William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
July 1895

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JULY 1895

7-1-1985 John Felsch fined $10.00 and costs or 30 days. Got home to dinner at 1 PM. Left house at 1:20 PM - went to my beat. Went to court at 3 PM. Reported in West side Station at 3:45 PM. Got my money and went to my beat. Was witness this PM. in Schroeders case of vagarency vs. Arnold Mantai. Sentenced to 60 days, House of correction.

Arrested Geo. & Chas. Knoch. By Linden-Ed. Schwartz & Hencke. Xavier Meyer in a box car. Gerber at 30th and Center. Chas and Geo. Knoch-30days each. Xavier Meyer and Ed. Schwarz-$5.00 each or 15 days. Dead dog, 997-19th. Reported.

Dangerous crossing at 27th and Fond du Lac, 10th ward side. August Kanitz, Louis Ave.

Uphof, 1052-25th St. reports of his house being entered yesterday and John Zenke, living upstairs, misses $90.00, engagement ring with initials P.U. to E.Z., silver watch and hair chains. lost $2.00 pearl cuff buttons with gold trim. Thick set man, 35 yrs. old, 5'10", dark suit, dark coat, straw hat, dark mustache, and weeks growth of beard. Hofa and Wresch paid license fee for whirlagig at 14th and Clark till July 9th.

Theo. Kaliebe applied for saloon license at 1011 Teutonia.

August Heinke applied for saloon license at 1201 Teutonia.

Little boy, 5 yrs. old, brown straw hat, red waist, gray pants, black stockings. Little girl, 3 yrs. old, white cloth hat, red dress and blue striped apron can be claimed at 1149-20th. Taken home to 1205 Teutonia Ave at 1-:15 PM. Subpoenied Chas. Jeske and Louisa his wife for tomorrow in the case of John Pafa vs. Gottlieb Fleischfresser. Wm. Lambrecht, 1927-22nd. and John Baumann, 22nd and Center quit the saloon business July 1st.

Mrs. Kitger came to O.P. Neumann and asked for money to pay her husbands board in the hospital O.P. gave her $10.00 on her promise to return it as soon as her husband got well and got work again. House to let at 959-22nd.

Mrs. Albertina Kunde, housewige, German, 47 yrs. old, 10th wd. Disorderly warrant, Henrietta Bahl. Notified to appear in court Monday morning 9 AM.

Jul. Blenk, 1614 Center, paid express license July 12th, 1895 for one single wagon, No. 116. Number of license 216. Dead chicken, 961-21st.

In court this forenoon in the case of Henrieeta Bahl vs. Albertina Kunde. Case called at 11:20 AM. Sentence suspended. Got home at 12:20 PM. Left for my beat at 12:50. Loafers sleeping in house at 1031-28th St.

Dog to be shot at 961-21sr. Dead dogs at 1919 Wright and 961-21st.

C. Kreoter, 1724 Wright, wants ashes removed.

Excavating a cellar at NE cor. of 19th and Wright. Also, SW cor. of 24 1/2 and Center.

Dead dog, 2639 Fond du Lac Ave. K. Preuss, 1143 Hopkins, reports of comeone stealing brandy out of his cellar some day last week. Thinks it was done on the 16th or 17th of July. Lechner, 706-15th wants a dog shot.

Herman Haase, 1142-24th, complains of of Max Uecke, 1140 24th about 15 yrs. old being disorderly. Willie Goll, 6 yrs. old, living at 1118-24th says that Max Uecke told him to come to a vacant house and told him to open his pants and if he didn't he (Max) would whip him. Annie Bauer, 11 yrs. old, 1184-24th says Max Uecke on e day last week came into the yard and said I want to f--k you. Henry Gerckhardt, 1150-24th, 10 yrs. old says Max Uecke asked him to go into a vacant house, 1146-24th and when they were in there, Max told him to open this pants. Armin Brisckner, 1116-24th, 6 yrs. old says one day last week Max Uecke asked him to go into vacant house, 1146-24th and when they got in there told him to open his pants and take his nots out and show them at one time. Max made him expose himself to the Bauer girls saying he wouldn't want to hit him. Mrs. Haase, 1142-24th says two weeks ago last Saturday Max Uecke took her little girl, 7 yrs. old on the steps of vacant house at 1146-24th and raised her skirt and put his hand under it. She called the girl away. Herman Haase says a week ago Monday he saw Max Uecke complete Armin Brickner and Willie Goll to open their pants and expose themselves to the Bauer girls. Dead dog, 19th and Hopkins. Reported.

Arrested Oscar Vieton on warrant sworen out by Seb. Mahringer.

Case of Vieton continued till July 30th at Vieton's request.

Joe Lagemann. 810 Hadley St. says his son
Ernst, 13 yrs. old hangs out on 16th and Walnut St. Its in a backery. White straw hat, gray suit, old and worn. Hair light, was bearheaded when he left home. Drives a bakery wagon.

Robert Preiss, 1143 Hopkins,notified 9AM. Benj. Zautcke, 1131 Teutonis, notified 9:10 AM. John P. Schweitzer, 1083 Teutonia, notified 9:20 AM Wm. Jeuss, 965 Teutonia, notified 10 AM. H. Vogel 929 Teutonia, notified 10:30 AM. Herman Schaefer, 2438 Fond du Lac, notified 11:15 AM. Frericka Canitz, 3002 Fond du Lac, notified 1 PM. Cellar being built on north side of Center between 26 and 27th Sts. 2 cellars on east side of 19th between Locust and Chambers.
Two little girls missing from 1216-22nd have returned. New barn being built at 23rd and Burleigh. Chas, Knoch to be released from House of Correction on Aug. 1st at 1 PM.

Oscar Vieton fined $1.00 and costs- Total !0.90 for assulting Seb. Mahlinger on May 4th '95.
Houses to rent
House 1820 Wright Flat 1618 Wright Flat 1520 Wright House 1143 Hopkins
Rooms 1219 Teutonia Cottage 1517 Chambers Rooms 1519 Chambers Cottage 1028 14th
Rooms 945 14th Flat 1012 1/2 15th Cottage 951 17th Flat 1067 16th
Rooms 1096 17th Rooms 1055 17th House 1518 Center Flat 2221 Center

Excavating cellar between Center and 22nd and 23rd.. Also, Bismark between Clark and Center

Houses to rent

House 2512 Center Cottage 2515 Center Cottage 2517 Center Flat 937 18th
Cottage 968 18th Cottage 1201 18th House 1178 19th Rooms 1064 19th
Rooms 1101 19th Rooms 2427 Bismark Rooms 2429 Bismark Rooms 2721 Bismark
2 Flats 1231 21st Cottage 1185 21sr Rooms 1089 21st. Flat 1004 22nd
Room 1107 22nd House 939 22nd Flat 921 23rd Flat 950 24th
House 1163 24th

Dead dog at 1100 22nd St.

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