William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
October 1903

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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- 66 deg. SW wind. Partly cloudy. Sultry. Showers at early morn. Showers & cooler PM. Checks. Asked Perm to go to Tailor & Hatter. 8:45 went downtown to get Helmet & Coat. Went to Capt's. office, had my clothes inspected. & got back to beat at 10 o'c. Change date:- Heinemann on N. Dist. at noon. Cool wind, changed to NE.

52 deg. Variable wind. Cloudy. Cooler this morn. Misty toward noon. Brandt on day duty. Paid Stolzenfeld on loan- $20.00. Rainy & damp all day. 5:45 PM. Arrested Wenzel Novak, drunk, drives team for Austin Coal Co. Had a load of coal for Kipps Parlor Furn. Co. Was to drunk to take care of himself or the team. & I drove the team to Kipps & left the team in charge of another teamster & notified Fleischman who is Supt. of coal co. Mrs. Leusing & daughter are papering our rooms.

62 deg. SW wind. Partly cloudy. Sultry, Wind chgd to W. at 10:45. In court at 9 AM with Wenzel Nowak on chage of drunk. Found guilty. Fined $5.00 & cost. Total 6.58. Asked perm. to go to F & W Stove Wks. after court. Back to beat at 10:45. Went to Sta. at 1:45. Letter for Ald. Schilling. Rain 5:30 to 6:30.

46 deg. NW wind. Fair. Cool. Quiet all day.

40 deg. Northeast wind. Fair. Cool all day. Regular drill commences today. Plasterer came this eve. Will commence work in the morn.

54 deg. Southerly wind. Much warmer. Cloudy toward noon.

58 deg. Southerly wind. Cloudy. Rain. Partly clearing at 11 AM. Rained all night, with thunder & lightning. Agreed to go to Expo in Jaunke's place this eve. at 7:30. John Hamann 1249-29th St. was killed at Mil. Bridge Co. by 4 ton machine falling on him at 11AM. I heard of it at 3 PM. & got the particulars & tel. down.

50 deg. W. wind. Partly cloudy. Cool. Home from Expo at 11:50 last night. Drill day:- Back to beat at 4:30. Inspection day. Went to Donges & bought gloves.

38 deg. W. Wind. Fair. Cold. Cool all day. Put on flannel undershirt this. Eve.

32 deg. Variable wind, becoming easterly. Fair. White frost..

40 deg. SE wind. Fair. Cooler.

46 deg. Variable wind. Cloudy. Damp. Looks like rain

50 deg. Veriable wind to NE at 9 AM. Cloudy. Cool & Damp.

40 deg. Variable wind. Foggy. Cool & damp. Hartman abandonment case continued from Sept. 14th. Case called at 10:30. Mrs. H. appeared, said he husband was working for Schroeder Lbr. Co. & was bringing all his money home. Case was dismissed. Made application to Juvenile Court to have case against Roy Stoltz dismissed because he is 16 yrs. old. Also case vs. Chas. Potratz on account of good behavior & is also nearing his 16th birthday.

50 deg. Variable wind. Cloudy. Thunder showers at 6 AM. Clearing at 10 AM. Warmer. Drill day:- Change day - Schroeder on N. Dist. at noon. Back to beat at 4:25 PM. Showers all PM.

50 deg. W wind. Cloudy. Growing cooler. PM- Telescope satchel containing blanket & Gents white underwear can be claimed at 2304 Clark St. 5:45- Fire broke out at 3016 Cawker Pl., two story frame house, owned by Ed. Zippel, occupied by Emil Kunze & Haffmeister. Cause over turned lamp. Damage slight.

45 deg. Northerly wind. Cloudy. Light showers. Wind to NE. Colder. Warrant for Geo. Walthers1500-27th St. Threatening to kill. Wife comp.

32 deg. Northerly wind. Fair. White frost. Met Schroeder at 27th & Center, 8 AM.

42 deg. SW wind. Fair. Warmer. Met Schroeder at 27th & Center, 8 AM. Left him at 20th & Hopkins, 9:20 AM.

48 deg. NW wind. Fair. Warmer. Very pleasant all day. Lehrman worked aii day on our plumbing & steam fitting.

44 deg. E. wind. Fair. Went from Sta. to plumbing work. Back to beat at 8:45.

48 deg. High NW wind. Fair. Growing colder. Drill day:- Back to beat at 4:30. Met Schroeder on car at 24th & Fond du Lac. We found a man drunk & somewhat injured from falling. We took him to 2316 Fond du Lac. Mrs. Kuphal 2449 Center St. reports that her purse was taken from her baby carriage at 1212-22nd St. yesterday at 3:15 PM. suspects Arthur Heller, 1228-24th St. I reported the matter to the Sta.

30 deg. NE wind. Partly cloudy. Cold. Sent out from Sta. to take letter to Peter Braun, 998-24th St. ayt 7 AM. 2:15 PM- Arrested Henry Friedrich 1156- 22nd St. on chge. of Vag. He was riding with with Radtke, the gardner & would not get off the wagon. Is a bum, a liar. Can't believe a word he says. Wm. Sheddin 1100 - 22nd St. sold his saloon to Otto Hansch about Oct. 21st. A. Boldt & wife called. Took dinner with us. Stark on day duty.

29 deg. W wind. Fair. Heavy frost. In court at 9 AM with Henry (Gucks) Friedrich. Sent out for 90 days. Turned in Waltters Warr. this AM. Started furnace last night to test it. Found several leaks. Fired the furnace and took a bath this eve. Water wouldn't heat well. Worked till midnight to get things going.

38 deg. W. wind. Fair. Warmer & very pleasant.

32 deg. N. wind. Fair. Growing colder.

28 deg. W wind. Fair. Heavy frost.

10-28-903 36 deg. W wind. Fair. Cool. Very pleasant. Rising Temp. 2:45 PM- Warr. for Joe Schwane 1095-20th. Eleventh Anniversary of the 3rd Ward fire. 6:25 PM- Arrested Wm. Birlin on Hadley & 20th. D&Dis. Called the wagon to 21st & Center.

44 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Cool & pleasant. Drill day:- Back to beat at 4:25. In court at 9 AM with Wm. Birlin. Pleaded guilty. Fined $5.00 & cost. Back to beat at 10 o'c. Warrant for Jos. Schwane I left in Sta. for Hammer.

45 deg. SW wind. Fair. Warmer. PM Cloudy. Sta. for mail at 1:45 PM.

47 deg. Southerly wind. Southerly wind. Fair. Warm & pleasant. Hammer arrested Jos. Schwane last ight. I am to be in court at 9 AM. Schwane sent to Reform School. As we came out of court room, Adolph Erdman, 1076-21st St. ran down the stairs. Hammer & I took the elevator down & met him on the stairs. I took him to Central & asked advice of Capt. JL. Told me to get a warr. for Vag. Got Warr., served it on him & took him to Co. Jail. Back to beat at 10:35 AM. Average Minimum Temp. for Mo. 44 deg.

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