William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
March 1907

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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MARCH 1907

32 deg. SE wind. Cloudy. Foggy & rainy: Rain bearly all day. Oders per tel. to go to the fights - Beggs Bldg., 7:30 PM. Home at midnight. Checks this AM. Geo. Schwab 2229 Center St., card with numbers, shake dice for cigars ordered out.- 1 PM. change day:- Genthe out at noon. Got new shoes from Weishaupt, leather lined, $5.00.

20 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Snow flurries, growing colder. Asked perm. to go to Tailors. 15 min. late at the 9:45 on that acct.. 3:20 PM. Notified Wm. Knospe to throw out his chance games, Electric clock & $12.00 Rain Coat free.

16 deg. NW wind. Fair. Cold, frosty air. Snow flurry duting the night. Cold all day.

20 deg. SW wind. Partly cloudy. Frosty. Schnell on his beat this morn. Drill day:- Back to beat at 4:45. Went to Tailor, got dress coat & vest. Paid $24.50. Had them inspected. Gave Paul F. Meier one hundred dollars to apply on note for four hundred dollars at West Side Bank.

26 deg. High NW wind. Fair. Cool & pleasant. Very cold all day. Krafin & Heller this PM. in Juv. Court at 2 PM. Sen. sus. Back to beat at 4:45.

20 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Chilly. Wind chgd to SE. Notice of meeting of Pension Board tomorrow morn. at 10:00 at Mayor's Office. 10:45, went to 1143-25, found Mrs. Marie Vartley, 606-10th. She is taken sick on St. & Mrs. Witt took her in. I took her home on car. Orders at 1:45 to watch strikers at Bridge Works Foundry.

30 deg. SE wind. Cloudy. Snowing all forenoon. Went from home to Mil. Bridge Wks. to watch strikers. Went to Mayors Office at 10 o'c. to Police Pension Board meeting. Pensioned Mrs. Dopke & after long discussion postponed the others for two weeks to get an opinion from several Atty's on Section 8 & 9 of pension law.

32 deg. NW wind. Cloudy. 3 in. of snow fell yesterday. Went to the Bridge Wks. this morn. Thawing very fast all day. Frieda Eimmerman & Mrs. Robinson ( Mary Maechtle ) came to visit us today.

22 deg. SW wind. Partly cloudy. Froze hard. PM, wind E, chilly. Went to Milw. Bridge Works this morn. PM. 5 men of Eng. 22 MFD got orders to be ready for shift at 2 o'c.

32 deg. Variable wind. Fair. Went to the Sta. Reported to Lieut. Heineman & he told me to discontinue watch for a while or until further complaint. Went home & went to Church with Minnie.

28 deg. southerly wind. Partly cloudy. Raw wind. Drill day:- Back to beat at 4:45. Ordered Grey Helmet.

40 deg. W wind. Clouidy. Rained during the night. Spring like all day. Tax bills this morn. I have one bill.

30 deg. NE wind Cloudy. Chilly. Collected taxes from Frank Meizner. Bill from 200 E. Water St., 3rd Wd. Snowing toward eve.

20 deg. NW wind. Fair. About 1 in. of snow this morn. Ada's Birthday, 19 yrs. old. I bo't her a bottle of perfume. & two boxes of candy. Eve- Fair all day. Brisk W wind. 5 PM snow all gone.

33 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Snow squalls also this morn. 1/2 in. of snow. Change day:- Schroeder out at noon.

40 deg. High SW wind. Fair. Rising temp. Roads drying very fast.

32 deg. NE wind. Fair. Cool & pleasant. "St. Patricks Day in the Morning". PM Snow flurries, 1/2 in. of snow fell.

26 deg. E wind. Partly cloudy. HEavy frost. Drill day:- Back to beat at 4:40. Turned in taxes amtg to $7.42. Eve. Rain, Murphy brot load of green maple wood from Fond du Lac crosing. I carried it from curb & Walter took it from window of basement.

38 deg. southerly wind. Partly cloudy. Damp & muddy. PM, High NW wind. clearing.

28 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Chilly. PM- Wm. Bohlman 714-33rd St. fell while at work in Erecting Shop at 32nd & Locust. was taken home by No. 5 Patrol Wagon.

36 deg. NE wind. Partly cloudy. Chilly. Adjourned meeting of Pension board at Mayor's Office, 10 AM. After long argument pension was voted Mrs. Sullivan. Leaman & I voting with the Chief against the pension. Adj. at noon. Orders for Black Helmets on Sun. Mar. 24. Mrs. Fritsche of Waukesha staid overnight with us.

50 deg. W wind. Fair. Warm & spring like. Very warm at noon. Put on dress coat this morn.

44 deg. NE wind. Fair. Coolo. Thunder storm early this AM. Went to Sherriffs office at 2 PM & was serv. with injunction papers, Chas Bock vs Police Pension fund & Mary Sullivan. Mail at 2:45. Thunder shower at 3 o'c. to 3:20 PM. Notice of Pension Board meeting Monday at 2:30. thunder showers all PM.

36 deg. NE wind. Partly cloudy. Cool. Black Helmets.

36 deg. SE wind. Fair. Raw wind, chilly. Drill day. Meeting of Pension Board at Mayor's office at 2:30. Board requests City Atty. to defend injunction suit. Laid over the application of Mrs. Donahue till injunction suit is settled. Trustee Bechtner to ask Ins. Actuary to pass on adequacy of pension fund.

40 deg. NE wind. Partly cloudy. Very chilly. Warmer toward noon.

64 deg. SW wind. cloudy. Sultry. Partly clearing toward noon. J. E. Caps of Chicago was at our Sta. looking for Max Hoffman, whirligig man. I took him to 24th & Fond du Lac & turned him over to Jaunke to look for him.

44 deg. SW wind. Partly cloudy. Cool. 1 PM, rain. Rainy all PM & Eve.

45 deg. SW wind. Cloudy. Wet. Rained very hard during the night. 10 AM wind changed to high SW. Box at 22nd & Locust, freshly painted. PM, high W wind, clearing & colder.

29 deg. W wind. Fair. Froze hard. Injunction suit, Chas. Bock vs Pension Police Pension Board in Judge Tennants court this AM. Signed $5.00 to fight Sullivan pension grant. 10AM, injunction pension suit cont. for one week. Back to beat at 10:45 AM. 1:45 PM. Checks. Cashed mine at Winkels.

20 deg. NW wind. Fair. Cold. Easter. Av. temp for mo. 32 deg. Wind chgd to NE, cold all day.

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