commander
J. Lytton Flynn	Surgeon
J.W. Sanderson	Chaplain
W.E. Coats	Quartermaster
H.A. Valentin	Officer of the Day
W. J. Denny	Officer of the Guard
A.B.F. Way	Adjutant
W.L. Pavey	Q.M. Sergeant
A.H. Sallou	Sergeant Major

H.A. Valentin
O.L. Rosenkrans
I.G. Mann

Officers for 1884
C.H. Ross	Commander
S.B. Boynton	S.V. Commander
W.H. Richardson	J.V. Commander
A.J. hare	Surgeon
J.W. Sanderson	Chaplain
W.E. Coats	Quartermaster
Geo. T. Eddy	Officer of the Day
D.B. Davis	Officer of the Guard
A.B.F. Way	Adjutant
E.R. Stillman	Sergent Major

I.M Bean
I.G. Mann
Geo. I. Robinson

Officers for 1885
C.H. Ross	Commander
C.H. Anson	S.V. Commander
Thos. S. Gray	J.V. Commander
O.W. Carlson	Surgeon
Judson Titsworth Chaplain
A.B.F. Way	Quartermaster
Robert Montieth	Officer of the Day
S.R. Bell	Officer of the Guard
E.R. Stillman	Adjutant
J.H. Fertig	Q.M. Sergeant
C.C. Leister	Sergent Major

I.G. Mann
Geo. I. Robinson
A.G. Weissert

Officers for 1886:
C.H. Ross	Commander
C.H. Anson	S.V. Commander
J.B. Johnson	J.V. Commander
O.W. Carlson	Surgeon
A.A. Hoskins	Chaplain
A.B.F. Way	Quartermaster
Geo. H. Chase	Officer of the Day
E. N. Bacon	Officer of the Guard
Robert Montieth	Adjutant
J.H. Fertig	Q.M. Sergeant
S.H. Tallmadge	Sergeant Major

Geo I. Robinson
A.G. Weissert
S.R. Bell

Officers for 1887:
C.H. Anson	Commander
J.B. Johnson	S.V. Commander
Geo. H. Chase	J.V. Commander
J.N. Regan	Surgeon
Judson Titsworth Chaplain
A.B.F. Way	Quartermaster
E.R. Stillman	Officer of the Day
J.H. Fish	Officer of the Guard
Robert Montieth	Adjutant
J.H. Fertig	Q.M. Sergeant
S.H. Tallmadge	Sergeant Major

A.G. Weissert
S.R. Bell
E.N. Bacon

Officers for 1888
J.B. Johnson	Commander
Geo. H. Chalse	S.V. Commander
W.H. Simpson	J.V. Commander
W.C. Raymond	Surgeon
F.L. Wharton	Chaplain
A.B.F. Way	Quartermaster
F. Brandecker	Officer of the day
R. Parks	Officer of the Guard
S.H. Tallmadge	Adjutant
Edgar Bigsby	Q.M. Sergeant
C.A. Loveland	Sergeant Major

W.C. Swain
E.N. Bacon
A.G. Weissert

Officers for 1889
Geo. H. Chase	Commander
Ellicott R. Stillman S.V. Commander
John B. Vliet	J.V. Commander
H.P. Merville	Surgeon
F.L. Wharton	Chaplain
A.B.F. Way	Quartermaster
J.E. Pennefather Officer of the Day
James M. Brett	Officer of the Guard
S.H. Tallmadge	Adjutant
Edgar Bigsby	Q.M. Sergeant
Albert de Leur	Sergeant Major

E.N. Bacon
Geo. H. Wolcott
W.C. Swain

Officers for 1890

Ellicott R. Stillman	Commander
John B. Vliet		S.V. Commander
O.W. Carlson		J.V. Commander
S.L. Fuller		Surgeon
M.P. Hanson		Chaplain
A.B.F. Way		Quartermaster
James M. Brett		Officer of the Day
Jos. A. Collins		Officer of the Guard
S.H. Tallmadge		Adjutant
E.N. Bacon		Q.M. Sergeant
Albert de Leur		Sergeant Major

Geo. H. Wolcott
W.C. Swain
A.L. Worden

Officers of 1891:
Geo L. Robinson		Commander
O.L. Carlson		S.V. Commander
Geo. H. Wolcott		J.V. Commander
B. Bantley		Surgeon
S.R. Bell		Chaplain
J.H. Fertig		Quartermaster
James M. Brett		Officers of the Day
W.H. Cheney		Officer of the Guard
S.H. Tallmadge		Adjutant
Richard Parks		Q.M. Sergeant
Edward Bloodgood	Sergeant Major

W.C. Swain
A.G. Weissert
Geo Lund

Officers for 1892
Oscar W. Carlson	Commander
	124 Twentieth St.
George L. Thomas	S.V. Commander
	470 Milwaukee St.
James M. Brett		J.V. Commander
	181 Fourth St.
Bartholomew Bantley	Surgeon
	388 Van Buren St.
Samuel R. Bell		Chaplain
	101 Nineteenth St.
John H. Fertig		Quartermaster
	253 Twentieth St.
Samuel H. Tallmadge	Adjutant
	69 Thirty-third St.
Wm. H. Cheney		Officer of the Day
	409 Van Buren St.
Erastus R. Winter	Officer of the Guard
	485 Washington St.
Charles A. Menges	Sergeant-Major
	815 Buffam St.
John Travis		Quartermaster Sergeant
	2023 State St,
Edward Ferguson		Historical Committee
J.A. Watrous		Historical Committee
O.W. Carlson		Historical Committee
A.G. Weissert		Chairman, Trustees
George Lund		Trustee
William J. Denny	Trustee