William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
January 1906

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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- 12deg. NWwind. Fair. Frosty. Half hour extra for dinner. Change day.
Genthe at noon. West side takes the 22nd ward south of North Ave. leaving Stolzenfeld on the north half of the ward. Hofer on the new beat. Average temp. for mo. 25deg. Ave. tamp or yr. 39.56deg.

- 28deg. Ewind. Partly cloudy. Very mild and spring like. Met Genthe at Eng.
22 at 5:15 PM.

- 34deg. SWwind. Cloudy. PM colder. Rain all forenoon. At 9:45 went to City
Atty's office with Mrs. Anna Bublitz 1122 24th and got Warr. for Max Kleiner 1019 24th for shooting off revolver on New Tears morn. And broke Mrs. B's window. Missed
10:45 report. Pd taxes and ins. Our tax $37.21. Bot diary at Germania Bookstoe for 60 cts. Notified K to come to Sta at 7AM.

- 28deg. Wwind. Cloudy. Snowed durin the night. About 2 inches fell. In
court with Klein at 9AM. Pleaded guilty. $5.00 and costs-$11..32. First reported 1255 PM. R. Bucholz firgured plastering and chimney. Annual meeting of Faith Mission
Church at 1 Mission 30th and Sta. Av. this eve.

- 21 deg. NWwind. Partly cloudy. Colder. Arthur Kell absented himself from
school with out his mothers consent. Went to his house and took him there.

- 20deg. High SWwind. Fair. Very Chilly. Letter from Mother today.
Finished setting glass in windows of new house this eve.

- 20deg. NWwind, Partly cloudy. Very Chilly. Walters Birthday-22 yrs.old.
Albert Fabian,1135-20th St. drinks and does not support his family. Gave him warning.
Went home at 7 PM. Went to church with Minnie.

- 4deg. NWwind. Fair. Cold. Drill day. Back to best at 4:30.

- 6deg, NWwind. Fair. Cold Mothers birthday.-72 yrs. old.

- 22deg. Swwind. Fair. Warmer. Quite warm at noon.

- 28deg. SWwind. Partly Cloudy.. Looks like snow. Quite warm at noon.
Clearing in PM.

- 24deg. Faair. Frosty. Partly cloudy. Marquart and Boerner badly cut by
razor in hands of insane man at noon at Bremen and Wright Sts. M cut in face and hand. Man cut his throat and died on way to Hospital.

- 32deg. SEwind. Partly cloudy. Raw wind. PM damp and rainy.

- 32deg. Swind. Cloudy. Damp mist falling all day.

- 38deg. SEwind. Cloudy. Rain all day. Snow in eve. Went home and got rubber boots and helmet. Change day. Schroeder at noon. Drill day. Back to beat at

- 27deg. High NWwind. Cloudy. Growing colder.1 in snow fell during the
night.Bill Reinhardt and wife and George Ruedig and wife spent the eve. with us.

- 16deg. Variable wind. Looks like snow. 9:15 snowing from SE.
Zimmerman commenced sewer on Fond du Lac bet. 30th & 33rd. Stormed all day. 2 in./ snow fell.

- 32deg. Nwwind. Fair.Clearing and colder.

- 30deg. SEwind. Cloudy. Damp air. 1PM snowing. Orders to be at Panorama at &:30PM. Home at 11PM.

- 40deg. Swind. Cloudy. Partly clearing at 9:45. Family trouble at 1229
24th. Went up there as soon as I came to Sta. Very warm all day. Thunderstorm in west at 5PM.

- 59deg. No wind. Cloudy, Rain. Thunder storms during the night. Wind
from NW at 9:15 AM. Colder. Rain all AM.

- 24deg. Nwind. Cloudy. Snowing and sleet all day. Drill day. Back to beat
at 4:25.

- 18deg. NWwind. Partky cloudy. Colder. 6 in. Of snow this morn. Sun
shining very bright at noon.

- 10deg. NWwind. Cloudy. Cold this PM. Warmer. Snow Flurries. Eve.
Miss Douglas took supper with us.

- 28deg. SEwind. Partly cloudy. Warmer.A.L.Wansted supposed to have
drowned in river, foot of Johsnson St. yesterday morn.img.

- 22deg. Southerly winds. Fair. Frosty. Good Sleighing.

- 29deg. Variable wind. Fair. Very mild. Noon wind NE & cloudy, Subp.
To be in court in Matt Murphy case. Warr. for Edw. Schultz 2417 Bismark. Herman
Krueger, Comp. Disorderly. S gave himself up at No. 3. Went there and took him tp court. Found guilty. Fined $1.00 and costs. Back to beat at 11 o'c. Murphy case continued to Feb. 27th.

- 28deg. NW wind. Fair. Moderate. Very warm and bright all day. Arthurs
birthday. Would have been 14 yrs. old had he lived.

- 30deg. Swind. Partly cloudy. Foggy at 6AM. Drill day. Back to beat at
4:15. Mail at 1:45 for Leicht, 2604 Center.

- 32deg. Wwind. Partly cloudy. Moderate. Grootemaat arrest Aug. Bramdt
1272 30th St. Comp. Drunk. I am witness. Found guilty - 90 days. Back to beat at 11

- 10deg. NWwind. Partly cloudy. Frosty. Ave. Min. temp for month-23deg.

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