Sunnyside Cemetery

This active cemetery is located on Racine Avenue (Highway Y) where the Racine Avenue ramp goes onto Highway 15, Section 32, New Berlin Township.


Sunnyside Cemetery was established circa 1841, the date of the earliest known burial. Land for the cemetery was donated by Reverend Rufus Cheney in an area called Prospect Hill. The Sunnyside Cemetery Association began in 1887.

Cemetery Records

There are cemetery records 1841-date. Records are a card file by name which includes birth and death dates from existing tombstones. There is a map of the cemetery. Records are not open to the public for research, but you may call or write for information at no charge. Contact:

Sunnyside Cemetery Association
5810 South Racine Avenue
New Berlin, WI 53151

At the Waukesha County Museum there are transcriptions from the tombstones 1841-May 1963.


Photos for the tombstones below can be found at:
WIGenWeb Tombstone Project Page 1 Abbott, Darnel R. - Junior, Reinhard and Emma
WIGenWeb Tombstone Project Page 2 Kaczmarczyk Alexander A. (Ollie) - Zinns, Carol J.

This is a partial listing.

Abbott, Darnel R. 
Abel, Leslie C. 
Abel, Lloyd M. and Marguerite M. 
Abraham, Betsey 
Albers, Arthur J. and Edna J. 
Annonson, Kim M. 
Arneson and McGee family,   
Auris, Walter A. and Adelle M. 
Babcock, Betty Mae 
Babcock, Linda Mae 
Bade, Henry 
Bade, Jennie 
Bade, John and family 
Bade, John S. 
Barnes, Dorothy L. 
Bartram, unclear and Margaret C. 
Battendorf, Henry 
Battendorf, Katherine 
Battendorf, Nicholas and Frank 
Bauer, Lester and Delores 
Beardsley, Lucetta S. 
Beardsley, Mary A. 
Beardsley, Saml. 
Beardsley, Sasah O. 
Beardsley, Theodore 
Becker, Arthur E. 
Becker, Mercedes N. 
Beres, Clement H. and Imogene A. 
Bevel, Hazel A. 
Bevel, John and Emma 
Birthrong, Fuilameh A. 
Birthrong, Mary 
Blank, Ludwig 
Blott, Abram and family 
Blott, John and Clarressia 
Blott, John C. and Malinda 
Blott, Sarah and family 
Bludau, Carl and Anita 
Boardman, Henry C. and Sophia W. 
Bollinger, Harold W. and Eleanor L. 
Borkowski, Ervin C. and Martha L. 
Broadwick, Dolores Rose 
Broadwick, George H. 
Broberg, Earl R. Sr. 
Brown, Prescott H. 
Buck, Gladys M. 
Buck, Jeff A. 
Buck, Jeff Jr. 
Buehler, Eleanor 
Buschman, Dawn Marie 
Carpenter, Ann 
Carpenter, Thomas 
Carpenter, William and Mary 
Casper, Dick and family 
Cheney, Ellen A. 
Cheney, Henry 
Cheney, John and family 
Cheney, Marcus K. 
Cheney, Rev. Rufus 
Cheney, Ruth 
Cheney, unclear 
Claflin, Albert H. and Eliza 
Claflin, Hawley W. 
Claflin, Hiram 
Claflin, Sally 
Cooper, Alvin Ray and Henrietta M. 
Cooper, Herbert and Wanda 
Cooper, Milton and unclear Gross 
Cooper, Thomas E. 
Cooper, William H. and family 
Cortsen, Loraine J. and Kai P. 
Crosswaite, Addie Ellarson 
Daeda, Jeanne Rae 
DeBack, Charles and Winifred Blott 
Deist, Francis L. and Shirley J. 
Diest, Earl 
Differt, Danny 
Dion, Leon J. and Ragnhild S. 
Dion, Wallace and Gertrude 
Draeger, Donald and Virginia 
Draeger, Eva 
Draeger, Timothy J. 
Draper, Josiah 
Draper, unclear 
Draper, William F. 
Edgar, Etta Lee 
Edgar, Frederic F. 
Ehnerer, George 
Elger, Alma 
Elger, Benjamin F. 
Ellarson, Arthur 
Ellarson, Betsey 
Ellarson, Eleanore E. 
Ellarson, Ferdinand L. and Ida Bodycoat 
Ellarson, Hamilton and Betsey 
Ellarson, Lavalette 
Ellarson, Orville L. and Leslie L. 
Elliot, Mathew 
Elliott, Mabel O. 
Elliott, William 
Ellis, Lawrence E. Jr. and L. Jean 
Faber, Gerald L. and Dolores M. 
Faulkner, Ethel 
Faulkner, Eva 
Faulkner, Lee E. 
Fletcher, Bertha E. 
Fletcher, George and Sarah Robinson 
Fletcher, John R. 
Fletcher, Lydia E. 
Fletcher, Morgan A. and Evelyn E. 
Fletcher, Orley L.D. 
Fletcher, Oscar and Bessie 
Foster, Jessie Myrtle 
Fournier, Clinton D. 
Friske, Beverly Jane 
Friske, Kathleen L. Yuhas 
Giesech, Fred J. 
Goldsmith, Henry J. and Emma P. 
Gosch, Beartha 
Gosch, Hans 
Gosch, Henrietta 
Gregg, James C. and Bernice E. 
Griffith, Michel Alan 
Griffith, Neal J. and Renata J. 
Hale, Hiram E. and Melinda A. Gilbert 
Hansen, Anna Maria 
Hanson, Annie 
Hanson, Anton 
Hanson, Frank 
Harris, Alexander 
Harris, Allan 
Harris, Arthur A. 
Harris, Charles 
Harris, Chester R. 
Harris, Ethel M. 
Harris, George 
Harris, Harry 
Harris, Helen B. 
Harris, Johnny 
Harris, Margaret 
Harris, Mary H. 
Hempel, Rhonda Lee 
Hempel, Richard L. (Ricky) 
Herro, Herbert 
Heuyck, Henry 
Hinchliffe, I. 
Hinchliffe, M.J. 
Hollis, Helen Louise Bidle 
Horn, Elizabeth 
Horn, John 
Horvat, Catherine 
Hotelling, Father and Mother 
Hotelling, Harold 
Hotelling, Stanley E.R. 
Howard, Edith Jacobson 
Howe, Ronald C. and Linda V. 
Huber, John J. and family 
Huck, Arthur H. 
Hunter, Naomi R. 
Hutchins, John J. 
Ingersoll, Burton 
Ingersoll, John L. and family 
Ingersoll, Julia 
Jachowicz, Andrew 
Jacobson, John and Minnie 
Jacobson, M. Bert 
Jank, Joseph and Maureta 
Jensen, Edward J. and Olga 
Johnson, Elizabeth 
Johnson, Ida V. 
Johnson, William P. 
Jonas, Ned J. and Anna 
Junior, Reinhard and Emma 
Kaczmarczyk, Alexander A. (Ollie) 
Kaczmarczyk, Alexander J. 
Kaczmarczyk, David D. (Skeezer) 
Kaebisch, Louis and Elizabeth 
Kamnik, Elmer J. 
Kaska, Albert A. 
Kaska, Ernst and Mathilda 
Kaska, Frank 
Kasten, Charles 
Kasten, Edwin and family 
Kasten, Mary 
Keegan, John J. and Ida R. 
Kerch, Frances M. 
Kettula, Jacob A. 
Kettula, Jacob M. 
Kettula, Melvi M. 
King, Armand and Effie 
King, Charlie 
King, Chester and Dorothy 
King, Clara I. 
King, Clarence A. 
King, Duane Merlin 
King, Martha A. 
King, Martin and Edith 
King, Merlin S. and Irma G. 
King, Sarah 
King, Thomas A. 
King, Vernon T. 
King, William 
Kingston, Alice 
Kingston, Annie 
Kingston, George 
Kingston, Goodhand 
Kingston, Ida A. 
Kingston, Lillian M. 
Kingston, M. 
Kingston, Martha M. 
Kingston, Samuel 
Kingston, Thomas and Mary H. 
Kingston, William and family 
Kingston, William Jr. 
Klein, Adolph H. and Elsie M. 
Knack, Marie L. 
Kramer, Arthur H. 
Kuhlka, Mae C. 
Kwapil, Richard F. and Karen M. 
Laevermar, John and Dorathy 
Lang, Frank and Jeanette 
Lee, Wallace Rodgers Jr. 
Lekfield, Donald C. and Eva E. 
Lekfield, Leroy 
Lekfield, Ronald G. and Shirley 
Lekfield, Roy C. and Beatrice S. 
Leonard, Don Laurie 
Leonard, Duane 
Leonard, Laurie and Bess 
Leonard, Lord B. 
Leonard, Sarah James 
Lichucki, Sigmund C. and family 
Lincoln, John Ward 
Lindhorst, Arthur W. and Margaret H. 
Lindhorst, Daren D. 
Lindhorst, Fred and Eleonore 
Lindhorst, Gilbert H. 
Loomis, Florence L. 
Luber, George and Barbara 
Malvich, Michael and Joyce 
Manchester, Norman 
Marks, Paul R. and Ramona P. 
Martin, Amelia 
Martin, Harold G. 
Martin, Ira T. 
Martin, Thomas 
Matek, Paul F. 
Mauer, Max and Henny 
McGregor, McLenan P. and Frances V. 
McMicheal, Darrell T. 
Mead, Margaret 
Meier, Matilda M. 
Meier, Paul 
Mellott, Halo E. 
Mellott, Irving L. 
Miedzybrocki, Anton and Inez 
Mikulic, Joyce 
Miller, Barb 
Miller, Barbara 
Miller, Thirza and Albert 
Mishler, Kenneth and Violet A. 
Mosher, David 
Murphy, James and Harriet J. 
Neitzel, Dennis J. (Shorty) 
Neitzel, James E. 
Niles, Oral E. 
Nolan, Frank M. and Elizabeth Faulkner (Libbie) 
Nordseth, Aagot K. 
Nordseth, Carl 
Oberst, Adam and Bertha 
Parajecki, Joseph and Cecelia 
Parmenter, Charles N. and family 
Peck, Albert C. and family 
Peck, Almeda Holcomb 
Peck, Chesley 
Peck, David H. and Francelia E. 
Peck, Rufus C. 
Peck, Rumanta C. 
Peck, Susan K. 
Pettie, Thomas E. 
Posbrig, Loretta 
Potter, Jerauld 
Powers, William 
Quade, Donald E. and Anna M. 
Quade, Kenneth P. 
Quade, Ronald G. 
Quimby, George Ida Schwanke 
Randall, Phebe 
Randall, Saml. 
Reed, Toman 
Rehberg, Clara 
Rehberg, Gilbert 
Reidy, Donald L. and Virginia A. 
Rohda, Forrest and Lillian 
Rohda, Robert F. and Betty J. 
Romanski, Alexander Kordian 
Roszek, Joseph John 
Ryan, unclear 
Sadowski, Darleen C. 
Schall, Joseph 
Schmidt, Omar J. and Olive L. 
Schneider, Henry A. and Anna Marie 
Schroeder, Anne (Honey) 
Schroeder, DeForest Anthony 
Schroeder, Lester G. and Lorraine 
Schubel, Chas 
Schubel, William L. and Dorothy M. 
Schultz, Walter J. 
Schwanke, William and Albertina 
Sculley, Bernard M. and Gladyce L. 
Sheski, Joe B. 
Sheski, Reinette J. 
Shook, Arthur D. and O. Juanita Waters 
Skewes, Floy C. Hale 
Skewes, Thomas H. and unclear 
Skewes, Winifred E. Hale 
Smith, Alexander 
Smith, Mary 
Sorenson, Eugene H. and Marie 
Sorenson, Flora 
Sorenson, Henry A. 
Sorenson, Margie Marie 
Sorenson, Ronald Henry 
Stevenson, Kenneth C. and Agnes M. 
Stonehouse, John M. (Scoocher) 
Strobl, Walter and Joyce Ann 
Stuedemann, Walter 
Sullivan, Charlotte Lee 
Sunnyside Cemetery Sign,   
Superneau, John 
Superneau, Rose 
Tans, Albertina 
Tans, Fred 
Tans, James L. 
Tans, Lyle W. and Marjorie Loew 
Taus, Fred 
Thon, Kenneth M. 
Tikkanen, Paul A. 
Tillson, Fred C. and Lura M. 
Trombley, William H. Sr. 
Van Galder, Ray and Wava B. 
Vanderpool, Abraham W. and Rebecca 
Vogel, Barbara Betty Neitzel 
Walker, Beth Leonard and infant son 
Wallace, Donald S. 
Wallace, James A. 
Ward, Jack C. 
White, Clara Mae 
White, Jane J. 
White, John H. 
White, Keyes and family 
White, Russell Jerry 
Wiegner, Alex and Emma 
Williams, Rose T. 
Wolff, Marie M. 
Young, Hattie 
Zaeske, Daniel C. and Patricia Kaczmarczyk 
Zergoski, Judy 
Zimpel, Eugene L. 
Zinns, Albert J. 
Zinns, Carol J.