Jewish Charities and Benevolant Societies

From: History of the Jews of Milwaukee
by: Louis J. Swichkow
and Lloyd P. Gartner
Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia 1963

Founded in 1902
Initially representing the local constituet societies:
Hebrew Relief Association
The Settlement
Ladies Relief Sewing Society
Sisterhood of Personal Service
Jewish Orphan Asylum of Cleveland, Ohio
Moses Montefiore Home for the Aged, Cleveland, Ohio
National Jewish Hospital for Consumptives, Denver, Colorado

ADLER, David				1902-1903
MILLER, Morris				1903-1910
LANDAUER, Adolph			1910-1914
SALTZSTEIN, A.L.			1914-1917
FRESCHL, M.A.				1917-1918
STONE, Nat				1918-1929
SALTZSTEIN, Benj. F.			1929-1935
SALTZSTEIN, A.L.			1935-1937

BILLIKOPF, Jacob			1905-1907
STERN, Morris				1907
RABINOVITCH, Samuel			1908-1912
GOODMAN, N.N.				1912-1914
HEXTER, Maurice B.			1914-1916
RUBINSTEIN, I.				1916-1918
KADIS, Isadore				1919-1922
PEISER, Dr. Simon			1922-1923
PEISER, Kurt				1923-1926
GLASSBERG, Benjamine			1927-1933

organized 1938	

(Hebrew Benevolent Society)

Founded 1861
Dissolved 1930

RINDSKOPF, Loebl				1868-1870
ECKSTEIN, S.					1871-1872
FEIST, S.					1873-1876
EIGMANN, L.					1877-1881
BAER, Leopold					1882-1887
RINDSKOPF, Louis				1888-1898
LACHMAN, Louis					1899-1909
RINDSKOPF, Elias				1909-1923
ZARNE, David					1924-1930
PENTLER, Emil					     1930


Organized 1878

Presidents 1879-1931
RICH, Mrs. A.W.					1878-1883
SIBLER, Mrs. Lewis				1884-1887
GROSS, Mrs. J.					1888-1890
SIBLER, Mrs. Lewis				1891-1892
FRIEND, Mrs. E.					     1893
KANDER, Mrs. Simon				1894-1895
KOHN, Mrs. W.					     1896
GROSS, Mrs. Jacob				1897-1900
WOLLHEIM, Mrs. Sig. R.				1904-1911
PHILLIPS, Mrs. Emanuel M.			1911-1921
KREIELSHEIMER, Mrs. Albert			1921-1925
LEVY, Mrs. Sig. R.				1925-1926
MOCK, Mrs. F.C.					1926-1928
BURGHEIM, Mrs. Fanny				1928-1930
ROSENBERG, Mrs. Armin				1930-1931



ADLER, David 					1867-1872
FEIST, Simon					1872-1877
LEOPOLD, Aaron F.				1877-1879
HEIMANN, Marcus					1879-1880
CARPELES, Philip				1880-1883
FRISCH, J.P.					1884-1886
HERMANN, S.					1887-1891
FRISCH, J.P.					1892-1894
HELLER, Simon					1894-1896
HECHT, Rabbi S.					1896-1897
HELLER, Simon					1897-1898
MILLER, Morris					1898-1902
SALTZSTEIN, A.L.				1902-1905
FEIN, Solomon					1905-1907
FRIEND, Charles					1907-1941
MANN, Leo					1941-1943
HEILBRONNER, Ralph L.				1943-1947
SCRIBNER, Raymond				1947-1954
MILLER, Mrs. Harold L.				1949-1954
KLITSNER, Marvin				1954-1958
MICHELSTETTER, Donald				1958-

Miss Rebecca Tenenbaum, Executive Director 1932-

From: Milwaukee Daily Sentinel November 15, 1880, pg. 8

Circular of Hebrew Relief Society Calling for formation of United Relief Society

Hebrew Relief Society, Secretary's Office, Milwaukee March 21, 1880

To the Officers and Members: At a recent meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Society, the following resolution was unanimously adopted; Resolved, to issue a circular which shall be addresssed to all the different Hebrew organizations in this city, requesting their co-operation in forming a UNITED HEBREW RELIEF SOCIETY in our midst. The objects to be attained by a United Relief Society are various; among the most prominent points which suggest themselves are the following:

A positive assurance of a well organized praise-worthy Hebrew clarity, in the welfare of which all the Jewish people of the city shall feel interested; That all deserving, poor, unfortunate and sick will be systematically relieved from immediate destituion, and aided, if possible, to improve their condition in life by rendering them assistance in obtaining proper employment, etc., etc.; That all application for relief shall be made to one source where charity will be dispensed with uniformity according to the condition and character of the applicant, and not bestow the most upon the one that understands begging the best, as is now frequently the case; to discriminate against the so-called professional beggars, who are too indolent and too lazy to care for their own support, and who prefer to trust to Providence, and to their benevolant co-religionists than to use their own energies for the purpose of elevating themselves to a higher sphere of life than perpetual pauperism, and who make it a point to always get all they can wherever they can; to cooperate with similar organizations which are now in existence in many cities in the United States, thereby protecting the generously inclined from imposition, which is now almost daily practiced, and rather devote the surplus of the charity fund-if at some future time a sufficient amount accrues-toward the maintenance of an institution for destitute sick, or for a temporary Industrial Home for poor women, and the education of poor children, thereby diminishing the source of destitution and misery, elevating indigent children through a proper mental as well as physical training until they are fitted to care for themselves, thereby fulfulling the true and noble principles of charity to its fullest extent; to effect this laudable enterprise, we propose the following mode:

That for every yearly contribution of $25.oo to any Temple, Lodge, Sewing Society, or other Jewish organization in this city, such organization shall be entitled to one delegate to represent it in the U.H.R.S. Delegates from the different societies with the Board of the present Relief Society shall constitute the United Hebrew Relief Society Board. We are aware that, as best, we can present this matter only in an imperfect shape in the space of this circular, but home tht the principle of our intention will be understood and taken into consideration by your honored society. Should this circular, or any part thereof, meet with your approval, we should be pleased to have you act upon it at once, or should you have any suggestion to make, whereby our aim may be better effected, we shall be happy to receive such suggestions, and the same shall have our thorough consideration.