William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
August 1907

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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64 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Cool breeze. Took my blouse to the tailors to have new stripes put on. Ordered a new pr. of St. pants. Mail at 1:45 PM. Went to West Park at 7 PM. Rowed the women around for a while.

50 deg. NW wind. Fair. Cool. Very cool & partly cloudy.

56 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Cool.

52 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Cool. 5:45 PM- Sent to 1276 28th St. Family trouble. Arrested Wm. Glasnapp, D&D. He had a quarrel with his wife. Used a hammer. Wouldn't tell me what the trouble was. Ordered me out of the house. I went & took him along. 7PM. Stolzenfeld & I arrested Hy. Fredrichs (Gucks), D&D.

64 deg. Southerly wind. Cloudy. Warm. In court at 9 AM with Glasnapp. Guilty- $5.00 & cost. Back to beat at 10:15 AM. Gucks got $5.00 & cost.

62 deg. NW wind. Cloudy. Genthe not in Sta. Supposed to be on Vac. Eve- Betts brought disorderly Warr. for Mary Ringenoldus (alias) 1406-27th St. to be served in the morning. Anna Meyer, comp.

65 deg. NE wind. Fair. Warm. Went to 1406-27th St. Arrested Mrs. sadie Rengenoldus. Went directly to court. Sentence Susp. Went to Sta. 5 & booked case. Back to beat at 11:20.

60 deg. NW wind. Partly cloudy. Cool Breeze. showers toward noon. Mildred Maechtle buried at Port. Minnie will meet them at C & NW Depot, 1:35 PM. Showers all PM.

60 deg. Easterly wind. Fair. Rising temp. Warm at noon. Smudde on Vac. Hatch is on his beat.

60 deg. SE wind. Fair. Hot at 9 AM.

70 deg. SW wind. Fair. Warm. Partly cloudy at 10 AM & hot. Orders to be at Pabst Park 7 PM. GNGG Picnic. PM- partly cloudy & hot. Very sultry all PM & Eve.

60 deg. NE wind. Fair. Cool & pleasant. Went to Western Grip & Trunk Co. & bo't suitcase for Walter. Mrs. Bachmeier buried at 3 PM in Sec. 34-Grave 51- Row 8.

62 deg. NE wind. Fair. Rising temp. Walter went to Burlington on Vac.

64 deg. SE wind. Fair. Cool breeze. Went to tailors, 8:45 to 10 AM Got blouse & new St. pants. 8 PM. Met committee of Faith Mission church at OHC's. Took case vs Wm. Glasnapp. He did not appear. His name dropped from the church roll.

62 deg. SE wind Fair. Warmer toward noon. Genthe in Sta. Change day. Schroder out at noon. John Ward., Eng. 22, fell off Eng. at 27th & Fond du Lac, 7:18 last night. Rear wheel passed over his foot, crushing it. Alphonse Meyer moved out of 2427 Center & Wm. Zastrow moved in & is running the place. 8-16-1907
68 deg. High SW wind. Cloudy. Warm. Heavy thunder storms all night. Clearing towards noon. Otto Schmidt 1112-27th St. buried this PM. Minnie Young came this PM to stay all night.

66 deg. W wind. Fair. Warm PM. Wind chgd to SE. Mrs. Young went home at 5:30. Monroe Maechtle in town.

64 deg. SE wind. Fair. Cool breeze. 9:15- Arrested Walter Kunde 1117 Clark Pl., Disorderly, 17 yrs. old, on comp. of his mother.

69 deg. W wind. Partly cloudy. Warm Showers at noon. In court, 9 AM, with Kunde. He was bailed by Rob. Pautech, his Bro. in law, who interceded for him. K was placed on probation for 30 days. Heavy thunder storm 3:45. 5:30 PM. Arrested Walter Reiter & Wm. Meyer, A&B, Frank Woceske, comp. R & M are expressmen for P. Peterson 1099-22nd St. A&B comitted in Wauwatosa. I took him to Sta. & went to Wauwatosa to Subp, witnesses.

54 deg. NE wind. Fair. Cool. . In court at 9 AM with Reiter & Meyer. Left clerk's office at 1:20 PM. R & M guilty. $10.00 & cost, each. Total $28.12. Back to beat at 2:35. Walter returned from Vacation.

50 deg. NE wind. Partly cloudy. Cool. Got new shoes from Weishaupt. John J. Kometter, 2414 Wright moved out of Saloon to 19th & Fond du Lac.

49 deg. SE wind. Fair. Colored Peoples Picnic at Voellgards. 4:45 Esther Aschbrenner 1236-24th went to get tobacco for a stranger. He took her hand & led her away. Kept her for an hour or more. He didn't harm her.

54 deg. Southerly wind. Fair. Cool. Quite warm at noon. Chas, Schultz, Stolzefelds Bro. in law, died this morn.

60 deg. SW wind. Fair. Fresh breeze to high NW wind. Cool.

54 deg. N wind. Fair. Cool. Orders to be at Pabst Park at 7 PM. Home at 11:20 PM.

57 deg. W wind. Partly cloudy. Warmer, west wind. Rain at 5 PM. Stolzenfeld attending Bro. in Laws funeral, I cover his beat today. Monroe Maechtle came to board with us today. Mail at 1:45. Letter for Wm. Turner & Vag. Warr. for chas. Schneider 984 - W. 24th.

64 deg. Partly cloudy. Warmer. Northerly wind. Juv. Court at 2 PM. Biber & Henk. Left home at 5:50 AM. Went to 984- W 24th St. C. Schneider did not come home. Went to Sta. 7 AM word came per tel. that C. S. was home. He left before I came. I followed & caught him at 29th & Clark. In court at 9 AM. Guilty, 90 days. PM- Juv. Ct. Royal Bibow & Arthur Henk. H is 12 yrs old, Royal Bibow 13 yrs. old. Both placed on probation Henk ordered to leave town for one year. Back to beat at 5 PM.

60 deg. Cloudy. Cool NE wind.

56 deg. Cloudy. Damp & Foggy. SE wind. Shower at 10 AM. Schnell on his own beat. Fire at 1289-21st. Frank Schlueter oil stove exploded. $25.00 damage, 8:15 AM.

62 deg. Fair. Warmer. Easterly wind. Went to Sta. at 1:45. Got A&B Warr. for Hattie Ring 1183-23rd St., Otillie Witt, comp. Notified her to come to Sta. at 7 AM tomorrow. subp. witnesses.

60 deg. Fair. Cool S. wind. Av. Min temp for Mo. 60 deg. Hattie King was late coming to Sta. I went after her. Called up at 21st & North Av. Charlie told me to come back as she had arrived. Went to Sta. took Mrs. K and 3 small children to court. 60 days probation. Back to beat at 10:55 AM. Checks 1:45 PM. Went to Meiers, paid $51.50 on my note note at W. Side Bk.

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