William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
May 1898

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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MAY 1898

Sunday - Rain. Warmer, Letter to Wd. Supt. Notgrl. By night officer because addressed to old no. 1128-17th. St. cars on weekly timetable today. Rain till 2PM. Sudden change to SW wind. Hot.

Partly cloudy and warmer all night. Wind changed at 5:30 AM. Came from NE with fog and very chilly. Commenced raining at 9 AM with continued showers. Thunder. Clearing at 11:30. Coming out fine and warm. Wind NW. Went to Reilley's. Got my pants and dress coat. Paid $27.00. Paid interest-$30.00. Missed 9:45 report. Got back to beat at 10:10 Am. Showers again this PM. Went to Base Ball at 3 PM. Game called at 3:45 - Columbus vs Milwaukee. 10 t0 5 in favor of Mil. Left the Park at 6 PM. Cold, northerly wind, cloudy.

Cloudy, cold northerly wind. Cold all day.

Cloudy and cold NE wind. Letter for Ald. Winkel. Jas. Murphy went on vac. Today. To be gone a week.

5-5-98 Cloudy and cold. Showers last night. NE wind. Warmer toward noon. No news from Com. Dewey. PM continues cool. NE wind. No drill today. Mrs. Scholl 2423 Center complains that a boy, 9 0r 10 yrs. old came and played with her boy. Went with them to the Butcher Shop and finally robbed them of the change- 83 cts. Ran away. Said his name was Geo. Said he came from Chicago. Had on a blue sweater with white strips on collar and around bottom.

Fair and cold. Northerly wind. ¼ inch of ice at outhouse this morn. Warming up some towards evening. 2 dead cats, 1150-21st . Met Segt. Schneider at 4:20 PM.

Fair and warmer, Northerly wind. Drill this PM. Went, but no drill. Got my helmet.

Sunday- Warm, westerly changing to S. easterly wind. Fair. Ganeel drunk again last night. - Staid with him until 12:45 AM. Warm all day. Quiet up this way. Big crowds reported down on way to Camp Harvey.

Fair, warm southerly wind. Orders per tel. To wear helmets tomorrow. PM clouding up. Wind NW, showery

Fair and pleasant, delightfully cool. Westerly wind. Chief's Convention at Hotel Pfister today and tomorrow. Wear grey helmets and put on new overcoat and pants today. Fire at 35th and Lloyd at 7 AM. New bldg., rear, 993-24 ½. Mrs. Witt, 1181-23rd St, reports that someone stole $49.50 out of her house Sat. night. She or her husband reported the matter to Private Det. Henn,1165-23rd St. and the accused Rolhaffe, 24th and Chambers of having the money. I told them to go to the station

Fair and cool. High NW wind. Got up at 4:30 - cut and laid sod on front yard. Got city order for $1,00 election expenses. Cashed it at Winkels. New bldg. 993-24. Dead dog, Eng.22, 26th and Center.

Fair & NW wind. Cool. Dead dog,1258-21st St. PM wind changed to NE. Partly cloudy. Drill day - Met Sergt Schneider 5PM, 27th and Fond du Lac.

Fair and some warmer. NW wind. New bldg, 24 ½ & Concordia. Add. To bldg., 26th and Hadley.

Fair. East wind. Cool. Clouding up in PM. Light rain towards evening. Letter for Ald. Winkel Third Regt. left for Chickamauga today.

Sunday - Fair & cool. Easterly wind. Rained last night. Warming PM. Quiet. Cloudy towards evening.

Fair and cool. NE wind. Dead dog, 1303-24 ½. Letter for Ws. Supt. Weiner. Went to 1578-24 ½ St. to see Mrs. Dettman regarding her husband who is insane & away from home. He has been found in the Washington County Poor House. Mrs. Dettman wants him home but has no means to bring hi, here. I reported the facts to the Central Sta. On tel. Got orders at 5:15 to go and get the woman and go with her to Sup. Puls & see what could be done. Puls said he would see Supt. Spindler of the Co. Poor & have the case attended to at once. I got home at 7:30 PM.

Fair, Cool. NE wind. Arnold & Wahlen came back from vac. Ressel & Boerner went this morn. Reuter came out this morn after being sick for several weeks. Authors Carnival at the Expo. Gueguin stationed.

Cloudy, rain with thunder at 6:10 AM. Warmer. Southerly wind. Orders to be at the Expo at 1:30 PM. Author's Carnival, also to be there at 7:30 PM. May Clark, 742 Clarence St. found a little red pocket book on the stairs at the Expo. In the midst of the PM program some one rang the gong. The children cried fire & stampeded for the door and stair. In about 2 minutes they came back and took their places.
5-18-1899 Went home at 4:30. Got supper and went back at 6o'c. Staid till 11 PM, most of time at Shakespeare Booth. I gave the little red pocket book to Sergt. Schneider. Thunder storm about 6o'c., lasted about an hour

Partly cloudy, war, Southwesterly wind. Rained during the night with heavy thunder and very sharp lightning. Drill day. Very warm this PM. Mail at 1 PM. Del. After drill to C. Mathies, 2230 Center, Ald. Winkel and 2 to Ward supt. Warm westerly wind.

Rain. SE wind. Quite cold. Helen, Ella and Selma came last night.

Rain last night. Warmer this morn.. Southwesterly wind. Got my watch from Stellars this morn. Had a new main spssring. Had a card from JLS. He is in Lisbon N.D. this year.

Sunday- Fair and pleasant. SW wind. Rain last night at 8 PM. PM cloudy, westerly wind. Threatening weather.

Fair. Warmer. Westerly wind. Orders at 2:45 PM to be at Expo at 7:30. St. Rose's Orphan Assylum is holdong a bazaar there. Went to supper at 5:45 PM Got home at 10:15

Fair and pleasant. Westerly changing to easterly wind. Bought 2 prs of drawer from Zillmers this morn. Add. To bldg, 24th and Hopkins. Quite cool. PM NNE wind.

Fair, cool, NE wind. Took off storm doors this morn. The Electric concert (Medicine Sshow) 23rd and Center have a license for show, May 20 to 28th.

Fair, warmer, NE wind. Drill day. Got back to beat at 4:20. Head ache all .
Day. Felt