William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
March 1911

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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MARCH 1911

22 deg, Fair. W wind. Got up at 11 AM. Went to the bank, to Weishaupts, then met Julius Huebner & went to call on Stolzenfeld.

22 deg. Fair. NW wind, chilly. Grandpa Zillmer died last night.

30 deg. Fair. W wind. Frosty. Fell case from Jan. 3rd. Slept all day.

24 deg. w wind. Got up at 12:30. Minnie & I went to Grandpa Zillmers Funeral. We rode with Chas Z. & wife.

26 deg. Cloudy. SE wind. Very raw & chilly. Rainy & damp. Minnie went to Pt. this PM to stay for a few days.

28 deg. Partly cloudy. NE wind. Slept all day.

32 deg. Cloudy. East wind. Got up at 1:15. Went to City Hall. Took exam for Lieut. Then went to N. Mil. to Board Meeting.

32 deg. Fair. S wind. Chilly.

40 deg. Cloudy. S wind. Got up at 3:15. Went to Weishaupts. Got Minnies shoe. Rained at 5 PM. Kenosha Powder Mill blew up at 8:30 PM.

34 deg. Fair. SW wind. Very pleasant.

34 deg. Fair. E wind. Pleasant. Minnie came home this PM. We were glad to see her.

40 deg. Fair. Variable wind. Showers during the night. Colder during the day. E wind. Off tonight.

24 deg. Fair. SE wind. Frosty. Went to Saukville on 7:34 train. Met Kake, went around the Fair Ground. Saw a lot of old neighbors. Went to Port & came home via. Grafton & No. 106.

26 deg. Fair. Very clear & bright moonlight all night. Ada's birthday:- 23 yrs. old. First registration. I reg. for Minnie & Ada. Went to drill.

20 deg. Fair. High NW wind. Growing cold since 2 AM. Very dusty & unpleasant out. Out early for Linden. Snow flurries this morn. Cold.

27 deg. Fair. W wind. Home at 3:30 AM. Home all day.
28 deg. E wind. Minn. Billiard Co. Co. burned this PM. At Buffum & Keefe Ave. One man killed, 11 injured.

20 deg. Fair. N wind. Snow flurries during the night.

30 deg. Cloudy. SW wind. Snow flurries. Warmer toward noon. PM- Warm & pleasant.

40 deg. Fair. SW wind. Emmaus Church burned this PM. Wilcox Lb. Yard burned at 9:30 PM., 31st & Burleigh.

36 deg. Fair. SE wind. Primary Election. Went from Sta. to 31st & Burleigh, told Vogt to go home from watching fire at Wilcox Lb. Co. Home at 6:45. Warm all day. Minnie & Ada voted at 7:30 PM. Edw. Oehler too Flash lt. photo.

40 deg. cloudy. Rain all night from 10 o'c. on. Wind W. Fire at 1152 Fratney, 11:00. Warm.

26 deg. Fair. W wind. Frosty. Cool E wind. Went to Gavens, Paid for coat & collar - $1.25.

22 deg. Fair. SE wind. Warm. Frosty.

32 deg. Fair. southerly wind. Drill today. I asked to be excused. Henry & Ed. Maechtle came to see Walter. Skerlowink sent 2 checks. 1-$20 dollars: 1-$43.50 interest.

40 deg. Fair. SE wind. Rain during the day & all eve. after 10 o'c.

46 deg. Partly cloudy. w wind. Rain during the night. Colder toward noon. PM- Snow enough to make things look white.

20 deg. Cloudy. W wind. Cold. Drill day. 3:30. 3:05 AM. Met Linden at 10th & Center. Said he had suspended Al Wegner for being drunk. I went to Sta. at 3:40, took Wegner out of cell & went home with him. He was considerably under the influence of drink when he got home.

30 deg. Cloudy. E wind. Out early for Linden. Snow flurries.

32 deg. cloudy. E wind. Snowing. Cold. Day Off. PM- Stolzenfeld & I went to N. Mil.

28 deg. Partly cloudy. W wind. Snow flurries att day & eve. PM- Minnie & I went to Schlueters, 1101-25th Ave.

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