William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
September 1896

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Went to the station at 1:45 PM. Got letter for 20th ward Alderman. Gave Elkert's letter to F.A.M.

Went to court with the Kummer case, John's attorney did not appear and the case was continued till tomorrow. Got a subpeona for A. Renskey. Henry Jaeger, Don Berger for the prosecution.
Officer Jaunke arrested Rich. Kliever on charge of Pety larcency. I spoke to Dist-Atty Bennett and he got off with $5.00 and costs.
Letter (Special Delivery) for Wm. Equitz, 1623 Center. Found no one at home and shoved letter under the door.

My birthday. 38 years old. Went to court with the Kummer case. Case was discontinued without cost to either oarty. Got back to the station at 11:50. Went home to dinner. Got back to beat, 1:05 PM.

Notified Kortes to be in court in the Drake case. Took $35.00 bail money from Ststionkeeper Braun and delivered it to John Kummer, 1273-Hopkins at 8:15 AM as per request of Kummer. New building on 19th between Clark and Center.

Went to the Tailors this morning when I left the ststion to try on overcoat. Back to Teutonia and Hadley at 8:45 AM. Got orders per tel. at 9:40 to get supper early and be at West Side Station at 6:30 PM.

At 6:40 PM, Otto Rogge told me that there was a fight at Zinger's. I telephoned for Hoffer and started out there. I met Geo. Bauer, Jr. and he said the trounle was over and I went home.

Notified Wm. Neindorf';s wife that is arrested at the West Side Station, bail $30.00 at 8:30 AM. Labor day parade on south side to National Park. New building, 31st. and Chambers. New building 24th and Clark.

Miss Seeger, clerk for F. Katz, 1045 Teutonia- Reports that an old man took a roll of Cloth (shaker flannel) from in front of their store at about 12 noon. Value about $4.00, 40 yards, 10cts. per yard, The man was seen by one of Fred Vogt's teamsters "Emil".and by Mrs. Anna Schwaneberg, described as an old man with reddish gray whiskers Emil Kolath, works for Fred Vogt, lives near Shooting Park. Adela Seehawer, 1031- Teutonia Ave., Mrs. Anna Schwaneberg, 15th and Hopkins, Wm. Kanitz, 1915 Brown St.

Arrested Wm. Kanitz, 1915 Brown on suspiciion of stealing goods from in front of Katz's Store, 1045 Teutonia. Asked Adela Seehawer and Mrs. Schwaneberg to go to the station to identify him. Miss Seehawer said she saw this man take the goods. Emil Kolath idenfies him.
Hydrant out of order, 16th and Hadley St.

Went to Center and Teutonia from the station. Got Miss Seeger and went to the District Atty's office. Got a complaint against Wm. Kaniz. Went to the lerks Office and swore out warrant. Went to court and had the case continued untill tomorrow. Got a subpeona for Adela Seehawer and Emil Kolath . Albert Behling died this evening. Dead Dog, 1039 Teutonia.

Went to court with Wm Kanitz, found guilty. Sentenced $10.00 and costs or 30 days House of Correction. Went down to inspection of dress coat at 2:30 PM.

New building, Teutonia and Hopkins. Found Nitschke's horse and wagon at 1238-11th St. at 8:45 AM. Took it home, 2630 Lloyd St. Exposition opens to-night. Got orders to report there at 7 PM. Left Expo at 11:00 PM.

Stolzenfeld and I arrested Geo. Knoch and Adolph Schug on charge of Vagarancy at 4 PM on baseball field between 28th and 29th and between Locust and Chambers. I go as complaintent.

Went to the clerk's office and swore out a warrant for Geo. Knoch and Edw. Schug. Then went to the poor office and asked Klug how long Knoch had been receiving County aid. He said since July 15th. Went to court. Stolzenfeld came down on the wagon with the prisoners. I got on the stand. They pleaded guilty and after I made my statement to the Judge they each received 60 day sentences to the House of Correction. Rained nearly all day.

Herman Mixdorf will have a wedding at 1190 Teutonia Ave., Wed. evening. Would like the night officer call around. At the NE cor. of 17th and Chambers is bakery. There is no sewer all of the sink water runs out on the street causing a foul smell also water stands in the gutter on the cross walk. Filter, cor. 2nd and Lloyd.

Hofer arrested Chas. Knoch this eveing at 7:15. Booked him for me.

Went to the clerk's office and swore out a vagarance warrant for Chas. Knoch. Stolzenfeld came down on the wagon Case called. I went to the stand and told the Judge my story. Knoch pleaded not guilty. Sentence, 90 days, House of Correction.
Orders per tel. to go to Judge Walbers court at 11:40 AM. Staid there till 4:15 PM in the Horn case.

Went to Judge Walber's Court at 10 o'clock. All testimony in on the case of the State of Wisconsin vs. Horn at 11:30. I did not testify. Reported from clerk's office and told theem I was goping home to dinner. Got orders to go to the station after dinner. Got appointments for election inspectors and clerks. . New building, 24th and Hadley.

Herman Horn found guilty of Incest, was sentenced by Judge Walber to Ten years in State Prison.

Dead dog 2029 Center. Car 458, J.H. Miles, Motorman, Conductor John Quirk on Stste St. Line struck Jacob Spanaus, 14 yrs. old, who was playing with a torch on the track on 27th St. bewteen Elm and North Ave. at 6:455 PM. Spanaus lives at 663-29th St. Taken home by Stolzenfeld and myself. Injured about the face and on right lege above the knee. Had vomiting spells when I brought him home. Think he was injured internally. Dr. Moeller was called. Caused by his own carelesness.

Quite all day. Nothing to report.

Very quiet all day on the beat. Went to supper at 4:45 PM. Went to the Station at 6:30 PM. and to Schlitz Park to Republican meeting. Stationed in the gallery

Stolzenfeld went to State Fair this PM. Mrs. Suhr, 1108-12th St. complains of her neighbors children. Would like to have day officer call around.

Went to the State Fair with Walter and Ada this PM. Left home at 12:50, got home at 7:30 PM.

New building, 18th and Center St. Went to Station at 3:45 PM. Got letters for Ward Foreman. Miller arrested Rob't. Heidenreich at noon for threatning to kill his wife.

New building, Bismark and Center.

Sunday. Wore Black Helmets and dress pants today. I go on vacation tomorrow.
During my vacation I set up and connected my boiler for steam heating. Fred Stuerwald helped me and Beck superintended the job

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