William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
January 1887

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Cold all day. Chorned & kept fires. Ther. at zero.

Went to c hurch. Heard Rev. Leavitt preach. Came home & took dinner with our folks. Minni3e called on Christie Roder. Henry Towsley btought eva out today.

I took Nell home today. Jake came at 1:30 o'clock & we killed Pa's old cow. It was cold work Jake chilled his fingers. Minnie went over & we had supper together. Jimmie did some of my chores. We came home at 6:30 & Minnie baked fried cakes for Walter. Thermometer 16 deg. below zero this morn. but warmed up suddenly in the afternoon.

Snowed some during the night. Did chores and hitched up Doll for the first time in several weeks. Went to Schaefers to pay taxes today but he was not home. Went to Jakes to help him shell corn. Eva went with us. Weather cleared up this eve. Moon shines bright. Got home at 10 o'c. PM.

Went to Georges today to get seed wheat. Got back at dark. Weather moderate. I got 20 bu. of wheat to sow.

Went to Schaefer's & paid taxes. They are one third higher this year than last. My taxes were $30.87. Went to the woods & cut down two trees for firewood before noon. After dinner I helped Pa some. Weather growing colder.

Today is Walter's birthday. 3 yrs. old. Very cold. 24 belwow this morn. Warmed up to 3 deg. above zero at noon. Pa helped me saw some wood & then we cleaned some flax & went to Pt. in the eve. I bought a coat & vest & shall get a pr. of pants made. We got home at 10'0clock. Laura & Eva rode down with us.

Went to Pt with a load of wood to sell on the street but had no luck & took the load to the church & threw it off. Got home after dark. Our pump gave out this morning so we have to get water from our folks till we get it fixed. While waiting for the mail tonight I hauled a load of goods from the Depot for B. Bros.

Today is Ma's birthday. 53 yrs. old. Snowed very hard this forenoon so we staid home all day. Saloonkeeper Schardt was buried today. He fell & cracked his skull & died from the effercts.

Saukville Fair today. Help Pa take his Colt down. Didn't sell. Jake bought 4 pigs for $5.00. I ground my axe this afternoon. Bought some Buck-wheat flour at the S. Mill also a bag of middlings.

Jake came this forenoon & we fixed our pump. got dinner at 11 o'c. I hitched up & went over with Jake & dressed his pigs. 5 of them in 3 1/4 hrs from 2:15 to 5:30 o'c. Minnie went along & helped Lois. We got home at 9 o'c. Walter staid with Grandma. Wind, SW. Weather moderating. Snow drifting.

Got up feeling rather blue. Headache. Went to the woods & cut two trees for firewood. Helped Pa weigh beef & came back home to rest. John Jonas came with his bill. I paid him in full.

Churned & chored all day. Jimmie helped me saw some wood. Pa & Ma went to Barton yesterday & came back today. Wind, east. Weather mild all day. Rainy tonight.

Chored & cut some wood. Eddie came over from school to stay till Monday. Alice & Laura came over in the eve. Squally this forenoon.

Went to Pt. Eva rode down with me. I got my pants & my watch from Audiers. Cut some wood & chored all the PM. Jason came over & helped me get my wagon in. Tonight our folks got 3 gal. of oil at 12 cts. to apply to what I owe Pa.

Sunday- Our hens laid one egg today. We went to church. Walter staid with Grandma. We had dinner over there. Jason came in here this eve. to see about some milk for the Oyster supper next Wed. night. Weather moderate.

High wind all aay. Growing colder all day. Snow drifting. I went with Pa to take Laura to her school. I then went to Jakes & from there went to Mike Jungs auction. Started home at 4 o'clock. Got to Jakes at 5 o'c. Ate supper & I got home at 6:45 o'c. Two eggs today. Thermometer- 6 deg. below at 8:30 o'clock. Commenced feeding hay tonight.

Very cold. thermometer 15 deg. below this morn. I chored & split wood. Today is Jakes birthday & would have gone over there if the roads & weather had been good. Ma & Minnie commenced my pants today. Our geese went back in the swamp to play in the water & got so cold that I had to drive them home. Ma staid to supper & Pa came over in the eve. I got sample leaves of an anthem for K. tonight.

Weathe moderate today. Pa went to Wabeka to settle his pump affair today. I wnt doen to S. with Bon. & K's cutter to take the milk to the Oyster supper. I left it at Ahlhausers. I got two bags of feed from the mill. Ma helped Minnie a little this PM. Karkers went to the Oyster supper & took Eva & Alice along.

Hauled fire wood from the woods, Pa helped me some. Weater warm this morn. Thawing vert fast until noon when the wind changed & the weather grew cold very fast, Thermometer falling rapidly.

Cold this morn. Thermometer at zero. Cut fire wood at the door all day & did chores. Weather moderated & grew warmer toward eve, Raining all night. Wind, south east. Went over & had Jason cut my hair tonight.

Rained this morn & continued all day. Pa went to the Depot after P.F.J. King came down the road & rode with him there. Did chores all day.

Sunday. Snowing this morn. Stormed till noon & then cleared away. Carwardine drove out as far as our folks & went back again. He told us that Linnie Foster was found dead in his bed this morn. Ev. told us that King & Cora Trmbull were married yesterday in Milwaukee. He is 19. She is 37 yrs old. Quite a match. Pling came over & visited a while with us.

Pling staid all night & started for home this morn. I cut wood & chored all day. Put 5 bags of feed & went to Saukville mill. Did some trading at the store.

I went to Port. Attended Linnie Fosters funeral. Got back at 1:30 o'c. I cleaned the front room of the hen house. Walter stair with Grandma. Pa & Alice went with us. Geo. Dopple came here in the PM & borrowed our sleigh. He broke his hauling hay up the river. The ice is so bad.

Very cold this morn. Thermometer 6 below zero at 8 o'c. Pa went to Port with a small load of wood & I fixed the lounge & some chairs. We went to Jakes. Ev., Alice & Jimmie went along. Wind, south.

I cut down several trees for wood & did chores. Pa & Ma went to Port & Mrs. Soule came home with them.

Weather moderate. Mrs. soule came here in the afternoon. Had a shower of snow this PM. Pa helped me get down a load of wood & cut some. He then went after Laura. Verina & Lydia came home with her.

I worked at the incubator & played with the little boys all of the forenoon & took Mrs. S., & Ev. home in the PM. Weather growing colder.

Very cold this morn. Ther. 10 below at 6 o'c AM. & at 10 AM 15 below. Our folks started for church viz Jakes but we staid at home Ther. went up to 10 deg. below & remained there all the PM, going down to 15 below in the eve. I gave Verina & Lydia music lessons all the eve.

Cold & blowinghis morn. Weather moderating. Cut firewood & chored.

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