Pioneer History Of Milwaukee

Index To Milwaukee Citizen Biographies

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BUCK Vol. I= Pioneer History of Milwaukee From the First American
Settlement in 1833 to 1841, James S. Buck, 1876

BUCK Vol. II= Pioneer History of Milwaukee From 1840 To 1846,
Inclusive, VOL. II, by James S. Buck, 1881

BUCK Vol. III=Milwaukee Under Charter, From 1847 To 1853,
Inclusive, Vol. III, by James S. Buck, 1884

BUCK Vol. IV= Milwaukee Under The Charter, From 1854 To 1860,
Inclusive, Vol. IV, by James S. Buck, 1886

CON Vol. I= History of Milwaukee From Its First Settlement To
The Year 1895, Vol. I by Howard Louis Conrad, 1896

CON Vol. II= History of Milwaukee From Its First Settlement To
The Year 1895, Vol. I by Howard Louis Conrad, 1896

BRU Vol. II= History of Milwaukee: City and County, Volume II,
Chicago and Milwaukee: The S. J. Clarke Publishing
Company, 1922, Editor: William George Bruce.

BRU Vol. I=See also History of Milwaukee: City and County Volume I

See also: History of Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1881 Index of Biographies
Memoirs of Milwaukee County, Vol. 1 and 2, 1909
History of Miwaukee City and County Vol. I, 1922, Edited by Bruce
History of Milwaukee, Vol III and IV Index, 1931
"I Was Born in America", Memoirs of William George Bruce, 1937

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AARONS, EliasBiopg. 761BRU Vol. II
ABE, A. J.Biopg. 596BRU Vol. II
ABERT, George A.Biopg. 295, 453CON Vol. II
ABERT, GeorgeBiopg. 73, 364CON Vol. I
ABRAMS, HarryBiopg. 805BRU Vol. II
ADLER, DavidBiopg. 287, 430CON Vol. II
ADLER, DavidBiopg. 146BUCK Vol. III
ADLER, SolomonBiopg. 237, 438CON Vol. II
AIKENS, Andrew J.Biopg. 353CON Vol. II
ALBENBERG, L. I.Biopg. 677BRU Vol. II
ALBERTSON, W. N.Biopg. 400BRU Vol. II
ALBRIGHT, C. E.Biopg. 100BRU Vol. II
ALEXANDER, G. L.Biopg. 235BRU Vol. II
ALEXANDER, J. F.Biopg. 773BRU Vol. II
ALLEN, George W.Biopg. 373CON Vol. I
ALLEN, WilliamBiopg. 318CON Vol. II
ALLIS, CharlesBiopg. 15BRU Vol. II
ALLIS, E. P.Biopg. 5BRU Vol. II
ALLIS, Edward P.Biopg. 20, 316CON Vol. II
ALLIS, Edward P.Biopg. 104BUCK Vol. IV
ALLIS, LouisBiopg. 11BRU Vol. II
ALLIS, W. W.Biopg. 12BRU Vol. II
ANDRAE, HermanBiopg. 396BRU Vol. II
ANGER, A. H.Biopg. 712BRU Vol. II
ARNOLD, Jonathan E.Biopg. 207,CON Vol. I
ARNOLD, Jonathan E.Biopg. 242BUCK Vol. I
ASMUTH, AntonBiopg. 336BRU Vol. II
ATKINS, Hubbard C.Biopg. 408BUCK Vol. IV
ATKINSON, C. J.Biopg. 415BRU Vol. II
AUER, LouisBiopg. 84BRU Vol. II
AUER, S. F.Biopg. 88BRU Vol. II
AUSTIN, Robert N.Biopg. 428,CON Vol. I
AUSTIN, W. H.Biopg. 243BRU Vol. II
BABB, M. W.Biopg. 419BRU Vol. II
BACH, J. A.Biopg. 327BRU Vol. II
BACHER, JuliusBiopg. 610BRU Vol. II
BACHINSKI, L. J.Biopg. 747BRU Vol. II
BACON, Edwad P.Biopg. 270, 448CON Vol. II
BACON, F. R.Biopg. 530BRU Vol. II
BADGLEY, Peter W.Biopg. 426BUCK Vol. III
BAIRD, R. W.Biopg. 613BRU Vol. II
BAKER, Thomas L.Biopg. 303BUCK Vol. III
BALDAUF, G. L.Biopg. 408BRU Vol. II
BALL, E. H.Biopg. 16BRU Vol. II
BALLHORN, G. E.Biopg. 157BRU Vol. II
BARKOW, F. C.Biopg. 472BRU Vol. II
BARKOW, W. F.Biopg. 455BRU Vol. II
BARTLETT, G. D.Biopg. 531BRU Vol. II
BARTLETT, John K.Biopg. 233,CON Vol. I
BARTLETT, LemanBiopg. 474CON Vol. I
BARTLETT, W. S.Biopg. 480BRU Vol. II
BASSLER, E. M.Biopg. 673BRU Vol. II
BATES, ArthurBiopg. 107BUCK Vol. IV
BAYER, R. O.Biopg. 332BRU Vol. II
BEALS, E. FrankBiopg. 367CON Vol. II
BEALS, James L.Biopg. 471CON Vol. II
BEAN, E. H.Biopg. 639BRU Vol. II
BEAN, Irving M.Biopg. 454CON Vol. II
BEAN, Jacob LindsayBiopg. 85BUCK Vol. II
BEAN, Walker L.Biopg. 234CON Vol. I
BECHER, John A.Biopg. 197BUCK Vol. IV
BECKER, WashingtonBiopg. 334CON Vol. II
BELL, R. E.Biopg. 492BRU Vol. II
BELL, R. F.Biopg. 513,BRU Vol. II
BELL, W. M.Biopg. 168BRU Vol. II
BENDER, W. H.Biopg. 487BRU Vol. II
BENJAMIN, David M.Biopg. 76, 365CON Vol. II
BENOY, C. L.Biopg. 348BRU Vol. II
BENTLEY, JohnBiopg. 113BUCK Vol. III
BENTLEY, JohnBiopg. 165, 477CON Vol. I
BENTLEY, Thomas R.Biopg. 475CON Vol. II
BERGER, WilliamBiopg. 666BRU Vol. II
BERRESFORD, A. W.Biopg. 530BRU Vol. II
BEST, F. C.Biopg. 231BRU Vol. II
BEST, Frederick CharlesBiopg. 334CON Vol. I
BEST, PhilipBiopg. 30, 326CON Vol. II
BEST, PhillipBiopg. 347BUCK Vol. IV
BETTINGER, J. C.Biopg. 451BRU Vol. II
BETTINGER, JohnBiopg. 448BRU Vol. II
BEUTLER, W. F.Biopg. 415BRU Vol. II
BEVERIDGE, WilliamBiopg. 669BRU Vol. II
BIELFELD, A. HenryBiopg. 24BUCK Vol. IV
BIGELOW, Frank G.Biopg. 486CON Vol. I
BILTY, Mr.Biopg. 154BUCK Vol. IV
BIRCHARD, HarveyBiopg. 325CON Vol. I
BIRCHARD, John F.Biopg. 176, 388CON Vol. II
BIRD, RobeBiopg. 729BRU Vol. II
BISHOP, W. P.Biopg. 104BRU Vol. II
BLACK, JohnBiopg. 150, 399CON Vol. II
BLAIR, Franklin J.Biopg. 158BUCK Vol. II
BLAIR, Franklin J.Biopg. 353CON Vol. I
BLANCHARD, A. N.Biopg. 809BRU Vol. II
BLANCHARD, AzariahBiopg. 238CON Vol. I
BLATZ, G. G.Biopg. 734BRU Vol. II
BLATZ, ValentinBiopg. 34, 336CON Vol. II
BLATZ, ValentineBiopg. 349BUCK Vol. IV
BLODGETT, F. W. Biopg. 255BRU Vol. II
BLOMMER, G. C.Biopg. 227BRU Vol. II
BODDEN, MichaelBiopg. 86BUCK Vol. IV
BOEHM, F. J.Biopg. 521BRU Vol. II
BOEPPLER, WilliamBiopg. 276BRU Vol. II
BOHMANN, H. P.Biopg. 351BRU Vol. II
BOND, Hiram R.Biopg. 188BUCK Vol. III
BOORSE, IsiahBiopg. 464BRU Vol. II
BOOTH, C. D.Biopg. 199BRU Vol. II
BORNSTEIN, MaxBiopg. 799BRU Vol. II
BOSWORTH, CharlesBiopg. 306BUCK Vol. III
BOSWORTH, HowardBiopg. 305BUCK Vol. III
BOTTUM, Elias H.Biopg. 440CON Vol. I
BOUER, E. A.Biopg. 514BRU Vol. II
BOWMAN, G. A.Biopg. 167BRU Vol. II
BOWMAN, GeorgeBiopg. 244BUCK Vol. I
BOYD, ?Biopg. 356CON Vol. II
BOYD, FrancisBiopg. 156, 476CON Vol. I
BRADFORD, JohnBiopg. 339CON Vol. I
BRADFORD, Joseph T.Biopg. 341CON Vol. I
BRADLEY, Charles T.Biopg. 84, 364CON Vol. II
BRAUN, O. A.Biopg. 309BRU Vol. II
BRAUN, R. F.Biopg. 239BRU Vol. II
BREED, Allen O. T.Biopg. 38, 318CON Vol. I
BREITBACH, G. F.Biopg. 471BRU Vol. II
BREY, P. F.Biopg. 305BRU Vol. II
BRICK, NathanBiopg. 380BUCK Vol. III
BRIGHAM, Jerome R.Biopg. 210, 412CON Vol. II
BRODESSER, P. H.Biopg. 483BRU Vol. II
BRODHEAD, Edward H.Biopg. 466CON Vol. II
BRODHEAD, Edward H.Biopg. 385BUCK Vol. III
BROWN, James S.Biopg. 422CON Vol. I
BROWN, Richard B.Biopg. 459CON Vol. I
BROWN, SamuelBiopg. 236BUCK Vol. I
BROWN, SamuelBiopg. 28CON Vol. I
BROWN, WilliamBiopg. 134BUCK Vol. IV
BRUCE, W. G.Biopg. 162BRU Vol. II
BRUMDER, GeorgeBiopg. 64, 349CON Vol. II
BRUMDER, GeorgeBiopg. 68BRU Vol. II
BRYANT, SherburneBiopg. 311BUCK Vol. III
BRYDEN, James A.Biopg. 342CON Vol. I
BUCK, AmasaBiopg. 148BUCK Vol. III
BUCKNER, S. O.Biopg. 502BRU Vol. II
BUES, FrederickBiopg. 428CON Vol. II
BUESTRIN, HenryBiopg. 337CON Vol. I
BULDER, HenryBiopg. 149BRU Vol. II
BULFIN, EdwardBiopg. 685BRU Vol. II
BUNDE, &, UPMYERBiopg. 420,BRU Vol. II
BUNDE, F. C.Biopg. 472BRU Vol. II
BUNDE, L. W.Biopg. 423BRU Vol. II
BURBACH, J. H.Biopg. 580BRU Vol. II
BURDICK, Morgan L.Biopg. 220BUCK Vol. I
BURDICK, Morgan L.Biopg. 28CON Vol. I
BURGETT, W. W.Biopg. 566BRU Vol. II
BURKE, W. E.Biopg. 540BRU Vol. II
BURKHARDT, J. W.Biopg. 555BRU Vol. II
BURNHAM, GeorgeBiopg. 263, 441CON Vol. II
BURNHAM, Jonathan L.Biopg. 324CON Vol. II
BURTON, Henry S.Biopg. 179BUCK Vol. III
BUTLER, A. R. R.Biopg. 200, 399CON Vol. I
BUTTON, Charles P.Biopg. 111, 373CON Vol. II
BUTTON, Henry H.Biopg. 230, 373CON Vol. II
CALKINS, ?Biopg. 350CON Vol. II
CALLAHAN, W. R.Biopg. 518BRU Vol. II
CAMERON, D. C.Biopg. 208BUCK Vol. III
CAMP, H. H.Biopg. 266, 483CON Vol. I
CAMP, Hoel H.Biopg. 448BUCK Vol. III
CAPPON, JesseBiopg. 187BRU Vol. II
CARGILL, A. B.Biopg. 275BRU Vol. II
CARGILL, J. V.Biopg. 587BRU Vol. II
CARPENTER, Albert V. H.Biopg. 315CON Vol. II
CARPENTER, Albert Von HallerBiopg. 158BUCK Vol. IV
CARPENTER, Mathew H.Biopg. 368CON Vol. I
CARPENTER, MichaelBiopg. 618BRU Vol. II
CARSON, E. L.Biopg. 818BRU Vol. II
CARY, Charles J.Biopg. 239BUCK Vol. III
CARY, J. J.Biopg. 431BRU Vol. II
CARY, John W.Biopg. 5, 306CON Vol. II
CARY, JosephBiopg. 228BUCK Vol. I
CASPER, A. G.Biopg. 588BRU Vol. II
CASTLEMAN, Alfred L.Biopg. 224BUCK Vol. I
CASTLEMAN, Alfred L.Biopg. 228CON Vol. I
CERMINERA, AngeloBiopg. 149BRU Vol. II
CHANDLER, SamuelBiopg. 172, 383CON Vol. II
CHAPIN, Emmons E.Biopg. 280, 442CON Vol. II
CHAPMAN, SilasBiopg. 333CON Vol. I
CHAPMAN, Timothy A.Biopg. 280, 487CON Vol. I
CHASE, EnochBiopg. 206BUCK Vol. I
CHASE, EnochBiopg. 448CON Vol. I
CHASE, G. H.Biopg. 248BRU Vol. II
CHASE, HoraceBiopg. 207BUCK Vol. I
CHASE, HoraceBiopg. 27CON Vol. I
CHENEY, Rufus, Jr.Biopg. 226BUCK Vol. I
CHESTER, WilliamBiopg. 465CON Vol. II
CHILDS, JohnBiopg. 246BUCK Vol. I
CHILDS, SarahBiopg. 411BUCK Vol. IV
CHIPMAN, D. W.Biopg. 310BRU Vol. II
CLANCY, W. J. E.Biopg. 484BRU Vol. II
CLAS, A. C.Biopg. 76BRU Vol. II
CLEARY, M. J.Biopg. 302BRU Vol. II
CLEMENT, StephenBiopg. 375CON Vol. II
CLEVELAND, FrankBiopg. 469BRU Vol. II
COERPER, W. F.Biopg. 204BRU Vol. II
COHEN, MarcusBiopg. 444CON Vol. II
COHN, A. H.Biopg. 787BRU Vol. II
COLBY, Charles L.Biopg. 251, 309CON Vol. II
COLEMAN, W. W.Biopg. 436BRU Vol. II
COLEMAN, William W.Biopg. 61, 347CON Vol. II
CONKLIN, W. A.Biopg. 55BRU Vol. II
COOLEY, R. L.Biopg. 440BRU Vol. II
COOMBS, Martin B.Biopg. 220BUCK Vol. IV
CORBIN, JohnBiopg. 223BUCK Vol. III
CORCORAN, C. J.Biopg. 379BRU Vol. II
COTTRILL, Charles M.Biopg. 443CON Vol. II
COTTRILL, Jedd P. C.Biopg. 443CON Vol. I
COTZHAUSEN, A. F. W.Biopg. 363CON Vol. I
CRAMER, AdolphBiopg. 232BUCK Vol. III
CRAMER, EliphaletBiopg. 240BUCK Vol. I
CRAMER, EliphaletBiopg. 335CON Vol. I
CRAMER, John F.Biopg. 355CON Vol. II
CRAMER, William E.Biopg. 49, 339CON Vol. II
CRAWFORD, JohnBiopg. 212BUCK Vol. I
CREIGHTON, John R.Biopg. 410CON Vol. II
CRIBB, George C.Biopg. 478CON Vol. II
CROCKER, HansBiopg. 219BUCK Vol. I
CRONYN, W. J.Biopg. 658BRU Vol. II
CUMMINGS, JohnBiopg. 70BUCK Vol. IV
CURRIE, JamesBiopg. 259BRU Vol. II
CUSTER, G. G.Biopg. 52BRU Vol. II
CZERWINSKI, IgnatiusBiopg. 388BRU Vol. II
DAGGETT, Samuel SlaterBiopg. 139BUCK Vol. III
DAHLE, I. J.Biopg. 756BRU Vol. II
DALBERG, S. W.Biopg. 396BRU Vol. II
DAVELAAR, G. J.Biopg. 380BRU Vol. II
DAVIDSON, ThomasBiopg. 7, 325CON Vol. II
DAVIES, D. H.Biopg. 635BRU Vol. II
DAVIS, DewittBiopg. 430CON Vol. I
DAVIS, Melson J.Biopg. 363CON Vol. II
DAWSON, W. A.Biopg. 726BRU Vol. II
DAY, George E. H.Biopg. 126BUCK Vol. III
DECKER, MortonBiopg. 380BRU Vol. II
DEUSTER, HugoBiopg. 403BRU Vol. II
DEUSTER, Peter V.Biopg. 460CON Vol. II
DEXHEIMER, ChrisBiopg. 460BUCK Vol. III
DICK, A. C.Biopg. 602BRU Vol. II
DICKENS, C. F.Biopg. 800BRU Vol. II
DIETZ, C. P.Biopg. 621BRU Vol. II
DIGMAN, H. A.Biopg. 662BRU Vol. II
DOMOGALLA, R. B.Biopg. 526BRU Vol. II
DONGES, J. F.Biopg. 294BRU Vol. II
DOUGLAS, JamesBiopg. 149, 463CON Vol. I
DOUSMAN, George D.Biopg. 215BUCK Vol. I
DOUSMAN, John B.Biopg. 236CON Vol. I
DOUSMAN, Talbot C.Biopg. 216BUCK Vol. I
DOYLE, PeterBiopg. 458CON Vol. II
DRAKE, GeorgeBiopg. 479CON Vol. II
DRAKE, John R.Biopg. 372BUCK Vol. III
DREW, WalterBiopg. 305BRU Vol. II
DREXEL, ArnoldBiopg. 535BRU Vol. II
DROLSHAGEN, F. A.Biopg. 239BRU Vol. II
DUDGEON, M. S.Biopg. 59BRU Vol. II
DURAND, John M.Biopg. 394BUCK Vol. III
DUTCHER, G. C.Biopg. 297BRU Vol. II
DUTCHER, John A.Biopg. 426BUCK Vol. III
DYER, Charles E.Biopg. 431CON Vol. I
DYER, George R.Biopg. 220BUCK Vol. III
DYER, GeorgeBiopg. 187BUCK Vol. III
DYER, GeorgeBiopg. 330CON Vol. I
EASTERLY, C. M.Biopg. 572BRU Vol. II
ECKSTEIN, S. A.Biopg. 240BRU Vol. II
EDWARDS, John B.Biopg. 46BUCK Vol. IV
EELLS, D. P.Biopg. 487BRU Vol. II
EELLS, H. P.Biopg. 284BRU Vol. II
EHLMAN, A. C.Biopg. 180BRU Vol. II
ELIOT, RobertBiopg. 96BUCK Vol. IV
ELLIS, F. C.Biopg. 432BRU Vol. II
ELSAS, LudwigBiopg. 809BRU Vol. II
ELSER, A. C.Biopg. 476BRU Vol. II
ENGELMANN, PeterBiopg. 127, 462CON Vol. I
ESNSTER, P. W.Biopg. 576BRU Vol. II
EVES, John J.Biopg. 91BUCK Vol. IV
EVISTON, John W.Biopg. 114BUCK Vol. IV
EVISTON, ThomasBiopg. 114BUCK Vol. IV
FALK, C. R.Biopg. 636BRU Vol. II
FALK, O. H.Biopg. 60BRU Vol. II
FEHR, HermanBiopg. 24BRU Vol. II
FELLENZ, F. W.Biopg. 826BRU Vol. II
FERGUSON, DavidBiopg. 98BUCK Vol. II
FERGUSON, F. N.Biopg. 463BRU Vol. II
FERGUSON, T. J.Biopg. 360BRU Vol. II
FIEBING, J. H.Biopg. 509BRU Vol. II
FIEBRANTZ, C. H.Biopg. 781BRU Vol. II
FIELDS, PleasantBiopg. 73BUCK Vol. II
FINCH, Asahel, Jr.Biopg. 412BUCK Vol. IV
FINCH, Asahel, Jr.Biopg. 94BUCK Vol. II
FINCH, AsahelBiopg. 390CON Vol. I
FINCH, Henry MartynBiopg. 397CON Vol. I
FINNEGAN, T. P.Biopg. 463BRU Vol. II
FISCHER, T. J.Biopg. 583BRU Vol. II
FITCH, William GrantBiopg. 273, 484CON Vol. I
FITCH, William GrantBiopg. 87BUCK Vol. IV
FITZGIBBON, J. E.Biopg. 360BRU Vol. II
FLANDERS, J. G.Biopg. 280BRU Vol. II
FLANDERS, James G.Biopg. 420CON Vol. I
FLEMING, W. J.Biopg. 715BRU Vol. II
FLINT, J. G., Jr.Biopg. 140BUCK Vol. IV
FOERSTER, ErwinBiopg. 35BRU Vol. II
FOOTE, Charles P.Biopg. 389BUCK Vol. III
FOSTER, A. W.Biopg. 716BRU Vol. II
FOWLER, AlbertBiopg. 204BUCK Vol. I
FOX, J. M.Biopg. 180BRU Vol. II
FRANK, L. F.Biopg. 44BRU Vol. II
FRANKFURTH, WilliamBiopg. 291, 435CON Vol. II
FRATNEY, FrederickBiopg. 387CON Vol. II
FREEMAN, Charles F.Biopg. 226BUCK Vol. IV
FREIHUBE, R. C.Biopg. 444BRU Vol. II
FRENCH, S. W.Biopg. 56BRU Vol. II
FRENCH, Samuel W.Biopg. 461CON Vol. I
FRESCHL, CarlBiopg. 116BRU Vol. II
FRESCHL, EdwardBiopg. 121BRU Vol. II
FRIEDMANN, A. T.Biopg. 80BRU Vol. II
FRIEND, EliasBiopg. 309BUCK Vol. III
FRIEND, HenryBiopg. 309BUCK Vol. III
FRIEND, R. M.Biopg. 567BRU Vol. II
FRIEND, S. R. Biopg. 741BRU Vol. II
FRIESE, F. W.Biopg. 211BRU Vol. II
FULLER, O. C.Biopg. 20BRU Vol. II
FURLONG, JohnBiopg. 439CON Vol. II
FURLONG, JohnBiopg. 227BUCK Vol. I
FURLONG, JohnBiopg. 407BUCK Vol. IV
GARDNER, John D.Biopg. 211BUCK Vol. III
GARDNER, William M.Biopg. 245BUCK Vol. I
GATES, P. D.Biopg. 598BRU Vol. II
GEILFUSS, Albert B.Biopg. 413CON Vol. II
GEORGE, John S.Biopg. 312CON Vol. II
GIEBISH, J. A.Biopg. 475BRU Vol. II
GIFFORD, George P.Biopg. 143BUCK Vol. III
GILBERT, Joseph T.Biopg. 409CON Vol. II
GILSON, Frank L.Biopg. 429CON Vol. I
GLAUS, ChristianBiopg. 540BRU Vol. II
GOLDSCHMIDT, JuliusBiopg. 416CON Vol. II
GOLL, F. T.Biopg. 146BRU Vol. II
GOODMAN, William E.Biopg. 36BUCK Vol. IV
GOODRICH, John C.Biopg. 427BUCK Vol. III
GOODRICH, Timothy W.Biopg. 132BUCK Vol. IV
GORAL, B. E.Biopg. 306BRU Vol. II
GORDON, GeorgeBiopg. 396CON Vol. II
GOSS, OwenBiopg. 157BUCK Vol. IV
GRABER, E. H.Biopg. 388BRU Vol. II
GRAEBNER, W. H.Biopg. 792BRU Vol. II
GRAHAM, Warren M.Biopg. 479CON Vol. II
GRAM, EdmundBiopg. 372BRU Vol. II
GRANGER, C. A.Biopg. 535BRU Vol. II
GRASSLER, EdmundBiopg. 720BRU Vol. II
GRAU, P. A.Biopg. 384BRU Vol. II
GRAY, Alfred W.Biopg. 255, 450CON Vol. I
GRAY, Nathaniel A.Biopg. 453CON Vol. I
GRAY, William D.Biopg. 471CON Vol. I
GREENE, Thomas A.Biopg. 358CON Vol. I
GREULICH, AugustBiopg. 42BUCK Vol. III
GRIFFIN, E. T.Biopg. 777BRU Vol. II
GRUNEWALD, MaxBiopg. 301BRU Vol. II
GRUTZA, F. J.Biopg. 643BRU Vol. II
GUTENKUNST, WilliamBiopg. 80BRU Vol. II
GUZZETTA, PhilipBiopg. 276BRU Vol. II
HABHEGGER, A. C.Biopg. 400BRU Vol. II
HABHEGGER, T. F.Biopg. 411BRU Vol. II
HACKNEY, R. H.Biopg. 323BRU Vol. II
HADFIELD, H. S.Biopg. 188BRU Vol. II
HADLEY, JacksonBiopg. 253BUCK Vol. IV
HAFNER, AdolfBiopg. 328BRU Vol. II
HAGERMAN, F. H.Biopg. 395BRU Vol. II
HALSEY, L. W.Biopg. 122BRU Vol. II
HAMILTON, Charles S.Biopg. 116, 383CON Vol. I
HANDLEY, J. J.Biopg. 601BRU Vol. II
HANEY, RobertBiopg. 327CON Vol. I
HANNAN, W. F.Biopg. 610BRU Vol. II
HARMS, H. C.Biopg. 565BRU Vol. II
HARPER, W. D.Biopg. 492BRU Vol. II
HARRISON, Stephen A.Biopg. 298CON Vol. II
HARRISON, Stephen A.Biopg. 228BUCK Vol. IV
HARSH, G. R.Biopg. 64BRU Vol. II
HARVEY, A. J.Biopg. 644BRU Vol. II
HARVEY, J. A.Biopg. 416BRU Vol. II
HATHAWAY, C. H.Biopg. 617BRU Vol. II
HATHAWAY, JoshuaBiopg. 237BUCK Vol. I
HATHWAY, JoshuaBiopg. 37, 314CON Vol. I
HAUG, GustavBiopg. 82CON Vol. II
HAUKOHL, R. G.Biopg. 782BRU Vol. II
HAWKINS, WilliamBiopg. 174BUCK Vol. III
HAZELTON, Gerry W.Biopg. 436CON Vol. I
HEATH, AlbertBiopg. 355BRU Vol. II
HEATH, FredericBiopg. 575BRU Vol. II
HEINL, J. G.Biopg. 539BRU Vol. II
HEMPSTAD, Henry N., 200BUCK Vol. III
HENDERSON, E. O.Biopg. 597BRU Vol. II
HENDERSON, M. L.Biopg. 821BRU Vol. II
HENSEL, O. A.Biopg. 271BRU Vol. II
HERRMANN, W. J.Biopg. 805BRU Vol. II
HERZ, HarryBiopg. 737BRU Vol. II
HERZFELD, CarlBiopg. 387BRU Vol. II
HIBBARD, B. L.Biopg. 778BRU Vol. II
HIGGINS, S. G.Biopg. 298BRU Vol. II
HILES, JohnBiopg. 24, 318CON Vol. II
HILL, HoratioBiopg. 258BUCK Vol. III
HILL, Priam B.Biopg. 407BUCK Vol. IV
HINMAN, SamuelBiopg. 244BUCK Vol. I
HOAN, D. W.Biopg. 24BRU Vol. II
HOBART, Harrison C.Biopg. 112, 386CON Vol. I
HODGES, Lyman F.Biopg. 337CON Vol. II
HOERMANN, R. B.Biopg. 215BRU Vol. II
HOFF, J. T.Biopg. 162BRU Vol. II
HOFFMANN, FredBiopg. 331BRU Vol. II
HOFFMAN, JohnBiopg. 19BRU Vol. II
HOKANSON, RudolfBiopg. , 748BRU Vol. II
HOLLISTER, David S.Biopg. 75BUCK Vol. II
HOLLISTER, MaryBiopg. 412BUCK Vol. IV
HOLTON, Edward D.Biopg. 228BUCK Vol. I
HOLTON, Edward D.Biopg. 331CON Vol. I
HOLTON, H. M.Biopg. 268BRU Vol. II
HORN, FrederickBiopg. 226BUCK Vol. I
HORTON, Harry L.Biopg. 461CON Vol. I
HOUGHTON, RoyalBiopg. 355CON Vol. I
HOWARD, SamuelBiopg. 425CON Vol. I
HOYT, E. D.Biopg. 335BRU Vol. II
HUEBSCHMANN, FrancisBiopg. 80, 372CON Vol. I
HUGHES, E. J.Biopg. 737BRU Vol. II
HULL, David P.Biopg. 439BUCK Vol. III
HUME, J. P.Biopg. 196BRU Vol. II
HUNTER, M. R.Biopg. 431BRU Vol. II
HUSTIS, JohnBiopg. 310CON Vol. I
IDE, C. E.Biopg. 407BRU Vol. II
ILLSLEY, Charles F.Biopg. 175BUCK Vol. III
ILSLEY, Charles F.Biopg. 468CON Vol. II
INSBUSCH, JohnBiopg. 370BUCK Vol. III
JACOBI, H. L.Biopg. 332BRU Vol. II
JACOBS, William H.Biopg. 393CON Vol. II
JACOBUS, C. C.Biopg. 506BRU Vol. II
JENKINS, James G.Biopg. 196, 407CON Vol. I
JERMAIN, L. F.Biopg. 126BRU Vol. II
JOHN, W. A.Biopg. 517BRU Vol. II
JOHNSON, C. E.Biopg. 522BRU Vol. II
JOHNSON, Daniel H.Biopg. 426CON Vol. I
JOHNSON, JamesBiopg. 235CON Vol. I
JOHNSTON, J. T.Biopg. 107BRU Vol. II
JOHNSTON, JohnBiopg. 135BUCK Vol. IV
JOHNSTON, JohnBiopg. 258, 485CON Vol. I
JOHNSTONE, R. R.Biopg. 134BRU Vol. II
JUERGENS, C. H.Biopg. 447BRU Vol. II
JUNEAU, SolomanBiopg. 232BUCK Vol. I
JUNEAU, SolomonBiopg. 15, frontispieceCON Vol. I
JUNEAU, SolomonBiopg. 173BUCK Vol. IV
JUNEAU, SolomonBiopg. 463BUCK Vol. III
KALVELAGE, J. B.Biopg. 339BRU Vol. II
KALWEIT, G. W.Biopg. 543BRU Vol. II
KANEY, J. S.Biopg. 703BRU Vol. II
KAREL, J. C.Biopg. 23BRU Vol. II
KARROW, H. H.Biopg. 289BRU Vol. II
KASSNER, G. A.Biopg. 682BRU Vol. II
KASTEN, C. J.Biopg. 447BRU Vol. II
KATZER, Frederick X.Biopg. 143, 398CON Vol. II
KEARNEY, E. J.Biopg. 130BRU Vol. II
KEEFE, John C.Biopg. 358CON Vol. II
KEENAN, MatthewBiopg. 223BUCK Vol. I
KEENAN, MatthewBiopg. 287, 378CON Vol. I
KEENAN, W. H.Biopg. 518BRU Vol. II
KEENE, DavidBiopg. 406CON Vol. II
KELLOGG, Levi H.Biopg. 188, 405CON Vol. II
KELLY, J. T.Biopg. 632BRU Vol. II
KELLY, Thomas L.Biopg. 478CON Vol. I
KEMPER, , J. B.Biopg. 154BRU Vol. II
KENDRICK, WillaimBiopg. 406BUCK Vol. IV
KENNAN, Thomas L.Biopg. 389CON Vol. II
KENNEDY, LeonardBiopg. 79BUCK Vol. III
KENNEY, C. J. Biopg. 495BRU Vol. II
KENNEY, R. I. Biopg. 795BRU Vol. II
KENNEY, T. S. Biopg. 677BRU Vol. II
KERN, John Baptiste AdolphBiopg. 235BUCK Vol. IV
KERSHAW, Charles J.Biopg. 165BUCK Vol. IV
KERSHAW, W. J.Biopg. 264BRU Vol. II
KEYES, Dwight W.Biopg. 310CON Vol. II
KEYES, Dwight W.Biopg. 161BUCK Vol. IV
KIECKHEFER, A. J.Biopg. 264BRU Vol. II
KIECKHEFER, J. W.Biopg. 167BRU Vol. II
KIEFER, A. L. Biopg. 694BRU Vol. II
KIEFER, H. A. Biopg. 559BRU Vol. II
KILBOURN, ByronBiopg. 233BUCK Vol. I
KILBOURN, ByronBiopg. 20CON Vol. I
KILLILEA, Henry J.Biopg. 434CON Vol. I
KING, CharlesBiopg. 354CON Vol. II
KING, RufusBiopg. 344CON Vol. II
KING, RufusBiopg. 79BUCK Vol. IV
KIRBY, AbnerBiopg. 57, 351CON Vol. I
KISSINGER, John P.Biopg. 368CON Vol. II
KLETZSCH, A. P. Biopg. 43BRU Vol. II
KLUG, EdwinBiopg. 774BRU Vol. II
KLUMB, W. J. Biopg. 455BRU Vol. II
KNEELAND, JamesBiopg. 161, 377CON Vol. II
KNEELAND, JamesBiopg. 82BUCK Vol. II
KNELL, O. C. Biopg. 207BRU Vol. II
KNOERNSCHILD, JacobBiopg. 191BRU Vol. II
KOCH, GeorgeBiopg. 704BRU Vol. II
KOCH, John C.Biopg. 62, 354CON Vol. I
KOEHRING, P. A. Biopg. 560BRU Vol. II
KOEHRING, W. J. Biopg. 560BRU Vol. II
KOENIG, U. P. Biopg. 640BRU Vol. II
KOEPPEN, GeorgeBiopg. 350CON Vol. II
KOKEN, C. H. Biopg. 343BRU Vol. II
KOLLOGE, WilliamBiopg. 435BRU Vol. II
KOPMEIER, J. H. Biopg. 690BRU Vol. II
KORNELY, JacobBiopg. 376BRU Vol. II
KOSS, R. M. Biopg. 532BRU Vol. II
KOSS, TheodoreBiopg. 525BRU Vol. II
KOSZEWSKI, S. W. Biopg. 605BRU Vol. II
KOTECKI, L. M. Biopg. 137BRU Vol. II
KRAATZ, Carl F. W.Biopg. 216, 426CON Vol. II
KRAFT, F. A. Biopg. 510BRU Vol. II
KRANSTOVER, W. L. Biopg. 275BRU Vol. II
KREIL, J. E. Biopg. 363BRU Vol. II
KRINGEL, A. F. W. Biopg. 742BRU Vol. II
KRONSHAGE, E. H. Biopg. 476BRU Vol. II
KULZICK, JohnBiopg. 548BRU Vol. II
KUNTZ, G. E. Biopg. 293BRU Vol. II
KUNZELMANN, A. P.Biopg. 352BRU Vol. II
LA, BUDDE, O. A. Biopg. 726BRU Vol. II
LACE, John M. W.Biopg. 408BUCK Vol. III
LAFLIN, H. N. Biopg. 606BRU Vol. II
LANGE, A. C. Biopg. 766BRU Vol. II
LANGE, E. O. Biopg. 774BRU Vol. II
LANGE, F. A. Biopg. 762BRU Vol. II
LANGE, W. W. Biopg. 770BRU Vol. II
LANGLOIS, A. G. Biopg. 499BRU Vol. II
LANGSON, William J.Biopg. 278BUCK Vol. III
LAPHAM, Increase A.Biopg. 456CON Vol. II
LAPHAM, Increase AllenBiopg. 246BUCK Vol. I
LARKIN, Charles H.Biopg. 329CON Vol. I
LAWRENCE, Judah M.Biopg. 394BUCK Vol. III
LE FEVRE, Clement F.Biopg. 411CON Vol. II
LE, BRECK, M. J. Biopg. 746BRU Vol. II
LEISK, D. T. Biopg. 517BRU Vol. II
LEWIS, Calvin E.Biopg. 403CON Vol. II
LOOMIS, HubbellBiopg. 119BUCK Vol. III
LOOMIS, HubbellBiopg. 225CON Vol. I
LUDINGTON, HarrisonBiopg. 225BUCK Vol. I
LUDINGTON, HarrisonBiopg. 67, 365CON Vol. I
LUDINGTON, LewisBiopg. 321CON Vol. I
LUDWIG, John C.Biopg. 428CON Vol. I
LUEDKE, E. A. Biopg. 548BRU Vol. II
LUHMAN, G. B. Biopg. 769BRU Vol. II
LUKASZEWSKI, A. J. Biopg. 439BRU Vol. II
LUSK, T. E. Biopg. 145BRU Vol. II
LYNDE, William P.Biopg. 411CON Vol. I
LYNDE, William PittBiopg. 96BUCK Vol. II
MACALISTER, JamesBiopg. 221CON Vol. I
MACDOWELL, D. L. Biopg. 698BRU Vol. II
MACHLEITH, A. H. Biopg. 662BRU Vol. II
MACK, Herman L.Biopg. 234BUCK Vol. III
MACKIE, WilliamBiopg. 460CON Vol. I
MACRAE, M. F. Biopg. 818BRU Vol. II
MAECHTLE, E. W. Biopg. 711BRU Vol. II
MAGEE, JamesBiopg. 134BUCK Vol. III
MALONE, T. C. Biopg. 587BRU Vol. II
MANEGOLD, Charles, , Jr. Biopg. 176BRU Vol. II
MANN, John E.Biopg. 426CON Vol. I
MARKHAM, G. F. Biopg. 247BRU Vol. II
MARKS, SolonBiopg. 223, 452CON Vol. I
MARSHALL, SamuelBiopg. 468CON Vol. II
MARSHALL, SamuelBiopg. 175BUCK Vol. III
MARTIN, H. G. Biopg. 297BRU Vol. II
MARTIN, James B.Biopg. 415CON Vol. II
MASCHAUER, LorenzBiopg. 383BRU Vol. II
MASSON, N.Biopg. 457CON Vol. II
MATT, P. J. Biopg. 693BRU Vol. II
MATTHEWS, Alonzo R.Biopg. 202BUCK Vol. IV
MATTHEWS, Eschines P.Biopg. 201BUCK Vol. IV
MATTHEWS, Quincy A.Biopg. 202BUCK Vol. IV
MAYER, FrederickBiopg. 403CON Vol. II
MCCABE, M. A. Biopg. 79BRU Vol. II
MCCALLUM, JohnBiopg. 464CON Vol. II
MCCARTY, W. E. Biopg. 290BRU Vol. II
MCCORKLE, S. C. Biopg. 681BRU Vol. II
MCCOY, , J. J. Biopg. 719BRU Vol. II
MCELROY, W. J. Biopg. 648BRU Vol. II
MCENIRY, F. M. Biopg. 231BRU Vol. II
MCGEOCH, A. N. Biopg. 158BRU Vol. II
MCGOVERN, W. R. Biopg. 142BRU Vol. II
MCGREGOR, John P.Biopg. 384CON Vol. II
MCKOWEN, W. R. Biopg. 368BRU Vol. II
MCLAIN, DavidBiopg. 256BRU Vol. II
MCLOGAN, H. R. Biopg. 267BRU Vol. II
MCMAHON, W. C. Biopg. 499BRU Vol. II
MCMILLAN, T. C. Biopg. 800BRU Vol. II
MCMILLEN, C. L. Biopg. 220BRU Vol. II
MEDBERY, Martin B.Biopg. 84BUCK Vol. III
MEINCKE, J. J. D. Biopg. 212BRU Vol. II
MEINECKE, AdolphBiopg. 181, 474CON Vol. I
MENDEL, Henry M.Biopg. 97, 370CON Vol. II
MERRILL, DavidBiopg. 293BUCK Vol. IV
MERRILL, DavidBiopg. 323CON Vol. I
MERRILL, John B.Biopg. 324CON Vol. I
MERRILL, John B.Biopg. 97BUCK Vol. II
MERRILL, Sherburne S.Biopg. 1, 303CON Vol. II
MERRILL, Sherburne S.Biopg. 348BUCK Vol. III
MERRILL, William P.Biopg. 221BUCK Vol. I
MERRILL, William P.Biopg. 31, 319CON Vol. I
MERRILL, Z. T. Biopg. 153BRU Vol. II
MERTEN, A. N. E. Biopg. 514BRU Vol. II
MESSINGER, John A.Biopg. 231CON Vol. I
MESSMER, ArchbishopBiopg. 112BRU Vol. II
METCALF, William H.Biopg. 71, 361CON Vol. II
MEYER, L. E. Biopg. 601BRU Vol. II
MILLARD, L. W. Biopg. 803BRU Vol. II
MILLER, Andrew G.Biopg. 166, 391CON Vol. II
MILLER, Andrew GalbraithBiopg. 234BUCK Vol. I
MILLER, Benjamin K.Biopg. 427CON Vol. I
MILLER, DelbertBiopg. 161BRU Vol. II
MILLER, Gailbraith, Jr. Biopg. 195BRU Vol. II
MILLER, HenryBiopg. 215BUCK Vol. I
MIRANDEAU, Jean BaptisteBiopg. 13CON Vol. I
MITCHELL, AlexanderBiopg. 217BUCK Vol. I
MITCHELL, AlexanderBiopg. 262, 479CON Vol. I
MITCHELL, AndrewBiopg. 193BUCK Vol. IV
MITCHELL, John L.Biopg. 459CON Vol. II
MITCHELL, John S.Biopg. 426BUCK Vol. III
MIX, E. TownsendBiopg. 80, 445CON Vol. II
MOE, J. P.Biopg. 392BRU Vol. II
MOEBIUS, C. W.Biopg. 806BRU Vol. II
MOLITOR, J. P.Biopg. 552BRU Vol. II
MOMSEN, W. H.Biopg. 435BRU Vol. II
MORANDEAU, Jean BaptisteBiopg. 463BUCK Vol. III
MORE, James P.Biopg. 71BUCK Vol. II
MORGAN, Win J.Biopg. 451CON Vol. II
MORISON, G. A.Biopg. 479BRU Vol. II
MORRIS, C. M.Biopg. 761BRU Vol. II
MORRIS, O. H.Biopg. 651BRU Vol. II
MORRIS, W. H.Biopg. 708BRU Vol. II
MORRISON, A. CressyBiopg. 27, 356CON Vol. II
MOSS, G. F.Biopg. 700BRU Vol. II
MUELLER,, AlexanderBiopg. 271BRU Vol. II
MUENZBERG, P. F.Biopg. 640BRU Vol. II
MULHANEY, J. J.Biopg. 627BRU Vol. II
MULLETT, H. A.Biopg. 459BRU Vol. II
MUNKWITZ, Charles J.Biopg. 425CON Vol. II
MURPHY, W. J.Biopg. 475BRU Vol. II
MURRAY, JamesBiopg. 185, 405CON Vol. II
MURRAY, JamesBiopg. 241BUCK Vol. I
MURTAUGH, J. C.Biopg. 571BRU Vol. II
NACKIE, W. F.Biopg. 635BRU Vol. II
NASH, Charles D.Biopg. 469CON Vol. II
NEFF, Sidney, Orren, -, p. 344BRU Vol. II
NEILSON, G. W.Biopg. 822BRU Vol. II
NEILSON, W. H.Biopg. 96BRU Vol. II
NEIMAN, DanielBiopg. 174BUCK Vol. IV
NEUBAUER, J. J.Biopg. 211BRU Vol. II
NICHOLSON, W. C.Biopg. 371BRU Vol. II
NIEDECKEN, E. F. Biopg. 347BRU Vol. II
NIEDECKEN, HenryBiopg. 105, 371CON Vol. II
NIEDECKER, HenryBiopg. 425BUCK Vol. III
NIEDERMANN, John C. U.Biopg. 392CON Vol. II
NIEMAN, L. W.Biopg. 355CON Vol. II
NIVEN, J. M.Biopg. 513BRU Vol. II
NOONAN, H. C.Biopg. 134BRU Vol. II
NOONAN, Josiah A.Biopg. 56, 341CON Vol. II
NOONAN, Josiah A.Biopg. 56BUCK Vol. III
NORRIS, Greenleaf D.Biopg. 322BUCK Vol. III
NORTMANN, ValentineBiopg. 95BRU Vol. II
NOURSE, R. A.Biopg. 440BRU Vol. II
NOWAK, E. A.Biopg. 579BRU Vol. II
NOYES, Thomas J.Biopg. 245BUCK Vol. I
NUNNEMACHER, JacobBiopg. 121, 328CON Vol. II
NUNNEMACHER, RudolphBiopg. 90, 362CON Vol. II
O'BRIEN, TimothyBiopg. 300BUCK Vol. III
O'HEARN, D. J.Biopg. 32BRU Vol. II
O'NEILL, EdwardBiopg. 470CON Vol. II
O'NEILL, EdwardBiopg. 276BUCK Vol. III
O'NEILL, G. F.Biopg. 192BRU Vol. II
O"DONNELL, E. J.Biopg. 741BRU Vol. II
OBERMANN, George J.Biopg. 174, 473CON Vol. I
OGDEN, JohnBiopg. 224BUCK Vol. I
OHM, H. A.Biopg. 491BRU Vol. II
ORENDORFF, AlfredBiopg. 221BUCK Vol. III
ORMSBY, David G.Biopg. 195, 419CON Vol. II
ORTON, John J.Biopg. 404CON Vol. I
OTJEN, Christian S.Biopg. 204, 424CON Vol. II
OTJEN, TheobaldBiopg. 198, 422CON Vol. II
OTJEN, TheobaldBiopg. 654BRU Vol. II
OTT, E. H.Biopg. 320BRU Vol. II
PABST, FrederickBiopg. 36, 329CON Vol. II
PACKMAN, W. K.Biopg. 223BRU Vol. II
PAETOW, W. J.Biopg. 711BRU Vol. II
PAINE, ByronBiopg. 202CON Vol. I
PAINE, Halbert E.Biopg. 220CON Vol. I
PALMER, Henry L.Biopg. 442CON Vol. II
PATEK, G. W.Biopg. 470BRU Vol. II
PATEK, M. L.Biopg. 470BRU Vol. II
PATTERSON, R. W.Biopg. 200BRU Vol. II
PATTON, James E.Biopg. 463CON Vol. II
PAUL, George H.Biopg. 352CON Vol. II
PAYNE, Henry C.Biopg. 95, 376CON Vol. I
PEARCE, C. S.Biopg. 427BRU Vol. II
PECK, George W.Biopg. 367CON Vol. II
PERELES, NathanBiopg. 233, 432CON Vol. II
PERELES, NathanBiopg. 217BUCK Vol. IV
PERSONS, Edward R.Biopg. 418CON Vol. II
PETTIBONE, SylvesterBiopg. 241BUCK Vol. I
PETTIT, F. J.Biopg. 176BRU Vol. II
PFISTER, GuidoBiopg. 40, 308CON Vol. II
PFISTER, GuidoBiopg. 450BUCK Vol. III
PFLEGER, William,Biopg. 715BRU Vol. II
PHILIPP, E. L.Biopg. 260BRU Vol. II
PIEPER, O. R.Biopg. 244BRU Vol. II
PIEPLOW, W. L.Biopg. 496BRU Vol. II
PIERCE, F. L.Biopg. 531BRU Vol. II
PIERCE, Robert W.Biopg. 343CON Vol. I
PILGER, WilliamBiopg. 440CON Vol. II
PINNEY, J. C.Biopg. 316BRU Vol. II
PIXLEY, John W.Biopg. 243BUCK Vol. I
PLANKINTON, JohnBiopg. 301, frontispieceCON Vol. II
PLATTO, Jacob V. V.Biopg. 347CON Vol. I
PLAUM, E. E.Biopg. 236BRU Vol. II
PLUMB, H. A.Biopg. 363BRU Vol. II
POHL, W. M.Biopg. 652BRU Vol. II
POMEROY, Fennimore C.Biopg. 239BUCK Vol. I
PORTER, E. J.Biopg. 428BRU Vol. II
PRATT, Edward F.Biopg. 461CON Vol. II
PRENGEL, A. T.Biopg. 653BRU Vol. II
PRENTISS, William A.Biopg. 219BUCK Vol. I
PRENTISS, William A.Biopg. 50, 343CON Vol. I
PREUSSER, ChristianBiopg. 292, 380CON Vol. I
PRINGLE, James,Biopg. 444BRU Vol. II
PRITZLAFF, JohnBiopg. 213, 429CON Vol. II
PRITZLAFF, JohnBiopg. 88BUCK Vol. II
PROUDFIT, William P.Biopg. 237BUCK Vol. I
PROUDFIT, William P.Biopg. 229CON Vol. I
PUELICHER, J. H.Biopg. 36BRU Vol. II
QUARLES, Charles,Biopg. 28BRU Vol. II
QUARLES, CharlesBiopg. 210, 423CON Vol. I
QUARLES, Joseph V.Biopg. 417CON Vol. I
QUICK, E. W.Biopg. 782BRU Vol. II
QUINN, JeremiahBiopg. 184BUCK Vol. IV
RADKE, J. W.Biopg. 460BRU Vol. II
RAY, CharlesBiopg. 402CON Vol. II
RAY, CharlesBiopg. 89BUCK Vol. IV
RAY, W. W.Biopg. 697BRU Vol. II
REDDEMAN, E. A.Biopg. 509BRU Vol. II
REEDER, C. W.Biopg. 697BRU Vol. II
REEKE, Alfred,Biopg. 678BRU Vol. II
REEL, Herman,Biopg. 784BRU Vol. II
REINHARD, C. F.Biopg. 195BRU Vol. II
REISWEBER, Alfred,Biopg. 298BRU Vol. II
REUSS, G. A.Biopg. 323BRU Vol. II
REYNOLDS, EdwinBiopg. 472CON Vol. II
REYNOLDS, JamesBiopg. 156, 401CON Vol. II
RIBBLE, F. W.Biopg. 460BRU Vol. II
RICHARDS, Daniel H.Biopg. 210BUCK Vol. I
ROBERTS, JohnBiopg. 178BUCK Vol. III
ROBINSON, Chauncy C.Biopg. 449CON Vol. I
ROCK, Lewis B.Biopg. 47BUCK Vol. IV
ROEHR, R. B.Biopg. 707BRU Vol. II
ROEMER, F. J.Biopg. 544BRU Vol. II
ROETHKE, R. W.Biopg. 228BRU Vol. II
ROGERS, C. C.Biopg. 18, 360CON Vol. II
ROGERS, F. W.Biopg. 622BRU Vol. II
ROGERS, James H.Biopg. 337CON Vol. I
ROHR, J. H.Biopg. 591BRU Vol. II
ROMADKA, J. M.Biopg. 757BRU Vol. II
ROMBERGER, Joseph,Biopg. 521BRU Vol. II
RUBLEE, HoraceBiopg. 346CON Vol. II
RUGEE, JohnBiopg. 266, 476CON Vol. II
RUGEE, JohnBiopg. 18BUCK Vol. IV
RUGGABER, H. E.Biopg. 479BRU Vol. II
RUNDLE, Joseph P.Biopg. 268BUCK Vol. IV
RUNKEL, Henry C.Biopg. 367CON Vol. I
RYAN, Edward G.Biopg. 212CON Vol. I
RYAN, HughBiopg. 433CON Vol. I
RYBOLD, R. A.Biopg. 784BRU Vol. II
SALICK, O. T.Biopg. 315BRU Vol. II
SANDERSON, EdmundBiopg. 121BUCK Vol. III
SANDERSON, EdwardBiopg. 89, 374CON Vol. I
SANDERSON, JamesBiopg. 62BUCK Vol. II
SARGENT, W. C.Biopg. 32BRU Vol. II
SCHANDEIN, EmilBiopg. 333CON Vol. II
SCHLESINGER, FerdinandBiopg. 150BRU Vol. II
SCHLITZ, JosephBiopg. 32, 327CON Vol. II
SCHMIDT, WilliamBiopg. 758BRU Vol. II
SCHMITT, Conrad Biopg. 810BRU Vol. II
SCHMITZ, A. J.Biopg. 404BRU Vol. II
SCHNEIDER, EmilBiopg. 339CON Vol. II
SCHNEIDER, J. M.Biopg. 627BRU Vol. II
SCHNEIDER, JosephBiopg. 495CON Vol. I
SCHOEFFLER, MoritzBiopg. 386CON Vol. II
SCHOEN, C. M.Biopg. 411BRU Vol. II
SCHOETZ, Max, Jr.Biopg. 111BRU Vol. II
SCHULTZ, A. G.Biopg. 355BRU Vol. II
SCHUTTLER, F. J.Biopg. 252BRU Vol. II
SEAMANS, S. H.Biopg. 85BUCK Vol. III
SELBY, Jeremiah B.Biopg. 236CON Vol. I
SEMMANN, LiboriusBiopg. 791BRU Vol. II
SENN, UlrichBiopg. 757BRU Vol. II
SEXTON, LesterBiopg. 422BUCK Vol. III
SHAPE, Gustave H.Biopg. 379CON Vol. I
SHARP, J. E.Biopg. 752BRU Vol. II
SHEA, ThomasBiopg. 197BUCK Vol. III
SHEPARD, ClarenceBiopg. 346CON Vol. I
SHERIDAN, J. A.Biopg. 92BRU Vol. II
SHERIFFS, JamesBiopg. 311CON Vol. I
SHERMAN, Lewis Jr.Biopg. 580BRU Vol. II
SHERMAN, LewisBiopg. 453CON Vol. I
SHERMAN, WilliamBiopg. 402CON Vol. II
SHOYER, SamuelBiopg. 115BUCK Vol. IV
SIEKERT, H. P.Biopg. 796BRU Vol. II
SIESEL, S. M.Biopg. 720BRU Vol. II
SIGEL, HermanBiopg. 352CON Vol. II
SILER, HenryBiopg. 71BUCK Vol. III
SIVYER, HenryBiopg. 275, 476CON Vol. II
SKINNER, Morgan L.Biopg. 405BUCK Vol. IV
SMITH, Amos A. L.Biopg. 218, 433CON Vol. I
SMITH, E. G.Biopg. 555BRU Vol. II
SMITH, Everett A.Biopg. 282, 479CON Vol. II
SMITH, H. B.Biopg. 825BRU Vol. II
SMITH, J. R.Biopg. 108BRU Vol. II
SMITH, Jabez M.Biopg. 91BUCK Vol. IV
SMITH, T. L.Biopg. 456BRU Vol. II
SMITH, William E.Biopg. 360CON Vol. I
SMITH, WinfieldBiopg. 1, 419CON Vol. I
SOEVIG, JohnBiopg. 745BRU Vol. II
SPEICH, Albertp. 738BRU Vol. II
SPENCE, Thomas W.Biopg. 424CON Vol. I
SPENCER, E. W.Biopg. 813BRU Vol. II
SPENCER, Robert C.Biopg. 37BUCK Vol. IV
SPENCER, Robert C.Biopg. 465CON Vol. I
SPERBER, HenryBiopg. 622BRU Vol. II
SPINDLER, W. C.Biopg. 822BRU Vol. II
SPOOR, A. H.Biopg. 448BRU Vol. II
STAADT, E. W.Biopg. 565BRU Vol. II
STAAL, G. F.Biopg. 232BRU Vol. II
STACY, John C.Biopg. 382CON Vol. II
STADLER, JosephBiopg. 447CON Vol. I
STAPHER, J. H.Biopg. 129BRU Vol. II
STARK, Charles G.Biopg. 489CON Vol. I
STARK, JoshuaBiopg. 191, 415CON Vol. I
STARKE, Christopher H.Biopg. 44, 427CON Vol. II
STARKE, HenryBiopg. 421CON Vol. II
STARKWEATHER, John C.Biopg. 397CON Vol. I
STARKWEATHER, William H.Biopg. 414CON Vol. II
STARR, ElishaBiopg. 343CON Vol. II
STEARNS, GustavBiopg. 99BRU Vol. II
STEBBINS, A. K.Biopg. 272BRU Vol. II
STEIGER, E. H.Biopg. 722BRU Vol. II
STEINER, J. T.Biopg. 665BRU Vol. II
STEINMEYER, WilliamBiopg. 382CON Vol. I
STERN, C. G.Biopg. 40BRU Vol. II
STERN, P. J.Biopg. 47BRU Vol. II
STEVENS, M. L.Biopg. 568BRU Vol. II
STOLPER, CharlesBiopg. 433CON Vol. II
STORY, Hiram F.Biopg. 322CON Vol. I
STORY, Hiram F.Biopg. 437BUCK Vol. III
STOTZER, O. F.Biopg. 158BRU Vol. II
STOWELL, John M.Biopg. 22, 320CON Vol. II
STRATTON, F. A.Biopg. 283BRU Vol. II
STRATTON, H. M.Biopg. 204BRU Vol. II
STUDLEY, F. C.Biopg. 133BRU Vol. II
SUTHERLAND, George E.Biopg. 441CON Vol. I
SWEET, AlansonBiopg. 211BUCK Vol. I
TALSKY. R. M. J. Biopg. 814,BRU Vol. II
TELL, R. P. Biopg. 91BRU Vol. II
TESCH, John H.Biopg. 307BUCK Vol. III
TESCHAN, R. C. Biopg. 243BRU Vol. II
TESCHAN, W. F. Biopg. 730BRU Vol. II
THIERS, Louisa, K. Biopg. 364BRU Vol. II
THOMAS, G. L. Biopg. 686BRU Vol. II
THOMPSON, CharlesBiopg. 359BRU Vol. II
THOMPSON, James H.Biopg. 458CON Vol. I
THOMPSON, M. W. Biopg. 796BRU Vol. II
THOMSON, Alexander M.Biopg. 350CON Vol. II
THOMSON, Jared Jr.Biopg. 444, 444CON Vol. I
THORSEN, JohnBiopg. 338CON Vol. II
TIBBITS, Francis G.Biopg. 381CON Vol. I
TIERNEY, J. E. Biopg. 613BRU Vol. II
TINDALL, O. G. Biopg. 376BRU Vol. II
TODD, WilliamBiopg. 248BRU Vol. II
TRAPHAGEN, C. G. Biopg. 319BRU Vol. II
TRAUB, M. H. Biopg. 559BRU Vol. II
TRAVER, C. B. Biopg. 428BRU Vol. II
TRECKER, TheodoreBiopg. 584BRU Vol. II
TRESTER, H. F. Biopg. 536BRU Vol. II
TRETTIN, ErnestBiopg. 340BRU Vol. II
TROWBRIDGE, William S.Biopg. 210BUCK Vol. I
TROWBRIDGE, William S.Biopg. 13, 312CON Vol. I
TWEEDY, John H.Biopg. 221BUCK Vol. I
UHRIG, E. A. Biopg. 681BRU Vol. II
ULBRICHT, O. H. Biopg. 670BRU Vol. II
UMBREIT, M. H. Biopg. 769BRU Vol. II
UPHAM, Don A. J.Biopg. 223BUCK Vol. I
UPHAM, Don A. J.Biopg. 43, 348CON Vol. I
UPHAM, H. A. J. Biopg. 72BRU Vol. II
UPHAM, Horace A. J.Biopg. 441CON Vol. I
UPMEYER, W. H. Biopg. 424BRU Vol. II
UTZ, C. S. Biopg. 324BRU Vol. II
VAN, DYKE, E. W. Biopg. 817BRU Vol. II
VAN, SCOY, A. T. Biopg. 216BRU Vol. II
VILTER, T. O. Biopg. 138BRU Vol. II
VLIET, GarrettBiopg. 211BUCK Vol. I
VLIET, GarrettBiopg. 357CON Vol. I
VOGEL, Arthur, H. Biopg. 224BRU Vol. II
VOGEL, August, H. Biopg. 39BRU Vol. II
VOGEL, Frederick, Sr. Biopg. 391BRU Vol. II
VOGEL, FrederickBiopg. 303CON Vol. II
VOLAND, P. W. Biopg. 488BRU Vol. II
VON BAUMBACH, CharlesBiopg. 461CON Vol. II
VON, SCHLEINITZ, ReneBiopg. 721BRU Vol. II
VOSS, C. A. Biopg. 765BRU Vol. II
WAHL, Christian Jr.Biopg. 493CON Vol. I
WAHL, Christian Sr.Biopg. 300, 328CON Vol. I
WALDO, Otis H.Biopg. 213CON Vol. I
WALKER, E. L.Biopg. 510BRU Vol. II
WALKER, George H.Biopg. 232BUCK Vol. I
WALKER, George H.Biopg. 23CON Vol. I
WALLBER, EmilBiopg. 207, 427CON Vol. I
WALTER, SebastianBiopg. 208BRU Vol. II
WALTERS, AlbertBiopg. 596BRU Vol. II
WARD, LindseyBiopg. 222BUCK Vol. I
WARDNER, FrederickBiopg. 230BUCK Vol. I
WARDNER, FrederickBiopg. 413BUCK Vol. IV
WARFIELD, L. M.Biopg. 171BRU Vol. II
WATROUS, Jerome A.Biopg. 103, 395CON Vol. I
WATSON, D. C.Biopg. 251BRU Vol. II
WAY, S. B.Biopg. 100BRU Vol. II
WEBER, J. H.Biopg. 609BRU Vol. II
WECHSELBERG, JuliusBiopg. 172BRU Vol. II
WEEKS, Lemuel W.Biopg. 214BUCK Vol. I
WEHE, W. C.Biopg. 556BRU Vol. II
WEIDNER, A. R.Biopg. 730BRU Vol. II
WEIHER, J. J. Jr.Biopg. 588BRU Vol. II
WEISSLEDER, G. H.Biopg. 579BRU Vol. II
WELLAUER, JacobBiopg. 184BRU Vol. II
WELLS, Daniel Jr.Biopg. 307CON Vol. I
WELLS, Daniel L.Biopg. 314CON Vol. II
WELLS, Daniel, Jr.Biopg. 209BUCK Vol. I
Wells, Daniel, Jr.Biopg. 233BUCK Vol. IV
WELLS, Helmus M. JrBiopg. 374CON Vol. II
WELLS, Mrs. DanielBiopg. 410BUCK Vol. IV
WENDT, C. A.Biopg. 690BRU Vol. II
WENGERT, EugeneBiopg. 551BRU Vol. II
WERWATH, OscarBiopg. 783BRU Vol. II
WEST, G. A.Biopg. 547BRU Vol. II
WEST, H. H.Biopg. 197BUCK Vol. III
WEST, Samuel C.Biopg. 133BUCK Vol. III
WETTIG, WilliamBiopg. 420BRU Vol. II
WETZEL, AugustBiopg. 747BRU Vol. II
WHEELOCK, James H.Biopg. 69BUCK Vol. II
WHITCOMB, W. B.Biopg. 356BRU Vol. II
WHITE, George C.Biopg. 316CON Vol. I
WHITNALL, C. B.Biopg. 614BRU Vol. II
WHITNEY, BruceBiopg. 452BRU Vol. II
WHITTEMORE, Don J.Biopg. 394CON Vol. II
WIGHT, Orlando W.Biopg. 241CON Vol. I
WILCOX, Joel S.Biopg. 222, 439CON Vol. II
WILL, L. E. H.Biopg. 339BRU Vol. II
WILLIAMS, CliftonBiopg. 107BRU Vol. II
WILLIAMS, HenryBiopg. 212BUCK Vol. I
WILLIAMS, W. C.Biopg. 214, 437CON Vol. I
WILLIAMSON, W. H.Biopg. 412BRU Vol. II
WILLMANNS, Fred E. L.Biopg. 182BUCK Vol. III
WILSON, J. A.Biopg. 699BRU Vol. II
WINGATE, U. O. B.Biopg. 454CON Vol. I
WINKE, CharlesBiopg. 130BRU Vol. II
WINKLER, Frederick C.Biopg. 120, 394CON Vol. I
WITTE, W. C. F.Biopg. 179BRU Vol. II
WITTIG, RobertBiopg. 315BRU Vol. II
WOLCOTT, Erastus B.Biopg. 213BUCK Vol. I
WOLCOTT, Erastus B.Biopg. 232, 445CON Vol. I
WOLCOTT, Laura J.Biopg. 250, 455CON Vol. I
WOLF, William H.Biopg. 290BUCK Vol. IV
WOLFE, H. O.Biopg. 733BRU Vol. II
WOLFF, W. M.Biopg. 436BRU Vol. II
WOLLAEGER, J. G.Biopg. 605BRU Vol. II
WOLLER, J. W.Biopg. 597BRU Vol. II
WOOD, E. L.Biopg. 255BRU Vol. II
WRIGHT, ErnestBiopg. 755BRU Vol. II
WURSTER, E. A.Biopg. 674BRU Vol. II
WURSTER, E. G.Biopg. 145BRU Vol. II
WYMAN, LeanderBiopg. 344CON Vol. II
YAHR, F. E. Biopg. 788BRU Vol. II
YOUNG, A. M. Biopg. 59BRU Vol. II
ZIEGLER, F. P. Biopg. 52BRU Vol. II
ZIEGLER, GeorgeBiopg. 48BRU Vol. II
ZIMMERMANN, A. J. Biopg. 424BRU Vol. II
ZINN, AlbertBiopg. 310BRU Vol. II