William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
August 1896

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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8-1-1898-. Got home at 7:30 PM.

OK'd H.F. Scholl's application for saloon license at 1231 Teutonia Ave. on July 20th per tel. This morning Lieut. H.K. said know anything about it and the Central didn't seem to know anything for they had written on lower part of app. to find out whether he had been selling since then, there or at another place, I marked the application Aug. 1st '96. I signed it. New
building, 27th and Hadley. Dead dog, 1043 Teutonia.

Dog books today. Orders to bring in owners of unlicensed dogs. Henry Timm, 42 yrs. German, laborer, Keeping dog without a license. Lives on Chambers between 30th and RR track.

Went to court with Timm. Keeping unlicensed dog. Paid cost $1.58.

Notified H. F. Scholl, 1203 Teutonia to see about his license and have it paid at once. Shot a dog for H. Wittenberg, 2517 Center. Reported per tel. Went home and shined my buttons and went to the Expo. to attend Repulican state convention at 11 AM. Staid at the convention till 11o'clock PM. Went home in the rain.

Went to convention at 9:30. Convention closed at 4PM. Nominating Mayor Edw. Scofield for Gov. and balance of the ticket as it stands now.Went back to my beat and reported at 4:45 PM.

Notified Louis Hassinger, 1112 Tetonia Ave. to pay liqour license for his drug store. Addition to building, 1170-23rd St.

OK'd transfer of saloon license for Frank Volkman from 921-22nd to 2021 Center St. Got orders to meet Sgt. Schneidr at Teutonia and Center, 2:45PM, account of bicycle race.

Fred Thiele, 1083 Teutonia Ave. has a license no. 1529. Jos. Walter, German, 39 yrs. old,, butcher, keeps 2 unlicensed dogs, 1209-25th. Wm. Rogge, 3036 Locust has a dog without a license. German, 44 yrs. old, laborer.

Dead dog,, 1209-25th St. Went to court with Wm. Rogge and Jos. Walter charged with unlicensed dogs. Rogge appeared and sentence was suspended. Walter did not appear and was fined $1.00 and costs. I got a commitment and collected $2.95. The I shot one dog for him. Then went to the Clerk's Office and returned the complaint and the cash. Missed my 2:45 report. Got a Clerk's Office complaint- Augusta Scwartz vs. Aug. Schwartz. Notice served, 5 PM.

Dead horse Teutonia and Davis. Reported per tel. 9:40 AM. Culvert broken down, 28th and Fond du Lac, 20th ward. Dead cat, 815-27th St.

Chas Hohlfelder, 1126 Center has paid for two express licenses. 1 double #277 and 1 single #278. Joe Epstein, Lawyer, lives on 6th St. between Walnut and Galena, east side of St.

Little girl, 3 yrs. old, white hair, blue eyes, bareheaded, barefooted, brown figured dress, can be claimed at 1118-24th St. Has been there since 10 AM. Reported at 1:15 PM.
Dead dog, 1424 Center.

Dead dog, 1125-21st St. Told Mrs. Harbicht, 23rd St. to give her boys a warning not to throw stones and call names around the neighborhood.

Leo Somers arrested by Detectives for stealing $ 12.00 from his father. Bought and old rifle and hid it under the sidewalk north of the Chair Factory. Operator told me where it was and I went there to get it. and took it to the Station at 6:15 PM.

Basement at 934-14th St.

Dead dog, 1185-24th St. Mrs. Anna Rehm, 1132 Janke, Place complains of Phillip Adler, 16 yrs. old, selling a stove that belongs to her. Adler lives next door to Rehm, north. Gray suit and brown hat.

Fred Rutz, 1010 Hadley, Phillip Adler, 1134 Janke Place, Ferd Benz, two Fahl boys, Papa "Hoo Hoo" and Hank, his brother.---- Mrs Lins, 1248 Columbia St. and Mrs. Boll, 1260-14th St. saw the boys hiding stuff in the weeds. Stove, 1275-12th St. left open. Boys above mentioned got a lot of blacking soap and hid it in the weeds on 14th and Burleigh. Richard Vahl, Albert Vahl, SW cor. Chambers and Teutonia. Henry and Otto Strelke, 1110 Center. Went to the Station and telephone DeWolf. Went to 704-19th and told Raasch family that August R. was injured and at the Emergency.

Gust. Schultz, 2330 Center reports that someone attempted to steal his horse last night at between 11 and 12 PM. New house, 20th between Wright and Clark. Got orders per tel. at 1:45 PM to tell Joe Kink, 996-30th that a horse answering his description of one taken or strayed from his place could be found on Blue Mound Road and Ludington. New building, 29th and Concordia.

Adolph Scholz struck his wife last sunday. Yesterday she swore out an A&B warrant. He went to the West Side Station at 5:50 this morning to give himself up. Mc. booked him for me and I went out and subpeonade witnesses, Anna Scholz and Mattie Krause. Dead dog, 935 Teutonia. Went to court with Adoplh Scholz. Case continued until tomorrow, Aug. 21st.

Went to court with Scholz.
found guilty, fined $25.00 and costs or 60 days, House of Correction.

Addition to building, 1094-17th St. John Kinold, 1083-9th St. arrested for riding bicycle on sidewalk, 18th and Center, 3 PM.

Dead dog, 1123-22nd St. Addition to building, 1094-17th St.

Went to court with Kinold, fined $1.00 and costs. Then went to 3rd and State and staid unitl the buffalo Bill's Wild West show passed. Got back to my beat at 10;20 am.
Arrested Henry Breier(alias Skinny) A&B warrant sworn out by Ella Zautcke, 1131 Teutonia, 3:15 PM, at E. Loths saloon, 1117 Teutonia. Subpeonaed witnesses in the Breier case- Ella Zautcke, Geo. Len, Fred Marquardt and Geo. Walters. 2 new buildings, 20th St. bewteen Chambers and Burleigh.

Breier had his case continued untill tomorrow. Bock and I stationed at the Republican League Convention at the Expo. Went to the Buffalo Bill Show in the evening.

Breier fined $5.00 and costs,$15.40 altogether. Went to the Expo at 11:am and staid till 4PM. Got supper and went there at 7:00 PM and staid till 10;30 PM.

Tramps reported sleeping in the real estate shanty at 24th and Burleigh

Emil Boldt, 1005-19th St., 22 yrs old, left home sunday evening, went to see his father, 1184-17th St. Worked for him Monday forenoon. Married, wife, 2 children, description- 5'6" tall, dark blue suit, b;ack stiff hat, was drunk when he left home. Letter for Herman Hohensee, 933-20th St. Shoved it under his door. Aked Julius Blank, 1614 Center to pay personal Tax of $1.16. He refused, Aug.27th '96. Saloon application of J. A. Comdohr, 1091 Teutonia Ave. Arrested John Kummer on A&B warrant sworn out by Charles Weichert, 711 locust St at 2:50 PM.. .

Went to court with John Kummer, A&B with Chas. Weichert. Case continued until Sept. 2nd. Put in my first report at 14th and Wright at 10;45 AM
Herm Haack, 1260-22nd, married, 38 yrs. old, 4 children, cigar maker, Oldest child 14 yrs, youngest 5 yrs. Has been drunk for over a week. Has abused wife and family. His wife has black eye now. Committed suicide at 11 00AM by taking Cyanide of .Pot. Bought of Edw. Schultz drug store, 1535 Fond du Lac Ave. The coronor was notified by H. Groeling, 1041 Teutonia Ave. at about 12:30 PM. Born in Germany.
Fire broke out in cottage at 1317 Ring St. Occupied by Edw. Deutsch, 3:20 PM. Present, Dettman, Lutfring and myself.

Sunday. Very quiet all day. A woman in bloomers, very scant, was learning to bike ride a bicycle at 27th and Fond du Lac from 12:30 till 6:45 PM. Was on the wheel almost continually during that time much to the amusement of the people in the neighborhood.

Quiet all day. No news to record.

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