The following ships were listed in various sources, newspapers 
and publications as having a Milwaukee connection.
This list includes information collected by David D. Swayze, Lake Isabella, MI


THE "LAC LA BELLE" On board the propeller "LAC LA BELLE," which sprung aleak(sic) and went down at a point twenty-five miles off Racine, early Monday morning, October 14, 1872, were R.H. Lippincott and P. Weyener, who were among the lost. (Source:History of Milwaukee County, 1881)


Official No: 15875
Type of Ship: schooner, wood
Place of Loss: 2.5 mi N of Milwaukee
Type/Cause: storm
Cargo: lumber
More details:
Date Built: 1872
Builder: Frederickson
Where Built: Chicago
Size: 72x19x5, 55g 53n


Size: 284t Owner: Captain Lawrence


Type at Loss: schooner, wood, bulk freight
Official No.: 140062
Built: 1874, Wolfe & Davidson, Milwaukee
Specs: 138x26x11 340g 323n
Enrollment: Milwaukee, also Oswego and Detroit
Date of Loss: May 18, 1894
Place of Loss: midlake 30-40 mi NNE of Chicago
Lake Lost: Michigan
Type/Cause: storm
Lives Lost: 7 (all)
Cargo: stone blocks
Details: Foundered in a gale. Possibly overloaded, last seen in the Straits 2 days previous, riding low in the water. Her battered yawl was found off Kenosha 8 days later, and was the only evidence of her ever found. It contained a bunch of keys belonging to the captain, leading to the belief that the crew had abandoned ship.Went ashore with heavy damage and the loss of one life, near Oswego, in November, 1880.Rebuilt in 1879.

Oswego Palladium, Nov. 30, 1886

Marine Disasters
The Lem Ellsworth Ashore on Carlton Island - Charles W. Vorce
one of Her Crew Killed
Cape Vincent, Nov. 29. - The schooner Lem Ellsworth corn for Ogdensburg went ashore near Carlton island Sunday noon. The tug Proctor went to her assistance last night but could not pull her off. A lighter has been sent for. Charles W. Vorce a sailor on the Ellsworth, became caught in the tow line last night and received injuries which resulted in his death this morning. He was a resident of Oswego where his remains will be forwarded.

The Ellsworth was built at Milwaukee in 1874 measures 323 tons ranked A 2 and was valued by the Lloyds at $9,000. She was owned by Finn Bros. and others, hailing from Oswego and was insured for $7,500. She was rebuilt last spring. it was not know whether the freight list was insured. Charles W. Vorce who lost his life, was a well known resident of the First Ward. He was about 32 years age, unmarried, and lived with his widowed mother on West Ninth, between Seneca and Cayuga streets. Mr. Vorce was a member of the Sailors' union, and they will take charge of the body.

The remains of C.W. Vorce will arrive here at 9:30 tonight.


Type at Loss: schooner, wood, 2-mast
Official No.: none
Built: 1845, C. Shepardson, Milwaukee
Specs: 84x20x8, 116t
Enrollment: Detroit also Chicago
Owner: G. Sheperdson
Date of Loss: January 28, 1905
Place of Loss: near Muskegon
Lake Lost: Michigan
Type/Cause: storm
Lives Lost: unknown
Cargo: unknown
Details: details unknown


Type at Loss: propeller steam tug, wood
Official No.: 14809
Built: 1858, L.H. Boole, Milwaukee
Specs: 60x13x6, 57g 28n
Enrollment: Milwaukee
Owner: F. Starke
Date of Loss: Oct. 9 1872
Place of Loss: near South Haven, MI
Lake Lost: Michigan
Type/Cause: storm
Lives Lost: unknown
Cargo: unknown
Details: stranded and wrecked


Official No: 14805
Type of Ship: schooner, wood, 2-mast
Place of Loss: Milwaukee harbor
Type/Cause: storm/collision
Cargo: wood
More details: As the LIBERTY was breaking up, the local lightkeeper was able to get a line to her and all but one of her crew managed to get ashore. The lost sailor, who was also part owner of the vessel, fell between the pier and the wreck and was crushed.
Date Built: 1837 [or '33]
Where Built: Avon Point, OH
Size: 72x18x6, 54t.

Detroit Free Press, 13 Dec., 1872
Disasters to Shipping on the Lakes in 1872

Apr Schr Liberty, ashore at Milwaukee and total loss.


Type at Loss: schooner, wood
Official No.: 15640
Built: 1868, Gibson, Winneconne or Milwaukee
Specs: 75x20x6, 64g 60n
Enrollment: Chicago
Date of Loss: Aug 30 1892
Place of Loss: near Ludington, MI
Lake Lost: Michigan
Type/Cause: storm
Lives Lost: none
Cargo: unknown
Details: She sprang a leak in a storm and was beached to prevent her sinking. Later wrecked by the action of waves. Total loss of only $825 for vessel and cargo. Stranded near Muskegon with heavy damage in Nov, 1889 - no lives lost. Major repairs in 1880 and 81.


Specs: 155x30x10, 366gt 291nt
Date of Loss:
Place of Loss:
Lake Lost:
Lives Lost:
Details: Abandoned April 1938


Official No: 14828
Type of Ship: schooner, wood, 3-mast
Place of Loss: just S of Milwaukee, 6 mi off the mouth of Oak Creek
Type/Cause: storm
Cargo: light
More details: The crew scambled up the masts as she went down. Later rescued by the steamer MENOMINEE. The masts later had to be wrecked/flattened because they were a navigational hazard. Wreck located in 1983. There were major repairs in 1871, 1878 and 1879
Date Built: 1862
Builder: H. Litchfield
Where Built: Blendon's Landing, (Grand Haven), MI as a bark
Size: 127x24x7, 160g 152n