William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
January 1894

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Peter Casper 1202-22nd. 15 yrs. in the city. 4 children and self. Wife and one child died in Dec. 1893. Oldest child 11 years -7yrs-5-yrs and 9 yrs. Butcher by trade. Out of work 5 months. No aid from county. Owns property house and lot 1202-22nd St. Valued at $1200. Paid $2.96 on property. $1104 in debts on property. Wants money to pay funeral expenses of wife and child.

Rev. John Schueth, 818-21st. reports that two men are going around begging showing a letter proporting to come from him to charitable people. They are imposters. Arrested them.

Louis Becker, 42 yrs. old, 2427 Bismark St., rear. 25 years in city, wife and 6 children, oldest 13 yrs., youngest 3 yrs. A laborer out of work 4 months. Receive aid from county. Owe month of rent. Want money to pay rent and provisions.

Mrs. Anna Nongesser, 846 15th st., 70 yrs. of age. 22 yrs. in city, lives in attic with her grand daughter, 15 yrs. old. Old lady can't work. No aid from county. Has been getting relief from Soldiers Relief Commission of Milwaukee Co. Her husband was a member of 32nd Indiana Reg. She has a county order for $8.00 and can't get it cashed- date of order Nov. 26th.
Her papers show she is to get $8.00 per month from Nov. to April inclusive, but can't cash her orders. Pays $1.50 rent. Rent paid till Jan. 1, '94. Need wood and groceries. Old can't work. Has no means of support other than that from Soldiers Relief Commission.

Lena Purdy, 762-18th St. Left by her husband and is in desparate circumstances. Her father has no disposition to assist her. Is obliged to move as has no money to rent. rooms. Needs provisions. Needs 1 pr. no. 1 shoes for boy and 1 pr. 13 1/2 for girl.

August Laabs-812-14th. Wife, 3 children 1 to 8 yrs. Oldest boy sick with measles. I think they are worthy people.

Mrs. Lena Purdy now living at 762-18th St. says she has secured rooms at 819-18th with Mrs. Helena Brocks. Must pay $5.00 per month rent. Intendes to move tomorrow (Jan, 8th) Says she must move because her presnt landlord,Chas. Prochaska abuses her and her children so she can't stand it.

Wm. New, 848-14th St., 23 yrs. old. Moulder, wife no children. Out of work since July. Wants coal.

Sam Christiansen, 872-23rd, 26 yrs. old, 25 yrs. wife and 2 children, 4&2 yrs. Painter out of work since July. No aid from county. No other aid. Pays $3.50 per month rent. 2 mos. rent due Jan. 9th. Landlord- Martin Behling 872-23rd. Destitution on account of being out of work. Groceries is wanted. Cristiansen has good reputation among the neighbors. Think they are worthy neighbors.

Martin Bloch at 4 Cawker Place between 30th and 31st-2blocks north of Fond du Lac. 50 yrs. old. 20 yrs in the city. Wife and 3 children at home. Oldest daughter home, 20 years old, sickly. 1 girl 12 and 1 boy 3 yrs at home. 2 girls 17 and 14 yrs. working. Father out of work 4 mo's. Coal enough to last 1 day ans wood to last about 2 days. Blacksmith by trade. Says he is sickly.

Ernestina Heimke, 1057-22ns St., 59 yrs old., 25 yrs. in cityt. Herself, 4 children aged 25-199-17 & 21 yrs. Oldest sun is candymaker. Commenced work today. Seconmd son works for Geuder-Paeschke. 3rd son works for an apple peddler. Laziness and general running around on part of boys is cause of destitution. Necessary to relieve immediately. Want is ambition and a good clubbing.

Chas. Riebe, 1071-18th St. Painter, out of employment 7 mos. need fueld and provisions.

August Reuter, 993 - 24 1/2 st., 39 years old. 35 years in city. Wife and 6 children 16-14-121-5-3 yrs. Painter. 6 weeks out of work. No aid from Co. No other aid. Pays $7.50 per month rent. Amount now due $19.00. Landlord, Glenway Maxon office in in new insurance building. Out of work due to sickness. Need wood or coke and groceries. Worked for Cornelius Strauss-10th St. Got a basket of provisions today.

Emil Juesch, 25 yrs. old, 2021-Hadley. 5 years in city. Self and wife in family. Cabinet maker. Out of work 4 months. No aid from Co. No other aid. Own property at 2021 Hadley valued at $1300 with $900. debts. Out of work, cause of need. Wants money, expects his wife to be confined soon and wants money to defray expenses.

Dead dog- 1728 North Ave.

John Koester, 763-12th St., 74 yrs old. 8 yrs in city. Wife, two children, daughter 23 and son 20 years. Ex-soldier. No aid from Co. Receives aid from Soldiers Relief Commission
Also, $8.00 pension, pays $7.50 rent. Rent, $5.00 due from last mo.

Fred Brandt 763 12th St. Old age and sickness. Daughter has taken care of old folks. Rent $5.00 for last months and $7.50 for month of January.

Ernest Steudes, 1241 North Ave. 76 yrs old. 15 years in city. Alone. Shoemaker. Works when he can get something to do. Receives aid from Co. No other aid. Lives with daughter who also receives aid from Co. Pays $2.00 rent for his room. Guetzkow Bros., Schaefer, Agt. 11th & Lloyd. Guetkow Bros. Shop on Canal St.-tel.1055. Old age, wants clothing, underwear etc. Think he is worthy of this kind of aid.

Emanuel Hunn, 1005 Teutonia, 67 yrs. old. 40 years in city. Has wife and 5
children aged 16-14-13-9-&4 yrs. Hunn is a tailor. Works for Hasselwander, 5th & Center. Earns on the average about $3.50 per week. No aid from county. No other aid. Pays $4.00 rent. None due. Oldest boy earns $1.50 per week. Want Fuel.

Anton Spora, 1510 Lloyd, 27 yrs. old. 3 years in city. Wife and 2 children aged 2 yrs. and 5 mo's. respectively. Cooper, out of work 3 weeks. No aid from Co. No other aid. Pay
$4.00 per month rent. Paid till Feb. 1st. Lack of work. Wants wood and provisions. Landlord M. Siehr, NW Cor. 15th and Lloyd.

Richard Will, 833-22nd. was stabbed in the arm by Wm. Seeger, 1204-23rd at about 5:00 o'clock on Fond du Lac Ave. & 23rd St.

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