Wisconsin Humane Society History

The Wisconsin Humane Society in a measure owes its existence to George T. Angell, President of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and Vice President of the American Humane Society. The society had its origin in a suggestion made by Capt. Fred Pabst to A.A.L. Smith, citizens of Milwaukee, which brought Mr. G.T. Angell to Milwaukee upon invitation of the Fortnightly Club, before which that gentleman read a paper on "The Relations of Animals that can Speak to Animals that are Dumb." The deep impression made by the facts presented and the sentiments expressed by Mr. Angell, induced the ladies and gentleman present to take steps which led to the formation of the society which was incorporated in accordance with the statues of the State of Wisconsin on the fifth day of December, 1879. The objects of the society are:

First, it will prevent cruelty of all animals;
second, it will prevent cruelty to children;
third it will prevent cruelty to criminals and to defective and dependent people.

The prevention of all sorts of cruelty will be sought by the society;
First, by the punishment of offenders to the full extent of wise law;
second by the creation of public humane sentiment;
third, by the education of the young in moral sensiblity towards all creatures.

The society will seek to establish agencies and organized committees in all towns and cities of the State, to cooperate with the parent society.

Affiliation will be sought with and given to kindred societies outside of the State, for the same general puposes.

Following are the principal officers: Rev. G. E. Gordon, President
Vice Presidents: John Johnston, Winfield Smith, E.H. Brodhead, A.R. R. Butler, P.V. Deuster, Bernard Ster, and James G. Jenkins
Secretary: Robert C. Spencer
Treasurer: Mrs. John Hiles.

A subscription fee of $50 is charged life members. There are in the city two life and one hundred and sixty-four active members. A subscription fee of $5 yearly is charged active members. Besides these are thirty-six associate members and fourteen branch members.