List of Sanitariums

Blue Mound Sanatorium-Milwaukee

Opened: 1907
For all non-bed cases with a probably good prognosis
Capacity: 40
Rates: $10 per week
Superintendent: Miss Violet M. Jensen
Medical Director: Dr. G. R. Ernst
Application should be made to the superintendent.
How to reach: The sanatorium is one and a half miles north of Wauwatosa end of the Wells-Farwell car line running between Milwaukee and Wauwatosa.

In 1921, the county purchased this sanatorium to treat children, renaming it the Blue Mound Preventorium. (an adjunct of Muridale Sanatorium)

Social Workers' Tuberculosis Sanatorium-Milwaukee

(corner Keefe and Humbolt Ave)
Opened: Oct. 6, 1911
For incipient and convalescent cases
Capacity: 26
Rates: Free, or dependent upon ability to pay; the charges vary from
$5 up to $10 per week.
Superintendent: Mrs. E.G. Lindeman
Medical Director: Dr. W.H. Washburn 1240 Wells Bldg.
Application should be made to the superintendent.

Tuberculosis Ward Of The Milwaukee Children's Free Hospital-Milwaukee

Opened: 1907
For cases of tuberculosis of the bones.
Capacity: 12
Rates: Free to indigent cases. $1 per day for others.
Superintendent: Miss Gertrude McKee
Application should be made to the superintendent.

Muirdale Sanatorium-Milwaukee County Sanatorium-Wauwatosa

Opened: 1914-1915
For all classes of cases.
Capacity: 300; a building for children under construction, will increase
capacity to 400.
Rates: $10 per week; $5 per week, and county charges
Superintendent-Dr. Harry Cohn
Application should be made to the superintendent.
How to reach: The sanatorium is about seven miles from the center of Milwaukee and two miles west of Wauwatosa. It may be reached from Milwaukee by taking the Wells-Farwell car marked Wauwatosa to the end of the line.

This facility was named for Wisconsin naturalist John Muir. The facility had a cottage like arrrangements to keep patients together, and treatment insisting on the therapeutic value of cold, dry air. This complex closed in 1978.

Children's Preventorium-Wauwatosa

For pre-tuberculosis children of Milwaukee, conducted by the City of Milwaukee under the supervision of the City Health Department.
Capacity: 40
Rates: Free or dependent upon ability of parents to pay.
Matron: Miss Lydia Thiele, R.N.
Superintendent and Medical Directory: Dr. George Ernst

Originally part of Muirdale Sanatorium. Later Muirdale purchased the Blue Mound Sanatorium and moved the Preventorium there.

Burials of Deceased

It is assumed that many of the deceased indigent and poor were buried in the nearby Potters Field. I have some of the Potters Field burials online here.

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