William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
October 1892

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Went to court with Zingler. Found guilty. Fined $20 and costs- $26.32. First report at 10:30. Went out to 30th and Fon du Lac and arrested Herm. Kanitz, Charge cruelty to animals. Came in with K's rig and broke down at 12th and Walnut. K put up $35 bail. Went home

Went to 30th and North to look for witnesses but could not find them. Got F. Jacobs application for saloon license on 13th and Fond du Lac, also Leopold Freudenfeld at 10001 Center. OK'd them.

J. F. Jungfleith, 738-11th complains of parties dumping dirt on 19th between Meinecke and Wright-east side- on first lot north of alley. Went to court with Kanitz. Found guilty
Sentence suspended. Put in first report from station at 10:45. One letter for Ald. Krueger at 1510 Fond du Lac. Warrant for Emelia Herwig, 34 yrs, German, Pay fine. Shubinski 7th and Garfield
NE corner 2nd. House dogs.

Went to court this morning with Mrs. Herwigs case- dissmissed for lack of prosecution. Got a warrant for Herman Schwani. One letter for Ald. Rauschenberger, del. 3:30 PM Herman Schwani, german, carptenter. Missed 6:45 report on account pf serving warrant on Herman Schwani.

Court with Herman Schwani, fined $1 and costs- $5.16. Transfer for Otto ....... 1206 Teutonia. Two letters for Soule. License for Fred Scholl 1203 Teutonis. Arrested John
Fox at 12th and Garfield, drunk. Discharged by Sergt.

Six letters from Board of Public Works in regard to opening of Hadley St. from Hopkins to 16th. Hildebert Winzinger, 724 10th. Drill 3PM.

10-7-1892 Got notice to appear at Justice Schloesmith's court as witness in the case of F. W. Miller vs. Mil. St. Ry Co. at 10 AM. Notified operations at 9:35 that I was going.

Warrent for Fritz Mroz and Wm. Bodewitz this morning.

Signal Lights 1167 and 1190 - 22nd .

7 new day men to-day. Weber takes from 7th to Teutonia & Hopkins and from Lloyd to city limits. Miller from 7th to Fond du Lac and from Walnut to Lloyd. My beat is from Lloyd to city limits and from Teutonia to Hopkins to Fon du Lac. Arrested Albert Stern on 11th near Center. Charge drunk and disorderly.

Went to court with Stern. Underberg arrested Fritz Mroz for me last night. I went and subpeoned witnesses before going to the station. Stern got $5 and costs.Mroz case was dismissed. Plaintiff paying all costs. As agreement was made beforehand and damages paid to defendant. Took 10th ward payroll to Ald. Rauschenberger to be signed. Put in 1st report at 10:45.
Got orders at 1:45 to take the payroll to court house. Got back 15 minutes late at 2:45. Dangerous sidewalk on south side of Wright St. between 15th and 16th between alley and church lot.

Stationed at the caucus booth, 16th and Center all day.

Notified August Hoppe, 24th and Fond du Lac, to be in court this morning. Went ther direct from station Scharfuth's little boy ran away from home, 943 21st at 8:30 AM. Bob Burus found him at East Water and Wisconsin. Bought him to Central. I took him home after drill.

OK'd Jay Alberts move from 2331 Fon du Lac to 2201 Center. 2:45 PM G. Baerlin 921 North - Emil Walter 892 7th. On complaint of his teacher, G. Baerlin, I took Emil Walter frpm school at 12th and North to the Station for safe keeping. Hydrant at 21st and Wright, leaked quite bad.

Stationed at the Democratic caucus, 16th and Center al day. 149 votes cast. Got though counting at 8:40. Returned to Central and went straight home.

Crossing plank missing on NE corner, 19th and Center. Dangerous. Dangerous crossing at ..... and Fon du Lac. East side of street. Electric wire sticking out of ground about 4 feet, Fond du Lac between 25th and 26th. Dangerous. Loose plank in front of 1830 North.

Sidewalk south side Hopkins between 14th and 15th- some planks loose some missing. Dangerous.

Arthur Hendricks 1172 - 20th, carries the German Ice. - When passing the house of Albert Schroeder, 2102 Lloyd St., was bitten by Schroeders black Bulldog at about 5:15 PM. .
Took transfer from Jos. Albert from 2321 Fond du Lack to 2201 Center.

(No entry made on this date)

Called to the west side Station at 2 PM. Sent to 5th and Chestnut with Marx. Left there at 4:40 PM.

The oil lamps in the vicinity of 21st and Locust are not lighted until 8 PM and go out at 3 AM. People complain bitterly. H. Sponholz, NE cor. 17th and Hadley.

Walk on 17th between Locust and Chambers west side of street- Rotten planks and planks missing. Dangerous. Mrs. Mary Braasch, 1034 Teutonia, reports to me that a man pretending to be looking for a wife wanted to marry her came to her house at 6:15 yesterday while she was away from home and sent her little boy Freddie to call his mother. When they returned the man was gone. and her pocket book containing $4.50 and 6 checks was missing. Dangerous cross walk 17th and Wright, north side of Wright.

2 letters for Soulin and 2 for Rauschenberger. 3:15 and 3:30.

(No entry made for this date)

Went out on Hopkins Road to a fire at the Brown House with Burus and Haase. Burned Chief Riemer. Truck three came out on a telephone alarm from Engine 13. Engine and truck returned when they found fire beyond the city limits. Missed 4:45 report. Subpeonaid witness for the Shinglass case this eve.

Delivered 2 letters from the Bd. of Public Works this morning.

Planks missing - south side of sidewalk on Center between 20th and 21st. Planks broken and missing on west side of 17th St. betwen Center and Hadley. Worn out planks and missing planks on walk east side of 17th between Locust and Chambers. Missing planks in walk between 16th and 17th on south side of Hopkins St. Planks missing on walk, south side of Wright between 18th and 19th.

(Last entry for October 1892)