Edward L. Mathewson and Nancy Hewitt Mathewson

Edward L. Mathewson holding Edward W. Mathewson Jr. Nancy Hewitt

Edward L. Mathewson, holding Edward Jr.; Nancy Hewitt Mathewson

The Descendants of Joseph Mathewson


1. Joseph Mathewson was born on March 3, 1738, the son of Joseph and Lydia Mathewson of Coventry, Rhode Island. Joseph died October 15, 1825. He was married by Elder Peter Werden about 1763 to Prudence Bowen, the daughter of Aaron and Experince Bowen of Coventry, Connecticut. Prudence Bowen Mathewson was born on May 15, 1736 and died February 29, 1828.

The children of Joseph and Prudence Bowen Mathewson were:

  • Huldah Mathewson, born September 26, 1764, died May 1, 1852
  • Barnard Mathewson, born October 10, 1767, died September 26, 1823
  • Rufus Mathewson, born March 28, 1770, died September 28, 1815
  • Caleb Mathewson, born January 19, 1772, died February 9, 1844
  • Darius Mathewson, born November 3, 1775, died February 18, 1847

2. Capt. Caleb Mathewson was born on January 19, 1772 in Rhode Island.

as listed in the book Family Records Heretofore Unpublished; Collected in commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the settlement of Connecticut, and compiled and published by the Conn. Chapter of the Founders and Patriots of America, 1935, page 163 (Mathewson Family Bible, courtesy of Mrs. Harry Houghton)

Caleb Mathewson was a sea captain. He married Phebe Michell, the daughter of The Reverend Edward Michell. Phebe was born in Coventry, Rhode Island, on January 9, 1799.

Caleb Mathewson died on February 9, 1844 in Coventry, Connecticut.

Capt. Caleb Matheson and Mary had at least nine children, among them being:

  • Edward (B?) Mathewson (born about 1803).
  • Barnard (Edward?) Mathewson (born about 1807).

3. Edward (B?) Mathewson was born about 1803 in Providence, Rhode Island, and died in Coventry, Connecticut. It is possible he was born in Connecticut.

He was married to Wealthy Topliff (daughter of Jerome Topliff and Rhoda Dunham) on May 17, 1826 in First Church of Coventry. Wealthy Topliff was born about 1805 in Coventry, Connecticut.

"Births, Deaths, Baptism's and Marriages in Coventry, CT" by Susan W. Dimock, 1897

Edward (B?) Mathewson and Wealthy Topliff had the following children:

  • Bernard Mathewson (born about 1834).
  • Edward L. Mathewson (born about 1838).

4. Barnard (Edward?) Mathewson was born about 1807. He was married to Mary C. Norris on June 18, 1832 in Coventry, CT. Mary was born in Mansfield, CT.


5. Bernard Mathewson was born about 1834 in Columbus, Muskogee Co., Georgia (per 1870 Wisconsin census). He married Louisa L. ____________.

Louisa L. was born about 1835 in Canada. Bernard Mathewson and Louisa L. had the following children:

  • Mary E. Mathewson was born in October 1869.

6. Edward L. Mathewson was born about 1838 in Columbus, Muskogee Co., Georgia (per 1870 Wisconsin census). He died on November 15, 1912 in Everett, Snohomish Co., Washington. In 1870 he resided in Menasha, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, working as a cattle dealer.

He was married to Nancy Hewitt (daughter of Henry , Sr. Hewitt and Mary C. Proctor) in 1862 in Wisconsin. Nancy Hewitt was born about 1838 in Paythorne, Lancashire, England, and moved to Wisconsin as a small child. She died on January 1, 1876 in Neenah, Winnebago Co., Wisconsin.

The children of Edward L. Mathewson and Nancy Hewitt Mathewson were:

  • Nellie Mathewson (born in 1864).
  • Jennie Mathewson (born in 1866).
  • Kathryn "Kate" Mathewson (born in 1873).
  • Harry Mathewson was born in 1876.
  • Mary J. Mathewson was born about 1864.
  • Jane W. Mathewson was born about 1867.
  • Edward Walter "Ted" Mathewson (born on October 27, 1868).

He was married to Mary E. Krueger on March 28, 1877 in Green Bay, Brown Co., Wisconsin.

The children of Edward L. Mathewson and Mary E. Krueger were:

  • Elizabeth "Dot" Mathewson was born in 1879. She was a Nurse during World War I, and resided in Pasadena, California.

    I visited "Aunt Dot" about 1962 in Pasadena. "Aunt Dot" drove me to where the Rose Bowl parade was held. She fed me figs from her tree and gave me her war pins from WWI, and offered me a ring.

  • Ruth Mathewson.
  • Carrie Mathewson.

7. Jennie Mathewson was born in 1866. She married C. Smith.

Jennie Mathewson and C. Smith had the following children:

  • Moire Smith.
  • Carlton Smith.
  • Sylvia Smith.

8. Kathryn "Kate" Mathewson was born in 1873. She married C. Moss.

Kathryn "Kate" Mathewson and C. Moss had the following children:

  • Winifred Moss.

9. Edward Walter "Ted" Mathewson was born on October 27, 1868 in Neenah, Wisconsin. He died on July 21, 1911 in Rainier National Park, Washington. He was married to Elsie May Headlee (daughter of Ephriam Headlee and Harriett "Hattie" Humes) on June 27, 1903 in Everett, WA. Elsie May Headlee was born on July 7, 1878 in Keokuk, Iowa. She died on August 17, 1951 in Everett, WA. She resided in Iowa; 1890+ Snohomish; Everett WA. 1920s: Hollywood.. She Ethnicity/Relig. in Christian Scientist. She Comment 1 in Widowed young with a fifth child not yet born, she remarried much later to her. She Comment 2 in husband's business partner, Joseph Irving.. She Comment 3 in Travelled extensively and golfed around the world.. Edward Walter "Ted" Mathewson and Elsie May Headlee had the following children:

  • Edward Mathewson (born on August 27, 1905).
  • Mark Manson Mathewson (born on January 24, 1907).
  • Nancy Urline Mathewson (born on October 9, 1908).
  • Bernard Mathewson (born about 1834).
  • Harriett Mathewson (born on July 9, 1910).
  • Bernard Mathewson (born about 1834).
  • Cornelia Scott Mathewson (born on March 13, 1912)

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