William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
January 1914

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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30 deg. SE wind. Cloudy. Looks like snow. Checks at 12 midnight. Minnie went to watch meeting. I slept all eve. Went to bed at 8:45 AM. Slept till one PM. Art, Ada & Ed were with us for dinner. Snow in eve.

30 deg. SE wind. Cloudy. Snowing. Snowed 3 inches. Slept from 10:30 to 6 PM.
32 deg. Variable wind. Snow flurries. Slept all day. Ada & Art came to supper.

28 deg. N wind. Cloudy. snowflurries. Slept all day. Everett & wife came up to supper & staid the eve.

24 deg. N wind. Cloudy. Chilly. Carried out ashes & cleaned up the furnace room. Went to bed at 11 AM. Eve.- Minnie & I went to church party given by EDK & wife to the official board.

22 deg. Raw west wind. Cloudy. Very chilly. Got new mittens from Gavens. Went to Grunewald's, got auto pump. Went to bed at 10:30 AM. Slept till 8 PM.

32 deg. Cloudy. W wind. Rainy - Slippery walking. Walter's birthday. 30 yrs. old. Stock Holders Meeting a S. Furn. Co. Office. 8 :15 PM.

32 deg. W wind. cloudy. Damp. Linden off. I go out early. Took my auto pump to Friedman's garage & got it fixed. C. Miller bro't it home & helped me change tires. Ed Eastman came to see us. Staid to supper. Went to Sta. with me.

36 deg. SE wind. Cloudy. Damp & foggy. Off tonight. Went downtown, Paid taxes. Out tax $59.09. Personal tax $5.43. Pd. water tax.

22 deg. Colder W wind. Fair. Snow flurries. PM- Went to Walter's & Ida's. Got Lbr for laundry tubs. Worked at them all PM. Colder. Prohaska trans. to our Sta. C. Miller promoted to Sergt. To be sworn in on Monday.

16 deg. W wind. Cold. Fair. Jake & Lois came down on car. J went home. Lois staid.

-4 deg. NW wind. Fair. Worked at Ada's Laundry tubs till noon. Slept all PM. Sergt. Chas. Miller at Sta. 5. Out early.

4 deg. W wind. Cloudy. Cold. Water pipe froze & sprung a leak at Eds. Paper came off the dinning room ceiing. Minnie & Helen went down & cleaned up for him. Went to bed at noon. Slept till 7 PM. Milton came & staid the eve. PM- Shower. Warmer.

24 deg. S wind. Cloudy. Raw. Dust flying in clouds all night. Went to bed at 10AM. Got up at 4 PM. Went to church in eve, PM- Shower, warmer.

32 deg. W wind. Fair. Frosty. Went to Ada's. Fixed her gas stove. Played a while. Went home. Read till dinner time. Finished book. Went to bed at 12:50 PM. Slept till 8:30 PM.

36 deg. W wind. Fair. Warm all night. Cooler at 6 AM. Thawing during the day. Shower in the eve.

30 deg. N wind. Clouidy. Colder, 2 AM.v Mickey Reilley came & took our water meter out for repairs. Took auto out. Went to Mrs. Klingbeils funeral.

26 deg. Variable wind. Cloudy. Snowing at 8:15 AM. Snowed 1/2 in. Hinnrichs came to see me. PM.

34 deg. S wind. Cloudy. Slept till 2 PM. Up ttill 7:30 PM. Slept till 10:30. Thawing.

34 deg. Variable wind. Cloudy. Slept all day. Rollo came this eve. Got up at 10 PM. Went to Walter's. Got him to go to N. Mil. to take care of his truck so it won't freeze up.

20 deg. N wind. Cloudy. Snow during the night. Cold all day. Rollo staid all night & waited all day to see Dr. Schneider about his eyes.

8 deg. West wind. Fair. Cold. Snow flurries during the night. Slept all day.

28 deg. E wind. Cloudy. Damp air. Slept all day. Ed came to supper & went with Minnie to illustrated lecture at Baptist Tabernacle, 17th & Wells. Rain in PM. Cool.

28 deg. N wind. Cloudy. Chilly. Took bath & went to bed. PM- Went to
Ada's. They were gone. Snow flurries.

10 deg. W wind. Fair. Cold. Off tonight. Miller off last night, goes out late tonight. Went to Ada's at 3:30 PM. Snowed 2 1/2 in. after 3:30 PM. Minnie & I walked from Ada's to Kingsley Church.

14 deg. S wind. Fair. Cold. Worked in basement at laundry tubs. A. Busse died early this morn.

32 deg. W wind. Fair. Very pleasant. Slept all day. Helen returned from Hamilton's.

36 deg. NE wind. Cloudy. Rainy. Slept all day. Minnie & I went to church in eve.

54 deg. S wind. Cloudy. Warm Rain. 8:30 AM wind chgd to W. Stopped raining. signs of cold wave. A. Busse buried at 2 PM at Waukesha. Colder toward eve. Brohood Meeting. Dr. Beffel spoke.

13 deg. W wind. Cold. Fair. Our auto license came today. 14007-W. I got up at 3 PM. & put the No. Plates on the auto.

29 deg. E wind. Cloudy. Restless day. Several hours in bed but no sleep. Reported Pzorsky woman to Dennison. Checks. 868-9th St.

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