William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
July 1898

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JULY 1898

Fair. Warm. Wind changed to NE. Cooler. Hot again PM. Regular off. Orders to go to 876 Bremen. Get Frank Kapinski and go to coroners office at 1:30. Ha[inski was not at home. Went to the Morgue, gavee my testimony on the death of August Asmanski, 897 Bolton St. , Went home, took Minnie out on Mrs. Hoskins Wheel. Gave her an hours instruction. Took a bath & went to the Sta.

Fair & Hot. No runs during the night. Two prisoners for court. Scrubbed the Patrol House. Early meals today. 2 runs before 5 PM.

Sunday:- Fair. Cooler. NW wind. Two Runs this forenoon. Late meals. Fred Will off Monday noon. 1 run yesterday PM. 4 last night.

Fair. Cool this morn. NW wind. Early breakfast. Winkelmann & Boerner returned. I got orders to go to Zingers Park to Picnic. Walter went with me to sta. & took my Bicycle home. Church from 19th & Center Held Picnic at Zingers. Staid there all day. Got home 8:45 PM.

Fair, warmer. SE wind. Tried my wheel this morn. Dead chicken 2443 Center. 4 New buildgs on 29th bet. Chambers and Burleigh. Coat found on Fon du Lac & Hickory by Paul Roebtke, 1085-26th. Sister Laura & Aunt Mollie & Ada came from Pt. this morn.

Fair, warm SW wind. Went out Bicycle riding with Sprowls this Morn. Rode wheel to my beat after dinner for the first time.

Fair, warm westerly wind. Minnie and I gor up at 5 AM & went out on our wheels for the first time together. Rode to 14th & Galena and back. Hot at 10 AM. 86 degrees in shade. Wind changed to SE. Hot & partly cloudy PM. Looked showery. Wind changed to SW. Hot.

Partly cloudy, warm variable wind. Looks showery. Kingsley Church Picnic at Perrigo Park today. Dead dog,1174-22nd st. Dear dog, 1175-21st St. Saloon, Martin Ktreiter, 3003 Fond du Lac opened July 7th. Heavy showers at 10:15 AM Hot. Wind changed to N. NE. New bldg. 24 1/2 & Keefe Ave. Went to Perrigo Park after duty and got supper with the Picnicers.

Fair, cool NW wind. Bo't shirts and socks at Zillners, Geo. Casper tapped my shoes. 50 cts.

Sundat:- Fail, cool NE wind. Henry Wiese Carrousel at 25th & Clark, License paid from July 9th to July 16th inclusive. No. 434.

Cair, cool, Easterly wind. Laura and Mollie went home this Morn. Burton took breakfast iwith me this Morn. Will take meals with us while his wife is in hospital. Mail this PM for
Ald Winkel and Wd. Supt. New bldg, 23rd & Keefe Ave. 2 new bldgs, 26th bet. Center and Hadley.

Fair, warmer, southerly wind. Miller stationed at Shooting Park,. I got orders to cover his beat. Went to Reileys and got my old blouse & left my new one to have it shortened. Got mail at 1:45 PM. Dead chicken at 2402 Center,

Fair and warm. SE wind. Went to Reileys and got my new blouse. Ferdinand Wentzlaff, living on 21 st. bet. Lloyd and Elm was taken sick at 2 o'c while working Froeming aon Hickory St. Was taken home by West Side Patrol.

Fair, hot. Southerly wind changing to NE toward noon. Dead dog, 2524 Fond du Lac. Dead chickens at 2443 Center and 2402 Center.

July 15 to 25 Vacation - No record.

Back from vacation. Fair, cool northerly wind. Fire at Milw Brick Co. plant, 31st & Hadley. Missed my 10:45 report on that acct.

Fair, Easterly wind. Cool. Fire at 8 AM, 2117 North Ave. I turned in alarm from bx at 21st & North. $200.00 damage. Caused by expld of kerosene can.

Fair. Warmer. Southerly wind. Edw. Maechtle came last night. He is spending his vacation here. Hot this PM.

Fair. Hot. Light northerly wind. Wind changed to SE increasing in force. Clouding up at 1:45 PM. Looks like rain but all blew over.

Fair and Pleasant. Cool Easterly wind. Fire at 714 & 718 31st last night. We knew nothing of it at the time.
At 5:30 PM, John Kuhn (Nosey) driving east on Clark at 21st. - A little girl, Lillie Mueller, 961 21st, was playing on the street Kuhn was driving ground wagon with sprinklers behind, The child ran under the sprinklers & had her left leg broken above the knee & hands bruised. Dr. Schwenduer attended. Says the wound is not necessarly fatal. Kuhn lives on Keefe Ave. bet. 1st & 2nd. Wensel Schoenecker, 21st, carried the child home.

Fair and cool this morn. Westerly wind. Notified Martin Kreiter, 3002 Fond du Lac to pay saloon license, also Otto Newmann, 2414 Wright. PM cooler. Wind East.

Sunday:- Fair, warmer, variable wind. Showers PM & rain all the Evening.

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