Old Settlers Club

From The Western Historical Company, Chicago, A.T. Andreas Proprietor, 1881

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At the last annual meeting of the Club, held Wednesday, January 5, 1881, the following resolution was adopted in order to take a step that would make the organization perpetual:

Resolved. That all male descendents of those who settled in Milwaukee County prior to January 1, 1843, of good moral character, upon attaining the age of 21 years and complying with the conditions of this Constitution, shall be eligible to membership upon the recomendations of the Executive Committee.

Following is a table compiled from the signatures of the constitution of the Milwaukee Old Settler's Club. The dates of birth and settlement are precisely as given and written by each individual; the time of death and, if living, the present residence, are given. For reference by future generations this table will be found one of the most valuable features of this book:

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NameDate of BirthBirthplaceDate of SettlementTime of DeathPresent Residence
Horace ChaseDec. 25, 1810Derby, VermontDec. 8, 1834-Milwaukee
Samuel BrownJan. 8, 1804Beldentown, MasDec. 8, 1834Dec. 22, 1874-
Increase A. LaphamMarch 7, 1811Palmyra, N.Y.July 1, 1836Sept. 14, 1875-
Alanson SweetMarch 12, 1804Owasco, N.Y.May 14, 1835-Evanston
Daniels Wells, Jr.July 16, 1808Waterville, MeJuly 27, 1835-Milwaukee
F.C. PomeroyNov. 4, 1818Cooperst'n, N.Y.May 28, 1837Aug. 25, 1870-
Henry WilliamsApril 15, 1806Providence, R.I.Sept. 25, 1836Feb. 23, 1879-
John JulienNovember 1815Quebec, CanadaAugust 1836-Milwaukee Co.
Richard L. EdwardsNov. 24, 1812Northam'n, MasSept. 20, 1838Dec. 20, 1880-
Matthew KeenanJan. 5, 1825Manlius, N.Y.June 5, 1837-Milwaukee
Lyndsey WardNov. 24, 1804Amsterdam, N.Y.July 8, 1838-Milwaukee
Rufus CheneyJuly 4, 1817Wheelersb'gh, OSept. 3, 1839-S. Evanston, Ill
Wm. A. PrentissMarch 24, 1799Northfiled, Mass.June 23, 1836-Milwaukee
Dr. Enoch ChaseJan. 16, 1809Derby, VermontApril 10, 1835-Milwaukee
Uriel B. SmithFeb. 18, 1812Tully, N.Y.July 17, 1835-Milwaukee
Wm. P. MerrillMarch 25, 1817S. Berwick, Me.April 2, 1836-Milwaukee
Matthias SteinDec. 17, 1808Hesse Darmst'dtAug. 18, 1837-Milwaukee
Danl H. RichardsFeb. 12, 1808Burlington, N.Y.Dec. 15, 1835Feb. 6, 1877
Levi BlossomSept. 23, 1813Sullivan, N.Y.Nov. 9, 1836Oct. 31, 1873
Eliphalet CramerJune 18, 1813Waterford, N.Y.June 19, 1936Sept. 18, 1872-
John W. PixleyJan. 19, 1811Hillsdale, N.Y.May 6, 1836Aug. 18, 1874-
John OgdenFeb. 18, 1801Essex, N.J.Sept. 14, 1835-Milwaukee
Alfred L. CastlemanDec. 17, 1808Shelby Co., KyOct. 25, 1835Aug. 22, 1877-
George BowmanMarch 5, 1809Bernard, Ver.May 15, 1836Aug. 11, 1874-
Garret VlietJan. 10, 1790Independ's, N.J.June 15, 1835Aug. 5, 1877-
Wm. W. WebberJan. 20, 1818Batavoa, N.Y.April 12, 1836-Milwaukee
Henry BleyerOct. 25, 1805GermanJune 25, 1837Aug. 17, 1878-
James S. BuckNov. 9, 1812Grafton, N.H.Jan. 17, 1837-Milwaukee
Andrew G. MillerSept. 18, 1801Carlisle, Pa.Dec. 9, 1838Sept. 30, 1874-
Joseph CaryApril 28, 1807Litchfield, N.Y.April 20, 1836March 18, 1880
Saml. S. ConoverNov. 10, 1818Victor, N.Y.Aug. 4, 1837--Out west
Allen W. HatchSept. 10, 1804Windsor Co., Vt.June 10, 1836--Chicago
Caleb HarrisonOct. 24, 1824New YorkSeptember 1838Deceased
Albert FowlerSept. 7, 1802Tyringham, Mass.Nov. 21, 1833--Rockford, Ill.
Sylvester PettiboneApril 27, 1793Norfolk, Conn.Feb. 7, 1836July 23, 1876-
Harrison LudingtonJuly 30, 1812Dutchess Co., N.Y.Nov. 3, 1838--Milwaukee
Geo. H. WentworthSept. 9, 1815Lexington, Ky.July 22, 1835--
Geo. D. DousmanSept. 16, 1820Green Bay, Wis.June 14, 1836May 31, 1879-
L. H. LaneAug. 12, 1812Champlain, N.Y.June 18, 1838--Milwaukee
Arthur AldrichJan. 19, 1831Detroit, Mich.Feb. 15, 1836--Milwaukee
Lyman FluskaySept. 11, 1816Paris, N.Y.Sept. 12, 1837-
John JohnsonApril 17, 1810Tully, N.Y.June 15, 1839-
Fredk. WardnerSept. 12, 1815Reading, Vt.Nov. 10, 1836 -- Milwaukee
Owen AldrichAug. 5, 1795Providence, R.I.June 26, 1835April 17, 1872
Joseph PorthierJuly 10, 1799Three Ri'rs, Can.Feb. 28, 1835Feb. 10, 1874
Linus N. DeweyApril 8, 1821Hartwick, N.Y.June 14, 1837June 9, 1870
Andrew DouglasApril 18, 1810Sutherl'dsh'e, S'dJuly 10, 1835--Milwaukee
Robert CurranOct. 3, 1803Lycoming, Penn.Aug. 29, 1836--Waukesha, Wis.
Wm. R. HeskMarch 30, 1797Yorkshire, Eng.Aug. 20, 1836--Menomonee F., Wis.
James ReynoldsFeb. 20, 1828Co. Maith, Irel'dMay 28, 1837--California
Clark ShepardsonAug. 19, 1804Guilford, Vt.Sept. 20, 1838--Milwaukee
Daniel D. SibleyDec. 12, 1812Franklin, Mass.June 19, 1836--Milwaukee
George AbertMay 10, 1817FranceSept. 24, 1836--Milwaukee
Robert DaviesMarch 29, 1795North WalesOct. 31, 1836--Milwaukee
John FurlongMarch 26, 1812Co. Cork, Irela'd--Milwaukee
Allen O. T. BreedFeb. 21, 1804Manlius, N. Y.June 10, 1835Sept. 27, 1875
C. W. SchwartzburgFeb. 23, 1800Saarbreeker, Pr'aAug. 18, 1837Jan. 19, 1872
E. G. FowlerNov. 18, 1811S. Tyri'g'm, Mass.Nov. 1, 1836
W. S. TrowbridgeDec. 25, 1812N. Hartfo'd, N. Y.Oct. 10, 1836--Milwaukee
E. WeissnerJuly 8, 1800LeipzigDec. 18, 1835--Waukegan, Ill.
John CrawfordDec. 4, 1792Worcester, Mass.December 1836--Wauwatosa, Wis.
Erastus B. WolcottOct. 18, 1804Benton, N.Y.July 4, 1839Jan. 5, 1880
John G. BellangeeJuly 22, 1813Morristown, N. J.Oct. 20, 1836--Cincinnati
Jonathan E. ArnoldFeb. 4, 1814Woonsocket, R. I.Sept. 25, 1836June 2, 1869
Henry MillerDec. 13, 1806Lee, N. Y.May 20, 1836Jan. 29, 1878
David MerrillJan. 15, 1793Buxton, Me.Feb. 25, 1837March 12, 1872
John B. MerrillDec. 11, 1825Adams, N. Y.Sept. 20, 1837-- Milwaukee
George SivyerMarch 28, 1834Wadhurst, Eng.Oct. 28, 1835-Pacific Slope
Benjamin ChurchJuly 23, 1807Ulster Co., N.Y.Nov. 15, 1835--Milwaukee
Henry W. BleyerNov. 22, 1835Detroit, Mich.June 25, 1837--Milwaukee
Edward HackettNov. 15, 1823Co. Muth, Irel'dJune 5, 1837December, 1874
M. L. BurdickMay 18, 1813Jeffers'n Co., N. Y.Sept. 10, 1834-- Milwaukee
J. A. NoonanMay 26, 1813Amsterdam, N. Y.Nov. 15, 1836-- Milwaukee
D. A. J. UphamMay 31, 1809Weatherfield, Vt.June 15, 1837July 19, 1877-
J. C. HowardSept. 25, 1804Brattlebor'gh, Vt.Aug. 2, 1836 - Milwaukee Co.
J. S. WilcoxOct. 1, 1809Truxton, N.Y.March 20, 1835Sept. 21, 1872-
Geo. J. RogersAug. 6, 1836Milwaukee. Wis.---Milwaukee
B. K. MillerMay 6, 1830Gettyburg, Pa.May 10, 1839 -- Milwaukee
John M. MillerAug. 27, 1834, Pa.May 10, 1839--Milwaukee
Levi J. ColbyMay 24, 1831Thorton, N.H.July `14, 1836--

There are additional names, however we have not finished transcribing the dates.

D.W. Fowler
Joseph H. Thomas
John J. Brown
John Bowen
George Hahn
Wm Sivyer
Jonathan Brown
David S. Ordway
Tully H. Smith
Henry Sivyer
R.G. Owens
P.W. Dodge
Reuben Strong
G.A. Wait
David Knab
Cyrus Hawley
Wallace W. Graham
Talbout C. Dousman
C.A. Hastings
S.E. Lefferts
G.A. Treyser
Elisha C. Quiner
Leverett S. Rice
Ambrose Ely
Romanzo B. Rice
Patrick D. Murry
Wilhelm Strothman
Geo. D. Watson
A. Durkee
Edward D. Holton
Geo. S. West
Sidney Evans
Samuel Stone
Alex. F. Pratt
Hiram G. Ross
Alex. Mitchell
Geo. F. Knapp
C. H. White
John H. Tweedy
Lemuel W. Weeks
Cyrus T. Hawley
Jacob Mahoney
F.W. Horn
Elisha Starr
John D. Everts
Geo. H. Chase
E.S. Estes
W. Jackson
Chauncey Simonds
Wm. H. Byron
Fran's Huebschmann
B.H. Edgerton
John C. Smith
Frank Charnley
Adam Paertner
Luther Rawson
T. Mosier
H. Haertel
William Lee
Geo. W. Fay
D. W. Patterson
John E. Eldred
Wm. partridge
Philetus C. Hale
S.J. G. Adlam
John Bradford
Ezra Dewey
James Ludington
Abner Kirby
Alonzo L. Boynton
David L. Merrill
George Reed
John Ruan
Geo. B. Bingham
Courtland P. Larkin
J.J. Upham
Thomas Shaugaugh
Thomas H. Brown
Victor Schultz
Saml. D. Luscombe
Augustus F. Cady
E.C. Jennings
R.D. Jennings
John G. Ogden
D. Ferguson
J. L. Hathaway
A.W. Phelps
John Dahlman
John G. Jung
E.N. Foster
Daniel White
J.S. Brown
James M. Arnold
E.W. Edgerton
James B. Cross
C.A. Buttles
P. Charles Cole
D. Kennedy
Irving M. Bean
M.L.L. Skinner
W.B. Johnson
Chas. H. Larkin
W.L. Shields
J. B. Stemper
S.S. Sherman
Benj. Bagnall
Jesse Hubbard
J.M. Warren
W.H. Willis
Thomas Koegh
F.E. Weiss
G.W. Ogden
Michael Bodden
Edward Sanderson
Noah W. Todd
James Campbell
John Campbell
John P. McGregor
F.J. Blair
E.R. Persons
I.P. Tichenor
Peter VanVechten, Jr.
Daniel Schultz
Edward Barber
Elias A. Calkins
Chauncey C. Olin
W. Meeker Gorham
John Haas
Morgan L. Martin
Augustus Story
Wm. Beck
Edwin H. Goodrich
Nelson Olin
August Greulich
Wm. Fink