William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
April 1892

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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APRIL 1892

Rained all night and most of the day. Some thunder. Got my money and paid it all out. Fair weather tonight.

Home all day. Weather cool. wind NE.

The last day of the Bahn Frei fair. There are 8 new men at the West Side Station last night. Dan Cusak and Wm. Risch from the central and Doepke reappointed and 5 others. I got Chas. Hase to break in.

Rained all night. B. Lutfring travels with Boldt. Haase has Braun. Risch and Marquardt. Stolzenfeld has Kruse. I borrowed a rubber coat from Anton for my partner. Weather faired up today Wind blows briskly.

Had a good snow last evening. Went home at 12 o'clock and started for the 7th precinct of the 10th ward on the Hopkins Road. Left home at 5:30 and got there at 5 min. to 6 o'clock. Got two good meals during the day and went to my beat at 8 PM. Met my partner and took him along. Went home at 1 o'clock.

At 12:25 AM fire broke out in Klems coffee store. Not much damage done. Went down and got my watch fixed. Went to see Mrs. Biggs, also Mrs. Quigley.

Went to drill and hurried back home, Weather fair.

Minnies birthday. 31 yrs old.

Went downtown. Took Minnies Parasol to get it covered and ordered a pair of pants from Lachman

Went to SS with the children. Emma Laubenstein and Bertha Sydnow called while we were gone.

Our wedding day. Married 9 years. Weather fair today.

Took our small rocker up to Scholz to get it glued.

Had a letter from Cousin Minne today. She sent her photo. Home all day. Very chilly.

Drill Day. Three letters last night. One for Ald. Koehler delvered at 745 PM. One for Supervisor Durner delivered at 7;50 pm and one for Ald Lippert delivered at 8:10 PM. Commenced raining at 9 PM and turned to snow. Snowed all night - cool all day. Wind NE. Went to drill. Got home at 4:40 PM.

4-15-1892 Good Friday. The carpenter came and built a side walk in our back and fixed the windows. I got up at 12:30 and turned our kitchen stove around to make more room. Mrs. Sheibe called in the PM. One letter for Ald. Kopmeier delivered at 8:10 PM

Station duty today. Weather clouded up and sprinkeled some.

Easter. Home all day. Ferd Voth and wife came up and spent the PM. Walter and Ada went to SS.

Made an arrest Sunday morning. Wm. Wadleigh, charge disorderly. I made Hase co-officer and took him to court this morning. Hase took the stand. The prisoner was find
$5.00 and costs. Hase took Wildes beat tonight. B. Luftring go Fleiths beat. Ohe and Jannssen resigned. Stromberg was suspended till further orders. So Fleith and Marx go out days. Also Wm. Haase. The man came with the sod for the back yard today. Got a half ton of coal this PM

Got up at 2:30, Went to Freds and got a pair of shoes ordered and some lamb and veal from Amman, Big fire in Kenosha this morning. Engine companies 5 and 7 were sent from here.

J. S's. birthday - 31 years old. Cleaned up the back yard a little. Underberg, Bunn and Schlinsok were suspended today. Bruhus and Shedler go out days. Wind east. Weather chill

Drill day again. After drill I went to the Lake Shore Depot to see if anybody came on the 3:45 train. Got my watch regulated and set and timed. Rained from 1:30 AM till nearly noon. Came home on State St. car. Went to Schroeders and then home. Miller changed to the 9th ward- Bruhus beat. Schroeder takes Millers beat.

CharlieTaylor came to see us to-day. Helen and her mother came in this forenoon. Charlie and I went down tp the N.W. Depot and got their baggage. Took a walk with Charlie. Stopped at fire engine 16 house and looked around. Then looked at the lots. I got home at 5:45 PM. Weather quite warm and spring like today.

Went to the Dr. at 6 AM for little Arthur. He is very sick. Went to bed at 9 o'clock and got up at 4:30 Charlie wen over to H.H. Taylors this morning. Turned cold this noon,

Little Arthur is quite sick yet. Got up and Got ready and went to SS. Katie Laubenstein came up this evening. Cold. Wind SE. Frauen Verein held an entertainment at the Vorwaerts last night.

Got up at 3:15 PM. Maggie Kelling came over at 4 o'clock. Henry came for her, They staid for supper. Weather cold and disagreeable. Wind NE.

Went to see Mrs. Quigley but she was not at home. Went downtown and then home. Got some beef from Amman.

Warm and showery all day. Warmest day of the month so far. Stromberg, Underberg and Schlinshot fined 10 days pay and go out a nights with us.

Drill day. Went down and got my watch timed. Drilled in our own hall to-day, This morning the Stationkeeper passed around a box of cigars, the complements of Frank Wilde. Tonight we congratulated Wilde on his marriage.

Fair weather. Went down and paid the water tax this PM.b $3.15 for 3 mo's.

Got up at 3:45 PM. Rained all the PM and evening. Money to-night.

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