William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
March 1892

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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MARCH 1892

Fire on West Water Street at 6:15 PM yesterday. Leiseer store and several others burned. A general alarm came in and I went down. Reich and I got wet to the skin. We went home at 11 o;clock and changed clothes. Got to my beat at 1:25 AM. At 3:25 Jaunke telephoned me to meet him at 3rd and Cherry. Went there and found a horse and buggy. Took it to the Station and then to 16th and State where it belonged. The man said his robe was missing. He drove us back to Fixters Coopereage Shop and in looking around found Geo. Fixter sleeping in the loft over the office with the robe over him. Took him and the robe and sent them up on the wagon. In court he had his case continued till tomorrow. I took him up to Central and then went home. I supoenade Kelly as a witness in the case. Charge - disorderly.

Went to court again today with Fixter. He was sentenced to $10 and costs or 30 days. Paid out all my money and went to bed at 1 o'clock.

Went to the Central Station in plain clothes at 1'oclock today. Sent out from there with John Strehlow on burglar watch from 1 o'clock till 5 PM. Took in from 18th to 22nd and from State St. to Cold Spring AVe. Commenced raining at 5 o'clock. Looks like a bad night. One letter for Ald. Kopmeier from Council Chair.

Out on special duty again today. Snowwd all the forenoon. Very sloppy all day. Strehlow came up about 1 o'clock. I met him at Chestnut and 19th. One letter for Ald. Kopmeier from Council Chaiman. delivered at 8 PM.

Special Duty. weather, fair. Wind, NE. After I came home I went top the butcher and ordered some meat. Had it sent down. Masquerade at the Vorwaerts tonight. Phoenix Pleasure Club.

Special duty with Strehlow again tdoday. Jaunke had station duty. After 5 PM I went to Hans Knechts with J. and had a good time celebrating his birthday.

Out again today in plain clothes. Got home early. Wrote a letter to Ma. Commenced snowing about 4:45 PM. About an inch of snow fell. Went to Sercombe House and left $4.00 to apply to my account. I owe him $3.75 yet.

Went home at 3:30, one hour earlier than usual on account of the special duty. Very pleasant and warm today. Out with Strehlow as usual. I was very sick this morning but feel bettere now. Got orders tonight to report at Station at 1 PM.

Went home at 3:30 AM Reported to the Station at 1 PM. Went up in the 13th ward with Jonas from the south side. Staid till 6 PM. Got to the station at 7:25. Weather turned cold at noon. Snow and rain all this morning. Very cold tonight. Wind NW.

Out with Jonas again today. Weather cold and blustry. 4 degrees above zero last night. Flurries of snow all day today. Cold and disagreeable night.

Out with Jonas again today. Mr. Vogt from Columbus called on us this noon. He intends moving to the city and is going to work Monday for John Clark on West Water St.

3-12-1892 Went home last night at 7:30 instead of going out with the rest. I left home at 2 minutes till 6 o'clock this morning. I went to 1st and Harmon with Wuderberg at the Democratic Caucus. Remained on duty till 8 PM. Then went home. Snow this evening.

Got up at 9 o'clock this morning. Minnie I and Ada went to church. Helen and Walter staid with the baby. After dinner Walter and Ada went to SS.

Ada's Birthday. I took her up to Fred's and got a pair of shoes and then we took a street car ride to Wells and 3rd and home on Vleit St. Weather cold and frosty.

Wrote a letter to J.L.S. Minnie and Helen went to Zions Church to a funeral. Ada and I took care of little Arthur while Minnie was gone. Ada puts her finger in little Arthurs mouth to keep him quiet.

Went over to the Booth on 16th St. and registered. Then went too see Mrs. Hochenberg, 723 Ninth St. and gave her a scarve and the regards of C.A.L. and then went home. Weather quite cold today.

Went to drill at 8 o'clock as usual. Drilled in the Amory today. Weather quite cold.

Went downtown this PM. Called on L. Lachman. Called on Rohde on the way home. After dinner Minnie I and Ada went out Brown St. and called on Mrs. Ring. Then back to Koth's place and back home on Lisbon Ave. I tool the car on 22nd and Walnut on the way from downtown.

Home last night and went to 1st and Harmon at 6'oclock this morning to attend Republican Caucus. Got out at 9 o'clock. Went home to dinner at 11 AM. Weather, cold. A regular blizzard all day.

Home all day. Minnie and Helen went to church. I staid home with Arthur. After dinner I got some medicine at Lambeck's after consulting with Dr. Seeney for little Arthur.

Home all day. Weather cold and windy and the dust blew in clouds.

Commenced snowing about 9 o'clock last night. At about 11 o'clock it turned to rain and continued all night. Cloudy all day. Went to see the Dr. about Arthur again today. Coider tonight.

Station duty from 1 PM till 5 PM. Weather warmer. Met Emma Laubenstein this eve. and walked as far as North St. with her. Signed the payroll today. 1 letter for Ald. Kopmeier and 1 for Supt. Miller, 670 Island Ave.

No drill till further orders. Home all day. Weather wrm and spring like. Rev. Weigand and his wife called on us today. Staid about a half hour.

Home all day. Minnie and Helen went for a walk. I staid with the baby. Katie Laubenstein called while they were away and waited for them. Weather, fair. Wind SE.

Helen went home this morning. After dinner Mr. Parker came to see us and staid till I went to the Station.

Republican mass meeting at the Vorwaerts last night. Walter and Ada went to SS. Minnie and I took baby Arthur out for the first time. We went to Shewibes and not finding them home went to Freds. Got home at 5 o,clock. Took a nap to sleep off my head ache. At 6 o,clock Christie Roder and her cousin came and staid to supper. Weather fine, much like spring.

Weather fine and springlike. Got up at 2 PM. Staid home all day. Helped Minnie take care of the baby. Fair opened at Vorwaerts tonight. Got two pairs of shears and a butcher knife sharpened today. Got letters today from Lois and Aunt Dagget.

Went to the Registering Booth and had my name changed. The Inspectors spelled my name wrong. Took care of the baby for Minnie the rest of they day. SE wind. Looks like rain.

Commenced raining at 10 o;clock last night. Rained all night and all day. Home all day. Got a letter from Chas. H. Lapp. Took a card to Kruse at 725 Island Ave. tonight.

Drill day for a change. Drilled in the Armory today.

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