Veteran and Soldier Military History

Waukesha County residents partipated in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and Peace time. This section is for the military men and women of Waukesha County.

Civil War

Civil War Soldiers of Waukesha County
Waukesha in the Civil War, as written in the Waukesha Freeman, 1895
Civil War Casualties of Waukesha County
Civil War Reunion Roster/Article
"Roster of WI Volunteers, War Of The Rebellion 1861-1865 from WI Historical Society (offsite link)
Wisconsin Civil War Regiment Histories
28th Regiment - Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry 1862-1865 - Recruited from Waukesha & Walworth Counties

Spanish American War

Wisconsin Spanish-American War Veterans- Some Wisconsin enlistees, Many from Waukesha County


WWI Casualties-Waukesha County
WWI Civilian Draft Registrations partial list


WWII Veterans

Korean War

Korean War Casualties

Vietnam War

Vietnam Casualties