Milwaukee County Literary Organizations

Holland Literacy Society

From: The History of Milwaukee The Western Historical Company, Chicago A.T. Andreas Proprietor, 1881

On the 27th of November, 1879, a party of gentleman assembled at the residence of Dr. C.G. Altena to organize a society for the purpose of maintaining the Holland language in its purity, the diffusion of popular science, and for literary and social amusement. The officers elected were: Dr. C.G. VanAltena, President; John Jobse, Vice President; John Remeeus, Tresurer; S.H. Salverda, Secretary. There were only twelve persons prsent at this meeting. In 1869, a frame building was constructed, corner of Cherry and Galena streets, to be used as a hall. This sturcture cost $500. A library was commenced, the volumes being donated entirely of scientific, historical, and mechanical works. There are at present forty members, with the following officers: John Jobse, President; A. Christiaansen, Vice President; Matt J. Simpelaar, Secretary; P. Camenga, Treasurer, and Jacob V. Antwerpen, Librarian. Literary meetings are held every two weeks, on Tuesdays. A benefit fund of four dollars per week is given, in case of sickness, and an assessment of one dollar on each member is levied in the case of death. The capital of the society is $1,200.