William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
February 1891

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Light snow this morning. Big dance social held at T.V. Voerworts. Met Chas Zahn (Gov't detective) A. J. Burton). Minnie and I went to church this AM . Wrote a card to Ma. Helen came this PM. 32 degrees 5 AM. Wind N.

Met Emma L. and Tillie Augustine last night. Attended dance at Voerwarts. Went to Meyer Rosen to-day. Called on Ed Zillmer. Got a card from J. today. 16 degrees, 5AM, Wind N.

2-3-91 Weather changed in the early part of the night. Aunt Emma went to Saukville this afternoon. I carried her parcel to the station and then went down town. 7 degrees, 4:55 AM, Wind NW.

2-4-91 National Distributing co0. fire in the 3rd ward. PM went to Freds with my boots. F. had gone to Higland Park to see his father. Ed Zellmer came up to practice with me on the violin. 14 degrees, 4:44 AM Wind NW to N

2-5-91 Temp. rising. 32 degrees and warmer. Met Abe at 3:30 AM. Drill day. The cousins letter came to-day. Found a little boy on the street at 21st and Walnut Sts. and took him to the CFM. 15 degrees, 5 AM,Wind S.

Read the cousins letter. The weather is as warm as April or May. Went calling with Minnie. Called at Rev. Schneiders and called on J. Raddatz. 25 degrees, 5 AM, Wind still.

Wrote a letter to the cousins. Went to see Phil Runkel about the cousins picture. 25 degrees, 5 AM, Wind N.

Got up at 2:30. Attended the prize masquerade at Turn Verein. Had a racket with a liquor dealer, A., W. Nimtz. Gophers took second. Beans took first. Met JHL and wife. Met Abe at the hall, 2 AM, 31 degrees, 6 AM, Wind still.

Light snow and rain after daylight. Kinder poers masquerade at the Voerwarts. 2 PM went to the music room. Met Dan DeYoung. Went to Rhodes. 9 degrees, 5 AM, Wind W.

Turned cold during the night. Night passed very quietly. Met Abe twice, 11 o'clock and 1:20 AM. PM wrote a card to Ma. Went downtown and got several things. Put a damper on the heater pipe. 9 degrees, 5 AM, Wind W.

Matthew's r4esigned yesterday. Coffey appointed roundsman. Hart fined 2 days pay. Joe Riessew went out with Haase last night. 21 degrees, 5 AM, Wind SW

Met Coffey at 2 o'clock and walked around the best together. Drill to-day. Came up with van. Took my boots to Fred's today to get them straightened. 29 degrees, 5 AM, Wind SE.

Made an arrest when we went out last night at 3rd and Walnut. F. Schwert went as witness. Met Abe at 1:45 last night. Met Hart later. Got up at 7:30. Went to the station. Wild and I went down with the car. 30 degrees, 5 AM, Wind S.

Went to Badger Temple last night after my 1st report. Met Abe at 1:40 AM at 3rd and Harmon. Wrote letter to JLM. Minnie went to Helens. 23 degrees, 5 AM, Wind stilkl.

Attended the dance held at the Turn Verein Vorwort. Had my fortune told by drawing cards. Helen and Minnie came up this PM. Met Abe at the Hall. 33 degrees, 4:55 AM.

Attended the Juneau Club dance at the Vorwaerts. Met Abe at 3:15 AM. PM raining and wind changing to NE. Went to the Music Room. 47 degrees, 5:05 AM.

Commenced snow and rain before we got out last night. About an inch of snow fell. Stopped snowing afrter mid-night. PM-Ada and I went to Laubensteins. 25 degrees, 5AM, Wind NE.

Wind blowing all afternoon and nearly all night. Broken rail kept the switchmen at work all night at Island and Walnut streets. Recv'd 11th annual report of Wisconsin Humane Society last night. PM-Helen came up and cut Ada,s hair. Weather cold and disagreeable. 4 degrees, 5 AM, Wind W and NW.

Several in my class resigned or were discharged. Drill Day. Jimmie O'D came to see me. 1 PM-cloudy. Looks like snow. 10 degrees, 5 AM, Wind, still

Commenced snowing at 6 o'clock and snowed until mid-night. Then commenced to rain all the rest of the night4. Met Abe at 3:30 AM. I was sick about all day. Got quite wet. 28 degrees, 5 AM , Wind NE.

Schwab and Sercomb Foundry burned. Alarm came in at 12:41 AM.. Cold wave is upon us again. PM- Cut Walter's hair and went to the store. Met Abe at 3:15 AM at 3rd and Harmon. 20 degrees, Clear, 5 AM, Wind SW.

Socialistic Mens choir held their annual masquerade at the Vorwaerts last night. I didn't go as Geo. Hytry was causing his neighbor some trouble. I was called, but he had disappeared. 4:05AM, Wind NW.

Light snow from 1:30 to 2:30. Attended the benefit of Prof. Hensler at the Vorwaert. PM- Went to the Music Room. Weather cleat and very warm. 4:55 AM, Wind SE.

Attempted to make an arrest last night at 2:30 AM. My prisoner was rescued by his partner Pinkerton. Refused to help me. Went to see the Chief about it. Capt.. said the Chief didn't want to do anything about it. Thunder shower this PM. 42 degrees, Cloudy . 5 AM wind still.

Rained nearly all night. Wind West. Blew hare. Found an umbrella. Bruhus pulled two D&D's. I pulled the hook for him. Hard walking as it rained and froze as fast as it came. 50 degrees, changeable - 4:55 AM, Wind W.

I am taking Harts beat with Mike for a while. Hart taking Martins beat. Risch chased Olga home last night. Met Abe at 12 o'clock at 3rd and Harmon. Delivered a letter to Alderman Kopmeier. Drill day. 9 degrees. 4:55 AM, wind NW.

Cold disagreeable night. Disagreeable all day. Cloudy. Trying to snow at 5 PM. Stayed home all day. Got a letter from Alma and answered it. 5 degrees. 4:55 AM, Wind W.

Arrested a hack driver, Harry Grier for stealing a signal lamp. Went to the station at 9 o'clock, got signal lamp and had one of the men replace it. 3 degrees, clear. 4:55AM, Wind W.

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